Chad Johnson (@ochocinco) Wants To Fill Fashion Police (@e_FashionPolice) Vacant Spot!?


Here we go! Kelly Osbourne hasn’t even been away from the show Fashion Police long enough to let her seat collect a single dust spec and people are already putting in their resume for the vacant spot, including former NFL superstar wide receiver Chad Johnson (formerly known as Chad Ochocinco).

Kelly Osbourne left the show after some controversial comments were made by co-correspondent Giuliana Rancic towards Kelly’s friend Disney’s star Zendaya Coleman about her hair that caused quite a big stir. Now we have word that the fromer king of trash talk back in his NFL days, Chad Johnson wants the empty seat. Johnson told TMZ, “Who better when it comes to fashion than me? I rarely wear labels or high-end clothing and kill it.”

Johnson has been known to pull some pretty risky and fly fashion choices and he loves to flaunt it for the world on social media. He has even invested in a selfie stick to give us a better look of his steezy looks on Instagram.


And since the NFL is looking nowhere near Johnson’s way anymore, he will most definitely be available. What do you think about Chad Johnson joining the crew of E!‘s Fashion Police?

Written By: Brandon Jordan


Keyshia Cole (@KeyshiaCole) Exposes Husband Daniel Gibson (@BoobysWorld1) Of Cheating!


Guess it is back to square one for R&B singer Keyshia Cole and her husband Daniel Gibson. The two separated last year but recently, they seemed to be trying to mend their relationship as they were spotted spending more time together. Now, as of yesterday, things seem to have taken a turn for the worst when Keyshia exposed her estranged husband Gibson of cheating.

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Style Watchin': Trey Songz (@Treysongz) !


When it comes to Trey Songz, it’s no secret that the Grammy nominated singer has a legion of female fans. His career-making music has been based off appealing to women’s emotions with sex fueled, player-ish type lines with the occasional “Okay, so I’m ready to settle down now” motif in songs.

In addition to female fans, Songz also has a bevy of males who may not just like his songs, but his style to boot.

With a more slender-cut body type, Songz can get away with most clothing he wears. However, that doesn’t mean he’s exempt from certain looks that brings out his best.

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Reebok’s (@Reebok) Pump Kamikaze II Nears Release Date!


Introduced back in 1989, the Reebok Pump was the first shoe to ever have an internal inflation component. Located on the lower and upper tongue of the shoe, the pump helped to regulate cushioning locked around the ankle.

The Pump has been seen and worn by ballers like Shaquille O’Neal, Allen Iverson, and Jerome Williams. Even pro wrestler John Cena has rocked the Pump as part of his hip-hop persona back in 2004.

The Pump even teamed up with late rapper Tupac to create a line called Insta Pump Furry after the shoe made an appearance in the 1994 film, “Above the Rim.”

In honor of the shoe’s 25th anniversary celebration, Reebok readies for the release of the upcoming Pump Kamikaze II.

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Artist Reveals Monica Lewinsky (@MonicaLewinsky) Reference In Bill Clinton (@billclinton) Portrait!


Former President Bill Clinton did some great things while in office, but it is sad to say that he will be well-remembered for his affair with his intern Monica Lewinsky. So much, even his artist couldn’t help but to think about it while painting.

Nelson Shanks, the 77 year old artist who painted the 2006 official portrait of Clinton that is now hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in D.C., revealed a hidden secret in painting.


On the painting, you can see a shadow underneath the plant sitting on the wall. The Shadow is a subtle reference to the famous blue dress Monica Lewinsky wore that became crucial evidences in the case…and also made one of Beyoncés line in “Partition”  famous. Shanks spilled his own beans to Philadelphia Daily about the hidden gem in his painting that put a big stain on the former president’s legacy:

“It actually literally represents a shadow from a blue dress that I had on a mannequin, that I had there while I was painting it, but not when he was there. It is also a bit of a metaphor in that it represents a shadow on the office he held, or on him.”

He continued:

“The reality is he’s probably the most famous liar of all time. He and his administration did some very good things, of course, but I could never get this Monica thing completely out of my mind and it is subtly incorporated in the painting.”

Shanks claims that Clinton doesn’t like the portrait and wants it taken out of the National Portrait Gallery. Although, sources from the gallery say that those allegations are not true. Well if it wasn’t true then, it’s definitely true now. Tough nut, Clinton.


Written By: Brandon Jordan


Behind The Scene Look at “Power/Rangers” Short Film!


The short film that has everybody (especially the 90’s kids) talking, producer Andi Shankar and director Joseph Kahn’s “Power/Rangers”, now gives us a behind the scenes look of the grimy, adult-version of the once beloved childhood television show.

The short film that depicts the colorful, legendary teenage butt-kickers in a more violent and hardcore perspective has over 18 million views on Youtube, even after being taken down due to threats from Saban, owners of the Power Rangers brand, to take legal action over copyright infringement. Because of all the blood, guns, drugs, and legal attacks, Shankar had to place a disclaimer on the beginning of the video:

“The following is an independently produced “bootleg universe” video that is not in any way associated with, or endorsed by Saban Brands, SCG Power Ranger LLC or any of their affiliated companies. The video contains graphic violence, nudity, sexual situations & drug use, and is intended for mature audiences only. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.”

Now that it is back up for viewer’s pleasure, the guys behind the controversial and popular film give us a glimpse of the making of it in this behind the scene video.

I was all for the original Power Rangers to return back to the big screen, but after seeing this film, I wouldn’t mind if Shankar and Saban link up to get this version in a theater near me!

Written By: Brandon Jordan


Denzel Washington & Ethan Hawke Back Together On The Big Screen!


“Training Day” sequel, you say? Nope, but it’s close enough. The stars of the Academy award winning “Training Day” Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, and director Antoine Fuqua will be teaming up again for a remake of the 1960 film “Magnificent Seven”.


The original 1960 “Magnificent Seven” film was a remake of “Seven Samurai” which is about seven gunslingers who protect a Mexican village. The western village will be the setting for the Nic Pizzolatto written film but that is about all we know as far as the plot goes. We are going to assume that Hawke and Denzel will be one of the seven gunners in the film alongside Chris Pratt and Hailey Bennett.

MGM is hoping that bringing Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke back together along with Fuqua behind the lens will recreate the success they had with the iconic 2001 film which exceeded all expectations in the box office by a long shot and became recognized as a classic while snagging an Oscar.

Looks like they might have another classic in the making on their hands with this one. Guess we will have to wait and see. Let us know how you feel about seeing the duo back together on the big screen.

Written By: Brandon Jordan