11/15/2014- “Noni’s Blues”


Hey Mikey,

You’ll be happy to know I went and saw “Beyond The Lights!” It was as awesome as you said it would be. I related to Noni a lot…currently my family is trying to push me into a business career to help them run their businesses. I want to act but i know they won’t support me. They don’t know it but the pressure they’ve put on me has made me depressed, stressed, and at times I have contemplated just giving in. What should I do? I don’t want to disappoint them, but I also don’t want to live a life I won’t be happy with?


***Gasping, you are not a chicken in a crock pot, therefore your family should not be applying any pressure on you! You only get one life to live and it has to be on your own terms. As difficult as it may be, you must stand your ground and pursue your dream wholeheartedly. Just remember nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Your family will either learn to support you, or learn to get out of your way. The life of an actress may not be what they wished for you, but it is the life you will have, and you must live it bravely!

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11/4/2014- “Ninjas Ain’t Loyal Either”


Hey Mikey,

My ex-best friend swears by your column so I decided to give you a try. The reason he’s my ex-best friend is because I just found out he’s been smashing the girl I’ve been seeing behind my back for the last four months. Mind you she and I have been dating for five of those months, AND they met through me. She and I don’t really have any labels attached to our set up; so I feel like I can’t really be mad at her. Needless to say, when it comes to my homeboy I’m furious beyond words. He and I were like brothers. My other boys told me to let it go and squash the beef with him because “it ain’t no fun if your homies can’t have none…” am I wrong in feeling the opposite?

-Furious in Birmingham

***Furious in Birmingham, you are in no way wrong about your feelings! The girl you were dating, your ex- best friend, and all your  homeboys who are trying to force feed you this “sharing girls philosophy” are all assholes! You are better off without them. First off whether you two were together or not, she should not have been messing with one of your friends. That’s beyond messy. She does not get a pass! As for your “fraud friend” this only goes to show you that they do not give a damn about you, or respect the Bro Code. The latter iterates, albeit bluntly, you do not mess with a girl your friend was involved with. Sad to say, none of these people have your best interests at heart. Be furious for now, move on with your life, and don’t look back. You have learned a truly valuable lesson–ninjas ain’t loyal either!

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10/26/2014- “Sanctum (The Man Cave Wars)”


Hey Mikey,

My husband is really beginning on my nerves. His bitchassness, as my girls and I like to call it, is really starting to turn me off! We recently purchased a fixer upper house that will soon be our dream home after a few renovations. It has six bedrooms and four bathrooms, a kitchen with an island, a walk-in closet (FOR ME!) and a basement that four cars can fit into. I’m really happy with the place and have a lot of plans on what we will be doing with each room. Two belong to my children, the master belongs to us, and the others I imagined would be a guest room, play room, and sewing room. My husband knew this beforehand but now he wants a “Man Cave.” I’m  not with that! It’s not what we planned and it seems really selfish. My sewing room is for my business, and the children need a room for their toys and games. He complains saying he does not have space to do anything he wants. I allow him to hang with his boys whenever he pleases; so I’m not sure where this is all coming from. I do know I’m tired of arguing though. He and I both follow your column, who’s in the wrong?

-The Bubbling Fashionista (website coming soon!)

***The Bubbling Fashionista, I would like for you to re-read your inquiry. I find a lot of selfishness coming from your corner and no bitchassness in his. Whether you had plans for the house or not it is still his home too. You are married, meaning you both have to make concessions. The children have their bedrooms and a play room; you have a walk-in closet and a sewing room–what does he have in his home to call his own? Let me correct you too. As a grown man you are not “allowing” him to go out with his boys. He can do that whether you like it or not. However, he is fighting for a man cave because it’s his way of telling you he needs space in his home. Everyone needs a place to retreat and trust me when I tell you there are millions of women who wished their man’s retreat was his home; and not the strip club or a side chick’s house. This is a simple family issue to resolve and requires compromise on your part. I’m sure you’d much rather stay a “Bubbling Fashionista” than become a divorced one.

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10/21/2014- “F**k The Cool Kids!”


Hey Mikey,

I’m lonely. Like really lonely. I moved to Atlanta a year ago and I still really don’t know anyone. I’m outgoing, kind, and I always try to think of others before I act but no one here seems to care. They’re so clique-ish and I’m not use to that at all. A group of popular kids at my school invited me to go bowling with them last week and I was really happy. That’s until I realized they only invited me because I have an Expedition and they needed a ride….

They didn’t even know my name. They decided to cancel on me in then spread rumors that I was thirsty to be their friend. Ultra cliché right? Well everyone believes them, and now I’m being called everything from stalker to obsessed. The icing on the cake is the boy that I was kind of getting to know decided to abruptly stop talking to me because of it. This really hurts me and honestly, I feel like just taking some pills and calling it a night. This is hard and I’ve got two more years of high school with these assholes. What should I do?

-Being Me

***Being Me, FUCK THE COOL KIDS! You are a very smart girl and I commend you for not becoming another one of their minions. Just because that popular does not make them good people, evidenced in how they are now spreading rumors about you. Allow me to inform you that High School is very temporary! Life has a way of turning thingd around and these “popular kids” of today will be the losers of tomorrow. By the way, this is also a form of bullying you need to notify an adult. Darling, you do matter! Your life matters! Whether you’re joking or not, taking pills to fix any situation is NEVER okay. Continue to be yourself. Friends will come.

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☆☆☆Suicide is never a laughing matter if you or someone you know needs help please call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline  1-800-273-8255. Remember your life matters!☆☆☆

10/21/2014- “Escorted Into Love”

Kyle Lucas - Frank Rubio - 02

Hey Mikey,

I find myself in a really awkward position. Last year I find myself extremely broken and brokenhearted after a series of failed attempts at dating and relationships. I went on Adam4Adam and hired an escort. We’ll call him “Dre.” After our first encounter he had me hooked! He did things to and explored my body like no other guy ever has. I started paying to see him every week and we’ve gradually become friends. Now I’m beginning to feel like he’s The One even though he says we just have a friendship and working relationship. I feel it’s more. He admitted to doing things with me in and out of bed he doesn’t do with his other clients. Am I wrong in thinking he’s just not giving this a chance?

-Feeling Hopeful

***Feeling Hopeful, unfortunately you are hopelessly pursuing something with someone that most likely is not meant to be. What Dre is doing for you is a service. You are the client and he is the distributor. As a sex worker his whole scheme is to make you feel like you’re  the apple of his eye so you will keep hiring him. Which means he will fix his mouth to say and do what’s necessary. He is doing you a favor by telling you that you are just his client. Keep it at that– if you must. If  love and a relationship are what you crave, then you can never just settle for this. As hard as it is to do you, have to get back out there and try your hand at  love again. FYI, true love has no monetary value, it is indeed priceless…NEVER equate or mistake physical pleasure for love!

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10/11/2014- “Her Baby & His Porn Star Dreams”



Mikey I need some advice and quick. I think my son is about to do something  that will ruin his life forever. Last year, he came out and told me he was bisexual and I accept him wholly. Since then, I have seen him date a number of men and women so I assumed his love life was as normal as it could be. Now here’s  where everything gets spooky for me. He’s been unemployed and out of school for six months now. I have no idea how he’s getting money. Whenever I, or another family member, asks him what he plans to do with his life he just tells us he has “trap boy dreams.” I assumed he was joking until his sister accidentally picked up his cell phone thinking it was hers, and found out he has been talking with some guy about possibly doing a sex video. Needless to say I am devastated. My daughter and I want to confront him about  it, but are not sure how to go about doing it. I dont mind having a gay son, but a porn star I just want have!


***Anonymous, this is a lot to figure out –and honestly I have never had such an inquiry! First off, text conversations are open to interpretation. They lack the amenities of language; i.e. facial expressions, tone, innuendo, etc. To avoid the aforementioned misinterpretation, the path you must take is clear as day–use the straightforward approach. As a mother with an adult son, sit down and RESPECTFULLY  discuss the issue with him; and explain how you came across the information. Be prepared to accept whatever answer he gives you; and equally prepared to standby your decision of not supporting such work if he decides  to pursue  it. Remember there’s nothing wrong with disapproving, but keep your vocalizations to this conversation and move forward thereafter.  Being a strong mother is more than approving or disapproving of your child’s actions.   It means you have to be strong and wise enough to love them through any situation.

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10/11/14- “Betrayal of Divine Sisterhood”


Hi ,

I am currently dating a married man. Let me give you the history. I have known him for 11 years, we were madly in love since the beginning of our friendship. Circumstances in my family meant that I had to leave the country. 2 years ago, I came back and he was married with a child. 

We got back in touch 6 months ago and both realised that we are still in love. We have been meeting up secretly, his wife is pregnant( pregnant before we started seeing each other again) we have both established we cannot keep away from each other. However, he has told me that he can’t leave his wife now because of the kids. I really don’t know what to do. Because we love each other. I know they only got married because of the first kid they had and that it is not love. She knows a friend of mine and basically told her that. 

I am not sure if I should carry on seeing him, or if I should just break it off. 

Thank you in advance 

Dee x 

***Dee x, you have already answered your own question. You know you should break this off. Believe me if he wanted to be with you he would be. Hid marital status  nor any number of children  would factor  into that. True love, no matter how devastating, would conquer all. Be aware that as a woman you are connected to every other human female on this planet in divine sisterhood. Sleeping with another woman’s husband is the ultimate betrayal of that connection. Forbidden love, betrayal, and stolen moments are fun and tantalizing until its your turn. Remember no matter how hard it is to believe; there are still plenty of fish in the sea. Prepare to swim longer and find a man of your own.

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