Peter Before “Pan”–Peter Pan (@panmovie) is the Fairy Tale Prequel You Must See!

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Everyone knows the story of Peter Pan, the ageless youth and protector of Neverland blessed with flight and the brotherhood of dozens of Lost Boys. Have you ever stopped to wonder where he came from though? Who are his parents? How did he meet Tinkerbell? Why can he fly without needing fairy dust? And just why does Captain Hook hate him so much? Well some of these questions are definitely answered in Pan! Pan is the fairy tale prequel you have been waiting for.

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

Peter begins his life an infant abandoned by his mother other doorstep of a orphanage ran by nasty nuns in London. There, he and other orphanages are not only mistreated but left at the mercy of German bombers during the Blitzkrieg of London in World War II. Peter, and his friend realize some of the other boys have slowly begun to disappear, and assume they are being relocated to other countries for safety. Naturally, the lad’s curiousity gets the better of him and he discovers that pirates from Neverland are actually stealing the boys and taking them to Neverland. Peter enters a world so exotic it defies imagination. He also encounters, Blackbeard, a pirate so brutal he will make Captain Hook look like a circus clown. Peter comes of age in Neverland, albeit mentally, as he learns who he is, his heritage, and most of all his destiny!

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Empire- “Fires Of Heaven”


Free Lucious! Empire begins with Ms. Ford answers the press questions, who feel he she is leading a campaign against Lucious to win her bid for Attorney General. She has put in place an order to keep him from entering Empire or he will be arrested. Elsewhere, Cookie admonishes Hakeem for sleeping with Valentina, and not resting before his interview with Sway, telling him it is an Unsung episode waiting to happen. Lucious holds a press conference in front of Empire declaring himself a god and still on top. Hakeem performs on Sway’s show and conferences Lucious in, asking him about how he feels about him leaking his album. Lucious dismisses the question and Hakeem declares he will run circles around his father. He tells Sway about his new girl group, Miragetrois, and promises to have them on the show later that week despite Cookie’s protest. The Lyons come together for dinner where Jamal tells them what Lucious has in store for him. Cookie dismisses his father’s goodwill, but Jamal insists Lucious just wanted to see them together. Lucious declares them there will be war and tells them to dismantle their record company. He offers them one final chance to end their feud. Cookie rescinds his offer and pulls their dinner off the table to the floor!

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Lucious summons Anika in hopes she will rejoin him and dismantle Lyon Dynasty. She refuses to help him, telling him Hakeem is coming into his own there. He reminds her when it comes down to it, it will be her or Cookie. She agrees to help him. At Lyons Dynasty, Miragetrois record a song for Sway’s show. Cookie disagrees on how their hook sounds, but Hakeem admonishes her for not trusting him. She commends him when things finally come together. Elsewhere, Lucious and Andre meet for lunch. There, he tries to offer Lucious 200 radio stations that could corner the urban radio music market. He asks to come back, but Lucious refuses telling him he will have to give him something no one else can and to pray on it. At Empire, Frieda shows up with a group of thugs demanding he record deal. Jamal and Becky try to sell her on the deal but she leaves feeling Lucious has lied to her. Jamal is jealous of how Lucious feels she is musically his father’s everything.

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If Loving You Is Wrong- “The Painter”

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If Loving You Is Wrong begins at the precinct with Lushion bringing his superior’s findings about Ben into question, revealing there may be a video tape of what really happens. Lushion backs down when the captain questions his claims. Edward calls him to antagonize him, warning him not to ask questions about the shooting and thanks him for saving his life. At the hospital, the doctor finds Alex resting peacefully with Kelly watching over her. The doctor thanks her for helping her and notices her vitals have stabilized. Esperanza and Natalie stop by briefly, admiring how she got Alex to see the baby and calm down. Kelly notices Alex is moving in her sleep and wonders what she is dreaming about. Alex dreams about how she and Brad met Marcie and Randal. After the couples meet the latter help Alex and Brad unpack and move in. The girls bond over wanting children and the guys bond over sports. Brad asks Randal to look out for his wife while he is working. The two couples hang out more, with Alex and Brad admiring her romantic and spontaneous Marcie and Randal are. The couples switch partners while dancing, with Randal and Ale enjoying one another’s company.


When Alex and Brad returns home they make love, but are done minutes later. Alex is left unsatisfied. Marcie and Randal, however, are still going hours later. Alex sees them from her window and stares. Randal stops and closes the curtains when he sees her. They are sure she is shocked. The next morning Randal apologizes to her for the scene the night before. She dismisses his apology and tells him everything is fine. She tells him about her past as a small town girl as they flirt more. That night, she watches them have sex again. Months later, the couples return from dinner together and wish each other a good night. Randal palms Alex’s butt as he hugs her goodnight. More months pass and Alex becomes pregnant, while Marcie looks on jealously.

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Nick Young (@NickSwagyPYoung) & Tami Roman (@tamiroman) Star in New Trailer “The Assist”

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Scripted television is making a heavy comeback in the midst of all this reality TV. NBA star Nick Young and actress and reality star Tami Roman star in The Assist, a new pilot being shopped around to networks. The Assist is a comedic drama from executive producer Ernest Dukes that also stars acting newcomer Paris Phillips and R&B singer Brooke Valentine (remember the song ‘Girlfight’ featuring Big Boi). 

The Assist centers on a charismatic street-smart girl from Brooklyn (Phillips) who gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to work for an NBA superstar (Young) after a chance encounter. Shamicka Lawrence of Hollywood Exes serves as a producer on The Assist which is currently being pitched to various networks. Check out a few excerpts from the cast and producer below.

Shamicka Lawrence

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Tamar Braxton (@TamarBraxtonHer) Honored at “Rock Out with Me” Empowerment Panel

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Just this past weekend,WE TV’s personality and founder of the Rock Out With Me Campaign to unite women, April Daniels partnered with Howard University and EBONY Magazine to conclude the last leg of the Rock Out With Me Women’s Empowerment Multi-City Tour. The event took place at Howard University, with Grammy Nominated singer and The Real co-host Tamar Braxton being honored at the event with the Rock Out With Me “BuildHer” Award.

After an empowering and informative panel and a touching video tribute; April spoke to the audience and thanked Tamar for giving her the platform for launching Rock Out With Me. April said:

“Tamar you inspire so many and I can’t think of anyone more deserving to receive the Rock Out With Me “BuildHer” award. I never publicly thanked you, but I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to co-star on the Tamar and Vince show, which enabled me to launch Rock Out With Me campaign to unite women. I could not have done it without you and I am honored to present you with this award.”

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Gotham- “Rise of The Villains: The Last Laugh”

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Gotham begins with some less than ethical interrogation methods and Jim and Harvey take to the streets, determined to find out more information on Jerome and the Arkham inmates. Whoever does not answer them with the right information is thrown out of a window to a pile of trash below. Elsewhere, Barbara and Tabitha bask in the afterglow of lovemaking. They are interrupted by Galavan, who commends their romance and declares he is going to help Barbara destroy Jim. Back at the precinct, Jim takes charge and directs them towards leads. He demands none of the officers ever forget the massacre that has occurred and bring her murderer to justice. Lee tries to comfort him, but he resists. She tries to invite him for a night out, but he still refuses until she tells him a magician will be there. They laugh together and he kisses her. They go after, the blind fortune teller, Jerome’s father, but Tabitha and Jerome beat them there!


Jerome bind and gags his father, berating him for not being a good father and allowing his mother to mistreat him. He explains his elaborate plan to kill him and using braille and knockout gas to implicate him in the prison break and escape. His father tells him he will be a curse upon Gotham with a legacy of death and madness. Just as Jerome prepares to kill him Harvey and Jim arrive to question him. They break down the door when they hear a noise. Jerome stabs his father through the eye, killing him and releasing knock out gas that affects Jim and Harvey. Jim tries to fight him off, but is taken out by Tabitha and Jerome. Elsewhere, Bruce and Alfred attend the gala at the children’s hospital. There they make Lee’s acquaintance and Bruce bumps into Selina. He tries to talk to her, but she dismisses him and continues to case out the crowd looking for her next victim. Galavan and Barbara begin the next phase of his plan, while Jerome and Tabitha take the scheduled magician’s place with the real magician held hostage in a trunk!

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And The Backlash Begins…The Kardashians’ Cosmopolitan (@Cosmopolitan) Causes Major Controversy!

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Last night the world of social media was teeming with awe, shock, and later disgust as Kris Jenner, surrounded by all of her daughters; Kourtney, Kim, Khloe,Kendall, and Kylie graced the latest cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine. The cover, entitled “The First Family” has left a sour taste with many, especially in Black Twitter. Those three words are usually reserved the actual First Family of The United States of America, The Obamas. Comments concerning the cover went from a series of heart-eyed smileys to a photo shopped meme knocking Cosmopolitan, while supporting The Obamas with a family portrait that included their dogs.

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The meme is nothing short of hilarious and points out the latest, in a long line, of disrespectful acts towards The Obamas. Like it or not, he is the current President and his family is the First Family. The Kardashian-Jenner Clan may be the First Family of Reality Television (and foolishness), but they never deserve to be on the cover of any publication with such a revered and respected title. Maybe people are reading too much into this, and just maybe people realize there have to be boundaries. By the way, does anyone know why Caitlin Jenner was not included. It would have made for an interesting cover and statement!