Be “Fitness” Forward! Swimsuit Ready Workouts for Your Summer Body!


It’s only February but, don’t be fooled! March and April are right around the corner. You know what that means, Spring Break is near!

Now, since the start of the Winter, it is safe to say that some of us were in exercise hibernation. All those Thanksgiving and Christmas meals are yet to burn off! But, don’t fret! Now is the time to get that body back into shape!

There are tons of apps and workouts (personally tried and proved by me) that are worth using! Here are my top two exercises that I found to be successful. Test them both and find the workout that works best for you.

However, along with working out, remember to eat healthy to balance out your intense workout!

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The Hot Tamale: Halani


Name: Halani

IG: @Halanilob

Age: 32

From: Brooklyn born – Atlanta raised

Currently Reside In: Lithonia, GA

Occupation: Fire Captain, Body builder, Wife and Mother of Two

Nationality: Father is Jamaican and Mother is Biracial

Halani swimsuit

It’s often been said that a woman can do anything a man can do but how many women can actually say that they’ve exceeded the expectation? Halani Lobdell of Georgia can say she has and her story is one of true inspiration.  Halani is currently the youngest fire captain in Dekalb County history, becoming captain at age 27.  Aside from her demanding job, Halani is a wife and mother of two small children, and competes in national body building competitions. Halani is the first female iCandy for Kontrol Magazine and columnist Monique C. Tillman had a chance to pick Halani’s brain on issues regarding her personal life, her career and her day to day exploits.

MONIQUE: Who or what in life inspires you and how?

HALANI: I don’t want to sound full of myself or anything but I inspire myself. I think being in such a male dominated industry I have to constantly inspire myself ya know? I’m doing a job not many women can say that they have and I’m doing it in a way that allows me to keep my femininity. I’m doing a job most people only think a man is capable of doing so I’m definitely breaking the social norm a little bit.

MONIQUE: I don’t think saying you inspire yourself makes you seem arrogant at all. In fact, I applaud you for taking on such a tough job. Tell me, what would you say is the hardest part of what you do?

HALANI: Umm, I’d have to say time management. I have two small kids and they’re involved in different activities so at times it can be kind of difficult carving out time to do everything without spreading myself so thin. It’s like I have to make sure I’m present at my kids’ events, I’m at work supervising a bunch of people, I’ve got to come home and make sure the house is in tact while still making sure my husband is good and then if I’m in training for a competition, I’ve got to up the ante a little bit. So yeah, time management would definitely have to be the hardest part.

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Fit4u Fitness Tips: No “Tornado” Bodies! How To Build The Perfect Calves!!!


When it comes to being fit, the upper body garners most men’s attention. However, this leaves them disproportionately shaped–a heavy top and little bottom. This bottom includes anything below the waist. Sure, a flat stomach, big arms, and a defined chest are desirable attributes of the ideal male physique, but you cannot neglect those legs! Doing so gives you, as Gary “General G” Anderson describes, a “Tornado Body.” Check out his tip on a simple exercise, “Calf Raises,” to give you the calves you deserve to support that massive upper body! See below as he demonstrates!


***To train with General G, catch him at Fit4U Gym, 2133 LaVista Executive Park Drive, Tucker, GA 30084.

Fit4U Fitness Tips: The Horizontal Bend & Snap! Get The Triceps of Life!!!


Getting the arms you want means working every single muscle in them. However, the biceps traditionally receive the most attention. That changes as of today! Captain Reico Walker is back with another simple, yet productive fitness tip guaranteed yo give you the triceps of life! See below as he demonstrates the proper technique!


***To train with Captain Reico Walker and more fitness tips follow him on Instagram @capt_reicowalker. You can also visit him in person to set up a training session at Fit4U Gym, 2133 LaVista Executive Park Drive, Tucker, GA 30084.

Fit4UFitness Tips- “Pull That Back Out!”


The back is a long neglected part of the human physique. you do not really realize just how much you utilize it until you wither cannot or it is painful to do. Thus, Captain Reico Walker is back with another fitness tip for you on this sunny yet mundane Monday. So How do you get your back muscles strengthened and toned to perfection? It is actually quite simple, utilizing one of the most famous exercises of all–pull ups! See below as Captain Reico Walker demonstrates the correct technique!

20140224_091152  20140224_091142

***Want to work out with Captain Reico Walker? Contact him on Instagram @capt_reicowalker, or visit him at Fit4U Gym, 2133 LaVista Park Executive Drive, Tucker, GA 30084.

Fit4U Fitness Tips- “All About That Butt!”

Fit4U is back with another Fitness Tip! Toned arms, chests, and abs are always nice, but just as nice is an equally firm butt! No pills, shots, or injections are necessary. If you really want a bodacious booty more than squats are required to strengthen and tone your gluteus maximus. Tiambi “Shine Walker,” co-managing trainer of Fit4U has two amazing exercises to get your lower half right! Ladies (and gents) enjoy!

Want to be trained by Shine? Contact her on Instagram @shine08tr, or arrange a consultation at Fit4U Gym; 2133 Lavista Executive Park, Tucker, Georgia 30039 (404) 449-3965.

Fit4U Fitness Tips- “Bulging Biceps!”

For many men, muscles are more than a sign of fitness, they symbolize strength and masculinity. Interestingly, few body parts match the arms in the diligence and concentration they receive from exercise. Bulging biceps are the name of the game! Surprisingly, they are easy to attain, but require consistency and correct form. Captain Reico Walker, owner of Walker Fitness and Head Trainer at Fit4U, is back and ready to show you a simple exercise to give you guys (and gals) the bangin’ biceps of your dreams!

Want to be trained by Captain Reico Walker? Contact him on Instagram @capt_reicowalker, or visit Fit4U Gym; 2133 Lavista Executive Park Drive, Tucker, GA 30099.