Empire- “Fires Of Heaven”


Free Lucious! Empire begins with Ms. Ford answers the press questions, who feel he she is leading a campaign against Lucious to win her bid for Attorney General. She has put in place an order to keep him from entering Empire or he will be arrested. Elsewhere, Cookie admonishes Hakeem for sleeping with Valentina, and not resting before his interview with Sway, telling him it is an Unsung episode waiting to happen. Lucious holds a press conference in front of Empire declaring himself a god and still on top. Hakeem performs on Sway’s show and conferences Lucious in, asking him about how he feels about him leaking his album. Lucious dismisses the question and Hakeem declares he will run circles around his father. He tells Sway about his new girl group, Miragetrois, and promises to have them on the show later that week despite Cookie’s protest. The Lyons come together for dinner where Jamal tells them what Lucious has in store for him. Cookie dismisses his father’s goodwill, but Jamal insists Lucious just wanted to see them together. Lucious declares them there will be war and tells them to dismantle their record company. He offers them one final chance to end their feud. Cookie rescinds his offer and pulls their dinner off the table to the floor!

anika empire hey mikey atl

Lucious summons Anika in hopes she will rejoin him and dismantle Lyon Dynasty. She refuses to help him, telling him Hakeem is coming into his own there. He reminds her when it comes down to it, it will be her or Cookie. She agrees to help him. At Lyons Dynasty, Miragetrois record a song for Sway’s show. Cookie disagrees on how their hook sounds, but Hakeem admonishes her for not trusting him. She commends him when things finally come together. Elsewhere, Lucious and Andre meet for lunch. There, he tries to offer Lucious 200 radio stations that could corner the urban radio music market. He asks to come back, but Lucious refuses telling him he will have to give him something no one else can and to pray on it. At Empire, Frieda shows up with a group of thugs demanding he record deal. Jamal and Becky try to sell her on the deal but she leaves feeling Lucious has lied to her. Jamal is jealous of how Lucious feels she is musically his father’s everything.

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If Loving You Is Wrong- “The Painter”

Amanda Clayton Alex hey mikey atl if loving you is wrong

If Loving You Is Wrong begins at the precinct with Lushion bringing his superior’s findings about Ben into question, revealing there may be a video tape of what really happens. Lushion backs down when the captain questions his claims. Edward calls him to antagonize him, warning him not to ask questions about the shooting and thanks him for saving his life. At the hospital, the doctor finds Alex resting peacefully with Kelly watching over her. The doctor thanks her for helping her and notices her vitals have stabilized. Esperanza and Natalie stop by briefly, admiring how she got Alex to see the baby and calm down. Kelly notices Alex is moving in her sleep and wonders what she is dreaming about. Alex dreams about how she and Brad met Marcie and Randal. After the couples meet the latter help Alex and Brad unpack and move in. The girls bond over wanting children and the guys bond over sports. Brad asks Randal to look out for his wife while he is working. The two couples hang out more, with Alex and Brad admiring her romantic and spontaneous Marcie and Randal are. The couples switch partners while dancing, with Randal and Ale enjoying one another’s company.


When Alex and Brad returns home they make love, but are done minutes later. Alex is left unsatisfied. Marcie and Randal, however, are still going hours later. Alex sees them from her window and stares. Randal stops and closes the curtains when he sees her. They are sure she is shocked. The next morning Randal apologizes to her for the scene the night before. She dismisses his apology and tells him everything is fine. She tells him about her past as a small town girl as they flirt more. That night, she watches them have sex again. Months later, the couples return from dinner together and wish each other a good night. Randal palms Alex’s butt as he hugs her goodnight. More months pass and Alex becomes pregnant, while Marcie looks on jealously.

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Gotham- “Rise of The Villains: The Last Laugh”

jim gordon gotham hey mikey atl

Gotham begins with some less than ethical interrogation methods and Jim and Harvey take to the streets, determined to find out more information on Jerome and the Arkham inmates. Whoever does not answer them with the right information is thrown out of a window to a pile of trash below. Elsewhere, Barbara and Tabitha bask in the afterglow of lovemaking. They are interrupted by Galavan, who commends their romance and declares he is going to help Barbara destroy Jim. Back at the precinct, Jim takes charge and directs them towards leads. He demands none of the officers ever forget the massacre that has occurred and bring her murderer to justice. Lee tries to comfort him, but he resists. She tries to invite him for a night out, but he still refuses until she tells him a magician will be there. They laugh together and he kisses her. They go after, the blind fortune teller, Jerome’s father, but Tabitha and Jerome beat them there!


Jerome bind and gags his father, berating him for not being a good father and allowing his mother to mistreat him. He explains his elaborate plan to kill him and using braille and knockout gas to implicate him in the prison break and escape. His father tells him he will be a curse upon Gotham with a legacy of death and madness. Just as Jerome prepares to kill him Harvey and Jim arrive to question him. They break down the door when they hear a noise. Jerome stabs his father through the eye, killing him and releasing knock out gas that affects Jim and Harvey. Jim tries to fight him off, but is taken out by Tabitha and Jerome. Elsewhere, Bruce and Alfred attend the gala at the children’s hospital. There they make Lee’s acquaintance and Bruce bumps into Selina. He tries to talk to her, but she dismisses him and continues to case out the crowd looking for her next victim. Galavan and Barbara begin the next phase of his plan, while Jerome and Tabitha take the scheduled magician’s place with the real magician held hostage in a trunk!

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How To Get Away With Murder- “She’s Dying”

annalise keating how to get away with murder hey mikey atl

How To Get Away With Murder with a flash forward as Wes meets Michaela and Laurel in the woods running from the scene where Annalise was shot. He inquires about Connor’s whereabouts, who we see is standing over Annalise telling her this was all her fault. In present time, Annalise questions her clients about their aunt’s murder. They insist they were home they entire, but Annalise can tell they are lying. Elsewhere, Wes’s landlord questions him about Rebecca’s whereabouts and offers for him to go through her things before he throws them out. The next morning, Annalise briefs the interns on what is happening with Caleb and Catherine. She also warns Bonnie if she does anything else wrong she will be the next murder victim. Michaela decides to go to Annalise’s trial much to Wes, Laurel, and Connor’s dismay. Before Asher can find out what they are talking out, Connor reveals Oliver has HIV and that he still plans to sleep with him–a lot. Asher takes the bait and tries to dissuade him. Annalise meets with Eve to discuss Nate’s case, they reminisce and flirt, discussing affairs. In court, the prosecutor reveals that Annalise and Eve knew each other before the latter took on Nate’s case. Eve does not deny it, claiming they were only classmates, and argues the prosecutor down. The prosecutor accuses her of collusion with Annalise and accuses her helping her kill her husband.

bonnie winterbottom hey mikey atl

Back at the house, Frank confronts Bonnie about murdering Rebecca, commending her for using a plastic bag. She begs him to stop, not feeling she can take his inquiries. Annalise calls and orders Frank to find out what else the prosecution knows about her. In court, Annalise is put on the stand and questioned about her sexual relationship with Nate. Eve tries to stop the questioning, but the judge permits it. During recess, Michaela is approached by a guy named Levi, wanting to get her number. She rebuffs his advances believing he might be a criminal. Elsewhere, Bonnie and Asher question Caleb and catherine’s maid who states she, nor the rest of the staff, had seen the siblings on the night their aunt was murdered. Meanwhile, Laurel and Frank receive some info from one of his informants. Bonnie delivers it to Annalise in court, telling her they found Caleb’s DNA in his aunt’s car at the crime scene.

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Empire- “Without A Country”

jamal lyon hakeem lyon andre lyon hey mikey atl

Empire begins with three of the Lyons defeated. Cookie, Andre, and Hakeem all clean out their belongings as Jamal has fired them from Empire. They decide to start their own company, but struggle with what to name it. Hakeem tells his mother he wants to be more than an artist and wants to produce talent. He recruits Anika, despite Cookie’s protest and with a nudge from Rhonda, Andre comes aboard. She finds a space to be their new headquarters and recruits new talent beginning with V, much to Anika’s chagrin. Later, Jamal performs a new song during an interview with Spilling The Tea. Cookie interrupts it when he begins to talk about Lucious. She tries to convince him to give Hakeem his album and then tells him they are starting their own company.

Lucious Lyon hey mikey atl

Lucious begins to suffer from his lack of medication, but is protected by his fellow inmates from an overzealous guard. Elsewhere, Hakeem does auditions for a girl group he wants to produce. One girl captures his attention. Andre admonishes Hakeem for holding auditions without consulting all of them first. Hakeem dismisses him, telling him they are all partners. Andre takes his complaints to his mother, but she praises Hakeem’s hustle. She informs him Jamal is giving Hakeem his album. In prison, the guard goads Lucious about his health, slyly revealing the prosecutor is keeping him from getting it. Hakeem pitches his girl group his mother, brother, and Anika. Cookie tells Anika she does not want her there and insults her until she leaves. Lucious tells Jamal that Hakeem belongs at Empire and if he wants his album heard he will have to return there. Jamal notices something is off about his father, but the latter plays it off telling him he is working on a tune. A lawyer at an adjacent table, Thurston, says he believes he can help Lucious and warns him about the prosecutor.

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If Loving You Is Wrong- “The Beauty That Is”

hey mikey atl charles-malik-whitfield-aiden-turner-octavio-pizano-joel-rush-matt-cook-eltony-williams1

If Loving You Is Wrong begins with Esperanza, Natalie, and Kelly sneaking in to check on Alex. She asks them about Brad’s whereabouts and if he saw the baby. Natalie tries to tell her the truth but Kelly stops her. They ask her has she seen the baby and tell her how beautiful her newborn son is. Natalie refuses to allow them to sugarcoat things for Alex, but they admonish her for being so blunt and remind her that Alex has to stay calm for her own health. She tells them that she does not want to see her baby and that she hates him. Kelly tells her not to say things like that about her baby and chalks it up to postpardum depression and hormonal changes. Natalie, however, encourages her to speak her truth. She asks them how is she going to face her son everyday knowing he is the cause of her marital issues and life problems. She tells them she is going to put him up for adoption, much to the ladies’ chagrin. Natalie assumes she wants to give up her son because he is Black, but she tells them it is so a good family will love him the way he deserves. The doctor interrupts their conversation and makes them leave as they are causing her blood pressure to spike.

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Gotham- “Rise of The Villains: Knock, Knock”

jim gordon and harvey bullock gotham

Gotham begins with a little torture as Theo Galvan has kidnapped the Mayor and held him hostage. He has a box around his head and threatens to drop a spider in it if he does not call and lie to his secretary and tell her that he is leaving town with his lover. He declares Gotham is about to be “cleansed.” The Mayor complies and news spreads quickly to headlines. At the Gotham Gazette, the editor declares he wants a better headline and demands his writers bring him new stories. As he rants people are seemingly falling from the sky behind him. We see the escaped Arkham inmates led by Jerome are tossing hostages off the building, lining their bodies up to spell out “M-A-N-I-A-X-!” At the precinct Jim and Sarah brief the cops on the inmates and prepare to go after them. Theo commends the inmates on a job well done and then tries to teach them about showmanship. All of them, save Jerome, fails. Theo applauds his laughter, while his sister and Barbara whip the Mayor. He stops them, but they tell him they are bored and want to participate in the “fun.” He questions her about Jim Gordon.

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