Lemon Pepper Chicken Salad…HOLD THE SALT, PLEASE!


In our society, image is everything. With the help of social media, the internet, TV and radio, people are willing to do anything to fit into that sexy category. If you believe it or not, dieting is big portion of losing weight. You can spend hours in the gym working on that itty bitty waist, but if you don’t change your diet all the work will be in vain. I am living an active lifestyle yet crave those yumtastic dishes that is not the best for me. So as a cook, I enjoy recreating my favorite snacks into food that is not only healthier but tasty too. Do you enjoy zesty Lemon Pepper Wings? If so, you will be elated with my Lemon Pepper Chicken Salad. All the flavors of a crispy wing without the salt.


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Heal Lips with “Baby Lips Dr. Rescue” by Maybelline (@Maybelline)!


Have you ever suffered from dry, cracked, lips? Does your current lip balm only mask the dryness not potentially healing it? Is it safe to say that your lips are often treated like used car parts? If your lips fit into this category, I am very sorry about your lips. Your lips frame your teeth and should allow be on point when it comes to moisture. Walking around in our society with dry lips is not only unflattering but very dangerous. Having dry lips can crack and bleed; leaving your body open to dirt and bacteria that floats around in the air. Take the time and treat your lips as if it was an infant. Nurture, care, and be liberal with your moisturizer.



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Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant) Takes Fans Advice…And It Backfires!


Kobe?? Passing the ball too much?? Over the many years that I have been faithfully watching the game of basketball, especially Kobe Bryant, I would’ve bet my life on never seeing the day these words  be uttered. Let Kobe Bryant tell it, we all were wrong about his game and should keep our mouths shut! But no he didn’t say that.

Kobe Bryant came off a great game (if unselfishness meant wins for his struggling Lakers team) against the Cleveland Cavaliers in a losing effort dishing out 17 assist and only taking 14 shots? It doesn’t sound like the Kobe we know who was deemed to be a “ball-hog” by many sports fans and former teammates over his entire NBA career. But did his good intentions in being a team player cost him his season?

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Lil Wayne (@Liltunechi) Plans to Sue Birdman (@BIRDMAN5STAR) for $8 Million!


The fight between former “father and son” Birdman Jr. and Lil Wayne continues to get messier and messier.

So far, we’ve learned that Wayne is not and has not been happy with the way things are with Birdman for a long time. Wayne has tweeted about him leaving Cash Money, he’s BLASTED Birdman on Sorry 4 The Wait 2 after holding off the release of Tha Carter V, but now the gloves are off…seriously!

TMZ has reported that Wayne plans to sue Baby and Cash Money for $8 million.


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23rd Annual Trumpet Awards Red Carpet Recap!


Over the weekend Atlanta was officially bombarded with stars and a few A List names. The 23rd Annual Trumpet Awards was taped at the Cobb Energy Center where fashion adorned the red carpet. Some folks we haven’t heard from in awhile came out for the show while other came out to work and work it.

Thankfully, the sun came out and skies were clean so we all could appreciate the art that strutting down the carpet. AS the arrivals came nothing but praise was given to each attendee. Even some surprising parings came with one another. Shay Johnson from Love & Hip Hop attended side by side with rapper, Mystikal. No one was expecting that. I guess its true, just get in where you fit in. No shade. We see the hustle.


Most importantly the Trumpet Awards is all about acknowledging those who have done a significant amount of work for the African American community. This year honoree Tommy Hilfiger was  apart of the celebration although he may not be black he has contributed a far amount of time towards the community.

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Who Wore It Better? Dr. Rachael (@drrachael) vs. Egypt Sherrod (@EgyptSaidSo)!


Some like it long and some like it short and apparently these two ladies Dr. Rachael and Egypt Sherrod have the love of lace in common. This past weekend these two ladies wore similar fashions while gracing the red carpet for The 23rd Annual Trumpet Awards.

Without a doubt these two are most certainly beautiful women who looked amazing on the carpet, but when similar dresses attend the same event we have to ask, Who wore it better?

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“His & Her” Ferraris? Amber Rose (@DaRealAmberRose) & Nick Cannon (@NickCannon): An Item or Not?


If Amber Rose wanted people to think that she and Nick Cannon’s relationship was strictly business then maybe posting a pic of matching ferraris is not the way to go.

Love B. Scott broke the story as Amber Rose posted a pic on Instagram showing off  ‘His and Hers’ matching Ferraris with “manager” Nick Cannon.

The self-proclaimed MILF posted the above pic of she and Nick next to their new cars with the caption:

U guys like me and @nickcannon‘s matching Ferraris?#HisandHers #Ncredible ???? *side eye*


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