Meet Your New Sweet “Hart!” Torrei Hart dishes on Life, The Hustle, & Atlanta Exes!

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Love. That four letter word that brings so much pleasure and so much pain. You meet the person of your dreams, you date, they get on one knee and propose, you get married, have a baby or two (or three, or four), and live happily ever after! NOT! The course of true love never did run smoothly nor is it always “happily ever after.” The fairy tale is nice and fluffy, but the reality is that most marriages do not make it. In fact, having an ex-husband or wife seems to be a rite of passage in the entertainment industry. Whether you are the ex-girlfriend of some local rapper, or the first ex-wife of a billionaire many women know that drama, hardship, and a new beginning can come from the demise of a relationship. Few women know this better than Torrei Hart! Torrei is a woman with many hats. “…I’m a mother, spiritual person, a woman, a mother, a businesswoman, an actress, and a director…Oh and just an all around great person…” Indeed she is, and she just so happens to be the ex-wife of famous comedian and actor, Kevin Hart. You have heard the rumors, and you think you know the drama get ready to meet your favorite “Atlanta Ex.”

Premiere Of Summit Entertainment's "Ender's Game" - Arrivals

Torrei’s story began long before her marriage. As a kid she was always the class clown and had dreams of being in Hollywood. She was apart of the drama club in school and over the years has worked on honing and perfecting her craft. “I’m always working on building myself and doing that by constantly researching…I work even when I’m partying…Red Carpet events are fun but I realize what they’re for too!” She met Kevin in college and after becoming pregnant decided to focus on her family and support him as he achieved his dreams. Now it is her turn to be the limelight–and the light was never this radiant, transparent, or sweet. Torrei may be doing big things now thanks to her own merits and “Atlanta Exes,” but she maintains her realness and authenticity at all times. Whereas many reality television stars have claimed to be “victims of editing,” Torrei defends her portrayal thus far on the show. “To me that ['victims of editing'] is a bunch of BS…take responsibility for how you acted when the camera was rolling. If you want to avoid being a victim as you claim then don’t do certain things and control your behavior…it’s a reality TV show they’re [the viewers] gonna want to see arguing and drama that brings ratings…” She goes onto admit there were a few instances she found hard to watch on the show. “…you know when Tameka and I were arguing I cringed a little watching it….but anyone who knows me also knows I don’t pull punches…I have a vicious tongue and when I get angry I see red and it gets to going…”

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If Loving You Is Wrong- “Alex Is Pregnant”


Edward drives to Esperanza’s home to intimidate her. She questions him about what he did to Julius. Three days have passed and she has not heard from her boyfriend. He mocks her and pretends not to know what she is talking about. They both threaten one another until he hints that he killed him. She does not believe him and admonishes her for liking “girly boys” now. She tells him she will go to his bosses if she does not here from Julius by the following night. He promises her there will be repercussions if she does and none of his peers will believe her.

The next morning Alex emerges from her bathroom suffering from morning sickness. She manages to pull herself together and come downstairs where she and Brad awkwardly face off about her pregnancy. She believes he is just upset about her being pregnant. His suspicions of her cheating begin to boil to the surface and gets angry as she asks about his work schedule for the day. Outside, he runs into Randal who invites him to happy hour. Brad asks him does he ever see anyone hanging around his home for an extended period of time. Randal becomes suspicious of his questioning and watches him as he drives off. At Burger Fest, Natalie is late to work having to bring her daughters in after her sister flaked on watching them. Her employee admonishes her for doing so, and tells her to allow Joey to come back home to help her like he use to. She resists, but gives in when she realizes the girl is right. She gives in and calls his parole officer to tell him her son will have a place to stay and a job at her restaurant.


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“My Guiltiest Pleasures…”- Ariana Grande


Whoever said a girl cannot make you fall in love with her voice alone must have been deaf, dumb, and blind! Lately, one such girl with a voice has been taking the music scene by storm. Ariana Grande is racing her way to the top! From a goofy Nickelodeon teen to a worldwide sensation–we are witnessing a new diva on the scene. As scary as that is to say, it is just as enjoyable!


Most of you out there met Ariana via the primarily kids’ network, Nickelodeon. There she co-starred on “Victorious” and later headlined “Sam & Cat,” alongside her former friend and co-star Jeanette McCurdy. Although their relationship has since soured (and publicly at that click here to read more: ), Ariana’s fame has only climbed. In the last year she has performed on the Video Music Awards, American Music Awards, released her debut album, ‘My Everything,” and is currently on an international tour! Quite a whirlwind of success right? Still, there is something about this girl beyond her music that just draws you in. Perhaps it is the fact that she is the living embodiment of the girl next door. She’s beautiful and yet seemingly attainable.


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Taraji Vs. Idris! “No Good Deed” is just Good Indeed!


The box office can be a tricky place, especially when a new entry is up against late summer blockbusters. However, “No Good Deed” has managed to shake Tinsel Town with a number one debut and amazing reviews. Possibly one of the most well marketed films of the year; this suspense thriller stars Taraji P. Henson and Idris Elba. Both stars are considered cinematic gold, but never in films where they are the main stars. All this changed when they ceased being Taraji and Idris and temporarily donned the roles of Terri and Colin. Terri is a former prosecuting attorney turned housewife and Idris is a murderer on the run. Through a surprising plot twist their paths are unwittingly crossed. Murder, danger, betrayal and drama are rife in this thriller as both struggle to take the other down!


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9/13/14- “Because I Loved Myself More”


Hey Mikey,

I’m lost right now. I’ve always put my husband’s career and needs before own. He’s a lawyer and at times I’ve functioned as his wife/personal assistant/secretary. Now, I’m ready to go back to school try and become a businesswoman in my own right. He’s completely against it saying I won’t be able to perform my “wifely duties.” I got accepted to Spelman and instead of being happy for me he filed for separation. I can’t understand why he doesn’t understand I am trying to better myself and in the long run it will be good for us and any children we have?


***Shaken, don’t find yourself “shook.” Wanting to better yourself is always admirable and noble. This is the only life you have, live it as best you can. If your husband does not understand that loving yourself more does not mean you love him any less; then he’s the one with the problem. Congratulations Spelman is a great school! Get that degree and become the woman you were always meant to be. Remember a woman is more than a wife or help mate. In fact she’s more than what any man would make her to be.

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If Loving You Is Wrong- “Shots Fired”


Alex checks the dates in her planner trying to figure out when she might have gotten pregnant by Randal. Coincidentally he tries to call her but she ignores him believing they have dodged a bullet since she assumes she is not pregnant by him. Randal arrives at Alex and Brad’s house unannounced, hoping to catch her alone. When Brad does not leave he makes small talk and makes himself some coffee. He tries to convince Brad to tell Alex about his vasectomy, but he refuses. Alex  arrives and gets angry when she sees him with her husband’s special mug. He reveals he slept downstairs the night before and is not quite happy about her pregnancy.

Brad and Alex

Brad and Alex

Natalie and Lushion arrive at the baseball game and talk with Randal and Brad. Lushion networks, hoping to get on with the police force. Natalie notices the distance between Brad and Alex, who in turn feels Lushion is good for her. Esperanza and the other women arrive at the game, but their small talk is interrupted when Edward snatches her away. He harshly interrogates her about her dealings with Julius. Thankfully she is saved by Lushion and Natalie, ruining the former’s chance of getting on the police force.

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If Loving You Is Wrong- “A Twisted Affair”


The show begins with a torrid affair in a shed between Alex and Randall. They have rough, passionate sex. Their antics are interrupted by a phone call from her husband, Brad,  to tell her he is on his way back home from work. The woman resists his attempts to keep going on, feeling guilty for cheating on her husband. She asks him does he ever thing about Marcie and reveals she does not know why she is not happy. He tries to tell her they are not hurting anyone. They are interrupted again when Marcie arrives in the shed to see him. Alex saves them by saying she was dropping off some muffins for him. Everyone awkwardly laughs everything off with small talk. It is revealed Randall and Marcie are married. She tells him the doctor gave her an ovulation test, and she tries to get him to have sex with her. He rebuffs her advances, saying he had to be in the mood.


In her office, Kelly receives a phone call from her boyfriend, Travis, who is away on a church mission. They tell each other how much they miss each other. She cannot wait for him to return the following week and make love to him. She tells him she was approved for a house and it is next to door to Alex and Brad. He tells her he has something important to ask her, but not over the phone. She begs him to ask her, but he refuses. They agree to get the house, but he is clearly bothered by something.

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