How To Get Away With Murder- “Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole”


The latest episode of “How To Get Away With Murder” proves to be the best yet. This time the focus is on Asher, easily the comic relief of The Keating 5. Flash forward, and we find Asher banging on the door of the office, furious with his coworkers for stealing his trophy. He frantically tries to give in, but relents when he believes they are not there. In the present, Annalise continues to reel from Sam’s betrayal, but tries to go on with business as usual. Her lesson on habeas corpus is stalled when she realizes Wes is not in attendance. She replays, in her head, the confrontation between the two of them the night before when he learned about Sam and Lila. She snaps out of her daydream when Bonnie informs her one of her client’s appeal has been accepted. Michaela, Connor, Asher, and Laurel are put to work immediately researching every aspect of the case. The case is critical as the man is on death row and losing the case will seal his fate.


Annalise goes to see Wes and get him to come work the case. She also asks what it is she wants from her in return for his silence. He demands she locate Rebecca. Back at the office Annalise has the rest of her staff get Wes up to speed and then pairs them up with specific tasks to unravel the prosecution’s case. Asher realizes his father was involved in the original case, and when information comes to light he may have framed Annalise’s client in order to receive a judge position he walks out on the case. The remainder of The Keating 5 interrogate everyone involved in the case arond the clock. Laurel and Frank continue to flirt, until Bonnie advises the latter to stop it not wanting to see Frank hurt. Annalise tasks Frank with a delivery. Asher goes home to check his father’s notes about the case, but does not find anything. That night, he confronts him about his involvement in the original case, learning his behavior was dubious. Asher’s father demands he leave.


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If Loving You Is Wrong- “Peppa”


Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong” began on a somber note as The Burger Joint is robbed. Since Joey forgot to set the alarm no one realizes it until it is too late. Home i n bed, Joey finally gives into his friend and former drug dealing partner and sneaks out to hang with him against his brother’s warnings. Elsewhere, in Randal’s shed Alex comes by to hash things out with him. He tries to  be indifferent with her, but breaks down when he sees she is hurting. She tells him Marcie suspects he is having an affair. Natalie and Lushion are awakened from their sleep to learn the store has been robbed. They race to the restaurant to find the owner there furious demanding to know why no one set the alarm before locking up. He fires Natalie when he learns she has secretly hired Joey, until Lushion convinces him to give her the opportunity to get his money back.


Edward finds Esperanza working a night shift and demands she go get their daughter from Natalie’s home and take care of her. She demands he leave and refuses to allow him to control her. He in turn blackmails her supervisor into sending her home for the night. Back at Natalie’s apartment, she and Lushion wait up for Joey to come home. The moment he walks in the door she attacks and slaps him and demands he get out of her house for good. He promises he did not rob the restaurant but she will not hear him or Lushion. When she goes into her room to calm down, the two men have a heart to heart. Lushion tasks him with getting the money back for the restaurant so she can keep her job. He then forces the boy to hug him, ending the animosity between the two of them. Lushion admonishes Natalie for her behavior before he leaves and warns her to calm down before she does or says anything further to he or Joey.

Zulay Henao as "Esperanza"

Zulay Henao as “Esperanza”

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Gotham- “Spirit of The Goat”


Gotham’s latest tale of terror begins ten years ago during a flashback! A younger, heroic Bullock and his cynical former partner track a serial killer who preys on the first born of Gotham’s upper class to an amusement park. There we find a girl he has makeshift crucified. Bullock and his partner split up to search for the perpetrator unaware he has been watching them the entire time. The man wears a leather mask with horns and charges Bullock’s partner. The men barely manage to hold their own against him, shooting him dead  after he tries to attack them again. Believing the case is closed Harvey and his partner move on with their lives. Flash forward ten years and another rick kid has been killed in the same manner as the girl ten years before. Bullock believes they have a copycat killer on their hands.


Jim and Bullock go to see the victim’s parents, hoping to find out if their daughter had any enemies. The parents, especially the father who’s hand is shaking, are too distraught to be of any help. Their therapist, Dr. Marx, implores the detectives to try later. Knowing the modus operandi of the killer he requests information on anyone with access to the ventilation and air conditioning of the building the family lived in. Elsewhere, Barbara tries to get Renee to tell her what is going on with Jim. The former warns her that what Jim knows and does will ultimately put her life in danger and tells her again to leave him. She also tells her they have a warrant for his arrest and will be there to pick him up soon. The detectives manage to narrow down and arrest a suspect who had the access needed to kidnap the victim. They try their best to interrogate him  but he refuses to tell them if he was working with anyone. Bullock notices the man’s hand is shaking just like the victim’s father.


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How To Get Away With Murder- “We’re Not Friends”

1400.1x1 (1)

Allies were few and far in between when it came to the latest episode of “How To Get Away With Murder.” The episode centered around Laurel, as the wallflower finally came to the forefront and her part in covering up Sam’s murder is revealed. During the flash forward, we see her trying to help Michaela find her engagement ring until she receives a phone call from Frank. The students immediately become suspicious of her until she confesses they had an affair. They demand she answer the phone so he will hear the bonfire party in the background and corroborate their alibi. Flash back a few months and Annalise and Sam go toe to toe over his penis picture in Lila’s phone. He promises his wife he had nothing to do with her murder, but reveals he did have an affair with her. He tries to comfort her but she fights him away, revealing that he has always been a cheater. In fact, his relationship with Annalise began as affair when he was with his first wife. She demands he leave. As he does he finds Bonnie at the bottom of the stairs, she has overheard their fight.

Liza Weil as "Bonnie Winterbottom"

Liza Weil as “Bonnie Winterbottom”

Business goes on as usual, and Annalise teaches her class as usual. Wes inquires about the picture and what she is going to do with it. She promises him she will handle it and to reminds him not to tell anyone. Later, at the office, the students hear the case of Annalise’s latest client a boy who killed his father for abusing him and his mother for years. The boy’s father is also cop making his defense extremely hard. Annalise’s tactics lie in jury selection as she and the prosecution carefully decide who to admit and dismiss from duty in the case. Annalise suffers a blow to the case when the judge refuses to admit claims of abuse into the case being that they could be biased and fallible. Additionally, because neither the boy or his mother reported any abuse it looks even more questionable. In reaction, Annalise has the students read over the boy’s three year long blog entries to find any signs of abuse.


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Gotham- “Viper”

David Mazouz as "Bruce Wayne"
David Mazouz as "Bruce Wayne"

Gotham begin on a rather poisonous note as a mysterious man gives a street guitarist a vile of green liquid with a viper on the front of it. The man tries the substance and it drives him insane. He storms into a convenient store and begins to guzzle down gallons of milk. The store owner tries to stop him with a bat, but he breaks it with his bare hands and then proceeds to rip an ATM from the wall. He carries it on his back and runs down the street. Elsewhere, Jim and Bullock try to enjoy their lunch break and do so until the former catches Selina trying to pickpocket a limo driver. She narrowly escapes from him. Their chase is interrupted when Jim hears an alarm coming from the nearby convenient store. There, he finds the owner on the floor. He tells the policemen what has transpired and how a man with super strength has robbed him!


Bruce Wayne continues to build his detective muscles by finding a tie to Wayne Enterprises and the shady dealings surrounding Arkham. Alfred tries to get him to eat and take his mind off trying to solve cases and his parents’ murder, but Bruce ignores him. Captain Essen is surprised to see the video footage of the man robbing the convenient store and orders Jim and Harvey to track him down. They find him in an abandoned warehouse. There, a confrontation ensues and the drugged man tries to attack them by throwing the ATM at the him. However, he loses his strength as he lifts it a final time and is crushed under its weight. They find the vile of Viper and realize they will have a serious problem if criminals in the city get their hands on it. Elsewhere in Gotham, the mysterious man continues to pass out samples of Viper, giving one to a prostitute. Edward Nigma discovers the chemical is not only highly addictive but uses a forgotten component of human DNA to attain super strength. However, it does so by using up most of the body’s calcium deposits in a subject’s bones causing the victim to crave milk and cheese. They eventually die from the bone loss. Just as he explains that a Viper using prostitute dies right before them. Jim’s investigation is interrupted when one of Maroni’s men come for him to verify Oswald’s past with Fish. After confirming their shared story, Maroni trusts his plan to invade and rob Falcone’s hotel.

Carmine Falcone

Carmine Falcone

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How To Get Away With Murder- “Let’s Get To Scooping”


The latest episode of “How To Get Away With Murder” began with a Flash Forward from Connor as he desperately tries to snap Michaela out of her emotional shock and paralysis at the scene of Frank’s murder. Asher tries to get them into reclaim the justice trophy from Michaela. They all hide from him instead. Flash forward and Connor once again seducs Oliver and arrives late in court. There, the judge decides to keep Rebecca in custody and set her bail at one million dollars. Wes pleads with her to tell him the code to Lila’s cell phone. Annalise tries desperately to reach Rebecca and get her to tell everything that happened with the case and why she confessed to murdering Liza. She confesses her innocence and affirms Wes was right. Annalise admonishes him for his behavior with Rebecca and demands to know everything he told her. He withholds information about the phone. The other law students stress over exams with Michaela trying to barter notes with Laurel. Annalise takes Wes off Rebecca’s case and takes the students to meet her client, Marin Trudeau accused of insider trading. When they arrive they find her office is being ransacked by the FBI. Marin burns their search warrant in protest, the officer in turn reveals her connection to the CEO of the pharmaceutical company she traded with in a sex tape.


Connor and Oliver

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If Loving You Is Wrong- “After Heartbreak”


Julius and Edward continue to brawl with the former gaining the upper hand. Their fight stops when a neighbor threatens to call the police. Julius declares he is a corrupt cop and tells Esperanza he is done with her and moving on. Elsewhere, Randal relaxes and watches television in his home. He and Marcie discuss Alex’s temper. She apologizes for ruining game night and tells him it felt good to have him so affectionate. She also tells him everything changed between them six months ago and asks is it about their baby. Randal tries to resist her prying  and tries to get him to have sex with her, he rebuffs her advances and tells her he is sleeping on the sofa overnight. She leaves disappointed. He texts Alex trying to get her to come to his shed later that night. Alex pretends to be asleep when Brad climbs in bed and keeps him from cuddling with her. He apologizes for letting Randal and Marcie come over, and says he just wanted things to be the way they were before. She tells him to never surprise her again.

Edward (l), Julius (r)

Edward (l), Julius (r)

Esperanza tends to Edward’s wounds and tries to dissuade him from going after Julius. He tries to blame her for everything that has happened. Their arguing awakens their daughter. She is disturbed to see him so hurt and comforts him as he begins to cry. He promises to get back at Julius. He tells her he cannot afford Esperanza’s house and his own. She tells him she wishes she had never met him and demands he leave her home. Elsewhere, Alex sneaks out of bed with Brad and goes to see Randal in his shed. They begin to kiss and have sex on his work bench!


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