4/9/2015- “Gay Fat”


Hey Mikey,

Dating life for me has been incredibly hard. Despite the fact that I’ve lost over fifty pounds I have yet to find a guy who wants to be with me. I was 280 lbs this times last year and now I’m 230–still no one will date me. I keep hearing that I am really cute or sexy, but I’m a little thicker than guys here in Atlanta like. According to my straight guy friends and my girls I am not big, but I know they don’t get it. I’m only normal size by straight people’s standards. A guy once rudely told me that if I have to look like the guys I want and that once I lose some more weight I won’t be single. I really like what I have accomplished with my help, but I feel pressured to lose more weight. I hate exercise with a passion and I’d only be doing it to date….What should I do?

-Walking Eyesore


***Walking Eyesore, your name pains me. You’re nobody’s eyesore. They have the problem, not you. As someone who routinely suffers from #ThickBoyBlues, I understand exactly where you are coming from. People see your weight before they see you, rejecting you before they even give you a chance. You unfortunately, are what people call “Gay Fat; normal by straight standards and fat by gay ones. The gay world is a surprisingly shallow one , considering how much intolerance they have to deal with.  Many people would say men are visual creatures who “like what they like,” and unfortunately this is part of the problem. I say you should do only what makes YOU happy! People nowadays act like a banging body is a Black Card, not realizing in time it will fade. Happiness before vanity my friend!

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Meek Mill (@MeekMill) Posts Pic of Nicki Minaj (@NickiMinaj) Wearing his Dream Chasers Chain!


The relationship between Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill just keeps getting hotter and hotter!

The pair, who have been in the media since Nicki’s public breakup with long time ex-boo Safaree (SB), have been blowing up social media with not-so-subtle hints about their relationship.


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Bad Boy Phase? Is Keke Palmer (@KekePalmer) Throwing Her Life Away?


We’ve all seen Keke Palmer grow and blossom right before our eyes and now it looks like the starlet maybe romancing R&B bad boy August Alsina. Recently the actress took to her social media IG account a posted a picture of her and August “riding dirty” side by side. She followed with the caption that read, “He can cook some good ass chicken yall.”


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“His & Her” Ferraris? Amber Rose (@DaRealAmberRose) & Nick Cannon (@NickCannon): An Item or Not?


If Amber Rose wanted people to think that she and Nick Cannon’s relationship was strictly business then maybe posting a pic of matching ferraris is not the way to go.

Love B. Scott broke the story as Amber Rose posted a pic on Instagram showing off  ‘His and Hers’ matching Ferraris with “manager” Nick Cannon.

The self-proclaimed MILF posted the above pic of she and Nick next to their new cars with the caption:

U guys like me and @nickcannon‘s matching Ferraris?#HisandHers #Ncredible ???? *side eye*


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Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) & Tyga (@Tyga): Club/Date Night!


Ok, are they still pretending to “just be friends” because they aren’t doing a very good job at hiding it at all! Tyga and Kylie Jenner were spotted out in L.A together as usual.

The 25-year old rapper made an appearance at Project Nightclub Friday night with his 17-year old “friend”. We are not clear on how a 17-year old girl got into a nightclub (Maybe the Kardashian name, maybe Tyga threaten to not show if his gal pal wasn’t allowed entry…again) but they were spotted leaving together.

249116CD00000578-0-image-m-57_1420913571405 249116E400000578-0-image-m-55_1420913555330

The two have been spotted together a lot lately: volunteering together, having dinner together, posting pictures on Instagram together, traveling together. Almost as if they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

Whatever it is that they got going on, it must be great. They look like they enjoy each other’s company a lot so, kudos to them, I guess…*Sips tea and stares at Kylie’s awesomely perfect new lips*

Written By: Brandon Jordan



Taraji P. Henson (@TherealTaraji) Talks Dating…”Men are not willing to court anymore”!


Being a successful actress in Hollywood and having the ability to catch millions of viewers attention by the portraying a specific character on TV or the big screen comes very easy for Taraji. Having years of experience under her belt also makes it pretty easy for her to dominate her field of work. All these good qualities should make it very easy to find the right guy who is on the same playing level as you right? Well, this concept is not true for Taraji. She finds it very hard to date because guys do not court anymore. So its safe to say that she is single and her dating life sucks according to her. I find the concept of dating in Hollywood very interesting. You would think dating would come easy for them but apparently it doesn’t. With all the fame, fortune, and credibility, why is so hard for a good woman to find a great guy? Lets explore this topic and discover why some women regardless of their career choice can’t find a good man.

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12/18/2014- “Shawty…He Don’t Mind…”


Hey Mikey!

My little brother is in a relationship with a stripper! Yes, a dirty, dancing, slut bucket, nude for cash ass stripper! What’s worst is he met her at a church gathering. She did not tell him she was a stripper upfront until they got serious. I feel she should have told him before and her lying is going to be their downfall. He acts like he does not have a problem with her doing that but I know no man wants to be with a girl who dances. It is just too much. He needs a rude awakening as to how life works. What would you suggest I do to snap him out of his reality and get him with a good girl? No one in my family is going to accept her and I am not gonna keep her profession–if that’s what they call it–a secret from our parents for too long!

-Freakin’ Disgusted

***(singing) Shawty…He Don’t Mind…(stops singing) Freakin’ Disgusted your name should be “Freakin’ Nosey,” honestly this is none of your business. Your brother’s love life is his alone to control and navigate. You and the rest of your family should stay in your lane. Be concerned, but do not be delusional in thinking you can or have the right to try and split them up. Your brother obviously does not have a problem with her dancing and neither should you. Nowadays people talk about strippers like they talk about serial killers, and it is getting to be a bit much. Remember, love and the outcome thereof, is a decision left to fate…


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