Single, Silly, & Now “Centric!” (@CENTRICTV) Damien Dante Wayans (@DamienDW) Takes on the “Single Ladies!”


Wayans–Just the mention of that last name garners decades of laughter! From Keenan Ivory Wayans down to the latest generation of Wayans, this very funny family is certified Hollywood gold! Thus, it is not surprising that one of them has found their way onto the hit series, Single Ladies! You already know the comedic genius that is Damien Dante Wayans! Besides being amazingly funny, he is an amazing actor. As “David Berenger” he serves as both love interest and “love to hate” for a couple of our favorite ladies! “Honestly he’s [David] that dude that means well and wants to make something of himself…he just has a pretty funny way of doing it…”

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“Get Hard” & Get Your Laugh On!


Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell are currently the gods of comedy. Everything these two funny men touches seems to be box off ice gold! Thus it is a “no-brainer” that putting the two of them in a movie together is destined to be a hit! Get ready to laugh and cry for days and call your doctor for stitches because Get Hard  is a gut buster of humor. The film entails the life of James King (Will Ferrell), a stock broker guru whose life goes to Hell when he is accused of money laundering and embezzlement. Darnell, the owner of a car wash, is desperate to find $30K  to ourchase a new home and better life for his family. James stereotypically assumes Darnell is a former felon, and offers to pay him to teach him how to survive prison life. Darnell, who has a clean record, finds the opportunity he needs. Via a series of misadventures and ad hoc lessons James may just learn the survival skills he needs to survive life on lock down!


This has to be one of the funniest and outlandish movies made. When you see just how hard they go with these jokes you will never be the same. I myself, was crying and laughing so hard my head began to hurt. It is really cool that Kevin and Will can be funny while simultaneously teaching us a lesson in race and class relations. Never judge a book or person by what you think and what you see! You can catch Get Hard in theaters everywhere today! Check out the crazy trailer below!

Single, Sexy, & Centric (@CENTRICTV)! Letoya Luckett (@LeToyaLuckett) dishes on The New Season of “Single Ladies!”

LeToyaLuckett2-Hi_Res (1)

LeToya Luckett is a rare, triple threat–beauty, brains, and talent! We all know her as one of the original members of Destiny’s Child, but over the last few years she has risen to prominence as a breakout star and remarkable actress! She joined the cast of Single Ladies in its third, and final season on VH-1 as “Felicia Price,” music mogul and fashionista. As Felicia, Letoya  has entertained and instilled fear in the hearts of fans everywhere. Single Ladies is back and on Centric for its fourth season.  LeToya warns us to get ready for a whole lot of drama and promises we will learn a lot more about her character.

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Oh..My…Omar! Travis Winfrey (@TravisWinfrey) Keeps It Real & “Centric” (@CENTRICTV) on “Single Ladies!”

Travis_Winfrey (1)

The show may be called Single Ladiesbut that does not mean only the ladies get to shine. You know him best as Omar Kearse, our favorite Atlanta ladies’ gay bestie and stylist extraordinaire, but there’s more to the man behind THE MAN of Single Ladies–Travis Winfrey! Whether he is stealing the scene with his outlandish humor or hip fashion trends, Travis is one of the biggest reasons you live to love Single Ladies.

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Melissa De Sousa (@1MelissaDeSousa) takes “Centric” (@CENTRICTV) Stage on New Season of “Single Ladies!”


It has been a long road with the women of the hit series, Single LadiesThe first season was almost marred by a major cast change up, then VH-1 abruptly (and still mysteriously) cancelled the show despite its high, strong ratings! A year later, the show is now the flagship series of Centric and has introduced some “pretty” new blood to the cast, legendary actress Melissa de Sousa! Melissa is a Hollywood powerhouse with over twenty years in the industry. Her enduring career is only matched by her immense beauty and even greater talent. This lovely lady is now lending her talent to Single Ladies, where she will be causing her fair share of drama in the role of Austin Aguilera! “I’m really glad to be apart of the show and I can promise you, you’re going to love every minute of it!”

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Enough Is Enough”


The Haves & The Have Nots began on a brutally honest note as both Katheryn and Jim confess their sins to Wyatt. They both reveal their affairs to him. Jim asks him is he gay and is he in love with Jeffrey. He tells them he is straight, but they inform him he is more likely going to be raped while in prison. Wyatt refuses to believe them. Jim declares he is tired of his son and that now he can deal with the pain of losing both he and Amanda; and demands he get out of his face. Elsewhere, Hanna receives the shock of her life when he arrives at Hanna’s doorstep holding his son,Q. He demands she let him in or he will disappear by the time she calls the police. She pleads with him to let him stay, but he refuses to give in unless she tells him where Candice is. She refuses to give her daughter up and tries to stop him, but he slaps her away from him and leaves with his son.

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If Loving You Is Wrong- “Lady Next Door”


If Loving You Is Wrong is back and Randal and Marcie continue to duke it out! They are so loud a woman passing by outside hears them and calls the police. Esperanza gets her call and realizes its Marcie and Randal’s address. She puts a notice out and Lushion and Ed head that way. Esperanza calls Kelly and informs her that something is going on, she acts as if she does not know what is going on but decides to look and see. Esperanza calls Brad and asks him to knock on their door and see what’s up. Kelly and Alex try to discourage him, but he insists on helping. Lushion and Ed stop him when they arrive. They are met at the door by Randal who stalls at letting them come in. He tells them that he and Marcie only had an argument. They find her on the sofa distraught. She tells them she is not okay, and Randal insists everything is fine. Lushion takes him outside to question him while Ed speaks with Marcie. Marcie tells him she hit Randal, and learns he can press charges on her. She tells Ed he has been sleeping with their neighbor. She wants to leave and he allows her to pack a bag. She leaves and stares down Alex angrily. Ed and Brad assume Randal is having an affair with Kelly.

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