11/24/2014- “Don’t Be An ‘Askhole!'”


Hey Mikey,

My friend is not talking to me right now. Apparently, because I don’t follow her advice, she feels I’m a lost cause. I don’t have the best luck with guys (everybody says I attract bad guys), so I admit to making her into my confidante. Still, I don’t always tell her about them for her to advise me. Sometimes I just want to tell her what is going on with me without judgement. Her recent break from my life means she has been judging me all along. I miss her though. Any advice Mikey?

-Angel Baby 5

***Angel Baby 5, honestly I’m hesitant to offer you any advice. There’s no guarantee you will follow it.  You are what we call an “Askhole!”An Askhole is a person who constantly acts for advice and then does the exact opposite every time. You need to stop! Your friend is not judging you, she is simply fed up with you dumping your issues on her. As a friend she is trying to help you find a solution to your man problems so both of you can have piece of mind. You need to apologize wholeheartedly and change your interaction with her. No more dumping your relationship drama on her and get some real help. Remember you attract what you put out; work on yourself and a good man will come along at the right time.

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Darkness Rises as a Revolution Catches Fire in “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1!”


Everyone’s favorite post-apocalyptic heroine is back! Yep, Jennifer Lawrence has put her acting chops back into “Katniss Everdeen,” delivering another thrilling installment of “The Hunger Games!” This time around Katniss is no longer the pretend darling of President Snow (Donald Sutherland) and The Capitol, but instead truly becomes the symbol of the growing rebellion within each of the remaining eleven districts. As you might remember, District 12 was destroyed in the prior film in retaliation for Catniss’s sabotage of the latest Hunger Games. She, her family, Gale (Liam Hemsworth) and a few citizens of the district were saved but most were killed in the attack. They are taken in by District 13. This district was long thought destroyed in the previous civil war, but has instead adapted to living underground, growing stronger to be able to unite the other districts in war against The Capitol.


Liam Hemsworth as “Gale”


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The Real Housewives of Atlanta- “No Tea, No Shade”


A-Town is left reeling in the wake of revelations from “Textgate” on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta!” The ladies each feel like they owe Kenya an apology for believing Apollo’s lies. Meanwhile, Phaedra continues to focus on her boys, opting to stay out of the public for awhile. She is finally enticed to come out on request of Kandi and Porsha. There, they inform her of Apollo’s lies. Surprisingly, she agrees she too should apologize to Kenya and wonders why her husband would put her through such stress. Meanwhile, Kenya’s aunt tries to push her to forgive the other ladies for mistreating her and move on with her life. In their home, Cynthia and Peter discuss Apollo’s lies and the effects it has had on their perception of Kenya as well as Porsha’s public comments concerning her and how she sucks up to Nene. She finds herself becoming angry as she is reminded of her former sidekick days to Nene.


Claudia Jordan is given a proper introduction on the show and it is revealed she and Kenya have been friends for decades. Her career and divorcee status are highlighted as well as her job on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. She and Kenya go shopping for furniture for her new home, there they play around and Claudia reveals how she loss a tooth during sex! Nene returns from Las Vegas and visits with Porsha. There, they discuss her beef with Cynthia as well as some of Nene’s issues with the celebrated model. Porsha decides she will reach out to Cynthia so they can hash things out. Apollo makes good on his threats of divorce and goes to see a lawyer to ensure he has a desirable standard of living after prison.


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Are You “The DUFF?” Hilarious New Movie will have you wondering!


“The (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) DUFF.” Everyone knows or has one of them, but maybe you have never had the correct term (or courage) to describe one. Usually they are the “not so pretty” girl that pretty girls use to make themselves look better. This latest film hilariously pokes fun at that. Bianca (Mae Whitman) is a laid back high school senior whose self-image is decimated when she learns the rest of her classmates know her as “The DUFF” to her prettier, more popular friends. She sets out on a mission of reinvention to overthrow the school’s resident mean girl and label maker, Madison (Bella Thorne) and prove once and for all no matter what you look or act like everyone is someone else’s DUFF.


This film will go down in high school cinematic history. It is beyond funny! Eerily it reminds me of “She’s All That” meets “Mean Girls.” However, I must say Bella Thorne as “Madison” would easily give The Plastics a run for their money. I suppose Toby (Robbie Amell) will be her Freddy Prinze Jr./Shining Knight in the film ultimately. Still this will be worth seeing! You can catch “The DUFF” in theaters everywhere Friday, April 10, 2015!


How To Get Away With Murder- “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me”


The past and present finally sync in the latest episode of “How To Get Away With Murder.” Annalise and Sam have the argument to end all arguments when she reveals she has asked The District Attorney’s office to do a DNA on Lila’s unborn child. He berates her for her selfishness and she in turn challenges him on his truthfulness and manhood. He reveals he only married her because she was an “easy lay who liked rough, dirty sex!” She in turn reveals her affair with Nate, but does not mention his name. He tells her she is a hypocrite and they begin to fight. He chokes her against the wall and she begs him to kill her, but he relents. They part ways with her leaving the house. Later, Michaela comes by with the justice trophy in hand. She insists on seeing Annalise despite Sam hinting that now is not a good time. As they talk, Rebecca sneaks into the house and tries to creep past them up the stairs until Michaela notices her. She tells Michaela to call Wes and then runs up the stairs with Sam in hot pursuit. She locks herself in the bedroom and places Nate’s jump drive into the computer to download all of his information.

Kate Findlay as "Rebecca"

Kate Findlay as “Rebecca”

Michaela frantically calls Wes who is with Connor and Laurel, they immediately head to Annalise’s home. Sam breaks down the door to the bedroom so Rebecca runs into the bathroom. Wes and the others’ arrival temporarily stops Sam’s pursuit. Wes assures Rebecca it is safe to come out. As he escorts Rebecca past Sam he lunges at her trying to get his computer back. He fights the students off and then charges Michaela, who unwittingly flips him off the upstairs banister to the downstairs floor. He appears to be dead. The students and Rebecca go downstairs to check on him. There, Wes reveals that he may have killed Lila and that Annalise already knows it. Sam suddenly wakes up and begins choking Rebecca. Wes smacks him over the head with the trophy, killing him! Now all the Flash forwards from previous episodes begin to piece together. We find Wes apologizing to Sam for killing him, and the students finally dispose of his remains in a garbage dumpster miles away from where they burnt his corpse. Michaela tries to find her engagement ring to no avail.


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New Music & New Movies! Sharon Leal is Always On Top!


When it comes to talent everyone has it, but few actually capitalize on it. Those that are tend to have us star struck! They become demigods and princesses of the media, out shined only by their material wealth and our desire to actually be them. These “celebrities” as we like to call them; may be a commonality by modern standards. However, when it comes to sheer star power few people have it like Sharon Leal! Sharon has been a mainstay and powerhouse in the music industry for years. As in such, she needs no formal introduction!


As a singer and actress, Sharon is quite the threat. She has more than proven her acting chops on television and film, with prominent roles in hit television shows and films like Boston Public, Dreamgirls, and now Addicted! Sharon’s latest role comes straight from a Zane novel. She is “Zoe Reynard,” a successful woman with a beautiful family and loving husband. She seems to have it all until she jeopardizes it with a series of torrid affairs. “This was definitely a racy film for me to do and different from anything I’ve ever done before…She [Zoe] isn’t like any character you’ve seen me portray, but I felt it’s realistic and there are some women actually doing this…” Indeed, the role was out of character for Sharon, we are use to seeing her characters as being more straight laced and refined. Zoe too, began as refined, but we watched as sexual addiction ravaged and nearly took her life. “It [sexual addiction] is a real problem, and no I don’t know anyone who has dealt with it, but we know they exist…I just hope they get help and take something from the film besides the sex scenes.”


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Headshots! Nicki Minaj Covers Complex Magazine


Uh uh uh! 2014 is not over yet and Nicki Minaj is NOT done slaying covers! This year alone Nicki has managed to snag more covers than Rihanna and Beyonce combined and needless to say the “Bed of Lies” rapper is more than tired (it was reported that Nicki fell asleep four times during her interview with GQ). But aside from her being overtired, you cannot deny the fact that Nicki Minaj is a hustler and nothing and no one will get in the way of her coinage.

In Nicki’s latest magazine spread, she also has a sit down with the people of Complex Magazine and not only does she answer the questions everyone’s been asking but she also has a pretty in-your-face response to the owner of All Hip Hop who penned an open letter to her her about her ‘Anaconda’ single cover.

On people saying that she’s reverted back to ‘Mixtape Nicki’

I didn’t go back to “Mixtape Nicki.” That’s how [members of the media] feel, but that’s not what I’ve done. I’ve never stopped rapping; I’ve never stopped doing freestyles; I’ve never stopped doing remixes and features; I’ve never stopped raising the bar lyrically. I understand and respect people’s opinions when they hear me do certain things and say she’s “going back,” but I haven’t gone back, I’ve moved forward. I’ve always been evolving.


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