8/21/2014- “The Universal Solution”


Hey Mikey,

Currently I’m overwhelmed with two problems in my life. The first being my mother. She constantly asks me for money, promises to pay me back, then scolds me for being a disrespectful daughter when I have to ask for her to pay me back. To further complicate my life, my boyfriend and I are so on and off repeatedly, that I don’t really know where we stand anymore. He says he loves me and I do love him too but I don’t think I wanna try anymore. Every time he asks for another chance I just wind up taking him back. What should I do to move past all this? I don’t wanna alienate my mother or force my boyfriend out of my life.

-Feeling Powerless

***Feeling Powerless, you alone are the most powerful person in this situation.  You should exercise that aforementioned power with the simple use of the word, “No.” That’s right there’s no book or law or rule that says you have to give your mother money or keep taking your boyfriend back.  The Universal Solution to pain is on the edge of your tongue just waiting to be spoken and fix your issues! Remember our problems end and begin with us.

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8/15/2014- “It Doesn’t Have To Be A Snowman”


Hey Mikey,

I’m feeling really flustered right now. My teenage son recently came to live with me and things are really awkward between us. Most of his life I have been a traveling businessman and he with his mother. She recently passed and he’s had to move in with me. I’ve slowed down a lot on traveling to work on building a relationship with him, but he’s really distant. I’ve even tried doing some of the stuff with him he liked as a kid. I’m not surprised he does not like that stuff anymore, but I am beyond baffled. Is there anything you can recommend I do to bring us closer together?

-Just Don’t Know

***Just Don’t Know, where there is no relationship you must began from scratch. He’s acting like a stranger to you because that’s what he is. You’re going to have to get to know the teenage son you have and let go of the little boy you remember. He’s lost his mother, and as his surviving parent he needs you very much right now. I recommend you take “Frozen’s” Princess Anna’s approach and “build a snowman.”

This is only a metaphor, as I am actually advising you to do bridge the wedge between you two by trying something you both like to do. If there isn’t an interest you both share I suggest trying something neither of you have ever done before. It makes for great memories and bonding. Remember,  you’re his father, your son should be no stranger to you than your own heart. Try, and try again with him, NEVER GIVE UP. He’s worth it…

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8/10/2014- “Mama Knows Best!”


Hey Mikey,

I’m really upset with my wife right now. Our daughter, who is only seven, started her period this week! She is way too young.  I want to get her checked to be sure she has not become sexually active or molested. Her mother, my wife, absolutely refuses to let me have a doctor check her out. She says some girls naturally start their cycle this age,  but I feel like she’s dismissing my concerns. She’s even threatened to leave me if I don’t back off and follow her lead. I don’t know what to do. I’m torn between doing what is best for my daughter and keeping my marriage in tact. I love both of them.  What should I do?  Am I the bad guy here?

-Protective Dad

***Protective Dad, your wife is going overboard by threatening to leave you. However, you are not the bad guy here but you are the agitator! A young girl’s first menstruation (a woman’s period) is something she needs her mother for. As a man you cannot possibly imagine what she is going through. If you were being an excellent father instead of just a protective one you would research what factors can cause early menstruation instead of jumping to conclusions.  A simple Google search will reveal everything you need to know. Apologize to your wife, let her take the lead in this situation, and fall back! Your daughter needs your understand and support right now, not your instrusion. I agree she should go to a doctor to be checked out, but not for abuse, but to be informed and ensure there are no deficiencies within her. Be wise!

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8/8/2014- “Spiritually Self-Medicating”


Hey Mikey,

My friend of twelve years has turned out to be a complete backstabber. I find out he has been sleeping with my girlfriend for the last three months.  I feel so stupid!  All the times I’ve left him home with her and let him stay over they been kicking it right under my nose.  I threw both of them out.  It’s easier to get her out my life but,  he and I are different.  He’s left like a thousand messages asking me to forgive him and for us to talk but I don’t know. … Mikey what should I do?  I’m sure you’ve dealt with betrayal of some sort before.

-Dead Inside

***Dead Inside,  allow me to resurrect the inner sanctums of your heart and soul.  You have been dealt a monumental blow that will take some time to heal from.  It’s time to offer yourself some healing in the form of forgiveness.  Forgive yourself and then the two of them.  Accept that you may have been the catalyst that brought them together, but their indiscretions are faults all their own. Now forgiveness does not mean you have to be around them,  or treat things the same. It instead allows you to spiritually self-medicate to heal and move on with your life.  You don’t wish them harm,  you don’t wish them well–you move on. 

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7/30/2014- “Woman Drama”


Hey Mikey,

I’m having some issues with my new girlfriend and I’m not sure what do about them. I have been trying to be friends with my ex girlfriend, and I even introduced her to my new girlfriend. Surprisingly, they hit it off and actually became good friends. I figured I had nothing to worry about until me and my new girl got into an argument. She brought up some stuff from my old relationship to back up fears she has about us being together. My ex claims that she hasn’t said anything to her incriminating about me, but I just don’t know because she has a history of meddling in other people’s business. I did also catch my new girlfriend reading my journal, maybe she found out from there. I doubt that my ex girlfriend would say something nasty about me, due to her deeply spiritual nature. What should I do to patch up things between me and my new girl? I do want us to work out.

-Woman Drama

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7/26/2014- “Prozac & Textbooks”



My life just got turned upside down. I recently found out my wife is bipolar. She was diagnosed this past week by our doctor.  Honestly, I thought she was just moody but now I see it for what it really is–a disease. For the most part, things are good between us but right now we definitely disagree about her working. She is a Kindergarten teacher and I don’t think she should continue working.  No Child should be subjected to someone with that type of condition. We already have a daughter and I’m keeping tabs on her personally. But the parents of those other kids won’t know she is ill. She feels like I’m being a tyrant, but I’m just trying to protect her and give her an easier life. What do you personally think? I’m good at admitting when I’m in the wrong, but this time in think I’m in the right.


***Temperance, I’d prefer your pen name be “Understanding” or “Empathetic.” Those two things are exactly what your wife needs at the moment.  Just because a person is bipolar does not mean she cannot work as a teacher. As long as she takes her medication and regularly sees a licensed psychiatrist for therapy she should be fine. FYI man people you are not aware of doctors, policemen, specialists, and even some Presidents have mental illnesses and are in no way deficient at their jobs. Don’t allow assumptions and misinformation keep you from fully understanding your wife’s condition or even worse prevent her from living her life!  By the way, keep an eye on your daughter and not because she is in danger from her mother,  but because the condition is hereditary and females are more prone to it. Be a great husband and responsible partner!

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For more information on mental illness please check out the website for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) click the link below:
  National Alliance on Mental Illness

7/26/2014- “How To Deal (Thank You Frankie J)”


Hey Mikey,

I have to move to New York for a big opportunity. The problem is my girl just got into a really good pre-med program at Emory. Being a doctor is her dream and I can’t ask her to come with me. I certainly don’t wanna stay though and not fulfill my dreams. What should I do because I feel like she’s the one and I don’t want to break up? Still, I know from past conversations neither of us are good at long distance anything.  Please help,  I’m really stressed and pressed by this.

-Dream Chaser

***Dream Chaser, this is one of those double edged situations where you’re hurt and benefitted at the same time.  Honestly, you and your girl have to do what is best for you at this time. If you feel like she’s the one,  and she truly is, then everything will work itself out no matter what life and distance may throw at you. Sorry but life’s not some old Burger King motto, you can’t “have it your way.” The fulfillment of any dream will come with some price. Pay it now and avoid regret later. After all regret is the one emotion you can’t do anything about…

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