#YUM! Patti LaBelle (@MsPattiPatti) Has A New Hit in Pie Sales!

patti labelle sweet potato pie hey  mikey atl

We all love ourselves some Patti LaBelle! with a career spanning over half a century, dozens of hits, and a voice that still melts hearts, we can assure you she is not going anywhere! Right now, the only thing more popular than her music, and recent tongue lashing over a heckler at her concert, are her delicious pies! Now, we have definitely had some celebrities make some amazing products, but Patti’s sweet potato pies have become something of a social media phenomenon!

patti labelle sweet potato pies hey mikey atl

All across the country people are posting pictures of themselves eating the pies at all hours of the day and night, and some even buying dozens of them! Now we gave Ms. LaBelle’s pies a taste test of our own and all we have to say is…YUM, REALLY YUMMY, and THE ABSOLUTE YUMMIEST! Now it definitely not my Nana or Grandma’s sweet potato pies, but it is a definite second! To be store bought, the pies are surprisingly creamy, and the texture of the filling is smooth and enticing. However, I personally feel they taste better slightly heated, preferably in an oven for about three to five minutes. Be sure to grab your own pie and post a pic! Kudos Patti on this delicious product! Now if we can get you a restaurant chain…Check out the funny video gone viral below!

A Combo To Die For! Bacon Mac & Cheese!


This recipe is one of my favorites because it takes an old classic Mac and Cheese, and adds a twist to it by adding bacon! Let’s face it; you can never go wrong when you add bacon to anything, and it definitely belongs here in this Bacon Mac and Cheese. Besides that great bacon flavor that we all just can’t resist; you also get a nice crunch while leaving the dish to still remain creamy and cheesy.

Bacon Mac and Cheese

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A Patriotic & Holiday Goody- Easy Strawberry Cake!


Happy 4th of July!! If you’re wondering what dessert to make for this special occasion my Easy Strawberry Cake is a holiday goody and favorite that will come out looking like you spent hours in the kitchen baking it, but in reality will leave you more time to spend enjoying the holiday with your family and friends.

Easy Strawberry Cake

I’m going to share a secret with you. I love using ready made store bought ingredients in recipes. It cuts down on time and honestly can taste just as good as something that was made from scratch. The key, however, to using store bought ingredients is to combine them with fresh ingredients. In this case since I decided to use packaged strawberry cake mix; so I added fresh strawberries to the batter. When you add fresh ingredients to something that has already been prepared; you add more flavor and make it pretty difficult for someone to tell whether it is homemade or not.

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Start The Day Deliciously! A Healthy Breakfast- Feta, Tomato, & Spinach Omelette!


Eggs Hands down one of my favorite foods of all time! Why? Because they are so delicious and so versatile. There are dozens of ways to cook an egg; fried, boiled, poached, scrambled, over easy, over hard….etc. And the best part is that eggs pretty much go great with anything. Sticking to the standard they are great for breakfast, but if you are feeling adventurous an egg over a salad or on a burger is as equally delicious!

In the mornings, I love to come up with different ways to eat eggs other than my usual choice of scrambled cheese eggs. My Feta, Tomato, and Spinach Omelette happens to be one of my favorite creations because it features some of my favorite ingredients and literally takes 15 minutes to make. It’s awesome! But; what I love most about this recipe is that the ingredients are totally interchangeable. You can add whatever vegetable and protein you want to tailor it to your taste.

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Yum and Yum–Skillet Balsamic Mushrooms & Spinach!


I’ve fallen in love with mushrooms all over again! For the most part I don’t usually like the taste of mushrooms and haven’t since childhood, but my Skillet Balsamic Mushrooms and Spinach are the exception to my anti mushroom rule. Whenever I am not completely fond of the way an ingredient tastes, instead of completely avoiding it I always prepare it with an ingredient that I love to eat. This has been my secret to enjoying certain foods (especially vegetables) that normally I just wouldn’t eat.

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No Meat Goodies! Three Wonder Foods for the Beginner Vegetarian!

Cheerful blonde woman holding a bowl of vegetable salad and she is eating it.
Cheerful blonde woman holding a bowl of vegetable salad and she is eating it.

Most people do not know that for nearly a month now I have been a practicing vegetarian. Why? You might ask. Skin and weight issues! At 31, my acne flared out of control leaving visible scars on my face and neck. Then I learned I gained twelve pounds over the course 2014. Something I am never going to be proud of. Thankfully, Proactiv and my personal trainer Dru (IG: @drufit_) corrected my skin and weight, but I still needed a lifestyle change, something I never dreamed of trying before. Thus, vegetables became my yellow brick road to enlightenment!

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McDonald’s Bottles its “Secret Sauce” for $18K a Bottle!

mcdonalds-big-mac-sace.0.0 (1)

Did you read the headlines above? Then you definitely read right! The world’s number one fast food chain is releasing its most coveted secret to the public for a hefty price! Eighteen stacks is what it will take for you to have Big Mac sauce anytime you want. Until recently recently the only way you could acquire any facsimile of the sauce was to try and make your own off of taste tests and ingredients, or try one of the already made copycat recipes. Still, these ripoffs always seem to miss some critical ingredient that makes the Big Mac Sauce—well Big Mac Sauce!

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