How To Get Away With Murder- “We’re Not Friends”

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Allies were few and far in between when it came to the latest episode of “How To Get Away With Murder.” The episode centered around Laurel, as the wallflower finally came to the forefront and her part in covering up Sam’s murder is revealed. During the flash forward, we see her trying to help Michaela find her engagement ring until she receives a phone call from Frank. The students immediately become suspicious of her until she confesses they had an affair. They demand she answer the phone so he will hear the bonfire party in the background and corroborate their alibi. Flash back a few months and Annalise and Sam go toe to toe over his penis picture in Lila’s phone. He promises his wife he had nothing to do with her murder, but reveals he did have an affair with her. He tries to comfort her but she fights him away, revealing that he has always been a cheater. In fact, his relationship with Annalise began as affair when he was with his first wife. She demands he leave. As he does he finds Bonnie at the bottom of the stairs, she has overheard their fight.

Liza Weil as "Bonnie Winterbottom"

Liza Weil as “Bonnie Winterbottom”

Business goes on as usual, and Annalise teaches her class as usual. Wes inquires about the picture and what she is going to do with it. She promises him she will handle it and to reminds him not to tell anyone. Later, at the office, the students hear the case of Annalise’s latest client a boy who killed his father for abusing him and his mother for years. The boy’s father is also cop making his defense extremely hard. Annalise’s tactics lie in jury selection as she and the prosecution carefully decide who to admit and dismiss from duty in the case. Annalise suffers a blow to the case when the judge refuses to admit claims of abuse into the case being that they could be biased and fallible. Additionally, because neither the boy or his mother reported any abuse it looks even more questionable. In reaction, Annalise has the students read over the boy’s three year long blog entries to find any signs of abuse.


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Meet “Moana!” Disney’s New Princess–from The South Pacific!


Lately Disney has done its best to diversify its characters and place some pretty awesome twist on the “traditional princess.” Recently we watched Jasmine kick major butt, Tiana make her own dream come true, Meredith save her mother, and Anna and Elsa save each other. Loosely adapted from the ancient tales of the trickster demigod, Maui, prepare yourselves to meet “Moana!” Moana is a girl with her heart set on exploration. She yearns to explore the oceans and discover a fabled island. Disney’s official synopsis reiterates the previous statement and goes into depth concerning Moana and Maui; “In the ancient South Pacific world of Oceania, Moana, a born navigator, sets sail in search of a fabled island. During her incredible journey, she teams up with her hero, the legendary demi-god Maui, to traverse the open ocean on an action-packed voyage, encountering enormous sea creatures, breathtaking underworlds and ancient folklore.”


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10/21/2014- “F**k The Cool Kids!”


Hey Mikey,

I’m lonely. Like really lonely. I moved to Atlanta a year ago and I still really don’t know anyone. I’m outgoing, kind, and I always try to think of others before I act but no one here seems to care. They’re so clique-ish and I’m not use to that at all. A group of popular kids at my school invited me to go bowling with them last week and I was really happy. That’s until I realized they only invited me because I have an Expedition and they needed a ride….

They didn’t even know my name. They decided to cancel on me in then spread rumors that I was thirsty to be their friend. Ultra cliché right? Well everyone believes them, and now I’m being called everything from stalker to obsessed. The icing on the cake is the boy that I was kind of getting to know decided to abruptly stop talking to me because of it. This really hurts me and honestly, I feel like just taking some pills and calling it a night. This is hard and I’ve got two more years of high school with these assholes. What should I do?

-Being Me

***Being Me, FUCK THE COOL KIDS! You are a very smart girl and I commend you for not becoming another one of their minions. Just because that popular does not make them good people, evidenced in how they are now spreading rumors about you. Allow me to inform you that High School is very temporary! Life has a way of turning thingd around and these “popular kids” of today will be the losers of tomorrow. By the way, this is also a form of bullying you need to notify an adult. Darling, you do matter! Your life matters! Whether you’re joking or not, taking pills to fix any situation is NEVER okay. Continue to be yourself. Friends will come.

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☆☆☆Suicide is never a laughing matter if you or someone you know needs help please call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline  1-800-273-8255. Remember your life matters!☆☆☆

Gotham- “Viper”

David Mazouz as "Bruce Wayne"
David Mazouz as "Bruce Wayne"

Gotham begin on a rather poisonous note as a mysterious man gives a street guitarist a vile of green liquid with a viper on the front of it. The man tries the substance and it drives him insane. He storms into a convenient store and begins to guzzle down gallons of milk. The store owner tries to stop him with a bat, but he breaks it with his bare hands and then proceeds to rip an ATM from the wall. He carries it on his back and runs down the street. Elsewhere, Jim and Bullock try to enjoy their lunch break and do so until the former catches Selina trying to pickpocket a limo driver. She narrowly escapes from him. Their chase is interrupted when Jim hears an alarm coming from the nearby convenient store. There, he finds the owner on the floor. He tells the policemen what has transpired and how a man with super strength has robbed him!


Bruce Wayne continues to build his detective muscles by finding a tie to Wayne Enterprises and the shady dealings surrounding Arkham. Alfred tries to get him to eat and take his mind off trying to solve cases and his parents’ murder, but Bruce ignores him. Captain Essen is surprised to see the video footage of the man robbing the convenient store and orders Jim and Harvey to track him down. They find him in an abandoned warehouse. There, a confrontation ensues and the drugged man tries to attack them by throwing the ATM at the him. However, he loses his strength as he lifts it a final time and is crushed under its weight. They find the vile of Viper and realize they will have a serious problem if criminals in the city get their hands on it. Elsewhere in Gotham, the mysterious man continues to pass out samples of Viper, giving one to a prostitute. Edward Nigma discovers the chemical is not only highly addictive but uses a forgotten component of human DNA to attain super strength. However, it does so by using up most of the body’s calcium deposits in a subject’s bones causing the victim to crave milk and cheese. They eventually die from the bone loss. Just as he explains that a Viper using prostitute dies right before them. Jim’s investigation is interrupted when one of Maroni’s men come for him to verify Oswald’s past with Fish. After confirming their shared story, Maroni trusts his plan to invade and rob Falcone’s hotel.

Carmine Falcone

Carmine Falcone

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10/21/2014- “Escorted Into Love”

Kyle Lucas - Frank Rubio - 02

Hey Mikey,

I find myself in a really awkward position. Last year I find myself extremely broken and brokenhearted after a series of failed attempts at dating and relationships. I went on Adam4Adam and hired an escort. We’ll call him “Dre.” After our first encounter he had me hooked! He did things to and explored my body like no other guy ever has. I started paying to see him every week and we’ve gradually become friends. Now I’m beginning to feel like he’s The One even though he says we just have a friendship and working relationship. I feel it’s more. He admitted to doing things with me in and out of bed he doesn’t do with his other clients. Am I wrong in thinking he’s just not giving this a chance?

-Feeling Hopeful

***Feeling Hopeful, unfortunately you are hopelessly pursuing something with someone that most likely is not meant to be. What Dre is doing for you is a service. You are the client and he is the distributor. As a sex worker his whole scheme is to make you feel like you’re  the apple of his eye so you will keep hiring him. Which means he will fix his mouth to say and do what’s necessary. He is doing you a favor by telling you that you are just his client. Keep it at that– if you must. If  love and a relationship are what you crave, then you can never just settle for this. As hard as it is to do you, have to get back out there and try your hand at  love again. FYI, true love has no monetary value, it is indeed priceless…NEVER equate or mistake physical pleasure for love!

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From “Bane” to “Apocalypse!” Tom Hardy is sought after to become “The X-Men’s” Next Big Villain!

Tom Hardy (r), "Apocalypse (l)
Tom Hardy (r), "Apocalypse (l)

“X-Men: Apocalypse” is on its way! This movie will mark Apocalypse’s cinematic debut; and just so you know when it comes to super villains  is the cream of the crop! Gifted with more powers than you can imagine. Born, En Sabah Nur, this immortal (and first) mutant makes villains as powerful as Magneto look like novice heroes. Thus, it is no surprise Fox wants an actor use to playing hulking homicidal bad guys–they want Tom Hardy. As you might remember Tom was DC comics villain, Bane, in the final installment of “The Dark Knight” franchise, “The Dark Knight Rises.” Big, brooding, and fearful the villain initially bested Batman and plunged Gotham into anarchy.

Tom Hardy as "Bane"

Tom Hardy as “Bane”

Apocalypse you can see from the picture Apocalypse is quite a site to behold. Tom’s size, combined with a little movie makeup magic X-Men director, may make him the scariest super villain to grace a movie screen. He still has fierce competition though with Marvel Studios’ “Thanos” as seen in this past summer’s  “The Guardians of The Galaxy.” Brian Singer has knack for picking amazing talent when it comes to bringing Marvel’s “merry mutants” to The Big Screen. Apocalypse’s appearance serves as a major turning point in the X-Men features, where predominantly Magneto has been the villain. Sources have confirmed this film will close out the X-Men First Class Franchise, rumored to be set in the early eighties when many of the X-Men (Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm) were teenagers.

En Sabah Nur as he appeared at the end of the credits for X-Men: Days of Future Past

En Sabah Nur as he appeared at the end of the credits for X-Men: Days of Future Past

As a Marvel and X-Men fan I am stoked to see such awesome casting for “X-Men: Apocalypse.” 2016 is going to be one helluva year for movies especially those in the superhero genre. Tom Hardy just better be sure he does the villain justice in the upcoming film. Ben Affleck will not be the only celebrity with his life riding on how well he portrays a revered comic book character!

“The Kidz” Will Stay! Shonda Rhimes SHUTS DOWN Twitter when Fan insults “Gay Scenes” on her shows!

shonda rhimes

Art reflects real life, especially when it comes to drama. The shows you see on television are the artistic expression of writers determined to bring a new twist on this thing called life. Few writers accomplish this so eloquently and successfully. Indeed her three hit shows; “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal,” and “How To Get Away With Murder,” dominate ABC’s Thursday night line up and millions of viewers worldwide. Shonda truly takes pride in her work and it is reflected every time you watch one of these legendary shows. Not surprisingly her shows have a few gay characters, but they way then are written places their sexuality second to their actions and story line. Her latest show, “How To Get Away With Murder” has had some very steamy and hot gay scenes. Such displays garnered a complaint from one disgruntled fan who tweeted complaining: “@shondarhimes the gay scenes in scandal and how to get away with murder are too much. There is no point and they add nothing to the plot.”


Shonda surprisingly immediately took to Twitter defend her shows, responding with:  “@Dabdelhakiem There are no GAY scenes. There are scenes with people in them.” She then went on to tweet;  “@Dabdelhakiem If you are suddenly discovering that Shondaland shows have scenes involving people who are gay, you are LATE TO THE PARTY,” and “@Dabdelhakiem If u use the phrase ‘gay scenes’, u are not only LATE to the party but also NOT INVITED to the party. Bye Felicia.  Clearly she shut the fan down and closed tweeting, “I love all you Tweeples. Even the ones who still need to grow. And remember that at some point, someone discriminated against you too….I don’t know why this kind of hate is out there. Ugh. . At least in Shondaland. Have a great rest of your weekend!”

Shonda had the right idea by putting this fan in their place. Television must be as inclusive as possible. A person’s sexuality is such a small part of who they are. To put it simply if you do not like what Shonda’s shows are showing it is simple–change the channel!