The Haves & The Have Nots- “Amanda’s Room”


“The Haves & The Have Nots” began rather steamy as Hanna and Michael almost have sex until Benny walks in on them. Naturally, it spoils the mood and Hanna suggests he leave. She tells him she did almost have sex with him but will not let guilt overrun her life. She is determined to pray for forgiveness, forgive herself, and move on. Benny, however, is very upset at seeing them together and demands he never come around again. Hanna dismisses him and reminds him who the parent is. Elsewhere, Candice demands to know what Veronica has on Jeffrey. He insists she leaves, but she continues to want to know what is going on. She tells him she knew about the incident at the Sarandon Hotel because of a spy she has there. He in turn tells her about Quincy and his antics at The Cryers’ home. She in turn advises him to stand up to his mother.


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Gotham- “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon”


Gotham is no longer a safe place for Fish Mooney as she is transported to a mysterious building. There, torture awaits her and his name is Bob. Jim and Harvey investigate a homicide, discovering the victim was a drug dealer. An elderly man witnessed the murder and agrees to sit down with a police sketch artist to identify the murderer. At the precinct the witness is murdered in an interrogation room, stabbed to death with an ice pick. Jim discovers the cameras have been cut off and someone unauthorized was allowed into the room. Jim suspects the murderer is one of his fellow cops. Jim wants to interrogate every officer who should have been guarding the witness and checking the log book. Sarah is hesitant, not wanting to stir trouble in the department. Elsewhere, Bob teases Fish with banter and tells her he will be “extracting” an apology from her. After insulting his daughters he slaps her with a clipboard. She spits in his face and begins to laugh at what he has in store for her.


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Super Bowl Snack Time! Easy Cheesy Potato Skins!


The Super Bowl is right around the corner and if you haven’t started planning your menu for the party you’re throwing or attending; I’ve got you covered!

No one wants to eat anything gourmet or elaborate while watching the game. Thinking back to any football party I’ve attended there has always been pizza, wings, chips and dip, and lots of other assorted finger foods.

My Easy Cheesy Potato Skins are a huge hit and crowd pleaser at  any event and our perfect for a Superbowl party because they are the perfect example of what a finger food should be; portable and delicious! Plus they are super easy to make and you can make a large batch without having to do too much work.

These skins are nice and crisp and loaded with cheddar cheese and  bacon for an additional salty flavor and crunch; I mean who doesn’t love bacon?! Serve with a side of sour cream and garnish with green onions and you’re on your way to having one of  the best dishes at your party!

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Super Bowl Time! Creamy Cilantro Chicken Quesadillas coming up!


In keeping with are Super Bowl themed  party finger food ideas, these Creamy Cilantro Chicken Quesadillas came to mind. I am always trying to find ways to amp up the flavor in foods that I have had in the past; and quesadillas are no exception.

Adding cilantro and cream cheese made these the best quesadillas I have ever had! Seriously! This has been my signature dish for a while, and whenever my family and friends want me to cook for them; they always request these! The cilantro just brightens up the dish and pairs perfectly with the cheeses in the quesadilla. And if you are a cheese lover like me, adding cream cheese to a quesadilla already packed with  cheddar cheese is heaven sent! These Creamy Chicken Cilantro Quesadillas are going to be a hit at your Super Bowl party!

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Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian) In New Super Bowl Commercial!


Kim Kardashian is going to be making a guest appearance at the Super Bowl and no we do not expect a Janet Jackson or another  Break The Internet” moment. You know the NFL is the “no fun league” (Just ask rapper M.I.A). Mrs. Kardashian-West will be making an appearance on the popular Super Bowl commercial line-up this coming Sunday.

Kim Kardashian will be starring in a T-Mobile data promotion commercial. She premiered the commercial on Conan last night. #KimDataStash helps us recover unused data that we could be using to see Kim’s fabulous adventures, outfits, and ASSets on social media. I know some of you are thinking “another half naked Kim Kardashian ad” but, T-Mobile and Kim put together a very clever and pretty funny television advertisement. Check it out below here and let us know what you think about the #KimDataStash movement.

You can catch this commercial along with other intriguing and entertaining commercial this Sunday around the Super Bowl (For you non-football fanatics while you scarf down all the nachos while football fans are too busy yelling at the television.)


Written By: Brandon Jordan


New “Fantastic Four” Trailer!


The Marvel line-up is looking extremely epic this year! Seems like they are trying to take over for the 99′ and the 2000 (except it’s 2015). Marvel just released their new trailer for their upcoming film.

The Fantastic Four is making a come back as Fox will reboot the film series with a brand new and younger cast. The new cast will feature Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, and Kata Mara. The trailer dropped this morning after pictures from the set were released yesterday.

Michael B. Jordan is the new "Human Torch"

Michael B. Jordan is the new “Human Torch”

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J.Cole (@JColeNC) to Let Single Mothers Live in “2014 Forest Hills Drive” Home!


J. Cole is becoming an all around activist and humanitarian. Coming off of, what is being dubbed as the best album of 2014 with his latest LP 2014 Forest Hills Drive and penning a track in response to the killing of Ferguson teen Michael Brown, the North Carolina native is now making a noble gesture for single mothers.



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