Sayonara! Benzino & Althea fired from VH-1’s “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta!”


There are times when you really wish you did not have to say it was so and this is definitely one of them. Yes, you read the title right Benzino and his “wifey” Althea have been axed from VH-1’s hit show, “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta!” Earlier this year the couple became at odds with cast mates, Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. After months of hearsay, messy tweets, and outrageous Instagram posts the couples fought one another in an all out brawl during the third reunion special!

Stevie J and Joseline

Stevie J and Joseline


As you recall the fight quickly escalated involving other cast members including rapper Waka Flocka’s wife Tammy Rivera and the mother of Stevie J’s daughter, Mimi Faust. Despite the shenanigans only Benzino and Althea have been axed from the show despite rumors Joseline was on a crack induced rage during the rampage. TMZ reported the following;  “Benzino says it’s obvious he and Althea are being blamed for the fight between them and castmates Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J … a brawl that proved irresistible for other cast members. TMZ broke the story … Althea sued Joseline, claiming she started the fight while she was high on crackAlthough Althea got her ass whooped … producers sided with Joseline, even though other castmates felt Joseline should have gotten the boot.


Perhaps since Joseline is allegedly pregnant now (a great storyline for Season 4), and she and Stevie are the stars of the series, network executives were willing to let go of “‘Zino and Thi Thi” than their resident drama king and queen. We wish Benzino and Althea the best of luck.


Contest Time! Enter For A Chance to win Passes to see “Beyond The Lights” on November 12th!


Gina Prince-Bythewood, the director of “Love & Basketball” is back and with a guaranteed hit movie for audiences everywhere. Relativity Media has teamed up with Kontrol Magazine to allow two lucky people the chance of a lifetime–two tickets to November 12th’s advanced screening of “Beyond The Lights” at Regal Cinema Perimeter Point (1155 Mt Vernon Hwy, Atlanta, GA 30338)! Readers can go to .


“Beyond The Lights” is the thrilling  story of Noni Jean, the music world’s latest superstar. But not all is what it seems, and the pressures of fame leave her dangling from  the edge–literally– until she meets Kaz Nicol, a young cop with dreams of becoming a politician, who’s been assigned to her detail. The two are almost instantly drawn to one another. Noni and Kaz fall fast and hard, despite the protests of those around them who urge them to put their career ambitions ahead of their romance. Interestingly, it is ultimately Kaz’s love and devotion to her that gives Noni the courage to find her own voice and break free to become the artist she was always meant to be.

“The New Denzel!” Denzel Wells, A Man in “Kontrol” of His Destiny!

Denzel Wells, photographed by Jessy J Photo12

People often say the best way to make God laugh is to tell Him all your plans. They would be somewhat right if they looked at the life of Denzel Wells! Hailing from Houston, Texas; this model and actor had plans to own and run his own real estate company following college. Interestingly, destiny had other plans, placing him on a far more intriguing path. Still this rising star keeps it one hundred percent real as he dishes on life, love, success, and his promising future in the entertainment industry.

Denzel Wells, photographed by Jessy J Photo15

Denzel seemed to be struck with greatness from birth, as his father named him after the famous actor, Denzel Washington. “…People are always like ‘we know who your mother liked’ until they find out my father named me…Denzel Washington was his favorite actor and he wanted me to be successful like him…I’m sure he never imagined how all this would turn out…” Indeed, Denzel has been blessed with success, and unlike most, it came relatively easy to him. Most people do not know that just two years ago he was relatively unknown, but still successful in his own right. At twenty, he had already become a real estate mogul and the CEO of his own company. He began modeling after a photographer liked his look, landing him in the pages of Essence Magazine. From there, and at the behest of others, he was prompted to try out for a spot on the twenty-first cycle of Tyra Banks’ hit show, “America’s Next Top Model!” (ANTM) As you know Denzel was cast onto the show, arguably becoming the season’s most popular male contestant. “I was so honored they picked me out of the millions of submissions they received…I believe my personality gave me the edge over the other submitters…I mean it had to be, there were a lot of good looking people who tried out, selling your personality is what’s going to put you over the top…”

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Gotham- “Spirit of The Goat”


Gotham’s latest tale of terror begins ten years ago during a flashback! A younger, heroic Bullock and his cynical former partner track a serial killer who preys on the first born of Gotham’s upper class to an amusement park. There we find a girl he has makeshift crucified. Bullock and his partner split up to search for the perpetrator unaware he has been watching them the entire time. The man wears a leather mask with horns and charges Bullock’s partner. The men barely manage to hold their own against him, shooting him dead  after he tries to attack them again. Believing the case is closed Harvey and his partner move on with their lives. Flash forward ten years and another rick kid has been killed in the same manner as the girl ten years before. Bullock believes they have a copycat killer on their hands.


Jim and Bullock go to see the victim’s parents, hoping to find out if their daughter had any enemies. The parents, especially the father who’s hand is shaking, are too distraught to be of any help. Their therapist, Dr. Marx, implores the detectives to try later. Knowing the modus operandi of the killer he requests information on anyone with access to the ventilation and air conditioning of the building the family lived in. Elsewhere, Barbara tries to get Renee to tell her what is going on with Jim. The former warns her that what Jim knows and does will ultimately put her life in danger and tells her again to leave him. She also tells her they have a warrant for his arrest and will be there to pick him up soon. The detectives manage to narrow down and arrest a suspect who had the access needed to kidnap the victim. They try their best to interrogate him  but he refuses to tell them if he was working with anyone. Bullock notices the man’s hand is shaking just like the victim’s father.


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From the Hard Streets of Chicago to the Hardwood of the NBA, “Q Exposed” reveals it all!

book cover Q exposed

On the grand scale of entertainment books are often overlooked or cast to the side as boring or archaic. Little do most people know, the imagery created with words can be as potent as any filmed or scripted scene. More and more, people are finding portals to other worlds, and living vicariously through characters found on the pages in intense and riveting novels. “Q Exposed” is one such amazing novel. Filled with sex, drama, and more twists than a roller coaster ride; this book will have your eyes on the ride of a lifetime as you ready every thrilling word from cover to cover! “Q Feldman” is a phenomenal basketball player hailing from the mean streets of Chicago. His life seems hard, but simple, until fame is introduced into the mix. Readers watch as Q goes from a “latch key kid” to a sports star, and then watch as his life begins to take a dark turn. Fame comes with power, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! As its latest victim, our protagonist finds himself in increasingly dramatic and freaky situations; some of which would make a Zane novel blush. Q’s story seems like it is the captivating child of a coming of age story and an erotic thriller. You definitely love seeing the character’s progression, but you love his illicit side a little more. How Q manages to deal with fame, and a few life altering realizations about himself, will have you calling for help–to pick your jaw up off the ground!


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10/26/2014- “Sanctum (The Man Cave Wars)”

Hey Mikey,

My husband is really beginning on my nerves. His bitchassness, as my girls and I like to call it, is really starting to turn me off! We recently purchased a fixer upper house that will soon be our dream home after a few renovations. It has six bedrooms and four bathrooms, a kitchen with an island, a walk-in closet (FOR ME!) and a basement that four cars can fit into. I’m really happy with the place and have a lot of plans on what we will be doing with each room. Two belong to my children, the master belongs to us, and the others I imagined would be a guest room, play room, and sewing room. My husband knew this beforehand but now he wants a “Man Cave.” I’m  not with that! It’s not what we planned and it seems really selfish. My sewing room is for my business, and the children need a room for their toys and games. He complains saying he does not have space to do anything he wants. I allow him to hang with his boys whenever he pleases; so I’m not sure where this is all coming from. I do know I’m tired of arguing though. He and I both follow your column, who’s in the wrong?

-The Bubbling Fashionista (website coming soon!)

***The Bubbling Fashionista, I would like for you to re-read your inquiry. I find a lot of selfishness coming from your corner and no bitchassness in his. Whether you had plans for the house or not it is still his home too. You are married, meaning you both have to make concessions. The children have their bedrooms and a play room; you have a walk-in closet and a sewing room–what does he have in his home to call his own? Let me correct you too. As a grown man you are not “allowing” him to go out with his boys. He can do that whether you like it or not. However, he is fighting for a man cave because it’s his way of telling you he needs space in his home. Everyone needs a place to retreat and trust me when I tell you there are millions of women who wished their man’s retreat was his home; and not the strip club or a side chick’s house. This is a simple family issue to resolve and requires compromise on your part. I’m sure you’d much rather stay a “Bubbling Fashionista” than become a divorced one.

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Matthew McConaughey goes the distance in “Interstellar!”


Matthew MCConaughey is probably one of the most versatile A-List actors in Hollywood. Whether he’s the ring leader of a pack of bum male strippers, an AIDS victims smuggling medication across the border, or playing himself in a “Sex & The City” cameo; he is always the master of his craft. Well now Matthew is back and with an impressive film, “Interstellar.” The film features Matthew leading a band of space travelers through a wormhole to a habitable planet. As you may have surmised Earth is dying and if humanity is to be saved then another world must become their new home.


“Interstellar” promises to be an epic science fiction film. Directed by Christopher Nolan (“The Dark Knight” trilogy, Inception, etc.) the film was uniquely produced by Paramount, Legendary, and Warner Bros. studios. A joint venture between rivaling studios is rare indeed, but three studios is truly unheard of. From the trailer we can see the film will be visually stunning showcasing what appear to be extraterrestrial landscapes and environments. Besides Matthew, the rest of the cast is rounded out with some pretty amazing actors; Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, and Michael Cain. Last year’s space hit, “Gravity,” starring Sandra Bullock was a big hit. I am sure this film will surpass that. There is a lot invested in this film. Interestingly, theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, whose works inspired the film, is an executive producer and scientific consultant for the film. This interest in real science is impressive and pushes what was once sci-fi to the true scientifically possible! You can catch “Interstellar” in theaters nationwide November 7th.