The Haves & The Have Nots- “Checkmate”


It’s anything but a happy family reunion when Jim accuses Celine of allowing their son into his life. She admonishes him for his apathy towards the boy. He demands to know how Carlos knows was his father. She tells him he simply remembers him as a child, but Jim demands answers as to what he wants. She tries to tell him he wants nothing but time with him and that he would not extort money from him. Celine is hurt by his ignorance and fights for her son saying they both want what is “fair.” She further berates him for his mistreatment of her in the past and his lavish lifestyle and hints at having a great love for him. She warns him not to push her, especially since she knows so much about him. Hanna arrives home to find Candice still there waiting for Benny. Hanna tells her Quincy did not kill her son, that she feels it in her spirit. She believes he used their son as a pawn to hustle her out of fifty thousand dollars. She promises to find Quincy, but Candice dismisses her. At the campaign office, Maggie gives Jim a new tie and flirts with him. Jim interrupts them and demands she fire Carlos. She agrees and begins to work with them on their speech until Veronica interrupts them and demands to speak with David. She and Maggie face off over David, with the former telling her to go after Jim and leave David alone! Veronica turns around and blames David for Jeffrey and Landon and accuses him of sleeping with Maggie. She demands he come to Katheryn’s dinner and refuses to hand over the Sedan. She also agrees to to stand by him for his campaign, but refuses to allow him to come home. David dismisses her and makes a phone call.


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Hit The Floor- “Steal”


Ahsha manages to “Steal” the opening scene of “Hit The Floor” as she rehearses alone in The Devil Girls’ practice stage. She is interrupted by Derek when he brings everything she has left at his home. They wish each other well and part ways. Back at the hotel, Pete and Sloane bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking. She promises him she will not leave him again. At Jelena’s condo, Terence resists seeing the doctor for his knee until Jelena offers to go with him. They make love on her sofa. At Sloane’s home, Ahsha prepares to go through Derek’s things and reveals she knew about his drug habits. Ahsha is taken aback at how hands off her mother was with her relationship. Sloane informs her that she and her father are together. At the arena, Oscar corners Kyle almost demanding she do a new job for him. Jude and Zero have sex, afterwards the former questions their relationship status. Zero tells him he has been with men and women, but does not do relationships and only wants to “have fun.” Kyle joins forces with Sloane and Raquel. Pete meets with Lionel and informs her he is no longer drinking and to inform her he has dropped their divorce papers off to her lawyer. She is heartbroken. At the arena, Jelena and Sloane face off about her photograph and time off.


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The Haves & The Haves Nots- “Norman Hewens”


Things seem to fall to Hell for The Cryers as Rachel and her officers prepare to arrest Wyatt, but Jim sends them on a wild goose chase through his home. They find Wyatt in the kitchen. Jim turns the television on to the news  revealing Norman Hewens has confessed to Wyatt’s crime. Rachel receives a phone call just the information airs and they reluctantly release Wyatt. Everyone is amazed is Jim has saved his son. At her home, Hanna is taken aback by the news of Wyatt’s innocence. Jim tells Wyatt to move on from his past and this incident. Wyatt asks his mother how did he do it. She simply pretends nothing has happened. Dr. Liston arrives to speak with Amanda.

Tyler Perry's "The Haves And The Have Nots"

Katheryn tells the doctors her concerns about Amanda. He promises to speak to her and her parents leave them alone to talk. In his study, Jim fixes himself a stiff drink. Kathern questions how he got Wyatt off. She thanks him for saving their son by insulting him first concerning his actions and marriage vows, but praises him for being a good father. She warns him however, he has “protected them right into insanity.” Jim simply fixes himself another a drink and leaves his study. At the campaign office, Landon sends Carlos to The Cryers’ home with paperwork. Landon apologizes to Jeffrey when he arrives to see his father and asks to see him again. The latter rebuffs his advances. In David’s office, Jeffrey and his father have a heart to heart. David questions him about how he met Landon. Jeffrey apologizes for “embarassing” him and being a disappointment to him. However, David corrects him and tells him he is not an embarrassment. He tells him that him being gay is just a characteristic and that he does not care about his sexuality. He even offers to get to know Landon. He repeats how much he loves him and tells him to give Veronica some time. Jeffrey tells him she is blackmailing him with the Sedan and that he cannot be free until he gets the car from her.

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Hit The Floor- “Unguarded”


Hearts, loves, and lives are left “Unguarded” in the latest episode of “Hit The Floor!” Ahsha enlists Sloane’s help with Pete and gets German to cover him. She keeps Lionel away from him, admonishing her fro allowing him to drink even though she asked him not to.  Lionel tells her she has crossed the line, and then leaves to keep from making a scene. Zero confronts Jude about his sexuality and kissing him. He tells him it is fine being the way he is and leaves to get on the plane. The next morning, Oscar enlists Kyle’s help with his latest scheme. Back at the hotel, Ahsha and Sloane look after Pete. Ahsha finds it hard to deal with what she unwittingly did to Zero. The Devils win their latest game. Jelena comes to see Terence in his hotel room and they have sex!

Derek and The other Devils pose nude for a photo shoot. Jelena tells Ahsha to enjoy her time as a good girl before people find out what she did to Zero. Jude forces a reluctant Jude to participate in the suit, the former goads him about being gay. On a golf course, Kyle flirts with Oscar’s latest target. She lies and tells him another network is interested in showing their games for a substantial amount of money. Naturally, he is upset. Ahsha reveals Pete’s condition to Derek. Meanwhile, Lionel catches up with Jude while he check out Zero. Jelena and Terence have sex against the wall of the locker room before her performance for Entertainment Tonight (ET). The former finds pain drugs in Terence’s locker. Outside, the photographer of the nude shoot reveals he is gay and gives his number to Jude. Raquel and Sloane continue to investigate Oscar and discover the medical examiner who did Mia’s autopsy may have been bank rolled by him. Pete finally awakens to have Sloane admonish him for his excessive drinking. She demands to know why he is spiraling down. She refuses to allow him to blame his lovers for his problems. He tells her she is his “trigger,” blaming her for his addiction.

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True Blood- “Lost Cause”

"Lafayette" portrayed by Nelsan Ellis
"Lafayette" portrayed by Nelsan Ellis

“Sisters” as Pam takes issue with Willa over her unwillingness to follow Eric. He apologizes to her for abandoning her. She tells him she will tell him where Sarah if he releases her. He agrees and she reveals Sarah has a vampire sister in Dallas. Ginger begs to go with them to Dallas and demands he have sex with her despite his diseased status. He denies her, and she fights to try and stop them from leaving her behind.

Sookie arrives home and finds Alcide’s jacket and finds her home feels so empty. Lafayette and James come by to comfort and help her. The former puts her to bed while they clean up. She asks him not to leave, he promises to be there when she wakes up. She wakes up the following night and finds Alcide’s father outside and a feast prepared for her on her kitchen table. She finds out Lafayette and James cooked the food not just for her but the townspeople as well. They tell her it is for a party to celebrate life, and try to convince her to participate. She reluctantly agrees. Bill arrives to the party early with a bouquet of flowers, she reinvites him in. In Dallas, Eric and Pam meet Amber and find she is infected with Hep-V. She reveals their family origins and how she was turned by her boyfriend, Jeremy, and how he too has died from his infection. They inform her they are going after Sarah and she agrees to join in . She and Pam seem to have a mutual like/dislike of one another. Amber reveals Sarah is in Dallas and possible at their parents’ home. They decide to invade a gala to capture her parents.

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Something’s Wrong With Amanda”

Tyler Perry's "The Haves And The Have Nots"

Wyatt questions Celine about Amanda’s whereabouts. He taken back by her apathy towards his sister. Katheryn admonishes her for not acting, but Celine informs her that her adult children are not her concern. At the office Landon fills in a new intern, Carlos, and introduces him to Jim. Landon questions his sexuality, asking him why he was staring at Jim. Jim confides in David about his troubles with Hanna’s case, The Malones, and Candice’s fake pregnancy. The latter warns him about dealing with the Malones knowing one day they will want to collect on all the favors they are doing for him. They discuss their wives and Jim inquires about what is going on with The Harringtons. David reveals the origins of the rift between he and his wife, vehemently denying he did anything with Maggie. Their discussion is interrupted by a call from David’s mother-in-law. Jim seems afraid of her.

Katheryn calls Jim and informs him about Amanda. He admonishes her for not being able to keep their children in the house. Celine gives them a vague description of the man she left with. They begin to argue about how disrespectful she and uncooperative she is being. Before they really get into it Wyatt informs his mother that Amanda has returned. Outside, Amanda invites Quincy in and over later for dinner. Katheryn and Wyatt interrupt their conversation, and asks who he is. She tells them he is her boyfriend as he drives off playing loud rap music.

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True Blood- “Death Is Not The End”


In Jackson, Mississippi Alcide’s father discovers from Sookie his son has been killed. Elsewhere, in Anchorage, Alaska Hoyt finds out his mother has been killed. Jason tries to comfort him but he does not remember him due to his previous mind wipe. Sookie tries to comfort Jason and encourages him to be just as strong as she has to be. On a plane to Baton Rouge, Eric feeds off a woman while they fly in. He insists they see Willa before he passes and take a trip down memory lane. He flashbacks to meeting the Magister and being sentenced to run a video store. He and Pam are mortified, as he is made sheriff of the area. The Magister tells him it is because he is not trusted and they want to keep him close.

Sookie goes to visit Arlene’s children and tries to comfort them about their mother’s abduction. They complain that people do not treat them like they have any sense. She reassures them Arlene is tough and fighting to get back to them. She promises to get Arlene back. Sookie, Jason, Sam demand to find out what Holly knows about the Hep-V vamps. Sookie removes the effects of her glamouring and helps her remember where they are keeping the other kidnapped humans. The location is revealed to Fangtasia’s dungeon. Andy resigns and leaves Jason as the law of the town and comforts Holly. Sam decides he is going after Nicole and their baby on his own. Jason, at gun point, convinces him to wait until night time when the vampires can help them. At Bill’s home James notices Jessica is not healing and believes it is because she is not feeding. He goes to get Bill to command her to eat. He is of no help either as she staunchly refuses. Sookie asks them to leave so she can convince her otherwise. She tells her she does not care about her issues or problems and demands she get better to help them. Jessica agrees.

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Hit The Floor- “Playing Dirty”


Jude refuses to believe Sloane and Raquel’s story about why they are trying to take him down. They convonce him they are investigating Oscar for fraud and asks him to let it go. He refuses and demands they hand over whatever evidence they have on his father or he will Raquel deported. The next day Lionel drops Pete off at the arena, she also covers for him with German. Elsewhere, Zero still awaits Jelena’s answer about being with him. He warns her to choose him or he would throw the playoffs. Back at Sloane’s home, she and Raquel scramble to find some evidence to throw Jude off their trail. German informs Ahsha of her father’s problems while Pete gives a speech to The Devils. He thanks her for staying with him earlier when he had a hangover. At the races, Kyle bets 2K on a horse and finds she has been double booked for dates with two rich gentlemen eagerly fighting over here. Ahsha comes to Pete’s office and confronts him about his drinking. She warns him she will disappear out of his life if he does not choose her over drinking. He chooses her.

In the girls’ locker room Ahsha implements her plan to take Jelena down. The Devils lose another game. Later, Lionel consoles Pete and they leave to go home together. Derek confronts Terence about his lack of faith in him and tells him if they are to win he must trust him. At the Playground, Kyle continues to play her suitors against one another. They agree whomever brings her the best gift the next day gets “bragging rights” to her. That night, Jelena finds she has a flat tire and leaves to get help. Ahsha sneaks into her car and sends an email from her tablet. Jude reveals he knows about Olivia’s blackmail of her and offers her safety if she sells out Sloane to him.

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Again And Again”


It’s the same argument “again and again” when it comes to The Harrington Family. Jeffery is surprised to see his mother in the hallway with Maggie and David. She demands to know what he was up to. He is speechless. David steps in and tries to vouch for him. Veronica stifles him and demands to know what he was doing in Landon’s room and demands he comes downstairs. David assures Jeffery everything will be okay and to meet him later at his office. At the valet stop Veronica demands Jeffrey rides with her. She and Landon face off when the latter tries to defend him and offer him a ride. She tells Maggie and Landon off and warns them not to cross her. In the car, Maggie questions Landon about he and Jeffery’s interaction. He demands she let it go. The former comes to the conclusion he is gay and will find out on her own about Jeffrey. Back at the hotel, David tries to comfort Veronica but she pushes him away. David warns their son not to get in the car with her and tells him he does not have to be afraid of her. Jeffrey reluctantly leaves with his mother. At the Cryers’ mansion Byron arrives to see Jim. Celine interrupts Jim and Amanda as they spend time together. Wyatt and Celine are confused by Amanda’s behavior. Hanna and Benny finally arrive home via taxi. He is annoyed to find his grass has been cut and takes a moment to enjoy being home and his surroundings. Hanna wonders how Candice turned out so bad and where her grandson could be. Benny tells her how much loves her and begins to cry thinking about how he almost died.

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Hit The Floor- “Isolation”


Things don’t look good for Ahsha as she is taken into a police station and stripped of her belongings, she looks around scared and confused. The next morning Sloane desperately tries to reach her daughter, Raquel tries to comfort her and get her to go to work. She is too embarassed though due to her nude pictures being leaked. She believes she has an idea where the picture came from. At the arena Jelena, from Sloane’s office, books new gigs for The Devil Girls to make up for the ones they lost due to Sloane’s pictures. Terence invites her to lunch at the request of his college friend. She devilishly agrees to go. Kyle and Waxxler and have breakfast together after having sex. He gives her a gift–a valet to personally cater to her–while he is away. Oscar decides to keep Sloane and stand by her, but Jelena is sure she will never return. Asha confronts Derek about his coke and getting her arrested. He managed to get her a warning and released using his fame.

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