The Haves & The Have Nots- “Two Funerals”


Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots are back and hotter than ever–literally! David awakes to find his room and home engulfed in flames. He scrambles to find Veronica, finding her outside on their steps smoking a cigarette. He is glad she is okay, but she is not happy he survived her attempt to kill him. He is shocked at his wife’s evil. At The Cryers’, Maggie preps Jim and Katheryn for Amanda’s funeral the next day, promising not to allow it to become a media circus. She is interrupted by Wyatt who compliments her on her breast! She quickly sees why her clients have such a problem with him. She is interrupted again with news of the fire at The Harringtons’. The home is completely engulfed in fire!


At The Sarandon Hotel, Hanna informs Candice her son, Q, is alive and being held captive by his father, Quincy. She demands to know where he is, but she does not know. Hanna admonishes her for hooking up with Oscar and not even knowing his last name. Hanna leaves furiously, and Candice asks him to go, but he refuses. Instead he holds her tightly. Benny arrives home and Hanna immediately questions where he has been. She admonishes him for fighting Quincy, and he apologizes for wrecking her car. She is pleased he is all right, but surprised to see him with David’s truck. Benny tells her it is a gift from Veronica, but that Quincy has been locked back up. He refuses to apologize for his actions and promises he will finish things with Quincy once and for all!

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Enough Is Enough”


The Haves & The Have Nots began on a brutally honest note as both Katheryn and Jim confess their sins to Wyatt. They both reveal their affairs to him. Jim asks him is he gay and is he in love with Jeffrey. He tells them he is straight, but they inform him he is more likely going to be raped while in prison. Wyatt refuses to believe them. Jim declares he is tired of his son and that now he can deal with the pain of losing both he and Amanda; and demands he get out of his face. Elsewhere, Hanna receives the shock of her life when he arrives at Hanna’s doorstep holding his son,Q. He demands she let him in or he will disappear by the time she calls the police. She pleads with him to let him stay, but he refuses to give in unless she tells him where Candice is. She refuses to give her daughter up and tries to stop him, but he slaps her away from him and leaves with his son.

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Unglued”


The Haves & The Have Nots begin again on a sad note as Jim visits Amanda’s room and apologizes for not being able to save her. There, he finds Katheryn who mocks him for his vulnerability and informs him that Wyatt is talking with the District Attorney. Jim decides not to intervene and asks Katheryn why they are sticking into their facade of a marriage. She tells him she will not be saving Wyatt and Jim notices she has changed. They agree to divorce and he will keep the 7.4 million dollars he withdrew from their account as his divorce settlement. She promises him he will leave with what he came with. He feels it is more than fair. Elsewhere, Candice checks out a house . While she does her history with Jim is played out. She loves the house and decides to look at another, traditional one for Benny.


David arrives at Jeffrey’s apartment to find it in disarray. He calls Veronica and demands to know what she has done to their son. David confronts her and demands she tell him whose blood is on the floor. She becomes alarmed when she realizes it is not Candice’s. David threatens her and demands to know where the Black Sedan is. She refuses to tell him and he leaves to find Jeffrey. At The Cryers, Jim questions Wyatt about what he told Jennifer. Wyatt admits he told her everything and that he will tell Hanna everything as well. Candice looks at the other house and loves it as well. She decides to buy both in cash!

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Oscar”


The Haves & The Haves Nots begins with a heated confrontation between David and Landon, as the latter tries to convince him to stop Veronica from hurting Jeffrey. He tells David he is being silent in the situation involving his family and failing his son. Maggie interrupts their conversation and tells Landon he is not fired despite David’s misgivings. She and David arrange Candice’s interview with the law firm, but neither trust she will stay away from Jim. A man approaches Candice, hitting on her, but she tries to deter him by revealing she is a prostitute that charges $25K/hr!


At the Cryers’ home Celine arrives for work and demands Hanna move her car out of her parking space. She in turn tells Celine she no longer works there and to leave. Katheryn calls for Hanna and tells her of the arrangements she would like made for Amanda’s funeral. Hanna tells her she has arranged for Amanda’s room to be cleaned; Katheryn insists all of her belongings be packed up as well. Hanna advises her that her grief will come in waves, but Katheryn feels them all at once when she sees Celine. Katheryn demands she leaves but she refuses. Jim fires her and demands Wyatt go to his room as he chides Celine for being his father’s “baby mama.”


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The Haves & The Have Nots – “A Talk With Jim”


The Haves & The Have Nots begin with Quincy beating Jeffrey to a pulp. He is surprised at how well he takes a beating and is even more amazed at how Veronica has sent him to teach him a lesson. He demands he unlock his phone but he refuses. Jeffrey tearfully takes another beating and remarks how his mother hates him. Quincy warns him he will not hold back and threatens to kill him if he does not hand over the password to his phone. Jeffrey reluctantly tells him Candice is at another hotel besides the Sarandon. Quincy helps him up and tells him what his prison name would have been, “Peaches.” He helps him clean up but warns him if Candice is not at that hotel he will come back and kill him. He breaks Jeffrey’s house phone and tries to leave, when Jeffrey hits him over the head with a bottle leaving him in the hallway.


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The Haves & The Have Nots- “In Crisis”


Civil War erupts as Jim and Wyatt clash over the others’ ills. Wyatt threatens to take everyone down in his grief and reminds his father how his adultery left him at camp at the hands of a lecherous priest at camp. David and Jeffrey try to keep them apart but they continue to fight. The Harringtons manage to calm them down and David sends Jeffrey after Wyatt. Veronica stops him and orders him home. She tells him his “guest” should be there waiting for him by now. Candice calls Jeffrey to find to see if Amanda’s death actually happened. He confirms her demise and reminds Candice he warned her she suicidal awhile back.


Veronica and David face off over Jeffrey and Melissa again. David tells her he is going to call Melissa and tell her to back off. Veronica calls the girl for him and he tries to dissuade her from pursung Jeffrey but she inisists on seeing him. Benny calls Candice to tell her he and their mother are coming to see her. Candice tries to deny him, but he insists she wanted to see her after Amanda’s demise. She reluctantly agrees to see her.


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The Haves & The Have Nots- “April 17, 1979″


The Haves & The Have Nots continues to began on a shocking note as everyone reels from the investigating officer’s announcement of Amanda’s death being a homicide. Veronica quickly questions his credibility and reminds him who he is in the presence of. The officer stands by his declaration. Wyatt causes further problems when he announces he will tell The D.A., Jennifer, everything he has done including hitting Benny and Lizzie. He and Jim begin to fight prompting Jeffrey to pull him away into the kitchen. Celine tries to comfort Jim, but he rebuffs her advances. Veronica demands she leaves, but she refuses. They almost begin to fight until David pulls them apart. Katheryn blames Jim for their daughter’s death and reveals how the two of them met when she was just fifteen. They married on April 17, 1979, and she describes it as the worst day of her life. She tells Jim how much she hates him, but refuses to ever let him go as torment for all the grief he has caused her. She demands Celine leave, but she refuses. Katheryn reveals Celine has two sons with Jim, one of them is only seven years old. She demands Celine leave again, but she again refuses prompting Katheryn to attack her and drag her by her hair. She promises that despite their agreement she is fired and banished from her home. Celine FINALLY leaves!


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