Fit4u Fitness Tips: No “Tornado” Bodies! How To Build The Perfect Calves!!!


When it comes to being fit, the upper body garners most men’s attention. However, this leaves them disproportionately shaped–a heavy top and little bottom. This bottom includes anything below the waist. Sure, a flat stomach, big arms, and a defined chest are desirable attributes of the ideal male physique, but you cannot neglect those legs! Doing so gives you, as Gary “General G” Anderson describes, a “Tornado Body.” Check out his tip on a simple exercise, “Calf Raises,” to give you the calves you deserve to support that massive upper body! See below as he demonstrates!


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Fit4U Fitness Tips: The Horizontal Bend & Snap! Get The Triceps of Life!!!


Getting the arms you want means working every single muscle in them. However, the biceps traditionally receive the most attention. That changes as of today! Captain Reico Walker is back with another simple, yet productive fitness tip guaranteed yo give you the triceps of life! See below as he demonstrates the proper technique!


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Fit4UFitness Tips- “Pull That Back Out!”


The back is a long neglected part of the human physique. you do not really realize just how much you utilize it until you wither cannot or it is painful to do. Thus, Captain Reico Walker is back with another fitness tip for you on this sunny yet mundane Monday. So How do you get your back muscles strengthened and toned to perfection? It is actually quite simple, utilizing one of the most famous exercises of all–pull ups! See below as Captain Reico Walker demonstrates the correct technique!

20140224_091152  20140224_091142

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Fit4U Fitness Tips- “All About That Butt!”

Fit4U is back with another Fitness Tip! Toned arms, chests, and abs are always nice, but just as nice is an equally firm butt! No pills, shots, or injections are necessary. If you really want a bodacious booty more than squats are required to strengthen and tone your gluteus maximus. Tiambi “Shine Walker,” co-managing trainer of Fit4U has two amazing exercises to get your lower half right! Ladies (and gents) enjoy!

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Fit4U Fitness Tips- “Bulging Biceps!”

For many men, muscles are more than a sign of fitness, they symbolize strength and masculinity. Interestingly, few body parts match the arms in the diligence and concentration they receive from exercise. Bulging biceps are the name of the game! Surprisingly, they are easy to attain, but require consistency and correct form. Captain Reico Walker, owner of Walker Fitness and Head Trainer at Fit4U, is back and ready to show you a simple exercise to give you guys (and gals) the bangin’ biceps of your dreams!

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Fit4U Fitness Tip-Wing Makers: How To Sculpt Your Obliques





Wanna be ripped? This is part of the package. When it comes to the ideal body, sides are just as important as size! Captain Reico Walker demonstrates a simple exercise using a kettle bell that will tone your obliques to “angel wing” perfection! Click the link below to view his demonstration with instructions for technique.


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Fit4U Friday – Chest of A God


It’s #FitnessFriday and time for your fitness tip of the week. Any fit man or one trying to become fit knows a hearty chest is a must! The trick is actually getting it. Veteran trainer Captain Reico Walker  recommends bench presses to push you towards the chest of your dreams!


Bench presses can be done with free weights or a barbell. They target pectoral muscles, causing them in time to tear and expand. As with any exercise it takes TIME and CONSISTENCY! Attaining anything worthwhile is never easy.




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