50 Cent’s (@50Cent) Ex, Tatted Up Holly, Accuses him of Domestic Violence! Takes her fight to Instagram!


Something must be in the Koolaide! Allegations of domestic violence and abuse against women seem to be on the rise in the world or celebrities. Rapper and business mogul, 50 Cent is the latest perpetrator of these allegations. Overnight, his ex-girlfriend, Tatted Up Holly, accused him of physically assaulting her! The story is still unfolding, but unsurprisingly Holly took to social media to address her outrage with 50.  She says:

“Now he wants me to calm down. U are nothin but a manipulating women beater. You’re a fucking bully. Puts fear in everybody’s heart mistaking it for respect. I treated this man like royalty but all I got in return was ass whippings. Didn’t ask him for shit. He would buy me gifts to only take them back, what a man!!! He wanted me love unconditionally, I’m sorry I will not tolerate a grown ass man putting their hands on me. I was good before you I will good without you @50cent.”


Holly went onto screenshot a conversation between herself and Mr. Jackson



Holly’s post has since been deleted, but if what she says is true and she does have pictures of herself, then this could truly ruin his brand. Between Vitamin Water and STARZ’s Power, 50 has amassed quite a fortune and name for himself. We will you keep posted on this one–it’s gonna be juicy!

First Listen: Rihanna Gives Fans a Taste of “Kiss It Better”


When Rihanna does something, ninety-nine percent of the world STOPS and tunes in and that’s what happened last night when Rihanna gave fans a snippet of a new song “Kiss it Better” via her Instagram.

The song  was written and produced by Rihanna, Jeff Bhasker, Glass John, and Natalia Kills. Glass John confirmed the title, which first appeared in the HFA publishing database.

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Gotham- “Selina Kyle”

Young Selina Kyle
Young Selina Kyle

Gotham began on a troubling note as young Bruce Wayne continues to deal with the stress of his parents’ deaths. He holds his hand over a candle, testing his endurance to the flame and heat, but only succeeds in burning the palm of his hand. Alfred catches him and scolds him for harming himself, but embraces him realizing his self-inflicted pain is only masking his trauma. Elsewhere in Gotham, Selina Kyle, better known as “Cat” hangs with fellow street orphans in an alley. A mysterious truck pulls up with a man and woman claiming to be there to help the homeless children. They give them sandwiches, but Cat refuses to take the food. She soon realizes the man and woman are anything but charitable when they begin to stick the children with pins, containing a powerful sedative. A homeless veteran tries to stop them from harming the children, but is gunned down in cold blood. As they fall out one by one Cat escapes while another orphan is chased down by the mysterious man trying to harm them. He inadvertently slams the boy through the window of a fancy restaurant and leaves him there. Oswald hitchhikes just outside of Gotham, but then kills one of his hosts when they tell him he looks like a penguin. He takes the other hostage and purchases a trailer where he keeps the man prisoner.


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All Eyes On Lisa Wu! “Hollywood Diva” Hosts Chopard Eyewear Collection Unveiling!


Ooh, ooh, ooh! Lisa Wu it’s all about you! Renown actress, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and former Housewife of Atlanta hosted an exclusive event for the Chopard Eyewear Collection. The private event was for a great cause, benefitting “The Beyond The Game Foundation;” an organization dedicated to fighting poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa.

The hot items of the night were the collection of  luxury sunglasses of various designs, many bejeweled! Lisa, now a “Hollywood Diva,” hosted the event in conjunction with Tiffany Williams, of Eye Candy Creationz and De Rigo Vision. Williams brought in a number of high profile vendors not only for the event, but to give back as well. Needless to say Lisa rolls with some high profile people and her celebrity friends came out in droves to support this amazing event. Clifton Powell, Tammy Roman, Tiffany Cambridge, Dondria, Nicci Gilbert, LisaRaye McCoy, and many others.The collection has been met with rave reviews, beign described as “functional high fashion.” Often jewels on any eyewear can come off as gawdy, but the makers of this product were very tasteful.

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Donald”

"Wyatt Cryer" portrayed Aaron O'Connell
"Wyatt Cryer" portrayed Aaron O'Connell

Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The Have Nots” begin on an unlikely note–Celine actually being a good employee. She alerts Kathryn to Jim’s televised press conference. There, she sees him telling the public about Wyatt’s history and drug problem. Kathryn is taken aback, Jim goes onto say Wyatt did not hit Benny or Lizzie, but instead hit another man named Donald with a Black Sedan AND they settled outside of court. He acquits Kathryn of any involvement and tells the media he would be the first person to turn his son in had he killed anyone. He makes Jennifer’s case into a witch hunt and demand Wyatt be released. At Hanna’s home someone calls and tells her to turn on the television. She sees Jim’s televised confession. Veronica also looks on with glee at the conference from her kitchen. Maggie and Landon look on with amazement as he plays the press for fools, he places further doubt on Wyatt when he reveals the witness against him was under the influence. Celine admonishes Kathryn for Wyatt’s behavior and is angrily dismissed in return. Veronica refers to him as a “clever bastard” before turning the television off. Hanna refuses to believe his story, all the while not realizing Quincy has broken into her home and is standing behind her! He demands to know where Candice is. She gets a bat and demands he leaves her home. Hanna tells him she does not know where she is. He tells Hanna to tell her he is after her. She demands to know where her grandson is, but he does not know. He jacks her up and then abruptly leaves.

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4/7/2014- “In Love With A Fanboy”


Hey Mikey,

My boyfriend refuses to grow up! Since the day I met him he’s been obsessed with Sci- Fi and superheroes for as long as I’ve known him. Last Thursday night he tried to get me to leave my friends party so he could go to the midnight showing for the new Captain America movie. I initially agreed to go with him to it, but I was having a really good time with my friend. By the time we got there there were no seats left and he was really pissed off of me. Everyone says he’s being unreasonable because we could see it another time, but he isn’t speaking to me and hasn’t spoken to me since that night. I want to make things right but first, I need to know was I too wrong for anything?

-Being Mature

***Being Mature, there is no such thing  as “too wrong,” you either are or aren’t.  And yes you are wrong! It’s highly inconsiderate and selfish of you to make your boyfriend miss his event all because you are having too much fun at your own. Especially when you agreed to see the movie with him.  You’ve got some apologizing and making up to do. A ticket to Comic-Con would be nice–I’m just throwing that out there! Seriously,  go see your man and make amends. Next time there’s a midnight showing or premiere he wants to go to, and you don’t might; then might I suggest you drive separate cars?

☆Need advice? Simply leave your question in the comments section of this post. Be sure to pick a code name! Thanks for checking me out! -Mikey♡