The Haves & The Have Nots- “Dianna Whinchil”

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Maggie is mortified as Celine begins to speak about her relationship with Jim. She tries to get them to stop the program, but they tell her they cannot because it is live. Celine is apprehensive to talk, but Carlos tells Diana she is doing it at his behest. Diana questions him about the twenty-eight year long affair he has had with her, much to Katheryn’s chagrin. Diana insists everyone speak up. Carlos declares his father is a rich man who let his children grow up in squalor and should not be governor since he cannot govern his own house! Dianna suggests he apologize to his sons, but Carlos stops him telling him he does not need a father, but his little brother Jimmy does. Maggie ends the broadcast by pouring coffee into the camera equipment. She demands Dianna leave, while Jim makes his campaign staff leave.

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Veronica pokes fun at Jim’s affairs until Maggie calls her out. Before they can start Veronica reveals she found David and Maggie together in the Sarandon. David again tells her nothing happened. Veronica blames Jim for undoing all their gubernatorial work. He demands she leaves and they begin to argue. She reveals to him she set up Wyatt to be sexually assaulted in prison. Jim chokes her on the desk! It takes Landon and David to pull him off of her. David warns him to never put his hands on his wife again and then leaves to go after her. Katheryn demands to know what is going on.

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A New Co-Host Line Up & The Return of Joy Behar (@JoyVBehar) to “The View!” (@TheView)

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Just yesterday afternoon, ABC announced that Joy Behar would be returning to the “The View”. Joy Behar joins previously announced new co-hosts Raven-Symoné, Michelle Collins, Paula Faris and Full House star Candace Cameron Bure.

In a short statement, View co-creator Barbara Walters gave the new lineup her stamp of approval.

“As ‘The View’ embarks on a remarkable 19th season, I am extremely proud to see the legacy of smart and diverse women engaging in entertaining and thought-provoking conversation continue.”

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Empire (@EmpireFOX) Season 2 Promos–GAME ON!

empire-cast (1)

OMG is it September 23rd yet? The countdown to empire has officially hit less than thirty days! That means we are headed back into the Lyon’s Den. Lucious, Cookie, Andre, Jamal, and Hakeem Lyon are ready to deliver us more drama, more backstabbing, more music, and of course a civil war so big it will have all of television talking for years to come. Thankfully, we are finally getting a taste of how next season will be and what it means for our favorite characters. Everyone from Lucious down to Porsha is getting haul over as story lines are becoming darker and the will to rule Empire Entertainment turns hearts icy cold and blood into poison!

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The Haves & The Haves Nots- “A Home For Q”

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots begins with Wyatt reels from his sexual assault. The inmate tries to rape him again, but thankfully a guard saves him. The guard demands to know how the inmate was locked in him with him, but he has no answers for him. The guards realize they are in trouble with Jim and get him to the infirmary! Elsewhere, the social worker inspects Hanna’s home and inquires about their employment. Benny reveals he owns a tow company with a “mysterious partner.” Hanna is shocked by the news, but is proud of him. She is also shocked to find out Candace has returned so quickly from New York and on a private jet. Hanna tells the social worker how terrible of a person Candace is. Carlos stops by to check on his mother. He tells her Jim is announcing he is running from governor. Celine is hurt that she did not know and that she has not heard from him. Carlos pleads with her to see the truth, but she refuses to listen to him. He leaves disappointed.

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Jennifer meets with The Harringtons and Cryers, confronting them about Wyatt’s taped confession. She and Veronica face off, with the latter even implying she burned down her house to kill her husband. They try to convince Jennifer that Wyatt is lying and has been using. She refuses to fall for their cover up, until David reminds her she is not suppose to be speaking to them. Veronica tries to goad her into a fight, reminding her she has to have evidence to do anything. Jim makes her leave, by walking around his house. Veronica reveals she knows Wyatt is in prison, and lies saying David told her. David confronts her, demanding to know what she has done to Wyatt. She tells him “the boy will learn.” David quickly demands Jim get Wyatt out of prison!

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Pure Hotness! Lee Daniels (@leedanielsent) & The Cast of Empire (@EmpireFOX) Kill Their Spread in Vogue Magazine’s (@voguemagazine) September Issue!


Just when you thought the cast of Empire could not be any hotter they pop up in Vogue Magazine! Yep the world’s most famous fashion publication apparently has Empire fever like the rest of the world. Lee Daniels joined “The Lyons;” (l-r) Bryshere “Yazz The Greatest” Gray, Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson, Trai Byers, and Jussie Smollett; who portray Hakeem, Lucious, Cookie, Andre, and Jamal Lyon, respectively. The cast looks amazing, as if they are at one seriously chic, but fun dinner party.

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The Wiz Has a “Dorothy!” Meet Shanice Williams!


The resurrection of The Wiz is definitely becoming one of the most anticipated events of the year. Besides one of cinema’s most beloved works returning to entertain a new generation of audiences, the project already boast some serious star power. Earlier this week it was announced that Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah, Amber Riley, and Stephanie Mills would be joining the cast as The Wiz, Evillene (The Wicked Witch of The West), Glinda, and Aunt Em. Still no role has been as coveted or questioned as that of Dorothy. Well after much speculation and a whole show centered on auditions we finally found her–Shanice Williams!


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The CW (@CW_Network) Superhero News: Flash (@CW_TheFlash) casts Wally West & Arrow (@CW_Arrow) boasts TV’s First Black Gay Superhero is Introduced!


The CW is truly pushing the superhero genre to new heights in its programming. The Flash and iZombie are gearing up for their second seasons and Arrow, its fourth. Both shows are expanding their cast of characters with two new additions; Wally West, for The Flash and Mr. Terrific for Arrow! Both characters and their origins are well known to the average fanboy, but both have deviated from their comic roots on television. Wally is African-American and Mr. Terrific will be gay, making him television’s first Black and gay superhero!

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