Nene Leakes (@NeneLeakes) & Khloe Kardashian (@khloekardashian) Vying for Vacant Spot on Fashion Police (@e_FashionPolice)!”


Well now that Kelly Osbourne has officially left Fashion Police due to the controversy surrounding Giuliana Rancic, E! is looking for her replacement – and guess who’s in the running:  Ms. NeNe Leakes and Khloé Kardashian!



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Deuces Thrown! Kelly Osbourne Quits Fashion Police (@e_FashionPolice)!


Kelly Osbourne was not playing when she said she was seriously reconsidering her role on E! Network’s Fashion Police. Apparently Giuliana’s apology  for saying Zendaya’s hair looked like it smelled of “pachouli oil and weed” was not enough for Ozzie Osbourne’s baby girl. Amidst these negative comments Kelly came under fire from Twitter followers and immediately took to Twitter to clear the air–and her name!



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Will Smith Avoiding “Focus” (@FocusFilm) Box Office Numbers!


Will Smith has been kind of low on confidence. After his previous movie After Earth co-starring his son Jaden Smith bummed hard in the box office only bringing in $60.5 million out of the $120 million it took to make it, Will has been a little hurt. For his latest weekend release for “Focus”, Smith will be far away from the box office numbers that have been hunting him lately.

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Jussie Smollett (@JussieSmollett) Inks a Deal with Columbia Records (@ColumbiaRecords)!


Jussie Smollett, the star who plays Jamal Lyon on FOX’s hit show “Empire” has been working his butt off and it’s definitely paying off. The singer and actor revealed to Entertainment Weekly that he has signed a record deal with Columbia Records and is currently working on a solo album.

Check out a few excerpts from his interview:

You guys keep growing each week in the ratings. Have you been able to enjoy the success?
It hasn’t clicked yet. The other day I went to Whole Foods and bought some chewable Vitamin C and got mobbed by like 15 girls. Today I was seven minutes late to work and I’m never late to work. I have been late to work two times. But a van of women were in Whole Foods and I was there to get my salad for lunch. Literally, they come up and they’re like “Jamal!” And I was late because they had to stay there and try to figure out how to use their camera phones.

I kind of feel like how Michael Jackson must have felt after “Thriller” was out and he had to come out with “Bad.” Here we are through the first season and we’re five months out until we start the second season, and I’m like, “What the hell are y’all gonna do next?” Because it’s going to be very difficult to top this season.

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Daddy Diaries! Vin Diesel (@__VinDiesel) and his wife, Paloma Jimenez (@jimenez_paloma) Are Expecting Their Third Child!


The Fast and Furious franchise actor, Vin Diesel, and his wife are reportedly due to give birth close to the new ‘Furious 7′ movie’s release date of April 3 and as a result, a planned premiere at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi on March 10 has now been scrapped so the star can be with his family.

A source said: “He wants to be with his family at the birth; it’s a beautiful thing. What human being wouldn’t?”

Vin Diesel

Instead, the film’s premiere will take place in Los Angeles on April 1.

A source told The Hollywood Reporter: “[Universal are] happy to premiere the film in L.A., birthplace of the franchise, where a core fan base exists.”

The fiercely-private actor is known for keeping his family out of the spotlight and didn’t make any announcement about the births of his older children.

His most recently public appearance with his wife and kids was when he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in August 2013.


Written By: Monique C. Tillman


Kelly Clarkson’s (@kelly_clarkson) Goal List Is Simply Amazing!


While the 32-year-old singer – who has eight-month-old daughter River Rose with husband Brandon Blackstock – is still making new music, the blonde star doesn’t want to rely on her career to make her happy and insists her “big goal” in life to be a great mom and partner.

kelly clarkson

She said: “I’ve accomplished a lot, but I guess the biggest success I want is that whenever I die people will say, ‘She was so successful as a mother, and as a wife.’ That’s kind of my big goal.

“I love what I do, but I feel like I relied on my career a lot for my self-worth. And now I’m more than that. I’m a mother and a wife and have this whole other thing going on.

“I never thought I was going to be a mom, so it’s very much changed my world in the most awesome way.”

Kelly seems particularly determined to make a success of her marriage because her own parents divorced when she was five years old, and while she doesn’t hold anything against them because of their split, she wants to learn from it.

She added to PEOPLE magazine: “My best friend always says, ‘You just want to create the family you never had.’ I might be doing that.

Written By: Monique C. Tillman


Jason Biggs (@JasonBiggs) Axed from Third Season of “Orange Is The New Black! (@OINTB)”


Well it’s looks like Larry won’t be needed in the upcoming season of Netflix’s original hit series, ‘Orange Is The New Black‘.


Photo Cred: Netflix

Larry Bloom, played by Jason Biggs, plays Piper Chapman’s fiancé turned ex-fiancé who is a writer and who cheated on Piper with her best friend Polly, and who is a writer who is trying to uncover the true disgrace of the prison system.


According to Time, Jason (a regular on the first two seasons) released a statement to New York Daily News about his role:

“They’re not focusing on Larry at the moment. Larry will not be in season three, but there’s always a possibility he can come back.”

Although Jason won’t be appearing on the show, he will be keeping busy as he’s set to perform on Broadway in “The Heidi Chronicles” alongside Elisabeth Moss on Monday.

Fans can look for the entire release of Season 3’s ‘Orange Is the New Black’ in June.

Written By: Samantha Denae

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