Comedy w/ a Side of Realness! Check out the LGBTQ Cartoon Series, “McTucky Fried High!” (@McTuckyFH)

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LGBTQ cartoons are definitely on the rise, surprisingly in mainstream cartoons for children. Steven Universe, Clarence, and Sailor Moon  are just  a few popular animated series with prominent LGBTQ characters. However, McTucky Fried High, a web series that deals with serious issues that affect LGBTQ youth with a comedic twist. The series resembles a socially conscious Aqua Teen Hunger Force meets some zany high school drama. Initially when the series came to my attention I was skeptical. As an avid viewer of animation I wanted to see the norm. However, after giving the series and its motley crew of characters a chance I found myself enlightened as well as entertained!

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It’s an Iron Man Beatdown! Check Out the Trailer for “Captain America: Civil War!”

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Just when you thought it was not possible the Marvel Cinematic Universe just got a whole lot more exciting! Just when we thought Batman and Superman were the only superheroes clashing in 2016, it looks like fellow Avengers and pals, Captain America and Iron Man are going “indestructible shield to repulsor ray!” Why? Well, officially the world governments have tired of superhumans and their vigilantism that may have saved the world, but also caused a lot of collateral damage in the form deaths, near global catastrophes, and an untold amount of destruction. The government wants all of them to register just as Cap and Falcon locate The Winter Soldier, the former’s former sidekick. Although he is seemingly rehabilitated, and ready to become the hero he was meant to be, the government wants him handed over. They seemingly send Iron Man and the Avengers loyal to him after Cap and his defected Avengers. Hence, the “Civil War”a superhero on superhero smack down like we have never seen before.

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Being Mary Jane (@beingmaryjane)- “If The Shoe Fits”

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It’s Mary Jane’s birthday and the girl begins the latest episode of Being Mary Jane with some major splurging! First her stylist manages to find her the pink Berkin bag she has been looking for. She checks herself out with it on and finally decides to buy it for a whopping $30K! Then she buys her a new Tessler! Patrick calls to tell her their mother has had a flare up with her lupus and fell and bumped her head, but she was released from the hospital and is home resting. MJ, still feeling good, goes to visit her mother, but Patrick tells her she just went to sleep. There, MJ sees Patrick is making a double chocolate cake for Deja, which is her favorite and that PJ has flown in town from Los Angeles allegedly to check on their mother. She believes they have planned a surprise party for her and are only pretending they forgot her birthday. She promises to watch their mother overnight and return later.

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MJ drives past Mark’s house and finds it is up for sale. She tells him how angry she is with him for leaving, but understands why he is doing it and that she will miss him. At the mall, Neicy tries to sell a customer a designer flat iron. The girl feels they are too expensive, but comments that she should be doing hair. Neicy’s friends who also work at the mall invite her to lunch, but she tells them she has brought hers from home to save money. They poke fun at her clothing and tell her she should “work” the mall and use each other’s discounts to get clothing. At work Patrick takes a doughnut break where he and a few coworkers smash and snort pills that help them focus and up their energy. He attributes it to his recent success at work. At SNC, the crew brings MJ a cake and gifts for her birthday. One of them also informs her of the federal investigation into the company PJ is working at, accusing them of big rigging. Kara fixes her boys a snack and leaves them to their homework, feeling proud of balancing her work life and kids. Later, she shows Mark the package for his trip to Nigeria. She tells him to be careful, and he tells her how much he will miss her. That night, MJ shows Kara her new car and the two talk about her life.

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Beauty Mysteries Revealed! Check Out The Real Secret to Flawless Winter Skin!


For the readers that live in the non-tropical climates, I feel your pain! The brisk, cold winter is in full effect, and it’s putting a damper on our beautifully flawless skin! We are now at risk for dry and irritated skin along with chapped lips.

Every year I have used various moisturizers to keep my skin shielded from the cold, but I was consistently unsuccessful. After the first few hours of moisture application, my skin would begin to feel drying and dehydrated. But, the struggle is now over!

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Tyra Banks (@tyrabanks) Leaves Her New Talk Show, FABLife (@FABLifeShow)

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Sometimes when it’s time to go and move on to better things, you just have to say bye and that looks to be exactly what Tyra Banks is doing.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Tyra will be leaving her new daytime talk show The FABLife to focus on her cosmetics lin, TYRA Beauty:

This is a very difficult decision, but necessary. I will be devoting more time to my new, growing cosmetics company, TYRA Beauty, which is expanding faster than anticipated, as well as overseeing my company’s other entertainment ventures. I will however continue to support the growth and success of FABLife and greatly admire my fellow co-hosts and the talented production team behind the show.


Reportedly, Banks will remain as executive producer throughout the month of December. There are no plans to date, for a replacement and co-hosts and contributors – including Chrissy Teigen, fashion editor Joe Zee, interior designer Lauren Makk and YouTube star Leah Ashley will stay on.

Tyra also posted the following on Instagram:

Who do you think will be a good stand in for Tyra? Leave your thoughts below.

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By Monique C. Tillman

Bye, Bye Katniss! “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2” Ends with a Twist!

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The story we love, the characters we empathize with, and a girl armed with a bow and arrow that started a revolution are all back–one more time. Yep, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 has finally arrived, picking up right where Part 1 left off from, with Katniss recovering from injuries, literally from the hands of Peeta. The film shows Katniss as the Mockingjay, now more than ever before, she has become the face of the rebellion and the hope of the people. This time around Katniss must not only deal with President Snow and the forces of The Capital, but enemies within her own ranks, one of them being a brainwashed Peeta.

22495133 hunger-games-mockingjay-part-2-cast-images-2015

I have to admit this had to be one of the slower films out of the franchise. Perhaps this is why it opened at a franchise low, at 102 million dollars. That is still a hit in the box office, but many attribute it to blockbuster fatigue. Fans were simply ready for something new. Action may have also played a part. Whereas in the book there seemed to be non-stop action, this film began slow and did not pick up until over halfway in the film. However, when things did pick up the victors of the Hunger Games, Peeta, Finnick, and of course, Katniss, shined! The girl has moves that would make Green Arrow smile. Coincidentally there’s an homage to the DC superhero in the film. See if you can spot it. Still, this is the end of an era. Katniss proved that one girl can make all the difference in the face of tyranny. Still we wish we could have learned more about PanAm and the rest of the world. It just seems like Katniss’s heroic days should not be over. We wonder how the districts and capital of PanAm would do in an international war. Think about it. There has to be more to the world than just them. Be sure you catch the finale of Hunger Games in theaters nationwide!

You’ll Never See It Coming…”The Secret in Their Eyes!”

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They say the best secrets are hidden in plain sight, especially when it comes to crimes of passion. Enter the world of the FBI and its fight against terrorism. We meet a tight knit group of agents who are determined to get the job done and seem quite good at it, until tragedy strikes one of their own, Jessica “Jess” Cobb’s (Julia Roberts) daughter, Carolyn, is raped and murdered by an FBI informant. Determined to get justice for Carolyn and revenge for her mother, Ray Caston, (Chiwetel Ejiofor) makes it his mission to bring her killer to justice even if it means going against the Bureau! The lengths, depths, and danger this agent goes through will make you question everything you think you know about this story.

Julia Roberts and Chiwetel Ejiofor hey mikey atl

This has to be one of the best films I have seen in a long time. Although it builds up slowly, it soon takes us on an emotional roller coaster for the ages. You can definitely attribute the awesomeness of this film to its three main stars. Julia, Chiwetel, and Nicole Kidman (Claire) have amazing chemistry and energy. The way their characters play off each other truly blurs the lines between doing what is right and remaining loyal to a dear friend. Be sure you catch this amazing film in theaters everywhere TODAY!