The Real Housewives of Atlanta- “Chocolate Does A Body Good”


The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back and up to their necks in drama once again. The show begins with a video message from Apollo just before he turns himself in for sentencing. He thanks everyone who supports him and promises he will be back. Later, Phaedra returns home and settles back in with the boys. She laments over now being a single mother and considers getting Aiden some counseling to deal with his father’s absence. Kandi and Todd have a heart to heart to discuss issues of time and sex in their marriage, with the former wanting to get marriage counseling. Kandi feels a disconnect from her husband and hopes they can fix it. He, however, wonders are they doing okay financially. Later, Kandi stops by to see visit with Phaedra and catch up. The two have not seen each other for awhile and Kandi is surprised to see the changes to her house and learn Nene has been so supportive of her situation. Phaedra, in turn, is surprised Kandi has not been more of a rock for her.


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Empire- “The Lyon’s Roar”


Empire begins on a flashback with Cookie thinking back about the last time she saw Lucious and her sons before being sentenced to prison. Lucious sings a song to her You’re So Beautiful . In the present, she and Lucious continue to bask in the afterglow after their night of sex. She tells him she is done sleeping with him until he drops Anika. Cookie tells him she can offer him something Anika cannot–immortality. She proposes he do album of all his greatest hits remixed with Jamal and Hakeem on them. She suggests his first song be You’re So Beautiful. He agrees feeling it is excellent branding, especially since he is pushing Empire Entertainment as a family business. He also tells Cookie he will drop Anika for her and they begin to fool around again.


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“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” (@KUWTK) Scripted?


This may not come to a surprise to some of us considering reality shows haven’t really been real for a longtime now. The fights get more and more outrageous and we come to figure that people’s lives can not be this full of drama. It just seems like reality shows are out to out-drama each other now. Their is no difference with the hit reality show on E! “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

With the new series coming up soon, we can expect new and exciting adventures with the Kardashian clan. Including a fight over silverware?? TMZ (a.k.a The Kardashian Clan Hunters) talked to a source who works on the show that revealed the outline for one of the episodes where Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian get into a big spill over Kim stealing silverware from Kris’ house. An angry Kris confronts Kim at her and hubby’s Kanye West home to express to Kim her frustration. Kim threatens to have Kris thrown off the property and then slams the door in her face. Kris then throws a rock at an upstairs windows and the scripts reads that is the cue for Baby North West to cry. Ends scene.


The “drama” continues. Real or fake, it still sounds pretty entertaining…. and funny.

Written By: Brandon Jordan


Being Mary Jane- “Sleepless In Atlanta”


Being Mary Jane begins with Neicey meeting with her son’s father, Kevin. He tries to catch up with her after being gone for two years and offers to help her get in shape. She tells him he does not have to be with her in order to see their son. He immediately changes his tune. At SNC, Cara watches a viewer group about Mary Jane’s (MJ) show and none of them seem satisfied with hit. Her boss praises her for improving Bradley’s show but hints that MJ’s show may be in danger if she does not attract more Hispanic viewers. He also tells Cara the information she is seeing is confidential.


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The Haves & The Have Nots- “In Crisis”


Civil War erupts as Jim and Wyatt clash over the others’ ills. Wyatt threatens to take everyone down in his grief and reminds his father how his adultery left him at camp at the hands of a lecherous priest at camp. David and Jeffrey try to keep them apart but they continue to fight. The Harringtons manage to calm them down and David sends Jeffrey after Wyatt. Veronica stops him and orders him home. She tells him his “guest” should be there waiting for him by now. Candice calls Jeffrey to find to see if Amanda’s death actually happened. He confirms her demise and reminds Candice he warned her she suicidal awhile back.


Veronica and David face off over Jeffrey and Melissa again. David tells her he is going to call Melissa and tell her to back off. Veronica calls the girl for him and he tries to dissuade her from pursung Jeffrey but she inisists on seeing him. Benny calls Candice to tell her he and their mother are coming to see her. Candice tries to deny him, but he insists she wanted to see her after Amanda’s demise. She reluctantly agrees to see her.


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Don’t Clap Back! “Match Made In Heaven’s” Khalena Knox (@Barbie_KhalenaK) Discusses her TV Fight!


Khalena Knox may be a Beauty Queen, but she is definitely no push over! As you may recall, our resident “Brainy Beauty Queen” is one of the contestants on We TV’s new hit dating show, Match Made In Heaven. Along with nineteen other young women, she has been competing for the affections of former NFL Star turned real estate tycoon, Shawn Bullard. He has been dubbed “America’s First Black Bachelor,” but the antics in the third episode of his show reached a fever pitch as Khalena and another contestant, Dolly, faced off!



The drama began when Shawn’s mother, Maggie, arrives to help him weed out the “hussies,” (as she so affectionately refers to some of the looser contestants). She becomes rather hawkish immediately, compelling the girls to walk a thin line when she is around. However, things went awry while Khalena was on her date with Shawn. Apparently, the ladies were offered apples, which if bitten would immediately end Khalena’s date. Dolly and another contestant, Alexandria, bit their apples and the date ended with the pool collapsing, sending both Shawn and Khalena into the mud just as they were about to share their first kiss. “I was pissed! You know I’m not from the ‘hood but when I hear a loud bang I know to get down…I didn’t know what was going on…Besides he and I have so much in common and for them to do that…ugh!” Unsurprisingly, Khalena returned to the house angry and confronted Dolly when she came forward as one of her saboteurs. “I was really shocked that she would do something like that…just the day before she and I were having a deep conversation and she opened up about her past…”

Shawn and his mother Maggie

Shawn and his mother Maggie

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “April 17, 1979″


The Haves & The Have Nots continues to began on a shocking note as everyone reels from the investigating officer’s announcement of Amanda’s death being a homicide. Veronica quickly questions his credibility and reminds him who he is in the presence of. The officer stands by his declaration. Wyatt causes further problems when he announces he will tell The D.A., Jennifer, everything he has done including hitting Benny and Lizzie. He and Jim begin to fight prompting Jeffrey to pull him away into the kitchen. Celine tries to comfort Jim, but he rebuffs her advances. Veronica demands she leaves, but she refuses. They almost begin to fight until David pulls them apart. Katheryn blames Jim for their daughter’s death and reveals how the two of them met when she was just fifteen. They married on April 17, 1979, and she describes it as the worst day of her life. She tells Jim how much she hates him, but refuses to ever let him go as torment for all the grief he has caused her. She demands Celine leave, but she refuses. Katheryn reveals Celine has two sons with Jim, one of them is only seven years old. She demands Celine leave again, but she again refuses prompting Katheryn to attack her and drag her by her hair. She promises that despite their agreement she is fired and banished from her home. Celine FINALLY leaves!


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