Native American Actors quit Adam Sandler (@AdamSandler) Movie!


We live in a world of political correctness and now it seems Adam Sandler’s newest film is being called out for its offensiveness to Native American culture. Earlier today, a group of Native American actors and extras walked off the set of The Ridiculous Six, a Western satire, after producers disregarded their concerns of its portrayal of Apache culture. Anthony Loren told The Associated Press that he and eight other cast members left the set due to inappropriate use of props, offensive names for Native American female characters, and a scene where a Native American woman urinated while smoking a peace pipe. Another scene used chicken feathers on teepees. “Right from the get-go, it didn’t feel right. But we it let it go,” said Anthony, a Navajo actor who started work as an extra on the movie Monday. “Once we found out more about the script, we felt it was totally disrespectful to elders and Native women.”

Anthony Loren

Anthony Loren

Sandler has not come forward to address these allegations personally. However, the film is being straight released to Netflix and they have come forward with a statement. “The movie has ‘ridiculous’ in the title for a reason: because it is ridiculous… It is a broad satire of Western movies and the stereotypes they popularized, featuring a diverse cast that is not only part of — but in on — the joke.” It sounds like they had better get this under wraps and rectified before it really hits the fan. We will keep you posted.


“No Bad News!” “The Wiz” is Updated & Coming To a Theater Near You! Check out your new “Dorothy!”


Broadway has announced the return of The Wiz to its circuit beginning in 2016! This means more singing, dancing, and a new cast of stars to bring the story of an Afrocentric Wizard of Oz to a new generation. Immediately with this announcement rumors of a movie are buzzing, along with who the new Dorothy will be. As you recall, Diana Ross portrayed her in the original film. Although she did an “okay” job, she was still much too old to play young, innocent Dorothy.


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“Gargoyles” To Become Live Action Movie in 2018!


The nineties was chalked full of some pretty amazing animated series. Sure you had your goofy, adult humored NickToons, but you also had some quality series that mirrored real world problems. Disney’s Gargoyles is definitely one of those series! Created by Greg Weismann, the series focused on “strange, unnatural creatures” who were stone by day and alive at night. Now rumor has it than a script has been penned for the film and a live action movie of the series is coming in 2018! Yep, Goliath, Hudson, Bronx, Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, and Angela are coming to a theater near you!

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First Look: “Justice League: God & Monsters” Trailer!


The greatest team of superheroes in existence are back in Justice League: Gods and Monsters–sort of. Prepare yourself to see your favorite heroes, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman as you never have before. This time around the League is different, each hero has a different back story and different way they dish out justice. The setting is an alternate reality with Justice League that function more like darker, super powered warrior versions of themselves. Superman was never raised by the Kents and is General Zod’s son, Batman is a vampire, and Wonder Woman is a high tech warrior. Weird right?


The trailer begins with Lex Luthor (of all people) warning the world of the danger posed by superhumans. An all out war begins to brew as an aggressive League is forced to take on the very world they are determined to protect! Bruce Timm, the creator of the original DC Animated Universe (Batman, Batman & Robin, Batman Superman Adventures, Zeta Project, Justice League Unlimited, Static Shock, Batman Beyond, etc.) has thankfully created this amazing new film. Let us hope this will hail a new era of superheroes returning to television. As we all know The DC Animated Universe and Young Justice met untimely demises.


You can grab your copy of Justice League: Gods & Monsters sometime in the second half of 2015. Check out the amazing trailer below!

First Look! Check out Yellowjacket, New Marvel Villain in “Ant-Man” Movie!


Is it just me or are super villains become more and more bad ass in these films! I think you will agree that villains like Ultron, Loki, The Joker, Magneto, Bane, and Thanos have pushed the envelope on the danger we see in action films. Well get ready to add Yellowjacket to that list! Yellowjacket is the villain  and archenemy of the hero Ant-Man in the upcoming film. He is armored, weaponized, and has the moral code of well…an angry insect!


Yellowjacket looks more spider-like than wasp-like with his metal appendages. The costume is also far more intimidating than Ant-Man’s, who’s suit is decked with such offensive weaponry. This will surely be a matter of brain power versus gun power and let us just hope our pint-sized hero can take him down. “Never bring an ant suit to a plasma weapon fight!” It is odd that Yellowjacket would be the name of a super villain instead one of Ant-Man’s heroic alter egos. In fact in the comics Ant-Man is Henry Pym and the code name of Yellowjacket is just one of many alter-egos he and his wife, Janer Van Dyne, fought crime under.

You can catch Ant-Man in theaters everywhere this summer, July 17, 2015.

“Furious 7″ (@FF7Movie) Sequel, “Fast 8,” on Hold!?


Furious 7 is currently the number one movie on the planet! It has already grossed a whopping $304 million dollars, more than all the other Fast & Furious films combined. This also makes it the ninth largest movie opening in history. Needless to say another sequel is coming right? Yes, but not so soon. In fact, production on the next film, Fast 8, has not even begun production. In fact, the production team admits it is on hold.

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Furious 7 (@FF7Movie) Destroys Box Office With Huge Numbers!


“Furious 7″ is far from its title after seeing its box office numbers. The speed demon, daredevil film set a box office record and totally shattered its competition and its bank accounts.


As if we expected anything less, the series soared to new heights, leaps, and gears with their 7th installment of the legendary series. Furious 7 broke the record for the best opening of all-time for the month of April. Not only did the film break the record, it pretty much set it on fire and buried the ashes. Furious 7 brought in a slap-your-mama $143.6 million domestically and over $300 million worldwide. That covers the $190 million spent to create the project.

The previous record was held by Captain America: The Winter Soldier which was set last year at $95 million. I guess the “winter solider” caught a numb shoulder along that shredded road. It even left skid marks on its own series feature. “Fast and Furious 6″ brought in $97 million on its opening week back in 2013.

Is it safe to say we can expect an 8th installment?

Written By: Brandon Jordan