The Haves & The Have Nots- “Dianna Whinchil”

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Maggie is mortified as Celine begins to speak about her relationship with Jim. She tries to get them to stop the program, but they tell her they cannot because it is live. Celine is apprehensive to talk, but Carlos tells Diana she is doing it at his behest. Diana questions him about the twenty-eight year long affair he has had with her, much to Katheryn’s chagrin. Diana insists everyone speak up. Carlos declares his father is a rich man who let his children grow up in squalor and should not be governor since he cannot govern his own house! Dianna suggests he apologize to his sons, but Carlos stops him telling him he does not need a father, but his little brother Jimmy does. Maggie ends the broadcast by pouring coffee into the camera equipment. She demands Dianna leave, while Jim makes his campaign staff leave.

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Veronica pokes fun at Jim’s affairs until Maggie calls her out. Before they can start Veronica reveals she found David and Maggie together in the Sarandon. David again tells her nothing happened. Veronica blames Jim for undoing all their gubernatorial work. He demands she leaves and they begin to argue. She reveals to him she set up Wyatt to be sexually assaulted in prison. Jim chokes her on the desk! It takes Landon and David to pull him off of her. David warns him to never put his hands on his wife again and then leaves to go after her. Katheryn demands to know what is going on.

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The Haves & The Haves Nots- “A Home For Q”

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Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots begins with Wyatt reels from his sexual assault. The inmate tries to rape him again, but thankfully a guard saves him. The guard demands to know how the inmate was locked in him with him, but he has no answers for him. The guards realize they are in trouble with Jim and get him to the infirmary! Elsewhere, the social worker inspects Hanna’s home and inquires about their employment. Benny reveals he owns a tow company with a “mysterious partner.” Hanna is shocked by the news, but is proud of him. She is also shocked to find out Candace has returned so quickly from New York and on a private jet. Hanna tells the social worker how terrible of a person Candace is. Carlos stops by to check on his mother. He tells her Jim is announcing he is running from governor. Celine is hurt that she did not know and that she has not heard from him. Carlos pleads with her to see the truth, but she refuses to listen to him. He leaves disappointed.

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Jennifer meets with The Harringtons and Cryers, confronting them about Wyatt’s taped confession. She and Veronica face off, with the latter even implying she burned down her house to kill her husband. They try to convince Jennifer that Wyatt is lying and has been using. She refuses to fall for their cover up, until David reminds her she is not suppose to be speaking to them. Veronica tries to goad her into a fight, reminding her she has to have evidence to do anything. Jim makes her leave, by walking around his house. Veronica reveals she knows Wyatt is in prison, and lies saying David told her. David confronts her, demanding to know what she has done to Wyatt. She tells him “the boy will learn.” David quickly demands Jim get Wyatt out of prison!

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Benny Does Battle”


Benny emerges from the wreck virtually unscathed, Quincy, however is injured. Benny begins to pummel him relentlessly into a bloody pulp for his attacks on his mother and sister. He takes his wallet and learns that his nephew, Q, is with Quincy’s sister. Benny takes his phone too and calls 911 pretending to be him calling for help. He tosses the phone afterwards and leaves in pursuit of Q. Quincy manages to escape before the police arrive despite his injuries. Elsewhere, Candace takes Oscar up on his offer on New York City. There, he tells Candace how glad he is to see her and he offers to show her how to make more money–tens of millions. She brushes off his offer.


Jeffrey meets with David at his offer. There, his father gives him new credit cards and tells him Veronica will come around. Jeffrey admonishes him for his continued faith in her, and pushes David to be with Maggie. David insists he is still in love with her and admonishes him for calling his mother evil. He tells Jeffrey it is not easy to let go with someone you are truly in love with. Jeffrey is reminded of Wyatt and tells him about Melissa’s pregnancy. David is not sure how they can help Veronica, but comforts Jeffrey. While flying, Candace and Oscar join the Mile High Club! Hanna helps Katheryn locate Amanda’s diaries. Maggie visits David and struggles to keep from revealing Veronica’s affair with Benny, while Katheryn bravely begins to read Amanda’s diaries.

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Candace Young, Esq.”


Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots begins with Candace determined to fool Benny. She has Maggie pose as her secretary and show her around the building, berating her in the process. Benny is amazed with his sister’s accomplishments. He apologizes for doubting her. Their heartfelt moment is interrupted when the lawyer who really owns the office interrupts them. Candace manages to play them off, while Maggie sits down to talk with her.  Elsewhere, Katheryn calls Veronica to tell her Jennifer wants to see them about Wyatt’s confession. Veronica agrees to come meet with her and the others (including Jim and David). Katheryn tries to talk to her about the Sedan but she plays her off and agrees to talk with her about it later in person. Veronica signs for a new house and demands it be decorated in a few days. She calls two criminals she got off, asking them about the car. They tell her they have lost the Sedan in a federal auction. She leaves the house angrily.


Katheryn learns what Jim has done to Wyatt when she sees the former with Norman. Jim assures her has everything under control and promises her the professor that raped Amanda is next. Katheryn informs him about their meeting with Jennifer. They both agree it is time to deal with everything that is going on. In prison, Wyatt demands to call his mother, but the guards refer to him as Norman and refuse. His cell mate offers to protect him in return for sex, but he refuses. He threatens to rape him when the lights go out!

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “The Cougar”


Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots begins with naughty behavior as Hanna walks in on Veronica and Benny as they make love. She is shocked, but manages to hold off David, thanks to a phone call from Jeffrey telling him him that Veronica has canceled his credit cards and room. David puts Jeffrey’s expenses on his card while Hanna angrily fetches his keys from Benny. She tells David her son is sleepy and warns them to be quiet because David is on the other side of the door.


David asks to speak directly with Benny, but Hanna tries to stall him. Benny emerges from his room to answer David’s questions. There, he tells David that Veronica asked him to drive her home in it because she had been drinking and said she would tell him when to drop it back off. David relents and leaves with the car, but not before noticing hand prints on the window and ceiling! When he pulls off Hanna lays into Veronica and Benny, admonishing the former for sleeping with her son and the latter for messing with a married, older woman. She demands Veronica leave and wait for her car service outside. Hanna continues to yell at Benny demanding that he never see her again. He tells her they have hooked up twice, because “she threw it out there.” Hanna threatens to put him out. He reminds her that he is there to help her and leaves angrily. Outside,he tries to offer Veronica a ride home, but she stops him.

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Nine Lives”


The Haves & The Have Nots will take you hostage–literally–as Candace learns when Katheryn and Jim hold her hostage, demanding she tell them what she did to make Amanda commit suicide. They try to send Hanna home before they begin interrogating her, insisting Candace has already left. Katheryn awakes an unconscious Candace by tossing a pot of water in her face! She and Jim begin questioning her, she cannot leave due to the concussion she received from her head injury. Hanna finds Candace’s car outside and realizes she has not left. She walks in on The Cryers refusing to let her daughter leave. She refuses to let them harm her, but demands Candace reveal to them what caused Amanda’s latest emotional breakdown. Candace reveals Professor Cannon raped Amanda and that the pregnancy test Jim found belonged to her, but it was faulty. Hanna leaves with Candace in tow.

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “In Memoriam”

Candace Young (Tika Sumpter)

Tyler Perry’s The Haves Not & Have Nots begins with Veronica taking over for Hanna after she tries to keep Jim and Wyatt from fighting. Veronica has Hanna tend to Katheryn, while she deals with Wyatt. When Hanna leaves Veronica confronts him about selling them out, promising to collect on all “the favors” he owes her. Wyatt tells her he is not afraid of prison and believes Jeffrey might enjoy the idea of being raped more than him. He also tells her he notices how disgusted she gets seeing that her son is in love with him. Veronica demands Jim get Wyatt in line after the funeral.


At the cemetery Candice arrives to give her condolences to The Cryers, much to Hanna’s chagrin. No one is happy to see her. The Cryers are quickly ushered to their car, while she and Veronica face off. The two exchange insults on make up, Veronica’s home, and even Quincy. Jeffrey tries to get her to leave, but she insists she is there for Amanda. She gives Katheryn her condolences, who in turn surprisingly invites her to their home after the funeral. Candice gladly accepts, telling her mother she will see her soon.

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