If Loving You Is Wrong- “Alex Is Pregnant”


Edward drives to Esperanza’s home to intimidate her. She questions him about what he did to Julius. Three days have passed and she has not heard from her boyfriend. He mocks her and pretends not to know what she is talking about. They both threaten one another until he hints that he killed him. She does not believe him and admonishes her for liking “girly boys” now. She tells him she will go to his bosses if she does not here from Julius by the following night. He promises her there will be repercussions if she does and none of his peers will believe her.

The next morning Alex emerges from her bathroom suffering from morning sickness. She manages to pull herself together and come downstairs where she and Brad awkwardly face off about her pregnancy. She believes he is just upset about her being pregnant. His suspicions of her cheating begin to boil to the surface and gets angry as she asks about his work schedule for the day. Outside, he runs into Randal who invites him to happy hour. Brad asks him does he ever see anyone hanging around his home for an extended period of time. Randal becomes suspicious of his questioning and watches him as he drives off. At Burger Fest, Natalie is late to work having to bring her daughters in after her sister flaked on watching them. Her employee admonishes her for doing so, and tells her to allow Joey to come back home to help her like he use to. She resists, but gives in when she realizes the girl is right. She gives in and calls his parole officer to tell him her son will have a place to stay and a job at her restaurant.


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If Loving You Is Wrong- “Shots Fired”


Alex checks the dates in her planner trying to figure out when she might have gotten pregnant by Randal. Coincidentally he tries to call her but she ignores him believing they have dodged a bullet since she assumes she is not pregnant by him. Randal arrives at Alex and Brad’s house unannounced, hoping to catch her alone. When Brad does not leave he makes small talk and makes himself some coffee. He tries to convince Brad to tell Alex about his vasectomy, but he refuses. Alex  arrives and gets angry when she sees him with her husband’s special mug. He reveals he slept downstairs the night before and is not quite happy about her pregnancy.

Brad and Alex

Brad and Alex

Natalie and Lushion arrive at the baseball game and talk with Randal and Brad. Lushion networks, hoping to get on with the police force. Natalie notices the distance between Brad and Alex, who in turn feels Lushion is good for her. Esperanza and the other women arrive at the game, but their small talk is interrupted when Edward snatches her away. He harshly interrogates her about her dealings with Julius. Thankfully she is saved by Lushion and Natalie, ruining the former’s chance of getting on the police force.

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If Loving You Is Wrong- “A Twisted Affair”


The show begins with a torrid affair in a shed between Alex and Randall. They have rough, passionate sex. Their antics are interrupted by a phone call from her husband, Brad,  to tell her he is on his way back home from work. The woman resists his attempts to keep going on, feeling guilty for cheating on her husband. She asks him does he ever thing about Marcie and reveals she does not know why she is not happy. He tries to tell her they are not hurting anyone. They are interrupted again when Marcie arrives in the shed to see him. Alex saves them by saying she was dropping off some muffins for him. Everyone awkwardly laughs everything off with small talk. It is revealed Randall and Marcie are married. She tells him the doctor gave her an ovulation test, and she tries to get him to have sex with her. He rebuffs her advances, saying he had to be in the mood.


In her office, Kelly receives a phone call from her boyfriend, Travis, who is away on a church mission. They tell each other how much they miss each other. She cannot wait for him to return the following week and make love to him. She tells him she was approved for a house and it is next to door to Alex and Brad. He tells her he has something important to ask her, but not over the phone. She begs him to ask her, but he refuses. They agree to get the house, but he is clearly bothered by something.

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Brilliantly “black-ish!”


The sitcom has been a mainstay of the television since its inception. Whether you were watching Leave It To Beaver, The Brady Bunch, Good Times, Family Matters  or even Malcolm in The Middle you know and love them well! However, in recent years it has been on the decline, on the rise instead is reality television and a few celebrity driven talk shows. ABC’s latest sitcom begs to differ and steal the night in “black-ish!” “Black-ish” is the brilliant brainchild and comedy of Lawrence Fishburne. The series stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross as they raise their modern black family in a mostly Caucasian environment.



Surrounded by Suburbia they are the self-described “mythical and magical” oasis of Black people. Indeed they would be considered a successful black family. Anthony Anderson is Dre Johnson, father of the family, who has just received a promotion at his job to Vice President of Urban Affairs. The problem is he believes he only received the position due to his skin color and merit. To make things worst his kids are not connected to their Black cultural roots and his wife, Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) is biracial and firmly against his attempts to make them more black. Lawrence Fishburne is “Pops,” his wisecracking father more annoyed by his “black-ish” family than anything. In the first episode, Andre Jr. tries out for the field hockey team instead of basketball and asks for a Bat Mitzah so he can be Jewish like his other friends. Naturally, his father flips out and tries to force a makeshift African rites of passage ceremony on him in the backyard, but not before jeopardizing his job.



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True Blood- “Thank You”


Bill arrives to talk with an angry Sookie. He finds himself nostalgic as he reminisces on how he met Sookie and her family. She pleads with him not to die, but he insists their path only leads to death. He tells her Hep-V has made him feel more human than he ever did when he was actually human. He tells her he wants to die to be with his human family and honor the natural progression of life. She tells him just to break up with her, but tells her he cannot which is why he must end  his existence. He then asks her to help him to die by using her light to finish him and use up her fairy powers. She demands he leave and threatens to resend his invitation. He asks her to at least think about it.


Elsewhere The Yakuza race to Sookie’s home. At Fangtasia, Eric decides to free Sarah. He decides they will kill Gus, the head of the Yakuza, and steal New Blood from him. He glamours Sarah into being quiet as Pam feeds her, her blood so they can sense and track her wherever he is. He then tells tells Sarah to hide and go somewhere no one can find her. Pam and Eric trick Gus and his men into coming into the dungeon. They kill his men and blow him up in the tunnels below Fangtasia. Eric arrives just in time outside Sookie’s home and kills the other Yakuza ready to harm her. Sarah eats garbage in a carousel when Pam finds her. She tells Pam she came there because in Bill’s book it was where Eric turned Willa. She asks Pam to turn her into a vampire and even be a lesbian. Pam flatly refuses and chokes her when she talks about Tara. She then feeds off her to be vaccinated from Hep-V.


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True Blood- “Love Is To Die”


Bill refuses to drink Sarah’s blood, revealing he is accepting his fate. Sookie and Jessica try to persuade him to do so, but he tells them he is choosing the “True Death.” Jessica leaves him angrily and Sookie slaps him twice in anger. Jessica then demands he release her. He tells her he is proud of the vampire she has become and expects greatness from her just before he releases her. Pam and Eric comfort them just as he leaves Fangtasia’s dungeon.

Sookie and Jessica arrive at Sam’s trailer to find it empty. On his table are two letters one for Sookie. He tells her he has left with Nicole to be with her and his daughter. He says there are two lives on Earth, the first for them, and the second for their kids. He invites her to come visit them Chicago after the baby is born and that he loves her. Jessica comforts her. Later, Sookie brings Sam’s other letter to Bellefleur’s and tells everyone at the bar of his departure. She gives the other letter to Andy, but it is only his later of resignation as mayor of town. James apologizes to Jessica, but she apologizes too for not taking the time to ask about his past. He tells her he is happy with Lafayette and asks her to be sure Sookie gets home safely just before leaving. At Maxine’s house Hoyt and Bridgette have it out about his choice not to have children. He apologizes to her, but says he does not want to have children. She demands to know about Jessica and where he was earlier that day. He reveals he lied to her and went to see Jessica to bring her some clean blood for Bill. Bridgette apologizes for accusing him just as Jessica knocks on their door. Jessica begins to tell them about their shared past, but Bridgette refuses to allow him. She warns him if he talks outside with her then they are over he leaves. Outside, Jessica tells him Bill released her and there is a cure for Hep V that he refused to take. She finds it impossible to accept his fate and hopes Hoyt can understand her. He comforts her and tells him to tell her their story after he hears all about her first.

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Hit The Floor- “Winner Takes All”


Pete surprises Sloane in the parking lot. Raquel has informed him of everything going on concerning Oscar. He agrees to help Sloane take him down. Elsewhere, a detective arrives to question Jude about his whereabouts the day Olivia was killed. He leaves with no new information, but Jude is terrified. At the arena, German and Ahsha discuss sleeping together the night before. He admits he never got over, and would try again with her if she is sure that he is what she truly wants. He gives her time to really think about it and is okay with her decision either way. The detective questions Jelena at The Playground, she tells him she was sleeping the night Olivia was murdered. She tells him she hopes whoever killed her is also killed. At rehearsal, Jelena pushes the girls warning them their dance must be perfect. Jelena and Ahsha face off again about their dancing. The latter suggests she retire. Jude arrives home and tells Zero he must become the MVP to get his life back. They are interrupted by a wedding invitation from Lionel and Oscar, she makes him her Man of Honor. Back at Sloane’s house, she and Pete question why the two of them would get married and if Lionel has her evidence. They join forces to get the evidence back.


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