Get Your “Focus” (@FocusFilm) on! Will Smith’s New Movie is out TODAY!


Will Smith may have suffered a setback with After Earth, but his latest flick, Focus, has all the makings off a box office hit. Besides co-starring with Margot Robbie, he is not the savior of mankind, not some super soldier, and not yet a DC Comics anti-hero; but he is a professional con man! Will is “Nicky” a con whose latest scheme is thrown for a loop when a woman from his past, “Jess,” is now a noted femme fatale, returns to his life and throws a wrench in his plans. He will need every trick in his book to pull of his latest heist and keep her at bay.


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Men In Black / 21 Jump Street Crossover Movie??


The rumor last year was that 21 Jump Street and Men In Black where going to crossover on the big screen. Well, guess what? It is more than a rumor. It is a reality! The 21 Jump Street/Men In Black crossover is in the works over at Sony as we speak.

Directors of 21 Jump Street Phil Lord and Chris Miller are excited about the unusual crossover and bringing two worlds together. Here is what Miller had to say about the developing film:

“It’s very, very early on in this crazy fever pitch, but it’s definitely a really interesting concept that makes you think. Talking about it, developing it with Jonah and Channing and Rodney and the studio, we can’t just do the, “Hey, it’s the same thing again” schtick because we did that already.”


With Sony recovering from a horrific system hack scandal that didn’t paint a pretty picture for them when emails got leaked, they need an interesting spark like Agent J, Agent K, Schmidt and Jenko all together on one screen to make people forget how big of assholes their employers are. Miller and Lord are aggressively pursuing this film and strangely, I am kind of excited to see what they have up their sleeves with this one. If nothing else, I’m sure it will bring tons of laughs…good or bad.


Wonder Woman Film to Begin Shooting in Fall 2015!


At long last the Amazon Princess and the most famous super-heroine on the planet, Wonder Woman,  is coming to the Big Screen! June 23, 2017 marks the date! As you may recall Gal Gadot (controversially) has been cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming film Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of JusticeDue to the success of Marvel’s AvengersWarner Bros. has opted to fast track production on their own franchise of DC heroes and it seems Wonder Woman is the first to get her stand alone film.


Gal Gadot

Behind the scenes of Wonder Woman, Michelle MacLaren (Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones) is set to direct. Additionally, Warner Bros. was reportedly in negotiations with David Fuchs (Pan) to pen the script, though a later rumor claimed multiple screenwriters had been tapped for the same job. The studio announced it will be releasing two new films each year through 2020 whick will include films centering around Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, The Justice League; and in addition a reboot to the Batman franchise as well as more Man Of Steel sequels. It is high time Wonder Woman be given the cinematic justice she deserves.

There is nothing sexier than a female hero kicking ass! Does Xena: Warrior Princess ring a bell?


Batman Vs. Superman! Get Your First Look at Jason Momoa (@PrideOfGypsies) as “Aquaman!”


Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice is a little over a year away, but that is not stopping Warner Bros. Studios from teasing us with a new hero to check out! You caught glimpses of DC Comic’s Trinity, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman; now check out Aquaman! As you recall Jason Momoa was cast as the aquatic superhero last year leaving many to wonder just what kind of look the hero would have. Traditionally, Aquaman is blonde and wears a costume that is primarily orange and green colored with a yellow belt. This “clean cut” Aquaman has often been the butt of many jokes, and compels people to wonder just what use is a water-based superhero on land.


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Watch the “Magic Mike XXL (@MagicMikeXXL)” Movie Trailer!


Ladies (and some fellas), do we have a treat for you! Actor Channing Tatum and the crew are back for the follow-up sequel “Magic Mike XXL”. And it promises to leave you pleased.

Director Gregory Jacobs is taking the reigns from Steven Soderbergh in this one and Matthew McConaughey will not be making a return, but Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash and Adam Rodriguez will be back for round 2. Newcomers for the film will be Elizabeth Banks, Stephen “tWitch” Boss, Donald Glover, Amber Heard, Andie MacDowell, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Michael Strahan –just to name a few!


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First Look! “Sister Code” (@sistercodefilm) Starring Amber Rose (@DaRealAmberRose), Eva Marcille (@EvaMarcille), & Drew Sidora (@DREWSIDORA)!


Well it looks like we’ll finally get a chance to see what Nick Cannon saw in Amber Rose real soon as she’s now set to star in an upcoming film entitled, Sister Code.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 10.45.56 PM


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“Furious 7″ Trailer!


Thanks to the Super Bowl and it’s reputation to bring out the best advertisements from any company who wants to be seen on the world most watched event on television, we got a dose full of epic, crazy, hilarious commercials. We also got some even more epic movie trailers including our first look at the new addition to the Fast & Furious franchise series, “Furious 7″.

We got to see a sneak peek trailer of the most highly-anticipated action movie of the year. Even more now because of the death of the franchise’s veteran star Paul Walker; people are awaiting a bittersweet moment to watch Walker in his last performance on a film series that made him a star.

The cast is back together as Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, and Paul Walker are forced into another adventure after a new enemy brings the bang to their very own front porch. The crew flies out to Dubai where we see expensive cars flying through some of Dubai highest skyscrapers, women rumbling in cocktail dresses, and huge guns spitting out round after round….need I say more?

You can catch the new “Furious 7″ film in theaters April 3rd, 2015. Let us know what you think about the new Fast & Furious film trailer. Is it a hit or miss?

Written By: Brandon Jordan