The Real Housewives of Atlanta- “No Tea, No Shade”


A-Town is left reeling in the wake of revelations from “Textgate” on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta!” The ladies each feel like they owe Kenya an apology for believing Apollo’s lies. Meanwhile, Phaedra continues to focus on her boys, opting to stay out of the public for awhile. She is finally enticed to come out on request of Kandi and Porsha. There, they inform her of Apollo’s lies. Surprisingly, she agrees she too should apologize to Kenya and wonders why her husband would put her through such stress. Meanwhile, Kenya’s aunt tries to push her to forgive the other ladies for mistreating her and move on with her life. In their home, Cynthia and Peter discuss Apollo’s lies and the effects it has had on their perception of Kenya as well as Porsha’s public comments concerning her and how she sucks up to Nene. She finds herself becoming angry as she is reminded of her former sidekick days to Nene.


Claudia Jordan is given a proper introduction on the show and it is revealed she and Kenya have been friends for decades. Her career and divorcee status are highlighted as well as her job on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. She and Kenya go shopping for furniture for her new home, there they play around and Claudia reveals how she loss a tooth during sex! Nene returns from Las Vegas and visits with Porsha. There, they discuss her beef with Cynthia as well as some of Nene’s issues with the celebrated model. Porsha decides she will reach out to Cynthia so they can hash things out. Apollo makes good on his threats of divorce and goes to see a lawyer to ensure he has a desirable standard of living after prison.


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How To Get Away With Murder- “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me”


The past and present finally sync in the latest episode of “How To Get Away With Murder.” Annalise and Sam have the argument to end all arguments when she reveals she has asked The District Attorney’s office to do a DNA on Lila’s unborn child. He berates her for her selfishness and she in turn challenges him on his truthfulness and manhood. He reveals he only married her because she was an “easy lay who liked rough, dirty sex!” She in turn reveals her affair with Nate, but does not mention his name. He tells her she is a hypocrite and they begin to fight. He chokes her against the wall and she begs him to kill her, but he relents. They part ways with her leaving the house. Later, Michaela comes by with the justice trophy in hand. She insists on seeing Annalise despite Sam hinting that now is not a good time. As they talk, Rebecca sneaks into the house and tries to creep past them up the stairs until Michaela notices her. She tells Michaela to call Wes and then runs up the stairs with Sam in hot pursuit. She locks herself in the bedroom and places Nate’s jump drive into the computer to download all of his information.

Kate Findlay as "Rebecca"

Kate Findlay as “Rebecca”

Michaela frantically calls Wes who is with Connor and Laurel, they immediately head to Annalise’s home. Sam breaks down the door to the bedroom so Rebecca runs into the bathroom. Wes and the others’ arrival temporarily stops Sam’s pursuit. Wes assures Rebecca it is safe to come out. As he escorts Rebecca past Sam he lunges at her trying to get his computer back. He fights the students off and then charges Michaela, who unwittingly flips him off the upstairs banister to the downstairs floor. He appears to be dead. The students and Rebecca go downstairs to check on him. There, Wes reveals that he may have killed Lila and that Annalise already knows it. Sam suddenly wakes up and begins choking Rebecca. Wes smacks him over the head with the trophy, killing him! Now all the Flash forwards from previous episodes begin to piece together. We find Wes apologizing to Sam for killing him, and the students finally dispose of his remains in a garbage dumpster miles away from where they burnt his corpse. Michaela tries to find her engagement ring to no avail.


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Gotham- “Harvey Dent”

harvey dent

Wayne Manor gets an extra visitor when Jim implores Bruce and Alfred to let them stay with her while they figure out how to find the Waynes’ murderer. Alfred is apprehensive, not wanting the girl’s presence to put them in any danger, but Bruce insists she stays. Elsewhere, a police truck is attacked and a prisoner, Isaac Hardgrove, is freed by a band of criminals bent on using his skills to retaliate against Falcon. Jim meets with an attorney Renee and Crispus trust, Harvey Dent. He assures them by rattling the cage they will flush out the Waynes’ murderer. Oswald investigates Liza by breaking into her apartment and discovers she wears lilac. Hardgrove creates a bomb used to detonate a munitions factory. The security guards there are killed. Harvey and Jim take on Hardgrove’s case and do their best to locate him by bringing his brother in for questioning. His brother reveals that Hardgrove never meant to hurt anyone, is mentally ill, and needs their help. Their attempts to locate him come to fruition when the shrapnel from the bomb reveals his location. Jim and Bullock attempt to rescue him, but the criminal gang narrowly escape from them.


Jim goes along with Harvey’s plans. However, he warns him not to implicate him, Bruce, or Selina in any way. Bruce and Selina learn more about each other, but hit a dead end when he inquires about her parents. Alfred feels she cannot be with them too long. Bruce continues to train with his own specialized curriculum but realizes he must learn more about the streets of Gotham. Oswald pays Fish a visit and connects her with Liza based on her scent. Fish gets the criminal gang holding Hardgrove hostage to steal Falcon’s money. The police are alerted and Jim and Harvey attempt to rescue Hardgrove. They realize a bomb is under the gang’s truck too late–Fish’s henchman detonates it remotely! Only Hardgrove and the officers survive the attack and he is taken back into custody. Elsewhere, Harvey attempts to rattle one criminal and it proves futile. When the criminal threatens him his dark side emerges, scaring everyone in the room!



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The Real Housewives of Atlanta- “No More Apollogies”


The latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” had two of the show’s couples at odds. Phaedra and Apollo continued to remain distant, even Aidan’s dentist appointment found them awkward around one another. Elsewhere, Kandi and Todd discuss the former deciding to get her mother a new house. Todd feels Kandi is too soft when it comes to her mother and is still bothered by how she still is not happy about their marriage. Joy enters the show as Nene continues to do her Zumanity show in Las Vegas. She finds her appearance to be a bit drag queen-ish but is enjoying her time on the show. She is even getting use to the orgies on stage. Back in Atlanta, Peter decides to celebrate Cynthia’s magazine spread in Ebony Magazine’s “The New Sexy,” by throwing a party for her at Bar One. Cynthia looks stunning in her spread and is happy about the party, but tells her husband not to invite Porsha based on the things she has been saying to the media about her.


Nene’s show goes off without a hitch and she masters the stage. Back in Atlanta, Kandi and Mama Joyce go house shopping. They seems to decide on a house. There, they discuss her trying to get pregnant and how Joyce does not care for Todd’s mother still. Kandi hopes she and Todd’s families will one day become one. Phaedra clings to her motherly duties, opting to cling to her boys than go outt. Later, at Cynthia’s party, the girls–minus Nene, Phaedra, and Porsha–arrived in support of her. Kenya had her friend, Claudia Jordan in tow. There, the latter reveals she works for Dish Nation alongside Porsha. Kandi stirs the pot by asking Kenya about Porsha and the charges she brought against her. Kenya declines to offer wanting to enjoy her night. Kandi is taken back by the dissolution and alliances of friendships around her.

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How To Get Away With Murder- “He Has A Wife”


The latest episode of “How To Get Away With Murder,” finally gave us a glimpse of Lila Stangard’s side of things. We learn she had been having relationship troubles with Griffin and begun to see a married man. She refers to him as “Mr. Darcy,” which is what she calls Sam to keep his identity a secret. She Rebecca laugh about the whole ordeal over beers. In the present, Annalise learns from Bonnie that Lila was six weeks pregnant at the time of her death. Bonnie tries to dismiss herself after revealing the information, but Annalise insists she stay as a witness while she questions her cheating husband. Sam promises he did not know she was pregnant. She admonishes him for not using a condom and then goes into her bathroom. Elsewhere, Nate and Rebecca have formed an alliance. Desperate to get herself off the hook she agrees to help him get Sam’s phone.  The next morning, the law students discuss exams and work in the office. Annalise informs Wes about Lila. Naturally, he tells Rebecca, making her trust Annalise even less.


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Gotham- “The Mask”


“Gotham” seemed to have its own Fight Club going from the jump on this latest thrilling episode! We find two men dressed in office attire fighting to the death. The winner is given some unknown reward, while the latter’s body is dumped at the docks. The victim’s case is picked up by Jim and Bullock, who are baffled by the office paraphernalia found on his corpse. Ed finds a thumb in his mouth, and then search begins for his killer. Back at the precinct, Jim still reels over his fellow cops’ abandonment and makes it a point not to help any of them. Bullock and Captain Essen try to convince him to continue to be a team player, but his faith in the department is shaken. On the flip side he serves as a reminder of just how powerless they all are in the reign of Falcon. Elsewhere, Bruce returns to school where he is met by a bully, Tommy. Barbara seemingly suffers from PTSD and has begun heavily drinking following her brush with Falcon. Jim takes her gun, fearing her mental state.


Oswald steals a rich woman’s broach and presents it as a gift to Fish, as a peace offering/gift of friendship. He lays down the terms for a peace treaty between the families of Falcon and Maroni. She agrees to them and introduces him to his replacement; but stabs him in the hand with the pin from the broach and then licks the blood off it! She admonishes him for his betrayal and warns him things will change if anything ever happens to Falcon. Jim and Harvey manage to track down the place where their victim was working and find the office filled with employees with injuries implying they have been in serious fights. They confront the boss, Roman Sionis, about his employees, but their questioning proves fruitless. As Jim leaves he notices a trail of blood on the floor leading to the restroom. There, he finds an employee nursing a broken nose and one missing a thumb! The man realizes Jim is a cop and knocks him down. Bullock surprises the assailant by hitting him with the door! Back at the precinct, they try interrogating the suspect who answers some of their questions until his lawyer arrives. Captain Essen is shocked by what Jim and Bullock ave revealed about Sionis and his masks. She wonders when these horrible cases became normal in Gotham. Jim surmises the death of the Waynes brought it about. Fish gives Liza a vile to knock Falcon out so that she may retrieve some information for her. Oswald captures Fish’s new assistant and beats information out of him. The man reveals Fish has a friend close to Falcon. He has his men kill him and dispose of the body so the Falcon-Maroni truce will remain intact.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta- “Bye Bye & Bon Voyage”


Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” are back and already rife with drama! Our return to “The A” is marred by Kenya and Porsha’s ongoing fed, enlightened by Nene’s rump with Cirque du Soleil, and the beginning of the end for Phaedra and Apollo’s marriage. First Kenya returns from vacation and presses charges against Porsha for her assault doing the sixth season reunion special. Porsha turns herself (with a now infamously gorgeous mugshot) and then meets up with Kandi at her sexy photo shoot. Elsewehere, Kenya laments over her cast mates’ disdain for her to Cynthia. She feels most of the other ladies have sided with Porsha, justifying her actions. Cynthia assures her she does not approve of what has transpired and comforts Kenya.


In New York, Nene flexes her acting chops as the ring leader of Cirque du Soleil’s “Zumanity” show. She finds the set and actors intriguing, but is clearly not quite a fan of how sexual the show is. Nevertheless, she pulls off the show and is more than grateful to be away from Atlanta as all the drama unfolds. Apollo finally has his day in court and is sentenced to eight years in prison for his crimes. Phaedra, surprisingly, is nowhere to be found at his sentencing, instead taking their children to Augusta to avoid the paparazzi and fallout. Apollo manages to find some comfort in his mother and brother. Kandi and Todd find themselves at odd over her absence, with the latter going to visit her. There, she slightly admonishes her friend for not standing by her husband. Phaedra sticks to her guns, and when she finally returns home with her mother in tow; she and Apollo have it out. He accuses her of being selfish and not supportive, going so far as to say she is the reason he began stealing again. She in turn admonishes him for all the pain he has caused her because of his actions. He tells her he wants a divorce and that their marriage will not survive his sentence.


Man you have got to love The Housewives! From the jump this season premiere was popping, giving us an idea of the monstrous amount of drama ahead of us. No one is surprised Apollo and Phaedra are headed to Splitsville. In my opinion they were ill fated from the start. However, both of their shenanigans leave much to be desired. Anyone who is “#TeamTwirl” might want to teach their leader how to actually fake cry. The fact that she claims to be hated and bullied wrongfully is sheer humor. I like you Kenya, but have several seats (a whole stadium in fact)!


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