True Blood- “Thank You”


Bill arrives to talk with an angry Sookie. He finds himself nostalgic as he reminisces on how he met Sookie and her family. She pleads with him not to die, but he insists their path only leads to death. He tells her Hep-V has made him feel more human than he ever did when he was actually human. He tells her he wants to die to be with his human family and honor the natural progression of life. She tells him just to break up with her, but tells her he cannot which is why he must end  his existence. He then asks her to help him to die by using her light to finish him and use up her fairy powers. She demands he leave and threatens to resend his invitation. He asks her to at least think about it.


Elsewhere The Yakuza race to Sookie’s home. At Fangtasia, Eric decides to free Sarah. He decides they will kill Gus, the head of the Yakuza, and steal New Blood from him. He glamours Sarah into being quiet as Pam feeds her, her blood so they can sense and track her wherever he is. He then tells tells Sarah to hide and go somewhere no one can find her. Pam and Eric trick Gus and his men into coming into the dungeon. They kill his men and blow him up in the tunnels below Fangtasia. Eric arrives just in time outside Sookie’s home and kills the other Yakuza ready to harm her. Sarah eats garbage in a carousel when Pam finds her. She tells Pam she came there because in Bill’s book it was where Eric turned Willa. She asks Pam to turn her into a vampire and even be a lesbian. Pam flatly refuses and chokes her when she talks about Tara. She then feeds off her to be vaccinated from Hep-V.


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True Blood- “Love Is To Die”


Bill refuses to drink Sarah’s blood, revealing he is accepting his fate. Sookie and Jessica try to persuade him to do so, but he tells them he is choosing the “True Death.” Jessica leaves him angrily and Sookie slaps him twice in anger. Jessica then demands he release her. He tells her he is proud of the vampire she has become and expects greatness from her just before he releases her. Pam and Eric comfort them just as he leaves Fangtasia’s dungeon.

Sookie and Jessica arrive at Sam’s trailer to find it empty. On his table are two letters one for Sookie. He tells her he has left with Nicole to be with her and his daughter. He says there are two lives on Earth, the first for them, and the second for their kids. He invites her to come visit them Chicago after the baby is born and that he loves her. Jessica comforts her. Later, Sookie brings Sam’s other letter to Bellefleur’s and tells everyone at the bar of his departure. She gives the other letter to Andy, but it is only his later of resignation as mayor of town. James apologizes to Jessica, but she apologizes too for not taking the time to ask about his past. He tells her he is happy with Lafayette and asks her to be sure Sookie gets home safely just before leaving. At Maxine’s house Hoyt and Bridgette have it out about his choice not to have children. He apologizes to her, but says he does not want to have children. She demands to know about Jessica and where he was earlier that day. He reveals he lied to her and went to see Jessica to bring her some clean blood for Bill. Bridgette apologizes for accusing him just as Jessica knocks on their door. Jessica begins to tell them about their shared past, but Bridgette refuses to allow him. She warns him if he talks outside with her then they are over he leaves. Outside, Jessica tells him Bill released her and there is a cure for Hep V that he refused to take. She finds it impossible to accept his fate and hopes Hoyt can understand her. He comforts her and tells him to tell her their story after he hears all about her first.

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Hit The Floor- “Winner Takes All”


Pete surprises Sloane in the parking lot. Raquel has informed him of everything going on concerning Oscar. He agrees to help Sloane take him down. Elsewhere, a detective arrives to question Jude about his whereabouts the day Olivia was killed. He leaves with no new information, but Jude is terrified. At the arena, German and Ahsha discuss sleeping together the night before. He admits he never got over, and would try again with her if she is sure that he is what she truly wants. He gives her time to really think about it and is okay with her decision either way. The detective questions Jelena at The Playground, she tells him she was sleeping the night Olivia was murdered. She tells him she hopes whoever killed her is also killed. At rehearsal, Jelena pushes the girls warning them their dance must be perfect. Jelena and Ahsha face off again about their dancing. The latter suggests she retire. Jude arrives home and tells Zero he must become the MVP to get his life back. They are interrupted by a wedding invitation from Lionel and Oscar, she makes him her Man of Honor. Back at Sloane’s house, she and Pete question why the two of them would get married and if Lionel has her evidence. They join forces to get the evidence back.


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True Blood- “Almost Home”


Eric and The Yakuza arrive at the camp to bring Sarah in. She surprisingly gives herself up, but Eric has to be talked out of killing her by Pam’s near self-sacrifice. He bites her and is immediately cured of Hepatitis V. Bill and Sookie bask in the afterglow of lovemaking. he asks her what she is thinking about. She begins to question him about his real purpose for first pursuing her. Eric reveals Queen Sophie Anne wanted to breed her if she was really a fairy. They confess they truly loved one another and apologize for hurting one another. Lettie Mae’s husband arrives at Tara’s old home to find his wife and Lafayette digging up their yard. James arrives to offer his blood to help them reconnect with Tara. Lettie Mae ask The Reverend to join them. He reluctantly agrees and sees Lettie Mae and Lafayette were not simply hallucinating. Tara leads them into the house, there she relives her fifth birthday party with Sookie and Lafayette as guests. Her drunken father interrupts the festivities and angrily disrupts the fun. He accuses Lettie Mae of lying and then attacks her. He begins looking for his gun as Lettie Mae pushes Tara into the room.


Bridgette and Hoyt look over his photo albums and find themselves disagreeing about having children. In his grief he lashes out at her. Jason receives a picture of Jessica gagged and bound by Violet and leaves immediately! Bridgette insists on coming with him, and is forced to bring her alone when Andy demands he protect his daughter. At Fangtasia, the head of the Yakuza tells Pam and Eric, Sarah’s blood synthesized and announces New Blood will be a treatment rather than a cure to maximize profitability. Jason arrives at Violet’s home and makes Bridgette stay in the car. He is quickly attacked by Violet, gagged and bound! She admonishes him for cheating on her and reveals she has Jessica, Adeline, and Wade bound; preparing to torture them. She tells each of them what she is going to do to them with a different torture device. Suddenly Hoyt arrives at shoots her through the heart from the back. She meets the True Death! Hoyt and Jason release everyone. Jessica is all too happy to see him. Lettie Mae and the others continue to relive the horrible memory of Tara’s fifth birthday. Tara has her father’s gun and aims it at him, but decides against it at the last minute and buries the gun in the backyard. Her father abandons them, leaving Lettie Mae in tears. The vision ends and they find the gun. Tara and her mother reconcile finally, each offering the other forgiveness. She moves onto the afterlife, with her loved ones looking on tearfully.

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True Blood- “May Be The Last Time”


Eric interrogates Amber about Sarah’s whereabouts, but she refuses to say anything. The head of The Yakuza offers her money to sell her sister out. Amber still holds out and then reveals Sarah is the cure for Hep-V. He shows her a picture of her ex-boyfriend and sets it afire, forcing her to relive the pain her sister has caused her. She still refuses, and he sees her as Sarah, angering him. Eric stakes her! Back in Bon Temps, Holly and Andy arrive at the tree house looking for Wade and Adeline. They find their phone still in the tree but the kids are nowhere to be found. Back at Bill’s home Jessica and Sookie look on as Bill’s Hep-V accelerates. Sookie wonders if her fairy blood has something to do with it. Andy calls them, asking if Jessica has sensed if Adeline is in danger. She reveals Adeline is safe for the time being. He promises to call her back if he hears anything.


Violet brings Adeline and Wade to her home and gives them an erotic room to “play” in. They thank her for taking them and she kisses Adeline in return. Back at Bill’s home Sookie refuses to give up on him. At Bellefleur’s Arlene is startled by a vampire offering her protection. She tries to resists his charms but they end up making out and having sex on the pool table! It is revealed to be a dream, a side affect of his blood in her. Pam is furious with Eric for killing Amber and telling him their mission is to now capture and cure him. The head of the Yakuza offers them a lucrative business deal. They will capture Sarah and synthesize her blood and market it as “New Blood.” He also offers him 49% of the company to be their spokesperson. Eric agrees to help him, but insists he trust him. Jessica sleeps in bed with Bill, watching him as he sleeps. She questions Sookie about her plans to help Bill. She tells her she has to find a miracle to help him and leaves them to sleep.

"Eric Northman," portrayed by Alex Skarsgaard

“Eric Northman,” portrayed by Alex Skarsgaard

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Hit The Floor- “Sudden Death”


The world seemed to come falling down as Sloane returns to her office to find the evidence against Oscar gone! She meets with Kyle and Raquel telling them what has happened. Kyle decides to back out from helping them and Sloane decides Raquel should as well. At Terrance’s apartment, he learns from the newspapers he is playing injured. Jelena tells him Zero has set him up. She has Sloane’s evidence in her bag. The next day, Ahsha finds her mother gathering her papers off her office floor, she unwittingly reveals Jelena was there the night before. Oscar tasks a corrupt cop to find out what is going on with Kyle. The cop reveals Chase has been cleared of Olivia’s murder and warns Oscar to have an alibi or they will be coming after him. At The Playground, Jude learns Zero sold Terence out and thinks they should be targeting Derek instead. All around the arena the Devils’ family learns Olivia’s murder case is being reopened. Everyone she was blackmailing with a Red Letter pauses in fear.


Oscar summons Jelena to his office. He questions if she is the woman investigating his business. He reveals Olivia met with a few people before she passed, including Jelena. With Chase exonerated for her murder he threatens to make trouble for her if she is making trouble for him. At her home, Lionel laments to Jude about her failing career. He in turns tell her how conflicted he is about taking down his father. Lionel toys with a baby shoe and leaves presumably to see Pete. Kendra interviews Derek at the court, everyone assumes he will lead the Devils now that Terence is hurt, Zero is taken aback. Oscar once again calls on Kyle’s help–to sabotage Derek. Sloane goes to see Pete in his office, she tells him how proud she is of his progress and that she loves him. He in turn declares his love for her as Lionel listens on. She breaks down in the restroom  and begins to cramp. She bumps into Jelena as she furiously leaves the restroom and tosses the baby shoes in the trash. She has miscarried.

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Tyler Perry creates new series for OWN! “If Loving You Is Wrong” looks so right!


Tyler Perry and OWN go together like a bad ass model in a hot red dress–downright dynamite! If you love “The Haves & The Have Nots,” (HAHN) then you are going to love his latest series, “If Loving You Is Wrong!” The show has a diverse cast and follows the lives and loves of five women; Alex, Kelly, Marcie, Esperanza and Natalie. Each of them is determined to have it all, but find love is becoming a commodity they may never be able to afford, especially with the rising drama in their lives.  The season premiere opens with a two hour special and the drama in full swing according to the official press release:

The season premiere opens in the middle of a torrid affair between neighbors Randal (Eltony Williams, “24”) and Alex (Amanda Clayton, “John Carter”). Randal’s wife Marcie (Heather Hemmens, “Hellcats”) desperately wants children, but Randal’s attention is focused on the wife of his best friend Brad (Aiden Turner, “All My Children”).  Just down the street, divorcee Esperanza (Zulay Henao, “Single Moms Club”) is trying to move on with her life, while keeping a budding relationship with Julius (Octavio Pizano, “East Los High”) a secret from her vindictive ex-husband Edward (Joel Rush, “Days of Our Lives”). Meanwhile, neighbor Kelly (Edwina Findley, “Treme”) longs to marry Travis (Denzel Wells) who is away on a relief mission in Haiti and who has promised to help her raise her 8-year-old son, Justice. Outside of the neighborhood, single mother Natalie (April Parker-Jones, “Jericho”) struggles to raise her children in the inner city. Lushion (Charles Malik Whitfield, “Law and Order”), the father of her son Frank, has returned to town and stepped up to the plate to help. In addition, Natalie grapples with the tough decision whether or not to allow her fourth son, Joey (Matt Cook), to return home once he is released from prison.

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