Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Nikki Mudarris (@MissNikkiiBaby) and Mother to be Sued!


Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s Nikki Mudarris & her mother Marcelle are being sued by Ace of Diamonds (AOD) Nightclub after Nikki posted a billboard the featured fellow Love and Hip Hopper Masika. The billboard not only showed Nikki’s enemy’s mugshot but it also called her a T.H.O.T.


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Scott Disick (@ScottDisick) Too Busy For Rehab!?

Scott Disick Celebrates 30th Birthday At Hyde Bellagio In Las Vegas Over Memorial Day Weekend

Well apparently, Scott is ‘too busy’ for rehab treatment and after checking in only a week ago, the self-proclaimed “Lord” has now checked out.

According to TMZ, sources close to Scott had a flight booked this past Saturday to LA but did not get on the plane. After entering a rehab facility in Costa Rica last week, where he was undergoing intensive therapy that involved the use of African psychedelic shrub Iboga, he decided to leave the facility on Monday due to pending business in LA. Sources also state that Scott did not step on that plane because he wanted to complete a full week of training although the normal length is 21 days.

Scott Disick parties hard in the hamptons at this belated bday party in NYC

It’s so sad that he’s leaving rehab, knowing the amount of help he needs. Hopefully he will return so that he can be better for him and his family.

Written By: Samantha Denae


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Meet Kanye West (@kanyewest), the Clergyman?


Kanye West has been called many things, a fashion icon, a musical genius and visionary – hell he’s even been called “crazy” a time or two but one thing none of us banked on being tacked to his moniker was clergyman.

Allegedly, the infamous “college dropout” has started an online course in theology and religion so that he is able to join the clergy.

A source close to the star told the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper: “In the past year or two Kanye has become something of a born-again Christian. He used to go to church all the time as a kid but he lapsed badly as he got older.

“Now that he’s a father he’s become more spiritual and a better person. He is even smiling a lot and thinks becoming a reverend will bring him closer to God.

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Michel’le (@Michellemuzic) Gets Candid About Abusive Relationship With Dr. Dre (@drdre)


“R&B Divas LA” star Michel’le is definitely a fan favorite with her soft spoken voice, humble persona and just her overall personality.

The 44-year-old singer stopped by “The Breakfast Club” to give a testimony to the audience about her abusive relationship with her ex Dr. Dre.

Dre made headlines last year due to his deal with Apple and Beats by Dre. He was also one of the pushing forces behind rap sensation Eminem so its clear that his eye for business is good.

However, our history with people is another story. The way we treat others travels in circles but at the same time, people change for the right person.

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Revelations of a “Match Made In Heaven! (@MMIH_WEtv)” Gettin’ The Business w/ Khalena Knox (@Barbie_KhalenaK) & Phoenix White (@phoenixontwit)!


“The course of true love never did run smooth…” Shakespeare new this tidbit of information nearly half a millennium ago! Now, even with all our modern devices and achievements, love and the pursuit thereof, seems to only be getting harder. Gone are the days when simple declarations of love go a long way, or when a kiss on the hand or cheek could make you swoon. Nowadays it seems like everyone wants love, and everyone is trying just as hard to push it away! Still, there are a few hopeless romantics left out there, and they are determined to prove love not only exists—it’s possible! Khalena Knox and Phoenix White, are two extraordinary women and romantics we have watched over the last few weeks participate in the televised dating shown Match Made In Heaven for their shot at love with “America’s First Black Bachelor,” Shawn Bullard.

Shawn Bullard

Shawn Bullard

As you recall from previous interviews, Khalena is a Beauty Queen with dozens of accolades and endorsements; and Phoenix is an acclaimed Celebrity Photographer with published work in global publications. Impressive, right? Apparently not impressive enough for Shawn, as he has kicked them both off the show! Why? One might ask. Not only do these lovely ladies look the part, they have the poise and class any man of means, or sophistication, would jump at the chance to settle down with. Their untimely departures have generated some major dialogue about the show and just what “quality men” in general are looking for. “I feel like she [Phoenix] and I were the last real women there…we both came there cautious, but open to the opportunity to find love and were met with shenanigans and nonsense…” Khalena says. Indeed, this statement is only supported by the many tweets and messages both ladies are receiving since they left the show. With the title of “America’s First Black Bachelor,” many feel Shawn has the responsibility to choose a woman of substance. “I know what I come to the table with, what I’ve accomplished, and I was one hundred percent transparent…I cannot say that all of the other women there were…but it just seems like the only women left on the show are those who are looking to settle down, they’re party girls…” Phoenix adds.


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Bobbi Kristina Brown (@REALbkBrown) Being Moved to Rehabilitation Center! Still No Improvement…


We have a Bobbi Kristina Brown update! As you know the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown has been in a medically-induced coma for seven weeks. Now, according to sources close to the family; the family has decided to move her from Emory University Hospital to a, as of yet, undisclosed rehabilitation center in Atlanta. Although she is still in a coma they hope the center will be able to help the young woman recover. They are even going to try to remove her breathing tube to see how she does breathing on her own. Being able to do this without the help of a machine is a hopeful step towards recovery.

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Empire’s (@EmpireFOX) Bryshere Gray (@YazzTheGreatest) Grabs a Major Label Deal!


Empire is producing hits with its newly released soundtrack, historical ratings, and now real-life music artists! Jussie Smollett, who plays singer Jamal Lyon on the hit show, was the first cast member to receive a major label recording deal with Columbia Records, now the younger Lyon, played by Bryshere Gray, has snagged a major label deal of his own, according to!

yazz1 copy

The Philly native, who goes by Yazz the Greatest, recently sat down with his on-screen brothers during a promotional interview, where he stated that he was now signed to a major label but didn’t say with whom, he also stated that he was working on his debut album with hitmaker Timbaland and Snopp Dogg.Seems like the ‘Empire’ is great on AND off the screen! Congrats to Yazz, I can’t wait to see how his music in real-life will differ from the music on the show!

Written By: Samantha Denae


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