If Loving You Is Wrong- “Marcie and Brad”


If Loving You Is Wrong begins with a cat fight as Marcie confronts Alex! Alex tries to leave her backyard but she continues to block her and then slaps her! Alex tries to apologize, but Marcie refuses to hear her and demands she get away from her home. Randal then follows Marcie into the house, there she asks him why he cheated on her and why he did so with Alex of all women. He tells her he loves her and is sorry for hurting her. She reminds him she can easily get another man, but never did because they were married and she loved him. She then hands him divorce papers to sign. He refuses. She berates him for not complying and then demands he recite his marriage vows to her. He says them all and ends them with a vow before God and His angels. Since he has lied to God, she finds it easy to believe he would lie to her and promises he will suffer.


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Single Ladies- “Truth”


Single Ladies  begins with a few words from Sharon Love (Queen Latifah) the biggest talk show host since Oprah announcing her 500th Show Anniversary. Felicia calls Omar for an update on new business and Triple Threat. He tells her the group is doing well, but she feels it is a fluke and demands he do more by getting them on Sharon’s show. Later, Bri demands Omar do more for her career after April leaves him in charge of her. He writes her off and reminds her he has the entire group to think about. At The Oak, Austin’s father, The Admiral, calls her from his friend’s phone only to berate her for being what she’s not.

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Being Mary Jane- “Season Finale” Part 2


The second part of the Season Finale begins with MJ’s alarm going off. The police come and find no one is there, but her window’s sensor has been disrupted. She tries to fall back asleep, but cannot and calls Sheldon to see if she can come over for the night. There, he sets her pours her a drink and tells her about the slave love letters he is reading. The next morning she relishes on being in his home and tries to look sexy when he returns from his morning run. He overlooks her. At breakfast, she asks him if they are in a relationship and he tells her he has been operating as if they were the entire time they have been dating. MJ receives a call from Valerie and learns David’s dog has died. She realizes he is devastated and wants to call him but does not, despite Sheldon encouraging her to do so.

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Being Mary Jane- “Season Finale” Part 1


Being Mary Jane begins with Mary Jane (MJ) on a high from the success of her interview. Her “Ugly Black Woman” comment towards her guest has gone viral, sparking songs, protests, and Twitter trends! MJ is interviewed by Don Lemon, promising she did not try to come off as a Black liberal, but is glad she is able to give a voice to people who otherwise would not have one. PJ  pokes fun at her about her new found popularity and tells her that their mother has called everyone to brag about her. At SNC, Cynthia foretells her own doom when she informs MJ they are trying to push her out. MJ promises her they would never do anything like that, but is soon thereafter offered her position by the head of SNC, Sheree. Sheree tells her that she is being promoted to the prime time slot, but wants her to do stories with more universal appeal. MJ feels guilty pushing Cynthia out and contemplates if she is doing the right thing for she and Kara’s careers. Sheree tells Greg to keep MJ on a short leash, and if she does not work they will replace her.

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If Loving You Is Wrong- “Who Knew”


Brad and Randal face off in the start of the latest episode of If Loving You Is Wrong! Alex barely manages to keep Brad from shooting Randal and demands the latter stay away from her when he tries to console her. Brad warns him to stay away from his life and then leaves furiously. A passing by neighbor tries to check on him, but can see he is behaving irrationally. She calls the police and Esperanza just so happens to take her call. She tries to get the woman to calm down and tell her the address of the incident. The woman tells her she fears Brad and Randal are about to kill one another!


Esperanza realizes it is Mrs. Coleman calling about Brad and Alex’s house and leaves immediately after sending some officers. She calls Natalie to meet her at their home, filling her in on what has transpired. Edward and Lushion arrive on the scene to find other cops have beaten them there. Edward convinces the officer on duty to send the other officers away, revealing Brad is his friend. Edward makes Lushion stay with Alex while he checks on Brad upstairs. He learns Brad has not killed Randal and takes the gun he gave him to cover everything up. Alex confronts Edward about his antics, but he admonishes her for being the cause of everything. Edward has Lushion check on Randal, calling him a “perp.” Lushion questions Randal about the fight between he and Brad. He tells him exactly what happened and that Brad still has the gun they were tussling over. Lushion demands he come outside to speak with Edward.

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Fox’s “Gotham” Announces Two New Villains to debut in Season 2!


Gotham has been one of Fox’s breakout hits this year. Alongside Empire, the show has scored some major ratings to what many had become to consider a dying network!  Earlier this year the show was unsurprisingly renewed for a second season and the producers of the show promise a better season than the one that already has us hooked. With Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett-Smith) exiting the show permanently that leaves room for new and familiar Gotham villains. Do the names Mad Hatter and Clayface ring a bell?


Mad Hatter, naturally, is based on the character from Alice in Wonderland and is a technical genius. What he lacks in strength and fighting prowess he makes up for with advanced technology that can control the minds of others as well as virtual insanity. Clayface is one Batman’s few super powered villains, with the ability to shape-shift and form his malleable, clay-like form into weapons. Surprisingly there have been four of Clayfaces! There is no word on which version of the character we will see, but all are truly evil. This marks the first live action versions of both villains and one has to wonder how they will introduce them onto the show. Thus far we have seen Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Joker, Penguin, Victor Zsasz, and even Scarecrow. Batman’s rogues’ gallery is growing and he is still a kid. Grow up quick Bruce, the city needs you!


Crossover in Shondaland!? ABC’s “Scandal” & “How To Get Away With Murder” Collide!


Shonda Rhimes rules Thursday nights with an iron fist. Grey’s Anatomy, Scandaland How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) are three of television’s heaviest hitters and rumor has it two of the shows are about to collide! Rumor has it that the second season of HTGAWM and the fifth season of Scandal will feature a few episodes where its two leading characters, Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating, meet and CLASH! Gladiators versus interns, Huck versus Frank, a revered fixer taking on a diabolical defense attorney–this should be good!


Needless to say a catfight between Olivia and Annalise would not be a physical one but a clash of ideology more than likely. Rumor has it Annalise hires Olivia to fix a problem for her, but when she uncovers Annalise’s greater plan at works both ladies pull out all their tricks to take each other down. Shonda Rhimes has been mum about this rumor, but we are hoping it is true! Alongside Candice Young and Cookie Lyon, these two ladies are the most dynamic women on television. So who do you have your money on? Olivia may have the President and spies in her sphere of influence, but as we know Annalise is the master of covering up the most insideous deeds. This is gonna be spectacular! #FingersCrossed

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