Gilbert Arenas Continues to Trash Ex, Laura Govan (@LauraMGovan), on Social Media!

gilbert arenas and laura govan hey mikey atl

Different day, same slander when it comes to Gilbert Arenas and his ex Laura Govan. Just last week we reported that Arenas had served the mother of his children with a 60-day eviction notice and as if that wasn’t humiliating enough, Gilbert is still taking to social media to run Laura’s name through the mud.

Gilbert Arenas took to Instagram to post, then later delete a post where he aired his disdain for the mother of his children:

Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan hey mikey atl

My kids be at home like: airplane food AGAIN… #paperplategang #cafeteriafood this what that 20k buys my kids lmaoooo stop bullshitting these hardworking #mothers between u and that #dike someone can cook a real mean and wash dishes smdh….if u spent more time actually being a mother, then emailing #tmz #balleralert stories about me so they can post and u play all innocent like u a #victim….all u ladies that bash me for blasting her remember this…I don’t club,go out, only time u see me out I’m with my kids #nonanny #nomaids so how do stories get out about me…u guess that right #thebestmomintheworld…. my name is what puts food on my kids table and she spends her time trying to bite the hand that feeds HER… if I don’t get paid…how are you gonna buy all the outfits you post on #ig?… I sat back and just watched u secretly destroy my name… for YOUR on gain… #youcaughtredhanded 62 emails forwarded to me by different gossip sites from ur email addy trying to have stories ran about me…so fucking sad, now since it’s Saturday and theres no school ur forced to watch them NOW take urself to #glowzone #skyhigh #celebkidsbdayparty and take pics with the kids like u having the best day…. this was suppose to be my weekend but u had ur lawyer deny it becuz ur weekend falls on ur bday, ano no #fake mommy wants their kids on they #turnupday #STOPFAKINGforIG #uwantfameHEREitisNOedit the truth shall set u free… and yes that’s my son#aloniarenas hahahahahaha FYI by u emailing those sites u went against that #restrainingGagOrder tsk tsk

Laura has yet to respond. This mess is getting nastier by the day.

Written By: Monique C. Tillman

monique c. tillman hey mikey atl

Martin Freeman (@Marfrman) Joining “Captain America: Civil War” Cast!


The upcoming “Captain America: Civil War” film are starting to look more and more like the Avenger 2.5 according to Collider as they continue to add to their already star-studded cast list. Just a few days ago, we discovered that Spider-man will finally make his appearance with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, we hear that Bilbo Baggins will be appearing in the forthcoming Captain America film.


Ok, well not Bilbo Baggins himself from the Hobbits trilogy, but the actor Martin Freeman will be making the appearance. Freeman has also played Dr. John Watson on Sherlock, Lester Nygaard on FX’s Fargo, and Tim Canterbury on the British version of The Office. There is no word on what role he will be playing just yet. Collider gives us the full tea on the all-star line-up:

…it’s becoming harder to believe it’s not actually The Avengers 2.5.

Marvel doesn’t specify what character Freeman is playing, but as of now the lineup for Civil War includes Chris Evans (Steve Rogers), Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark), Scarlett Johansson (Natasha Romanoff), Jeremy Renner (Clint Barton), Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier), Anthony Mackie (Falcon), Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch), as well as Chadwick Boseman’s debut appearance as Black Panther, Daniel Bruhl as the villainous Baron von Zemo, and the new Spider-Man who has yet to be cast.

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2016….a whole year away.


It’s Finally Here! Check out the “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” Official Movie Trailer!


It seems like we have waited an eternity for this epic showdown, but in a little over a year it will happen: “Batman Vs. Superman!” The anticipation around this film is so great that just the trailer alone is a hot commodity. Yesterday, via a video camera someone filmed the trailer, albeit with Portuguese subtitles, and leaked it online. Within minutes it was on YouTube and sites everywhere. Warner Bros. managed to snatch the video off YouTube, but have been forced to release it today instead of its original April 20th IMAX release date.

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#Hilarious! Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) Puts Her Husband David (@DBecks07) On a Diet!


No more snacking for David Beckham. Victoria has that on lock.

The former Spice Girl has cleared out the treats she keeps for kids Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, 10, and because retired soccer star David kept tucking in to them, and the sportsman has had to resort to “sneaking food” as his wife wants him to shed some excess pounds.

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“Insurgent”(@InsurgentMovie) Wins Big In Box Office!


The Divergent Series continues to impress as the second feature in the series, “Insurgent” made another big splash in its debut this weekend.


It just seems like safe money to make a film from a teenage novel. Insurgent crushed the box office bringing in $54 million. It came in just shy of the $54.6 million that the first film of the series, “Divergent” brought in on its opening weekend last year, but hey, still pretty damn good enough to take the crown right off of “Cinderella[‘s] head who still sits pretty at No. 2 bringing in $34.5 million in its second week.

On the other hand, the opening weekend for “The Gunman” was a complete bust. Not even Idris Elba‘s appearance could save the movie from a horrific fail. The Gunman brought in an embarrassing $5 million which placed them at the No. 4 spot on the box office chart. Even Liam Neeson’s Run All Nightbrought in more money in its second week than The Gunman.



50 Cent’s (@50Cent) Ex, Tatted Up Holly, Accuses him of Domestic Violence! Takes her fight to Instagram!


Something must be in the Koolaide! Allegations of domestic violence and abuse against women seem to be on the rise in the world or celebrities. Rapper and business mogul, 50 Cent is the latest perpetrator of these allegations. Overnight, his ex-girlfriend, Tatted Up Holly, accused him of physically assaulting her! The story is still unfolding, but unsurprisingly Holly took to social media to address her outrage with 50.  She says:

“Now he wants me to calm down. U are nothin but a manipulating women beater. You’re a fucking bully. Puts fear in everybody’s heart mistaking it for respect. I treated this man like royalty but all I got in return was ass whippings. Didn’t ask him for shit. He would buy me gifts to only take them back, what a man!!! He wanted me love unconditionally, I’m sorry I will not tolerate a grown ass man putting their hands on me. I was good before you I will good without you @50cent.”


Holly went onto screenshot a conversation between herself and Mr. Jackson



Holly’s post has since been deleted, but if what she says is true and she does have pictures of herself, then this could truly ruin his brand. Between Vitamin Water and STARZ’s Power, 50 has amassed quite a fortune and name for himself. We will you keep posted on this one–it’s gonna be juicy!