How To Get Away With Murder- “Hello Raskolnikov”


“How To Get Away With Murder” is back! The show begins with Annalise being questioned by the police about Sam’s whereabouts. She mentally recounts the events that have happened over the last day. She uses Nate as her alibi to avoid further suspicion. She also recounts giving Wes instructions on how to cover up Sam’s murder, feeling he deserves what happened to him while holding herself personally responsible for getting them into this mess. Now, she is determined to get the charges against Rebecca dismissed. The police decide they want to speak with Bonnie and the students, Annalise asks her to remain there while she speaks with Nate. He comforts her telling all will be well. Back at Annalise’s home Wes tries to convince Michaela and Connor to keep calm and stick to the story they have concocted. Annalise arrives and informs them the exam is still on as scheduled. Inside Annalise pushes Wes to keep the secret of her involvement. She pegs her hopes on Lila having been pregnant with Sam’s baby and a DNA test proving it. She also thinks his laptop will further incriminate him. She calms Wes down and he gives her Sam’s wedding band. The District Attorney arrives to intimidate and mock her, she is determined as ever to put Rebecca behind bars!

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Empire-“False Imposition”


Lucius begins “Empire” riding Hakeem about what he wants to be successful. Cookie interrupts his tirade, demanding a better office and full benefits for her assistant. Hakeem tells her he is going to outdo Jamal, she in turn tells him to stop rapping about the street life. Especially since he knows nothing about it. Lucius demands she leaves and tries to shift the focus back to making Empire bigger. Later, Tianna pays Cookie a visit, wanting her to listen to her song. She inquires about her experience, preferring her opinion over Anika’s based on her street cred. Cookie finds it delightful and promises to take her to the top. Lucius continues to ride Hakeem and tells him he needs him in the studio making new music. He tells him he has passes to see Titan, the hottest rapper in the game. Lucius reveals why he is so hot–his work ethic! He gives Hakeem’s passes to Becky. At the concert, Becky enjoys herself until she witnesses a run in between Titan and a rival gang member. The two exchange gunfire and Titan is arrested.

Bryshere Gray as "Hakeem Lyon"

Bryshere Gray as “Hakeem Lyon”

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Amanda’s Room”


“The Haves & The Have Nots” began rather steamy as Hanna and Michael almost have sex until Benny walks in on them. Naturally, it spoils the mood and Hanna suggests he leave. She tells him she did almost have sex with him but will not let guilt overrun her life. She is determined to pray for forgiveness, forgive herself, and move on. Benny, however, is very upset at seeing them together and demands he never come around again. Hanna dismisses him and reminds him who the parent is. Elsewhere, Candice demands to know what Veronica has on Jeffrey. He insists she leaves, but she continues to want to know what is going on. She tells him she knew about the incident at the Sarandon Hotel because of a spy she has there. He in turn tells her about Quincy and his antics at The Cryers’ home. She in turn advises him to stand up to his mother.


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Gotham- “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon”


Gotham is no longer a safe place for Fish Mooney as she is transported to a mysterious building. There, torture awaits her and his name is Bob. Jim and Harvey investigate a homicide, discovering the victim was a drug dealer. An elderly man witnessed the murder and agrees to sit down with a police sketch artist to identify the murderer. At the precinct the witness is murdered in an interrogation room, stabbed to death with an ice pick. Jim discovers the cameras have been cut off and someone unauthorized was allowed into the room. Jim suspects the murderer is one of his fellow cops. Jim wants to interrogate every officer who should have been guarding the witness and checking the log book. Sarah is hesitant, not wanting to stir trouble in the department. Elsewhere, Bob teases Fish with banter and tells her he will be “extracting” an apology from her. After insulting his daughters he slaps her with a clipboard. She spits in his face and begins to laugh at what he has in store for her.


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DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE! Hazel E. (@hazelebaby) Keeps It Real with Life, Love, & Hip-Hop!

image1 (1)

This fall’s runway hit known as VH-1’s Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood proved that Mona Scott Young’s reality franchise has not lost its magic! We were treated to a group of young stars making their way through life, love, and the luxuries of the music industry while dealing with drama. There were trials and triumphs, failures and victories, all tempered by love anew and love lost! Of these amazing stars, few kept us entertained or as intrigued as rap star, Hazel E!

Hazel E. is no stranger to the entertainment industry or the inner workings of Hollywood. As a former A-List celebrity publicist she was instrumental in growing the careers of some of rap’s biggest stars. Tiring of growing other people’s careers she decided it was her time to shine and since 2009 has become of one of the entertainment industry’s rising female rap stars. “I’d been doing the publicist things, including getting my degree, for about seven years…I got tired of helping other people accomplish their dreams and wanted to follow my on…so here I am making moves…”


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The Real Housewives of Atlanta- “Beauties In The Fast Lane”

100th Annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner - Arrivals

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” began with a recap, as both Nene and Cynthia recapped their trip to Puerto Rico with Greg and Peter, respectively. Cynthia ultimately decides her friendship with Nene is done and burns their friendship contract in declaration as Peter and Mal look on. At her office, Phaedra receives a call from Derek J, updating her on the effects the “hair burglar” accusations have had on his business. Phaedra’s mother comes to visit her, there she informs her that Apollo’s incarceration date has been set. She is determined not to let it get to her. Apollo decides to play daddy and picks his sons up from school. He takes them to get ice cream, there Aiden tells him how much he misses him when he is not at home. Apollo begins to realize just how much time he is going to miss with his sons.


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“The Walking Dead” Trailer!


Its almost that time guys and if you are a big “The Walking Dead” fan like I am, it can’t come soon enough! AMC just released a new trailer for part 2 of season 5. At this point, I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll take anything to hold me over until February 8th when the show makes its return for the second half of the season.


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