Joyce Licorish Brings the love in new “The Color Purple” play!


“The Color Purple” is a timeless film and a mainstay of The Black Cinematic Experience. This tale of a poor, black woman struggling to find freedom and inner peace in the rural South has endeared itself to the generations. From the magic Alice Walker first penned onto paper, then a movie, and now musical theater! Oprah Winfrey’s version of the play has become somewhat of  a permanent fixture of Broadway, selling out in theaters nationwide whenever there’s a tour. Look out though, there is a newcomer on the scene and she, along with her crew, are placing their stamp on The Color Purple scene after scene! Kontrol Magazine is proud to introduce you to Joyce Licorish–philanthropist, director, producer, and rising star!

Joyce Licorish

Joyce Licorish

Joyce began her tango with musical theater off a fluke. She and a few of her girlfriends in high school decided to do a talent show and cover one of En Vogue’s songs. Surprisingly, her girls choked, but they ended up winning the show because Joyce did not and sang the group to victory. “…after that everyone was like you really have a gift…your voice has a classical sound to it…you should try to musical theater…” Joyce did far more than try! She honed her craft and appeared in a number of musical productions and sang with a band. After years of doing what she loved, she was given the opportunity to give back to the Indianapolis community when her father turned over his community outreach program, “The Cupboard” to her.”My father was getting up in age and asked me to take over the warehouse belonging to the organization and at first I was hesitant to do so…at the time I was busy singing with a band and making music all over the city…when he [her father] asked me to take over I realized I needed to be smart about how I could do it…” Not only was she smart–she became successful!

Joyce Licorish as "Sofia"

Joyce Licorish as “Sofia”

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True Blood- “Love Is To Die”


Bill refuses to drink Sarah’s blood, revealing he is accepting his fate. Sookie and Jessica try to persuade him to do so, but he tells them he is choosing the “True Death.” Jessica leaves him angrily and Sookie slaps him twice in anger. Jessica then demands he release her. He tells her he is proud of the vampire she has become and expects greatness from her just before he releases her. Pam and Eric comfort them just as he leaves Fangtasia’s dungeon.

Sookie and Jessica arrive at Sam’s trailer to find it empty. On his table are two letters one for Sookie. He tells her he has left with Nicole to be with her and his daughter. He says there are two lives on Earth, the first for them, and the second for their kids. He invites her to come visit them Chicago after the baby is born and that he loves her. Jessica comforts her. Later, Sookie brings Sam’s other letter to Bellefleur’s and tells everyone at the bar of his departure. She gives the other letter to Andy, but it is only his later of resignation as mayor of town. James apologizes to Jessica, but she apologizes too for not taking the time to ask about his past. He tells her he is happy with Lafayette and asks her to be sure Sookie gets home safely just before leaving. At Maxine’s house Hoyt and Bridgette have it out about his choice not to have children. He apologizes to her, but says he does not want to have children. She demands to know about Jessica and where he was earlier that day. He reveals he lied to her and went to see Jessica to bring her some clean blood for Bill. Bridgette apologizes for accusing him just as Jessica knocks on their door. Jessica begins to tell them about their shared past, but Bridgette refuses to allow him. She warns him if he talks outside with her then they are over he leaves. Outside, Jessica tells him Bill released her and there is a cure for Hep V that he refused to take. She finds it impossible to accept his fate and hopes Hoyt can understand her. He comforts her and tells him to tell her their story after he hears all about her first.

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Twitter Girl Fight! Jennette McCurdy has nothing but shade for Ariana Grande—and her brother!


By now, it is no secret that there is no love between Nickelodeon stars, Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande. Their hit comedy show was canceled after one season due to conflict between the two starlets. McCurdy alleges Grande was being paid more money than her leading to a rift on the show and now online. On Jennette’s new web series, “What’s Next For Sarah?” she let fans know exactly how she felt about Ariana on the third episode when a character named “Gloriana” appears. The onslaught begins…she acts like Ariana and is also a vegan singer. Needless to say it was funny, only because of the lengths of Jennette’s antics and the Ariana spoof was dead on.

Beyond her expected tween and teenage and fans, celebrity gossip hound and blogger, Perez Hilton found the episode to be quite a hoot! He and Jennette began a Twitter convo that left a lot of “Arianators” (hardcore Ariana Grande fans, similar to Beyonce’s “Beyhive”) irate. The Tweets went as following:

Perez noted, “It was super funny!!! Can I be in an upcoming episode? I can be #Gloriana’s obnoxious gay brother! Ha”

Jennette responded, “@PerezHilton oh my god yes!! Or gloriana’s boyfriend who gets cheated on 8 times?” Ouch.

Perez fired back: “@jennettemccurdy OMFG!!!!! Too good!!!!! I’m not even joking! Let’s make this happen! P.S. I heard that Gloriana gets around!”


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8/15/2014- “It Doesn’t Have To Be A Snowman”


Hey Mikey,

I’m feeling really flustered right now. My teenage son recently came to live with me and things are really awkward between us. Most of his life I have been a traveling businessman and he with his mother. She recently passed and he’s had to move in with me. I’ve slowed down a lot on traveling to work on building a relationship with him, but he’s really distant. I’ve even tried doing some of the stuff with him he liked as a kid. I’m not surprised he does not like that stuff anymore, but I am beyond baffled. Is there anything you can recommend I do to bring us closer together?

-Just Don’t Know

***Just Don’t Know, where there is no relationship you must began from scratch. He’s acting like a stranger to you because that’s what he is. You’re going to have to get to know the teenage son you have and let go of the little boy you remember. He’s lost his mother, and as his surviving parent he needs you very much right now. I recommend you take “Frozen’s” Princess Anna’s approach and “build a snowman.”

This is only a metaphor, as I am actually advising you to do bridge the wedge between you two by trying something you both like to do. If there isn’t an interest you both share I suggest trying something neither of you have ever done before. It makes for great memories and bonding. Remember,  you’re his father, your son should be no stranger to you than your own heart. Try, and try again with him, NEVER GIVE UP. He’s worth it…

☆Need advice? Simply leave your question in the comments section of this post, or email me at Be sure to pick a pen name! Thanks for checking me out! -Mikey ♡

Artists Unite! Chris Brown & Trey Songz announce joint tour!


Hearts are about to jump for joy and bank accounts are soon to be emptied! Why? Because Chris Brown and Trey Songz are back on tour and TOGETHER! Hours ago, via Twitter, Brow confirmed the tour with his longtime friend. Chris is headed on the road in support of his upcoming album, “X,” set to be released on September 16th after repeated delays. Most of these delays were due to Brown’s infamous and numerous legal issues. Trey, however, is celebrating the success of his latest album, “Trigga!” It is his second consecutive number one album and currently dominates the airwaves with songs like “Na Na” and the ballad, “SmartPhones.”

Trey Songz

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Queens fire back! Derek J defends the trend of Flamboyant Black Gay Men in the media!

Derek J (l), TS Madison (c), EJ (r)
Derek J (l), TS Madison (c), EJ (r)

The portrayal of Black men in the media has seldom been a positive one. Thus, it is not surprising the portrayal of Blavck Gay men would be just as negative or disturbing. Recently, popular culture has portrayed a slew of gay Black men on television, however, they are not quite what you would call masculine or normal. From shows like Bravo’s “Fashion Queens” and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” to E’s! “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” the portrayal of Black men is nothing short of flamboyant and almost drag queenish. One has to wonder where is the Black Gay spectrum? You can look on almost any network and find all types of white gay men from the drag queens and transexuals to closeted athletes. With the noteworthy exception of Michael Sam, this has not been the case. One New Yorker, who also happens to be Black and gay, finds himself disappointed that he cannot see himself on television. “…not all Black gay men wear heels or make up or interested in fashion…some of us just so happen to be gay and we still carry ourselves as men…” These are the words of Trent Britain Jeter, whose now infamous Facebook post sparked a war of words and opened dialogue about the portrayal of Black Gay men in media.

Trent Britain Jeter

Trent Britain Jeter

Trent’s post managed to find its way through the grapevine to celebrity stylist and fashion commentator, Derek J. Needless to say he was not happy and responded with the following statement via Instagram:

“Do this post was brought to my attention by@thefabdarylj and the points made in this post are valid and well understood, but it amazes me when people pick and choose what they want to support and stand for. You don’t want to support a feminine gay man in media because you feel that it’s not a good representation of the black gay community. But you will choose to support a woman that has raped the black gay culture of their lingo, fashion sense and beauty creativity. Let me even take it a step further you choose to support the rapper that doesn’t even see your lifestyle and a good representation of the black community as a whole. Before I was on tv I was and still a gay black business owner with a successful salon, that mentors black gay youth and gives back to the community. So with all that said I want to challenge the “masculine” black man that doesn’t like the way that gay black men are being represented in media to stand up and do something about it……. Ooooooo I forgot you didn’t want anyone to know you where gay.”

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“You Ain’t Never Had A Friend Like Me!” Comedian Robin Williams found dead at 63…


Any child of the late eighties and nineties has been treated to a slew of films and even more humor from comedian and actor, Robin Williams. This talented man entertained the masses in countless roles, but few as memorable being “Mork” from “Mork & Mindy,” “The Genie of The Lamp,” from Disney’s “Aladdin,” or as a nanny in drag in “Mrs. Doubtfire!” This man made you laugh so hard you left the theater and went to the nearest hospital to have your sides stitched up. It is with a heavy heart I announce Robin Williams passed yesterday at the age of 63. Williams was rumored to have been battling severe depression for quite some time. Naturally his family, friends, and fans are devastated.

Apparently, Williams’ death has been ruled a suicide. According to the Cornoner’s office his death is suspected to be “death by suicide due to asphyxia.” Surprisingly, Williams was battling severe depression for quite some time. He is survived by his third wife, Susan Schneider, and his three children Zelda, Cody, and Zachary Williams. the family has asked for privacy at this time, with susan releasing an official statement:

“This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. I am utterly heartbroken,” Schneider said.

“On behalf of Robin’s family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.”


Robin Williams voiced “Genie” in Disney’s “Aladdin”

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