Being Mary Jane (@beingmaryjane)- “Wake Up Call”

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Being Mary Jane begins with The Pattersons spending some quality time together via a cookout at Mary Jane’s (MJ) house. MJ and Helen make the dressing for the salad, Neicey watches her children and sister, and Patrick and Paul discuss the latter’s recent successful sale at work. During dinner Neicey announces she is looking for a car to buy, but MJ advises her to save her money instead. Paul agrees with his daughter, but offers to buy her a car. The entire family advises him against it, reminding him he is on a fixed income. MJ tries to teach her family about communal savings and how she was able to buy her new car. However, they admonish her about her own extravagant spending. That night they have fun in her pool. The next day MJ attends a lecture for journalist at the AUC. She teaches them about branding and the power of bad news and gossip in journalism. One student, however, accuses her of selling out to get on prime time.

Gabrielle Union hey mikey atl

MJ signs autographs as she leaves the AUC and later goes to CeCe’s bookstore. There she finds her hosting an author who speaks about the plight of racism and white supremacy against young Black boys. CeCe feels these young boys should be addressed as, and treated as young boys. The author advises them to bring culture to their young boys by educating them with the right tools. Later, MJ gives CeCe her final “payment” and asks her does she consider her to be a sell out. CeCe tells her she believes she misses the freedom she had on Talk Back and is trying to figure out how to get back there. MJ tells her that her Black stories are the lowest rated, but agrees she is right. That night she does a story about a dog needing to be adopted.

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If Loving You Is Wrong- “Out Of Control”

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The season finale of If Loving You Is Wrong begins on a crazy note as Randal purchases and puts up a stork sign congratulating him and Alex on their newborn son. Marcy is taken aback and deeply troubled by the news. She stumbles next door to confirm the news from Brad. When she finds out it is true she races home to her bathroom and throws up. Louise learns what Randal has done and offers Marcy’s her savings to leave her son for good. She agrees feeling someone will get hurt soon. At the precinct Pete hands over the tape of Eddie shooting Ben’s hand off to the Captain and is commended for his efforts. He tells him only he and Claudia have seen it. Steven looks on concerned.  Lushion goes to Natalie’s house to find Joey sitting on the steps and learns his mother has put him out for getting her fired. He tells him he will talk to her. Inside, Natalie lays into Lushion about keeping his savings a secret and tells him to leave. He offers to get Joey a hotel room, but the latter tells him he is waiting for Faun to come and pick him up.

if loving you is wrong hey mikey atl

At the precinct, Claudia flirts with Pete and convinces him into asking her out. He seems into her until he saws the Captain talking to another officer and then leaves abruptly. Eddie goes to Natalie’s house and kicks in her door. He confronts her about telling Esperanza he has been robbing drug dealers. She threatens to stab him with a knife and he threatens to shoot her. He warns her not tell Esperanza anything else about him. She demands he leave again and when he does not she reaches for the knife. He tases her in front of her youngest son! Elsewhere, Marcy spots Brad drinking in the backyard by the shed. She joins him and they discuss their issues. She tells him she did enjoy sex with him, but that part of their relationship is over. He agrees, but they agree to be roommates and get an apartment together since neither of them can afford to get another house on their own. Pete goes to Natalie’s apartment looking for Lushion. He tells her he has been trying to reach him and reveals he helped him pack up his apartment so he could move in with her. He gives Natalie a copy of the tape and asks her to give it to Lushion and leaves scared–with someone following him.

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Comedy w/ a Side of Realness! Check out the LGBTQ Cartoon Series, “McTucky Fried High!” (@McTuckyFH)

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LGBTQ cartoons are definitely on the rise, surprisingly in mainstream cartoons for children. Steven Universe, Clarence, and Sailor Moon  are just  a few popular animated series with prominent LGBTQ characters. However, McTucky Fried High, a web series that deals with serious issues that affect LGBTQ youth with a comedic twist. The series resembles a socially conscious Aqua Teen Hunger Force meets some zany high school drama. Initially when the series came to my attention I was skeptical. As an avid viewer of animation I wanted to see the norm. However, after giving the series and its motley crew of characters a chance I found myself enlightened as well as entertained!

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Being Mary Jane (@beingmaryjane)- “If The Shoe Fits”

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It’s Mary Jane’s birthday and the girl begins the latest episode of Being Mary Jane with some major splurging! First her stylist manages to find her the pink Berkin bag she has been looking for. She checks herself out with it on and finally decides to buy it for a whopping $30K! Then she buys her a new Tessler! Patrick calls to tell her their mother has had a flare up with her lupus and fell and bumped her head, but she was released from the hospital and is home resting. MJ, still feeling good, goes to visit her mother, but Patrick tells her she just went to sleep. There, MJ sees Patrick is making a double chocolate cake for Deja, which is her favorite and that PJ has flown in town from Los Angeles allegedly to check on their mother. She believes they have planned a surprise party for her and are only pretending they forgot her birthday. She promises to watch their mother overnight and return later.

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MJ drives past Mark’s house and finds it is up for sale. She tells him how angry she is with him for leaving, but understands why he is doing it and that she will miss him. At the mall, Neicy tries to sell a customer a designer flat iron. The girl feels they are too expensive, but comments that she should be doing hair. Neicy’s friends who also work at the mall invite her to lunch, but she tells them she has brought hers from home to save money. They poke fun at her clothing and tell her she should “work” the mall and use each other’s discounts to get clothing. At work Patrick takes a doughnut break where he and a few coworkers smash and snort pills that help them focus and up their energy. He attributes it to his recent success at work. At SNC, the crew brings MJ a cake and gifts for her birthday. One of them also informs her of the federal investigation into the company PJ is working at, accusing them of big rigging. Kara fixes her boys a snack and leaves them to their homework, feeling proud of balancing her work life and kids. Later, she shows Mark the package for his trip to Nigeria. She tells him to be careful, and he tells her how much he will miss her. That night, MJ shows Kara her new car and the two talk about her life.

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How To Get Away With Murder- “What Did We Do?”

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How To Get Away With Murder begins with Annalise lying on the floor in her own blood with a shot to the stomach. Flashing back Michaela calls Wes, Connor, and Laurel to show them the gun Caleb has found. They believe it belongs to Catherine, and tell them that she also knew Philip before her parents were murdered. Catherine learns of their discovery and leaves the house. The interns call Annalise for advice. When she arrives she admonishes them for tampering with the evidence and has Frank track down Catherine. She tells Caleb he must decide if either he or Catherine will remain her client, since representing them both now would be a conflict of interest. Meanwhile, Asher tries to call his father to check on him when the newspaper reports him covering up the gang rape. Emily continues her vendetta against Annalise through Nate, accusing him of altering Phillip’s profile to help Annalise so that she can murder more people like she did Nia. Nate becomes angry and yells at her, warning her to never speak of his wife again. He calls to tell Annalise he may be getting fired since Emily is filing a harassment suit against him, feeling she is no longer safe.

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Empire (@EmpireFOX)- “My Bad Parts”

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Empire begins with Lucious making a move against Hakeem. He has Freda make a diss song, “Daddy’s Little Girl,” calling the youngest Lyon out. Meanwhile, Hakeem is about to have sex with Lauren, but she tells him it will be here first time. He decides to slow things down and shows her a bracelet he had designed just for her. Before they can start again he learns via text that about the diss track and finds a video of it online with Freda making fun light of his kidnapping! Jamal and Lucious meet with Pepsi, they are interested in possibly making him the new face of their brand, but he must have a new song to them by the end of the week. He and Lucious become super excited. Later, Hakeem goes on to Periscope to announce he will rap battle Freda for his last name, winner takes all. At Empire, Lucious meets with Mimi and Andre to try and figure out how to remove any barriers to purchase Swift Stream from Jay. He has upped the price, forcing Lucious suggest they kill him. Mimi admonishes him for his heavy handedness, he does the same for her tone with him. Andre warns him not to anger her, as she is their biggest investor. He also admonishes his father for embarassing Hakeem and using him and his brothers as pawns. Lucious dismisses him and has him get Thirsty on the phone. Anika meets with Rhonda and learns that Lucious’ is very fond of her pregnancy.

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If Loving You Is Wrong- “He’s Beautiful”

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If Loving You Is Wrong begins with Louise pulling Randal off of Marcy. She quickly runs next door to get Brad. He lets her in and taunts Randal in the meanwhile. Randal speeds away angrily. In the meanwhile, Marcy asks to Alex’s date book and sees all the dates she hooked up with Randal and the grades she gave him and Brad. She tells Brad she wants to have sex with him in the shed every day they did. Louise comes to fetch her from the house and demands she go with him. She leaves with her and meets with Kelly and Ramsey, pushing their meeting to another date. Kelly realizes something is wrong and learns what has transpired. She and Louise warn her she is behaving recklessly and to prepare herself for what is coming. At the precinct, Eddie is “welcomed” back to the force. Pete learns he has been “demoted” to bike patrol and is taunted by Eddie, who tells him he is now unprotected. Eddie questions the call center supervisor about Claudia and tells Lushion he is glad they are partners again, but the latter tells the former he had better straighten up or else. The partners are given the assignment to cover a drug dealer’s murder, but Natalie arrives demanding to speak with Lushion. He promises to talk with her later. When Esperanza arrives Natalie interrogates her about Eddie and if he and Lushion are up to no good. Esperanza promises to get answers without Eddie suspecting anything.

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