Being Mary Jane- “Line In The Sand”


Being Mary Jane dishes some major information in its starting scene as Mary Jane (MJ) interviews a survivor of sex trafficking who is also helping others. SNC is nominated for three Emmy Awards, but MJ’s show receives low ratings. Greg discusses the ratings with Kara and MJ and wants a plan of action to reach larger advertisers. At the producers’ meeting everyone brainstorms new ideas for her show but each one is shot down. She suggests a twists on her “Ugly Black Woman” story, but Kara feels it is too dated.  That night MJ goes to visit Valerie hoping they can celebrate her award nomination together. Valerie turns her down and they discuss Xanex as option to deal with her stress. She refuses and decides to go home to party alone. Valerie checks on her via text and she replies she is fine while getting ate out by one of her sex buddies.

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If Loving You Is Wrong- “Girlfriends”

aiden turner_05_4x5

If Loving You Is Wrong begins with Lushion and Ed at odds as the former tries to keep the latter from going into Randal’s house and hurting him. Lushion refuses to stand down and Ed promises to make him suffer. Natalie and Esperanza comfort Alex as she cries while Kelly looks on in silence. The ladies tell her they are there for her, but Alex feels that Kelly thinks she is a slut and whore. Kelly tells her she does not think that about her, but wonders what was she thinking. Alex tells them how sorry she is for everything she has done. Kelly admits to pointing Marcie in her direction and apologizes. They decide to stand together in the midst of this drama.

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Enough Is Enough”


The Haves & The Have Nots began on a brutally honest note as both Katheryn and Jim confess their sins to Wyatt. They both reveal their affairs to him. Jim asks him is he gay and is he in love with Jeffrey. He tells them he is straight, but they inform him he is more likely going to be raped while in prison. Wyatt refuses to believe them. Jim declares he is tired of his son and that now he can deal with the pain of losing both he and Amanda; and demands he get out of his face. Elsewhere, Hanna receives the shock of her life when he arrives at Hanna’s doorstep holding his son,Q. He demands she let him in or he will disappear by the time she calls the police. She pleads with him to let him stay, but he refuses to give in unless she tells him where Candice is. She refuses to give her daughter up and tries to stop him, but he slaps her away from him and leaves with his son.

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If Loving You Is Wrong- “Lady Next Door”


If Loving You Is Wrong is back and Randal and Marcie continue to duke it out! They are so loud a woman passing by outside hears them and calls the police. Esperanza gets her call and realizes its Marcie and Randal’s address. She puts a notice out and Lushion and Ed head that way. Esperanza calls Kelly and informs her that something is going on, she acts as if she does not know what is going on but decides to look and see. Esperanza calls Brad and asks him to knock on their door and see what’s up. Kelly and Alex try to discourage him, but he insists on helping. Lushion and Ed stop him when they arrive. They are met at the door by Randal who stalls at letting them come in. He tells them that he and Marcie only had an argument. They find her on the sofa distraught. She tells them she is not okay, and Randal insists everything is fine. Lushion takes him outside to question him while Ed speaks with Marcie. Marcie tells him she hit Randal, and learns he can press charges on her. She tells Ed he has been sleeping with their neighbor. She wants to leave and he allows her to pack a bag. She leaves and stares down Alex angrily. Ed and Brad assume Randal is having an affair with Kelly.

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Being Mary Jane- “One Is The Loneliest Number”


Being Mary Jane begins with Mary Jane (MJ) receiving a phone call from Sheldon as she fixes her microwave dinner. She pretends to have cooked it herself to impress him. As they talk she types out his pros and cons and is taken aback by his question of her fertility. However, she loves how much he admires her. They talk for hours ending their conversation when he invites, and she accepts, his invitation to dinner the following night. The next morning MJ realizes Mark did not take out her trash and she goes to check on him. There, she finds himself distraught over his ex-boyfriend, Eric. He plays her a voicemail from Eric who tells him he has moved on with someone new and is preparing to go to London for good the next week. MJ helps him pull himself together and they head to work.

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Revelations of a “Match Made In Heaven! (@MMIH_WEtv)” Gettin’ The Business w/ Khalena Knox (@Barbie_KhalenaK) & Phoenix White (@phoenixontwit)!


“The course of true love never did run smooth…” Shakespeare new this tidbit of information nearly half a millennium ago! Now, even with all our modern devices and achievements, love and the pursuit thereof, seems to only be getting harder. Gone are the days when simple declarations of love go a long way, or when a kiss on the hand or cheek could make you swoon. Nowadays it seems like everyone wants love, and everyone is trying just as hard to push it away! Still, there are a few hopeless romantics left out there, and they are determined to prove love not only exists—it’s possible! Khalena Knox and Phoenix White, are two extraordinary women and romantics we have watched over the last few weeks participate in the televised dating shown Match Made In Heaven for their shot at love with “America’s First Black Bachelor,” Shawn Bullard.

Shawn Bullard

Shawn Bullard

As you recall from previous interviews, Khalena is a Beauty Queen with dozens of accolades and endorsements; and Phoenix is an acclaimed Celebrity Photographer with published work in global publications. Impressive, right? Apparently not impressive enough for Shawn, as he has kicked them both off the show! Why? One might ask. Not only do these lovely ladies look the part, they have the poise and class any man of means, or sophistication, would jump at the chance to settle down with. Their untimely departures have generated some major dialogue about the show and just what “quality men” in general are looking for. “I feel like she [Phoenix] and I were the last real women there…we both came there cautious, but open to the opportunity to find love and were met with shenanigans and nonsense…” Khalena says. Indeed, this statement is only supported by the many tweets and messages both ladies are receiving since they left the show. With the title of “America’s First Black Bachelor,” many feel Shawn has the responsibility to choose a woman of substance. “I know what I come to the table with, what I’ve accomplished, and I was one hundred percent transparent…I cannot say that all of the other women there were…but it just seems like the only women left on the show are those who are looking to settle down, they’re party girls…” Phoenix adds.


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Fan Theory! Season 2 of “Empire!” (@EmpireFOX)


The first season of Fox’s new hit series, Empire, is gone until this Fall. That means six months without any of our favorite Lyons! You could buy the hit soundtrack, which is currently number one in the country; or even re-watch the episodes on your DVR until your eyes explode! I, however, as a writer; have come up with a few theories of what is in store for The Lyons’ Den in the upcoming second season!


Lucious Lyon (The Devil Himself)- With Vernon dead, the prosecution does not have its star witness to stick the charges to Lucious. This means he will be out of that prison cell in a matter of weeks at the most. Clearly he’s furious with every member of his family, save Jamal (surprisingly). Get ready to see him use the new found relationship between himself and his middle son to cause Cookie some major pain. As for Hakeem and Andre, get ready to see the former on the streets, forced to become “about that life” and Andre committed to an asylum after Lucious makes Rhonda and Anika some offers they cannot refuse.

Cookie Lyon (The HBIC)-Cookie may have agreed to let Malcolm go to fight for Empire, but he is definitely coming back. He’s clearly in love with her and she will need his protection. Especially now that she and Lucious are mortal enemies. Prepare yourself to see her go through some heartache though, Jamal is going to abandon his mother’s side based on her ethics. It is Cookie we will soon see in the slammer again. especially, when they find out she out a hit out on an innocent man. Thankfully, her relationship with Hakeem is about to grow even stronger. However, she should side eye Andre.


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