Meet Your New Sweet “Hart!” Torrei Hart dishes on Life, The Hustle, & Atlanta Exes!

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Love. That four letter word that brings so much pleasure and so much pain. You meet the person of your dreams, you date, they get on one knee and propose, you get married, have a baby or two (or three, or four), and live happily ever after! NOT! The course of true love never did run smoothly nor is it always “happily ever after.” The fairy tale is nice and fluffy, but the reality is that most marriages do not make it. In fact, having an ex-husband or wife seems to be a rite of passage in the entertainment industry. Whether you are the ex-girlfriend of some local rapper, or the first ex-wife of a billionaire many women know that drama, hardship, and a new beginning can come from the demise of a relationship. Few women know this better than Torrei Hart! Torrei is a woman with many hats. “…I’m a mother, spiritual person, a woman, a mother, a businesswoman, an actress, and a director…Oh and just an all around great person…” Indeed she is, and she just so happens to be the ex-wife of famous comedian and actor, Kevin Hart. You have heard the rumors, and you think you know the drama get ready to meet your favorite “Atlanta Ex.”

Premiere Of Summit Entertainment's "Ender's Game" - Arrivals

Torrei’s story began long before her marriage. As a kid she was always the class clown and had dreams of being in Hollywood. She was apart of the drama club in school and over the years has worked on honing and perfecting her craft. “I’m always working on building myself and doing that by constantly researching…I work even when I’m partying…Red Carpet events are fun but I realize what they’re for too!” She met Kevin in college and after becoming pregnant decided to focus on her family and support him as he achieved his dreams. Now it is her turn to be the limelight–and the light was never this radiant, transparent, or sweet. Torrei may be doing big things now thanks to her own merits and “Atlanta Exes,” but she maintains her realness and authenticity at all times. Whereas many reality television stars have claimed to be “victims of editing,” Torrei defends her portrayal thus far on the show. “To me that ['victims of editing'] is a bunch of BS…take responsibility for how you acted when the camera was rolling. If you want to avoid being a victim as you claim then don’t do certain things and control your behavior…it’s a reality TV show they’re [the viewers] gonna want to see arguing and drama that brings ratings…” She goes onto admit there were a few instances she found hard to watch on the show. “…you know when Tameka and I were arguing I cringed a little watching it….but anyone who knows me also knows I don’t pull punches…I have a vicious tongue and when I get angry I see red and it gets to going…”

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Man of Purpose; Get to know The Real Martin Luther!


My Nana always said, “…Music is the language of the soul tossed to the wind…,” and I believed her. Not because she was my grandmother, but because she was right. You will always know the tastes and purpose of a people based on their songs, lyrics, beats, instruments, and melodies. Those talented enough to become artists know this better than anyone on the planet. Music comes from the soul, is the soul, and at times transcends the soul. Few people understand its power better than Martin Luther McCoy. Martin Luther is one of those rare artists who lives and knows his purpose–the making of soulful and purposeful music! All of his songs ring with a clarity and delicious understanding of all the little things in life. He is far from a newcomer to the music game having already released three albums, touring with Cody ChesnuTT and singing with The Roots.


Hailing from San Francisco, Martin Luther comes from a strong, close family who like himself, believes in doing everything with a purpose. He looks to his father is a powerful influence on how things are done. In fact, his father was an officer during the riots in The San Francisco Bay area during the riots of the late sixties. “…he was just one of the many African-American cops then who were trying to keep people safe…they knew what it was like to be brutalized and made protecting people their top priority…” Unlike most musicians, he knew he wanted to be an artist for as long as he could remember. He even taught himself to play the drums, piano, and guitar! “Learning to play different instruments really started off with just being exposed to them…people think in the ‘hood you don’t really have the opportunity to be taught a lot, but when you’re a kid and you’re having drumming contests with other kids and you learn this beat sounds good with that one—or this melody makes that one pop you start to really learn what you’re working with…” Martin Luther has taken this knowledge and his past to work wonders beyond the music industry by acting. In fact he has appeared in a number of films; The Roots Present (2005), Block Party (2005), and Across The Universe (2007). Surprisingly, he does not prefer music to acting, finding both of them enjoyable. He hopes to do more acting in the future, but currently he is focusing on his latest hit single, “Finally.”

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Comedienne and Fashionista Joan Rivers dies at age 81…


Laughter is such a precious gift to the world. In fact many describe it as medicine for the soul. Sure you may have heard that statement a million times over, but no one understood it like Joan Rivers. For fifty-five years the world was treated, and many times shocked, by the sheer joy and laughter this amazing woman brought whenever she sat down for an interview, commented on a dress, or simply entered a room. Her bravado and larger than life nature made it okay for women to be themselves instead of “Angels of The House.” It is with a heavy heart we announce comedienne, fashionista, writer, and television personality passed today at 1:17 PM EST in New York City. She was 81.


Joan Rivers and her daughter, Melissa

For many alive today she is the zany old woman who has had tons of plastic surgery and rips celebrities apart with bad fashion sense. Little do many of us born in the eighties onward know just how influential of a woman she was. She came to the forefront of the entertainment industry when it was not okay to be a loud, obnoxious female–let alone a comedienne. Her jokes centered around the disparities between the sexes, what it meant to be a truly disgruntled housewife, and she never shied away from issues of sex. Thanks to her larger than life attitude the way was paved for other outspoken women like Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O’Donnell, and Roseanne Barr.


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See their world beyond haircuts! Barbers Inc. TV coming soon!


Barbers–the foot soldiers of the hair and beauty industry. We see them weekly for our favorite cut or a simple line up, but what is the story behind the hair? What is the hustle? Get ready to be schooled by “Barbers Inc.!” Barbers Inc. shows the real side of the barber industry from five high-end members of the industry making their way through the money, fame, and cutthroat tactics. In the infamous words of MTV’s “Diary,” “you think you know, but you have no idea…” The cast members definitely are not your average barbers and stylists, each of them comes with their own strategies and swag that make them more than barbers–they are artists!

Leading the cast is the creator and brainchild of the show, John “JD” Dillard, a primarily Atlanta-based celebrity barber with a knack for entrepreneurial ideas. His skills and drive are leading him out of the barber industry into the business world at large. Next, is the “baby” of the group, Lisa Torres. A resident of Brooklyn and a newcomer to the industry still trying to find her niche in a male-dominated field. Jamel Bishop, better known as “Mel The Barber,” follows up. Mel loves to party and navigate the night scene of Washington, D.C. just as much as he loves being a barber! Then we have Ashley Sarian a Los Angeles native and model, with a deep love for barbering and tattoos. Rounding off the cast from Louisiana is Ricky Zito. He is a shop owner, and only male stylist in a sea of beautiful stylist. Gifted with amazing color and cutting skills, let’s hope that will be enough help him steer clear of drama!


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Bow Down B****es! Beyonce slays at MTV’s Video Music Awards!

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Roaming Show

“I know when you were little girls you dreamed of being in my world…” are more than lyrics from “Bow Down/I Been On.” Beyond the shadow of a doubt Beyonce proved why she is the reigning queen of the music industry. Her performance last night was the centerpiece and closer of MTV’s Video Music Awards with an astonishing medley of songs from her latest album. Never one to disappoint, King Bey was truly flawless–delivering every note and luring you in like a Siren with her sexiness. She was the act to see last night and I believe everyone left satisfied. Clearly she is the penultimate bar set by performers everywhere. I am sure when megastars want to impress one another they tell Beyonce stories!

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Suge Knight shot! Rap Mogul takes multiple shots and hospitalized!


The Video Music Awards are MTV’s most anticipated program of the year. Stars, young and old, from around the globe gather together to celebrate one of the music industry’s biggest nights. Naturally, there are tons of publicity, events, promos, and parties. At one such event it all went down and it seems like it was bound to happen–Marion “Suge” Knight has been shot! The tragedy, drama, and mayhem unfolded early Sunday morning at a pre-MTV Video Music Awards party hosted by Chris Brown in The Sunset Strip off West Hollywood. Apparently, Knight was shot six times and is now being treated in Cedar-Sinai intensive care unit. Along with the Death Row CEO, two other people were also wounded, but neither of them seriously.


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Joe Budden is WANTED by someone other than Tahiry! Find out why The NYPD are after this “Love & Hip-Hop” star!


When it comes to drama, Joe Budden is no stranger. However, cameras were not rolling when his latest escapade went horribly downhill. According to sources, Joe found pictures of his model ex-girlfriend with another guy in her cell phone. He showed up at the restaurant she was dining in and snatched her out of the restaurant. As they argued he allegedly stole her phone and twisted her arm . Then, he took her to his New Jersey home where the attack allegedly continued. The woman managed to escape and called the police. Friends of his ex told, he also bashed her head into a dashboard and choked her. In the police paperwork surrounding the case he claims he only twisted her arm.


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