Ariana Grande Goes DARK!

Ariana Grande is known three big things–her big and amazing voice, her big career, and her relationship with rapper Big Sean! Well now you can add big news to that as the songstress has finally decided to change up her hair! Yes, “The Queen of Ponytails” has opted to let her hair down and darken it with a deep brown.

As you can see there are no highlights to speak of and it looks super sexy! Ariana took to Instagram posting a “helfie,(hair seflie);” but not before making a note of her trip to the salon. Below the picture she captioned:  “snuggllled up. bedddd head (back to dark brown btw) haiiiiirrrr,”


Ariana Grande as “Cat Valentine” on Victorious

As you might recall, during her Nickelodeon days she was “Cat Valentine,” on Victorious and Sam & Cat. There, she was required to keep her hair a bright red color for years, resulting in hair damage and some loss. She opted to keep it pinned up in a long ponytail style until it repaired and regrew. It definitely looks like it has. It never ceases to amaze how a little color change can make any woman instantly sexier!


Ariana rocking caramel ombre tresses from mid-2013 through 2014


“Friends'”David Schwimmer to Portray Robert Kardashian, Sr. in “American Crime Story!”


The Kardashians are now known by the world at large for their reality show shenanigans, extravagant lifestyle, and more drama than any soap opera could ever dish! However, once upon a time there was only one famous Kardashian, and he actually was talented–at being a high profile lawyer! Yep, “Papa Kardashian,” (Father of Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Robert Kardashian with ex-wife, Kris Jenner)  Robert Kardashian, Sr. himself is coming to the Silver Screen in FX’s upcoming miniseries, American Crime Story.


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Kanye West drops $60k On Christmas Gifts for Daughter, North West!


Looks like daddy’s little girl is going to be shining brighter than the star on top of the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Kanye has reportedly spent a ton of money on his daughter North for Christmas.

Kanye reportedly spent approximately  $60,000 on North West this Christmas. He spent $50k on a diamond-encrusted tiara and around $6k on a matte-black mini-SUV to match his matte black SUV.

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Bobby Shmurda Pleads Not Guilty!


News broke out a couple days ago that rapper Bobby Shmurda and his crew GS9 (G-Stone 90s) were all arrested after a studio session in New York by NYPD and Brooklyn task force. The police allegedly found tons of guns and narcotics owned by the rapper and his crew.


Shmurda, whose government name is Ackquille Pollard, pleaded not guilty to the following charges: conspiracy in the second degree, three counts of conspiracy in the third degree, reckless endangerment in the second degree, two counts of criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree, and one count of criminal possession of drug paraphernalia. Pollard faces 8 1/2-25 years in prison on conspiracy charges alone and a maximum 15 years on each weapon charge if convicted. His bail was set at $2 million. His attorney, Howard Greenberg, said that Pollard’s record company, Epic Records, is getting his bond together with insurance money as we speak. Pollard and his GS9 crew all pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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The Leaders of A Movement! Laverne Cox (@Lavernecox) & Other Trans Stars Grace The Cover of Candy Magazine!


If you do not know by now, “Orange Is The New Black,” and one of the stars of this infamous series, Laverne Cox, is the leader of a movement. Yes, you heard right, a movement. The latest frontier in civil rights seems to be a transgender one.

After decades of living in shame, more and more people who have crossed genders are becoming vocal about their experiences and demand for equal rights. At the forefront of this aforementioned movement seems to be Laverne Cox. Never before has a trans woman received so much positive notoriety for her work. Now, more than determined than ever to level the playing field for those like her she and a few other trans stars are gracing the cover of Candy Magazine!

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Nicki Minaj Opens Up w/ Angie Martinez


Written by: K. Nikki

While on her publicity tour for “The Pink Print”, her latest contribution to the hip hop world, Nicki Minaj stopped by the Angie Martinez show for a very heart felt and intimate interview about her professional and personal life. Though she remains silent on many matters, especially those dealing with the heart, Nicki felt because she was so open with this album, she might as well be straight up about the current situations she’s dealing with: her recent introduction to the single life. Topics such as how it was working with Queen B, to the latest rumors about her and Meek Mill, this interview was very in depth and enjoyable to watch. Check it out:


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The Backstreet Boys are Back and with a Trailer for their New Documentary!


Your eyes aren’t playing any tricks at all. The Backstreet Boys are showing a glimpse into their world with an official documentary. Formally one of the biggest boy bands ever have come forth to allow fans in a little deeper into what has made and where they are now.


“From 1999 to 2002 we were the biggest band in the world…and then it just stopped,” says the group. After a few year off the radar they have banded together to record in London just the five of them. The means no wives or kids allowed for weeks.

“We’ve been filming during the making of the record, the rehearsals for the tour, while we’ve been out on the road,” Kevin Richardson. Now that the industry has vastly changed from their very first video it looks like they may have some things to learn and get him to. Still with devoted fans and music lovers these guys still have somewhat of a chance. Now all they have to do prove it all over again.

“What do you when you’re a full-grown man in a boy band?” the trailer asks.

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