7/30/2015- “No Man Is Worth The Aggravation!”


Hey Mikey,

You’re going to say I am stupid, but I would say I am in love and trying to be a good wife. Two years ago I got pregnant with my twins and gained sixty pounds. It took me a year to work it all off, but I still have stretch marks. I am going to get them removed. My husband suggests I get further plastic surgery to augment my breast and butt, but I don’t want to. I like how I look everywhere else. I told him this, and later found out he was cheating on me with my personal trainer. She’s fit, but she’s had her body augmented. Naturally I fired her and he keeps apologizing, but I just wonder if I had done as he asked would he have cheated? I am now considering the other surgeries to keep him from cheating again. What do you think?

-Wife at a Crossroads


***Wife at a Crossroads, I don’t think you’re stupid, but I do think that no man is worth the aggravation! This man, your husband, the father of your children does something as low as sleeping with the help and you think you have the issue? No ma’am! He needs to be begging on his knees for your forgiveness and you need to know your worth. If YOU want your stretch marks gone then that is fine, but never change yourself for a man. A new pair of breasts and a fatter ass won’t keep him from cheating. As you stated, YOU like how you look and that is all that matters. What he wont appreciate another man will. He needs to get with the program, or get the hell out. Be sure you grab that alimony and child support before he does move on though! YOU and the twins have got to eat! (Currently chuckling). 

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Wonder Woman’s Got A Boyfriend! Check Out Your New “Steve Trevor!”


Superman has Lois Lane, Spider-Man has Peter Parker, Batman has well, Catwoman, Vicky Vale, Jezebel Jet, Zatanna, etc. Well you get the point. Superheroes and their love interest go together like pepperoni and pizza, one naturally compliments the other. Thus, there is no reason that Wonder Woman should not have a love interest of her own. After all can you really stop the most powerful female superhero in history from dating if she wants? Hell no! We are glad Warner Bros. agrees. In fact they have just announced who her new leading man will be!

Chris Pine (l), Gal Gadot (r)

Chris Pine (l), Gal Gadot (r)

Steve Trevor is a major part of the Wonder Woman canon, having been her first love interest. However, in recent years he has been overshadowed in favor of a budding romance between Superman and Wonder Woman. Before that the Amazon Princess just seemed to busy saving Patriarch’s World (What the Amazons call Earth) from all sorts of mayhem. Star Trek actor Chris Pine is on board as Steve Trevor. If you think he is going to be the “gentleman in distress” then you are dead wrong. Warner Bros. is keeping the details of the upcoming film under wraps, but Steve will be in the thick of action with Wonder Woman.  This is fitting as Steve is a soldier. Chris is an amazing actor and will do the character justice! We just cannot wait for the release date on June 23, 2017! So far…


OUT! Calvin Klein (@CalvinKlein) features Same-Sex Couple in New Fall Ad!


Fashion and sexting? An interesting combination, especially when you see Calvin Klein’s latest ad featuring same-sex love. Klein’s Fall 2015 ad, in an effort to captive the eighteen to twenty-five year old demography, is featuring models as couples sexting and arranging hookups! The campaign features two same sex couples, one gay, the other lesbian. This is the first time in the brand’s history this has ever done. Although many would argue Calvin Klein is homoerotic in many of its campaigns, it has never openly and frankly been so gay friendly.

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7/29/2015- “Love Me Like You Do”


Hey Mikey,

I’m caught in a serious dilemma. I recently reunited with my college sweetheart. As a matter of fact, the day we reunited we made love in the backseat of her SUV. It was like old times. She told me after the fact she is in an open marriage. She has her flings and her husband has his. She wants to leave him, but says he makes too much money and she is not willing to downgrade her lifestyle. We have been at this for a year now and honestly I’m tired of being the side dude, even if it is no secret. I want her to be my wife, she is the one. I think I am ready to give her an ultimatum. What do you think she will say? I really just want her to keep loving me the way she does…


maxresdefault (2)

***Problematic, giving her an ultimatum is not necessary. She has already told you where you two stand. Her marriage may be at the bottom, you come in at number two, but the love of her life is the money fueling her lifestyle. Unless you can match that dollar for dollar you are so out of luck! It is time to face the music, cry yourself a river, and give it one last goodbye because she is not the one. If she was she would not be someone else’s wife. Yes wife! Not side chick, girlfriend, or jump off! Her label comes with some serious legal perks and spiritual responsibilities. Swerve back into your lane! If you cannot or will not maintain it then it is time you get off the road! Save that proposal and bent knee for a SINGLE woman who really will be worth it.

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New Music: Atlanta’s Own, Rey Fonder (@ReyFonder)!


“It happened at one of the most convenient times in my life,” Rey Fonder croons melodically over a low tempo beat referencing an eye disease, called acute retinal necrosis, that nearly took his eyesight. Today, Rey is preparing for the release of two albums entitled “T.R.U.S.T, a Hip-Hop record, and Concert, a Pop-Alternative record. With over 100,000 views on Vevo, a distribution deal through Sony under MCR, putting out his own App recently, a book released, and a hit video on MTV and VH1 already under his belt, several questions inevitably goes through your mind, ‘Who is this kid making all this noise? Who is Rey Fonder?’

Rey Fonder is a Decatur, Georgia native that started off as a songwriter, executive producer, and label owner that recently began to explore his talents as an artist. “Rey Fonder is a mindset. With everything that I’ve been through in my life, I’ve gotten to a point of applying a routine and having this positive edge of how I approach this music industry,” he says. “My middle name is Renard so that is where the Rey came from, and the Fonder, was a joke from my homeboys talking about females always being fond of me, so I took it and put it together,” Rey explains.

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History in The Making–Meet Jen Welter (@jwelter47), the NFL’s (@NFL) First Female Coach!


It is a new day! Once again we have to give up for the girls–we mean women–as the NFL has hired its first female coach, Jen Welter! Jen Welter is an amazing and QUALIFIED woman. This powerhouse of a woman has a Masters Degree in sports psychology, a PhD in psychology, and two gold medals from international play. She is ready to bring her love of football and the game to the Arizona Cardinals. She will be working primarily with the teams’s inside linebackers. When asked what she contributes to the team; she boldly and heartwarmingly says:

The heart factor, the intelligent factor, being the person with the motor that will never quit factor…I’m gonna step on this football field and do what I can do…No matter how the chips fall.

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Be Jidenna (@Jidenna)–A Classic Man!


Jidenna’s summer jam ‘Classic Man’ is not just enigmatic of a man with a certain level of charisma. Rather it extends to man who has certain taste level as well. While Jidenna has certainly brought bespoke suiting to the awareness of a younger, urban audience. The trend towards more classic dressing has slowly been flooding the streets as well as consequently my Instagram timeline.

Photo from Street Etiquette Blog

Photo from Street Etiquette Blog

As a Millennial the bespoke trend is not surprising to me as we all are striving to create a certain level of individuality in efforts to establish our own personal brand. Thus having a suit cut and sewn to your precise measurements definitely fits the bill. However, the price tag of a bespoke suit is fairly hefty most suits start out around $3,000.


So how can a young gentlemen turn into a ‘Classic Man’ on a budget? One route is to buy your suit from a men’s clothier that offers tailoring services. My top picks are Jos. A Banks, J. Hilburn and SuitSupply. If you are able to splurge, SuitSupply does offer fully made-to-measure suits at the fraction of your neighborhood tailor. Additionally, you can buy a suit at your local department store and take your suit in for minor alterations.

A well-fitting suit can make you slimmer and is probably one of the best investments you can make as a man. Remember guys, there is nothing like a man in a suit. ;) I’m just saying…