Yesss!!! White Pizza w/ a Roasted Garlic Bechamel Sauce!


When I was in college, I was ordering a pizza from Papa John’s or Pizza Hut at least once or twice a week. Face it. Pizza’s cheap and after spending all day in class and then going to my part-time job afterward; there was no way I was going to get home and whip up something gourmet.

It got to a point though, where I really started getting tired of the delivery pizza taste. I really wanted my pizza to taste fresh (like it had just been baked in some Italian kitchen in the hottest stone pizza oven ever) so I said why not make it from scratch? Deciding to make my pizza from scratch turned out to be the one of the best ideas ever. My pizza tasted fresh and it was a lot cheaper than ordering delivery. It also gave me the opportunity to create “Sexy Pizza Club 3.14,” where a few of my girlfriends and I would make different pizza recipes alongside making cocktails and drinking wine. One of my favorite pizzas to make was my White Pizza.

BTW! The best white pizza that I have EVER had belongs to Doughboy’s in Pittsburgh. Their crust and cheese sauce is amazing! If you are ever in the Burgh check them out! They inspired my roasted garlic bechamel sauce because I truly believe that the secret to a good white pizza is in the sauce.

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As American as Apple Pie!


Apple pie, America’s most iconic desert. Everyone loves apple pie. I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love it. Not to mention,  it happens to be one of my most favorite deserts.  Not too long ago I found myself in Grand Rapids, Michigan for work. It was there that I was introduced to what I consider the best apple pie that I have ever tasted in my life.

Michigan is  a beautiful state with its beaches, coasts, and of course Lake Michigan. If you ever find yourself in Grand Rapids you should definitely make a 45 minute  drive to Saugatuck, Michigan.  They have this beautiful park called Mount Baldhead Park. There you can take 300 steps to the top of Mount Baldhead and see pretty much all of Grand Rapids. You can also take a trail down to the beach and get right on to the coast of Lake Michigan.

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Welcome To Negril Village Atlanta! Your Hot Spot for Cosmopolitan Caribbean Cuisine!

NV-Twilight Ext Final-2

Atlanta is already the Queen of The South, it has been for decades now. However, the city at large is making some serious moves. For its denizens the grind is hard, but worthwhile to make the A-Town as bustling a metropolis as Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City. One family is doing just that by infusing a little Caribbean swag into the mix of the city’s restaurant and night life. Tonight, on behalf of Kontrol Magazine I visited one of Downtown Atlanta’s jewels in restaurant form–Negril Village! This amazing restaurant is located off of North Avenue, next door to North Avenue MARTA Train Station and across from The Bank of America skyscraper. Here, it serves as a nexus for true Atlanta city life. I laughed, I mingled, but most of all dined–FINE!

NV-Upstairs Interior   NG-Upstair Interior 2

Many Southern city boys are find themselves comfortable and somewhat complacent with the restaurants they frequent. Fast food is convenient and familiar, and the only real foreign food you eat comes from a food court, Taco Bell, or China Cafeteria. Sad right? Well there’s an answer to this and all you have to do is turn your senses–all five of them to the islands–and try Caribbean food. Sure, when you think of the few Caribbean restaurants in Atlanta they all appear to be holes in the wall. I assure you Negril Village is anything but that. The restaurant is beautiful inside and out, decorated with art from the West Indies, has a professional and attentive staff, and has two floors. Downstairs is primarily the dining area with a motif of fancy castle meets the islands; meanwhile the upstairs is great for mingling and hosting events. In fact just a few weeks ago ABC hosted an advanced screening party for its new comedy “black-ish.” The mood is set with adjustable lighting and popular music with reggae remixes. Eclectic and inviting, the restaurant even serves brunch in addition to lunch and dinner.

NV-Downstairs Interior

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Restaurant Reviews- “Twain’s Billiards & Taps”


As a native Georgian it bewilders me as to why I don’t know of all the treasures hidden in my city. Some of these treasures are historical sites, major business, theme parks, and restaurants.  Of these treasures I find the restaurants to be the most alluring. You might think that’s because I get to feed my face, but you’d be wrong. The varying crowds, unique dishes, and ambience of each restaurant tells an eclectic story compelled by both the employees and patrons of these sites. Of these aforementioned sites, Twain’s, stands heads and shoulders over its competition.


Twain’s is a bar, restaurant, and pool hall located in the heart of downtown Decatur. I was referred to this little delight by my youngest sister on one of our late night outings. I have to say I was skeptical at first. The only time I’ve ever really ventured to that are for food was at the local Taco Mac. Needless to say I was presently surprised by the ingenuity and originality of the restaurany, and not for its menu, but for its set up. Immediately when you enter in to your right is a live band, then to your left is a fully stocked bar, a little further in are the booths, stand alone tables, and pool tables.  All is made of wood, giving the place an earthy feeling. However, I didn’t realize the most interesting aspect of the restaurant until we began to order. They brew their own beer on site! In fact,  the back of the restaurant houses a brewery! I am not really a beer fan but this reason alone makes this location explicitly more interesting.  Never worry guys, you won’t have to deal with “the less than pleasurable people” of the metropolitan area; the crowd is a pleasant mix of college students and young working couples looking to relax. I definitely recommend it as an excellent place for a date.


Twain’s menu is simple and somewhat reminiscent of Taco Mac’s.  However, the portions, when it comes to their burgers and fries, surpass their sports bar counterpart.  Although I’m still disappointed with myself for not knowing of this “diamond in the rough” spot earlier I definitely plan on making up lost time. This weekend I’ll be heading back with a few friends in tow.  I think we just found a new hangout spot and a half pound burger to die for!