12/18/2014- “Shawty…He Don’t Mind…”


Hey Mikey!

My little brother is in a relationship with a stripper! Yes, a dirty, dancing, slut bucket, nude for cash ass stripper! What’s worst is he met her at a church gathering. She did not tell him she was a stripper upfront until they got serious. I feel she should have told him before and her lying is going to be their downfall. He acts like he does not have a problem with her doing that but I know no man wants to be with a girl who dances. It is just too much. He needs a rude awakening as to how life works. What would you suggest I do to snap him out of his reality and get him with a good girl? No one in my family is going to accept her and I am not gonna keep her profession–if that’s what they call it–a secret from our parents for too long!

-Freakin’ Disgusted

***(singing) Shawty…He Don’t Mind…(stops singing) Freakin’ Disgusted your name should be “Freakin’ Nosey,” honestly this is none of your business. Your brother’s love life is his alone to control and navigate. You and the rest of your family should stay in your lane. Be concerned, but do not be delusional in thinking you can or have the right to try and split them up. Your brother obviously does not have a problem with her dancing and neither should you. Nowadays people talk about strippers like they talk about serial killers, and it is getting to be a bit much. Remember, love and the outcome thereof, is a decision left to fate…


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It’s An “Imprisoned Christmas” for Phaedra Parks!


Season 7 of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is barely eight episodes in and we have already been treated to a slew of drama and emotional roller coasters from hell! Still, as the viewers, none of us can really experience just what these lovely ladies are going through during the times the cameras are off. All of the Atlanta Housewives have their fair share of personal off camera drama, but few rival Phaedra Parks in that aspect. As you undoubtedly recall, her husband, Apollo Nida, has been sentenced to eight years in prison for money laundering, identity theft, and check fraud. However, this did not stop him from having a few heated, and televised, spats with his reality star wife.


The two seemed to depart on terrible terms with Phaedra filing for divorce; and refusing to put money on his books or bring their sons to see him while he is incarcerated. There is no new news on their divorce (Phaedra’s still wearing her ring!), but Phaedra seems to have relented on visitation and is making a trip to the Big house with her kids in tow. Perhaps she has caught the holiday spirit and decided the best gift to give her estranged husband is time with their children. Aww Phaedra you still have a heart of gold, even if you refuse to put  a copper coin on Apollo’s books! We wish the Nida-Parks Clan a Happy Holiday, and hope 2015 will be far better for their family and friends!


Bruce Jenner Allegedly Plans Sex Change in 2015!


Bruce Jenner is one of the most famous Olympians in all of history. In the late seventies and earliest eighties he was celebrated worldwide and looked to as the pinnacle of manhood. For these reasons, and the fact that he is the father and stepfather to to a combined ten children, it is hard to believe these rumors that he is preparing to live his life as a woman. Today’s generation knows him best as the patriarch of The Kardashian Clan, but that may soon be a title he shares with soon to be ex-wife, Kris Jenner. Unless you have been under a rock, then you know that his physical appearance over the last year and a half have done nothing but fuel these rumors. Bruce has grown his hair to shoulder length, and just last month was spotted grocery shopping with a French tipped manicure! Even celebrity psychologist and talk show host, Dr. Phil, feels he looks like a man in gender transition.


Bruce Jenner, gold medalist

According to Hollywood Life, the former athlete will be moving forward with his sex change and has already begun taking estrogen and preparing to get breast implants. He has hired a top notch PR firm to help him with a plan to deal with fallout from his announcement. He is rumored to even pitch a reality show centered around it. The Jenner-Kardashian Clan has been mum when it comes to these rumors, but his ex-wife, Chrystie Scott offers her unconditional support of his appearance. She says she just wants him to be happy. It is also rumored that Bruce’s older children are already aware of his decision, but he will wait until it is really time to tell Kendall and Kylie.


Whether these rumors are true or not the speculation surrounding this is immense! It is never a dull day in the Kardashian camp. Hopefully all this will be confirmed or laid to rest in 2015.

Sony Cancels New York Premiere of “The Interview!”


Seems like Sony can’t catch a break from bad crap. First their system gets hacked, then all of their juicy and scandalous information gets out to the public and now…terrorist threats??

With so much going on with Sony, they can start a television series based off of it. Sony announced that they would be canceling the New York City premiere of their upcoming film “The Interview” because the system’s hackers have been threatening a 9/11-like attack on theaters who choose to show the movie. The film’s stars Seth Rogen and James Franco have even cancelled all of their appearances for the movie.


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Avehre Releases Holiday EP “Star Filled Sky!”


As the holiday season still surrounds us all it’s the perfect time of year to take a listen to amazing songs filled with the cheerful spirit. The protégé of the one and only Gladys Knight stands Avehre with his newly released holiday EP, Star Filled Sky.



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Tyler Perry Donates $20K To WVI!


Holiday spirit is floating in the air. Especially around director, actor and Founder of Tyler Perry Studios, Tyler Perry. The movie star reportedly donated $20k to the Women Veteran Interactive (WVI) based in MD.

Perry called up Ginger Miller, founder of WVI, and told her that he is not giving the donation in regards to one of his actresses, Tasha Smith who reportedly took $12k from the organization, but because he wanted to reward Miller for all of her hard work with the organization. Miller commented about the generous offering to ABC News, “Wait a minute, Mr. Perry, do you have my cell phone number?…I’m just like, ‘It’s Tyler Perry!’ I was floored.” Miller continued, “God, this is like a dream come true. Mr. Perry, if you’re out there, if you’re watching, we love you, we adore you … we will never forget this.”
Tasha Smith and Manager/soon-to-be ex-husband Keith Douglas allegedly got paid $12k from WVI to make an appearance on Veteran’s Day that they ended up canceling. Smith and Douglas never reimbursed the organization the money. Recently, Douglas paid back half of the money and apologized that Miller had to be caught in the middle of their messy divorce. Douglas had this to say to ABC News about Perry’s donation:

“If I was financially capable, I would’ve given her even more. I know that my wife is capable of doing it. [Perry] has a heart that’s bigger than Texas and that’s what he does. I think Tyler doesn’t like the confusion, so when seeing what was going on, he decided to give that to Ginger, because of what Ginger was going through.”

Written By: Brandon Jordan