Gia Giudice (@TrueGia) Gives Touching Tribute to Imprisoned Mom, Teresa Giudice (@Teresa_Giudice)


It was a dark day in New Jersey as one its biggest stars, Teresa Giudice, star of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ), was imprisoned on January 5th. As you recall, Teresa, and her husband, Joe, were convicted with fraud charges. Both have been sentenced with to prison time, Teresa’s being fifteen months and Joe’s being almost three years. Things are looking hard for the Giudice family this year. However, the reality couple’s eldest daughter, Gia, recently gave fans a heartarming update on her mother and told E! News just how well her visit to see her went.

Gia reveals her father is taking the role of a single parent remarkably well and taking care of her sisters the way her mother would have. “I mean, my dad has been amazing,” Gia said. “Like, he’s honestly the rock. He’s helping us so much.” It is hard to imagine Joe being “Mr. Mom,” but it is good to know he will do whatever it takes to take care of Gia and her sisters; and sisters Gabriella, 10, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 5. The girls are in constant contact with their mother, with Gia assuring everyone they will be fine. In the meanwhile, little Miss Giudice is ready to make her mark on the music industry, becoming part of the girl group, 3KT. The trio has some amazing harmony and a new single, Just 13! We wish the Giudices all the best and will keep Teresa in our prayers. RHONJ just will not be the same without her!



Flattery or Disrespect? Young Thug (@youngthug) to Name Next Album “Carter VI!”


Well the beef between Wayne and Birdman keeps getting bigger and bigger. Fresh off the release of his mixtape, Sorry 4 the Wait 2, Lil Wayne had quite a bit to say about the CEO of Cash Money. On the “Coco” remix, the former star player for Cash Money said:

“Who kept this shit together? Nigga, me, that’s who Who was there when niggas left us? Nigga, me, that’s who Cash Money is an army, I’m a one man army And if them niggas comin’ for me, I’m goin’ out like Tony Now I don’t want no problems, I just want my moneyAin’t gotta hold no conversation or my luggage Tell whoever’s countin’ that I’m on a hundred Birdman Jr., more like Ugly Duckling

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Jennifer Lopez (@JLo) Hires Male Help for son!


It looks like “Jenny from the block” needs some help with her little man–some male help! Singer/dancer/actress, Jennifer Lopez has opted to hire a male nanny for her son. The “manny” as she so affectionately refers to him as is a way to deal with her aggressive son who she feels was getting to rough with her female nanny. “He’s so aggressive, he’s six and he’s killing me. I’m like, ‘What the? Baby, no’. And then the nanny is like, ‘Ouch, OK Max.’ He wants to roughhouse…He has this thing and I go, ‘This poor kid he’s just surrounded by women all day’. I was just thinking of my child and I got a manny, a nice guy to come in and like hang out with him and have fun.”


J. Lo has wondered how she and third husband, Marc Anthony’s divorce affected her twins. Needless to imply, she is thinking it has something to do with their son’s behavior. Maybe dad should come around more or be more hands on with him. After all that will ultimately be the greatest male influence in his life. Good luck Jenny, six year old boys are a handful! Congratulations “Manny” on the new job!

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony


#HeySexy of The Week: Meet the Handsome Gentleman, Mr. Timothy Lawrance (@TimothyLawrance)!


#HeySexy of the Week

Name: Timothy Lawrance

Age: 25

IG: timothylawrance

From: Alabama

Currently Resides In: New York

Occupation: Bartender, employee of LEGO, Aspiring Model and Actor


 As children, there are many things that happen in our lives that literally shape a mold us. Timothy Lawrance’s southern upbringing has made him a gentleman with good manners, big dreams and unstoppable drive. On a day to day basis, he wears a number of hats and he makes sure to put 110% in every task placed in front of him. Buckle your seats ladies and gents, because Timothy Lawrance is the FIRST #HeySexy of 2015 and his chat with columnist with Monique Chanae was nothing short of hot and intellectual.

Creative people are all motivated by something. I know this to be true. For some, it is the fear of failure that drives us to keep pushing, for others it is the craving for more. For Timothy Lawrance, it’s a little bit of both that drives him. “Growing up in Alabama I always just kind of knew that there was more for me besides what my city had to offer. I didn’t want to be limited so I moved around a lot. The want to be known worldwide motivated me.”

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J.Cole(@JColeNC) Is Officially Off the Market and Planning to Walk Down the Aisle!


For all the ladies who was making J. Cole your #MCM, it’s time you know that he is officially off the market and while doing so is doing nothing less than winning!

After shattering records with his junior LP, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, and appearing on ESPN’s music issue with Nascar legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. (who he randomly shouted out on his album pretending that he knew him), he’s now preparing for his 30th birthday and a wedding!

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 7.24.42 PM

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Damon Dash (@DASHDAMON) Accuses Lee Daniels (@leedanielsent) of Deceiving Court in $25 Million Battle!


Every time we see Damon Dash in the news it’s never for the good it seems. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months, let me give you some insight: Damon Dash originally filed suit against director Lee Daniels claiming that he had invested millions in his films, dating all the way back to 2004 where he says he invested $2 million for “The Woodsman”. Following “The Woodsman”, Dash reportedly explained that he invested millions into Daniels’ other films including “Precious”, “The Paperboy” and “The Butler” and was supposed to be repaid with the profits along with getting an executive producer credit on the films. In court documents, Dash has said that he has received neither which has led to him filing suit for $25 million in damages from Daniels.


Then back on November 12th, Lee Daniels filed his response blasting Dash’s lawsuit. In the suit he explained that nowhere in the suit does it state which contract Daniels breached. Daniels went on to say that he and Dash discussed the risks associated with investing in a motion picture and he chose to agree anyway.

Now to bring things up to date, on January 12th, Dash fired back at Daniels’ response claiming the director is simply trying to deceive the court.

Dash reportedly explains that his complaint is very straight forward with its allegations. He says that there are 3 contracts they both signed over the course of the years, to fund Daniels film projects. Dash also states that he makes note of which agreement he is referring to for each allegation.

This entire ordeal is messy. I hope that they can settle something out of court or come to some sort of mutual understanding.

Damon Dash

Written By: Monique C. Tillman


Celebrity Publicist Kita Williams (@kitapubdiva) delivers Terrell “T.O.” Terrell Owens (@terrelllowens) a “TKO” over “Wendy Williams Show” Appearance!


Former NFL player Terrell Owens player is being put on blast and coming under fire by his former publicist and friend Kita Williams.

Apparently, Kita Williams is not a fan of some select comments that Terrell made about her during his appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. In an interview with C. Nikky, Kita explains that she is extremely upset about the comments he made while appearing on the show and in fact, she says that she’s tired of him lying on both her and Monique and that her days of keeping her mouth shut and taking the high road are over. She says that if his comments continue, she will pursue legal action an sue for defamation of character. She also commented on why he was really fired from Celebrity Apprentice. Check out a few excerpts on the next page.


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