Someone’s Finally on “The Right Side of a Love Song”–R&B Star, Melanie Fiona (@MelanieFiona) is Preggers!

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When it comes to vocals and ballads, there are few singers that can touch Melanie Fiona. All of her songs have touched us in a way that is both intimate, and at times heartbreaking. The girl can sing you to heartbreak, through heartbreak, and life beyond a heartbreak. This only makes her more relatable because we know she has gone through something. She is not just another prepackaged, pretty face singing songs someone else wrote for her. Therefore, no one deserves more to have the amazing news she recently announced–she is pregnant!

melanie fiona pregnant hey mikey atl

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Miles (@SiirBrock) vs. Milan (@MilanChrisGordy)? Gay Paradise is Lost Between Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood Stars!

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Unless you have been under a rock, you know that VH-1’s hit series Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood featured the franchise’s first gay couple with rapper Miles “Siir Brock” Brock and artist/producer, Miles Christopher. The couples reception has been mixed, but mostly positive as the series depicts Miles’ struggle with his sexuality and budding relationship with Milan. Well, what seems to have been the Black Gay World’s “it couple” has quickly become a debacle of domestic violence, sabotage, and gossip–at least that what TMZ and Love B. Scott report. Allegedly, Miles was arrested for attacking his, we presume, ex-boyfriend.

From TMZ

Law enforcement tells us Milan went to NYPD cops Friday night, claiming he and Miles ended up at the same party, they started arguing and Miles slugged him in the face. 

Milan filed a police report and the next night Milan tracked Miles down in Times Square, found a cop and pointed Miles out. The cop cuffed Miles and placed him under arrest for assault.

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“Straight Outta Rope!” Claudia Jordan (@ClaudiaJordan) Blasts Racist “Fan” on Instagram!

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If the racially charged incidents of the last two years have not informed you, racism is still very much alive and prevalent. Whether you are being turned down for jobs for having an ethnic name, being profiled because you’re Black, or simply having two realize there are two worlds of the White majority and ethnic minority in this country; millions are victims of racism. This weekend former Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Claudia Jordan was in that number when a crazed “fan” went in on her via Facebook for her speaking out against the murders of unarmed Black men and teens. After calling her a number of names, including a racist and a cunt; he sent her the following picture in her inbox.


Racist much? Claudia could have ignored his ignorance, but we are glad she did not, and posted the picture on her social media accounts with the following explanation:


Whether this guy was a crazed fan, police sympathizer, or even a bonafied Klansman, there should be no place for people with his sentiments. Expose this nastiness so I can burn and fester in the light. Let’s all do Chris Barr a favor, and give him the notoriety he really deserves by letting him know just what we think about his nonsense. Claudia we are with you girl! #BlackLivesMatter 

Gilbert Arenas Continues to Trash Ex, Laura Govan (@LauraMGovan), on Social Media!

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Different day, same slander when it comes to Gilbert Arenas and his ex Laura Govan. Just last week we reported that Arenas had served the mother of his children with a 60-day eviction notice and as if that wasn’t humiliating enough, Gilbert is still taking to social media to run Laura’s name through the mud.

Gilbert Arenas took to Instagram to post, then later delete a post where he aired his disdain for the mother of his children:

Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan hey mikey atl

My kids be at home like: airplane food AGAIN… #paperplategang #cafeteriafood this what that 20k buys my kids lmaoooo stop bullshitting these hardworking #mothers between u and that #dike someone can cook a real mean and wash dishes smdh….if u spent more time actually being a mother, then emailing #tmz #balleralert stories about me so they can post and u play all innocent like u a #victim….all u ladies that bash me for blasting her remember this…I don’t club,go out, only time u see me out I’m with my kids #nonanny #nomaids so how do stories get out about me…u guess that right #thebestmomintheworld…. my name is what puts food on my kids table and she spends her time trying to bite the hand that feeds HER… if I don’t get paid…how are you gonna buy all the outfits you post on #ig?… I sat back and just watched u secretly destroy my name… for YOUR on gain… #youcaughtredhanded 62 emails forwarded to me by different gossip sites from ur email addy trying to have stories ran about me…so fucking sad, now since it’s Saturday and theres no school ur forced to watch them NOW take urself to #glowzone #skyhigh #celebkidsbdayparty and take pics with the kids like u having the best day…. this was suppose to be my weekend but u had ur lawyer deny it becuz ur weekend falls on ur bday, ano no #fake mommy wants their kids on they #turnupday #STOPFAKINGforIG #uwantfameHEREitisNOedit the truth shall set u free… and yes that’s my son#aloniarenas hahahahahaha FYI by u emailing those sites u went against that #restrainingGagOrder tsk tsk

Laura has yet to respond. This mess is getting nastier by the day.

Written By: Monique C. Tillman

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Chrissy Teigen (@chrissyteigen) Shares a Piece of Her Hubby, John Legend (@johnlegend) on Instagram!


Everyone seems to be baring it all today. First, Justin Bieber shows his behind to Instagram, then Love B. Scott releases texts and eggplant (penis) pictures of Tyga to transsexual porn star, Mia Isabela! Well now it looks like one celebrity couple does not want to be left out of the fun–Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. Hours ago, Chrissy posted a racy picture of her husband’s naked backside on Instagram! Although many were pleasantly surprised–and elated–some are asking why would she ever post a picture of her husband’s cakes online? Others suspect she may be trying to make a point. A week ago she posted a topless picture of herself to the site and it was removed immediately, whereas it has been over a day now since Justin Bieber’s picture was posted and it has yet to be removed. Double standard much Instagram? Check out the picture below.


This is not the first time we have seen John nude. As you may recall, back in 2013, via a Funny Or Die video, he gave the world a nude tour of his home. Well Chrissy thanks for sharing the scenic view, but word of advice? No eggplants! You might have a Tiger Woods scandal on your hands then! Check out some of the pictures from the Funny or Die video below.


Really? Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) Bares Behind on Instagram!


Nudity is the purest way to showcase the human form. Whereas it was once solely a source of art nowadays it seems like everyone, especially celebrities, have nude pictures floating around out there somewhere. Just this year alone, Match Made in Heaven’s Shawn Bullard and Nickelodeon star Jeanette McCurdy have had nude pictures of themselves leaked to the internet. This time, however, there is no leak! Justin Bieber willfully posted a nude picture of himself to Instagram! Take a look below.


Sorry ladies, and some gents, but today is not Friday so we will not be showing any eggplants (Check August Alsina and his recent selfie for that)! Apparently, Biebs posted the pic while visiting a beautiful island. He captioned the picture with “Look,” as he pointed to the green mountains in the distance. Later he tweeted to the masses reminding them that this week is Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week,” after his own friend was attacked by a shark recently.

Enjoy your vacation Justin, but it is time to get back to the studio! That new single of his, “Where Are You Now?” with Skrillo and Diplo Remix is awesome. We need a full album to follow up as soon as possible sir!

Caitlyn Jenner (@Caitlyn_Jenner) is PROUD to be “One of US”–An American!


Caitlyn Jenner has truly been the talk of the town, well nation, for the last few months as Bruce Jenner revealed he was transition into a woman and then, rather quickly, introduced Caitlyn Jenner to the world! The support for Caitlyn has been overwhelming and outstanding, garnering respect for her courage and the will to be who she is. Lately, Caitlyn has been seen at this year’s Gay Pride in New York City and will be the recipient of the prestigious Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Over the Fourth of July weekend she released a powerful patriotic statement via Instagram:


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