The Haves & The Have Nots- “The War Room”


Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The Have Nots” begin with a scene of intimidation as Jim learns more about his captor, War, and his past. Jim tries to flex his legal knowledge and reason with “business man to business man” but he fails when he realizes the hardened criminal is not afraid of him and loyal to Candice. He tells Jim she always comes out on top, and even if he were to escape he would never survive their neighborhood. Jim realizes Candice has some power in that area and is left black bagged and in the dark again. Elsewhere, Hanna and her friend clean up after the party and discuss the whereabouts of Candice’s son. The woman tells her Quincy’s mother moved to Atlanta and she has not had contact with her since. Benny tries to get Hanna to send Michael home, but she refuses and tells him to let him stay the night to sleep off the liquor. Benny goes to check on Candice and finds she has snuck out! He tries to call her to no avail and then questions his mother about her friend, Jeffrey Harrington. He promises to find and protect her much to Hanna’s dismay. She pleads with him to stay out of Candice’s business but he flatly refuses!

Tyler Perry's "The Haves And The Have Nots"

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Taraji P. Henson (@TherealTaraji) Talks Dating…”Men are not willing to court anymore”!


Being a successful actress in Hollywood and having the ability to catch millions of viewers attention by the portraying a specific character on TV or the big screen comes very easy for Taraji. Having years of experience under her belt also makes it pretty easy for her to dominate her field of work. All these good qualities should make it very easy to find the right guy who is on the same playing level as you right? Well, this concept is not true for Taraji. She finds it very hard to date because guys do not court anymore. So its safe to say that she is single and her dating life sucks according to her. I find the concept of dating in Hollywood very interesting. You would think dating would come easy for them but apparently it doesn’t. With all the fame, fortune, and credibility, why is so hard for a good woman to find a great guy? Lets explore this topic and discover why some women regardless of their career choice can’t find a good man.

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Power Dance”

Tyler Perry's "The Haves And The Have Nots"

Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots is back for a third, explosive season! The episode begins where the second season left off with Wyatt awakening from his sleep after hearing a noise. He walks through the house to investigate, finding his mother and sister sound asleep in bed. When he goes downstairs he notices the front door ajar and finds his father’s cell phone on the ground. He picks it up and looks around the house for him. When he does not find him he goes into his study, there he flashbacks about his own crimes and his father’s involvement with Candice. He pours himself a drink and finally musters up the courage to go through his phone and reads all the messages between Jim from Candice and Celine. Greatly disheartened he drinks the liquor and and angrily throws the phone out of the room!


The Youngs try to enjoy a good time as they celebrate Benny’s recovery with the neighborhood. Everyone seems happy except Candice who remains nervous about Quincy looking for her. She keeps watching the street thinking any minute he will come by. Benny assures her she is safe and refuses to allow her to leave. Meanwhile, Hanna finds Michael has had a bit too much to drink and coaxes him into giving her his drink. they laugh and dance together happily about Benny’s recovery, but are briefly saddened by Lizzie’s demise. He holds her tightly, telling her how much cares for her. She advises him to eat some food and sober up. Benny pokes fun at her about Michael. He then tells her they are safe and he has “people” guarding the block with guns. Hanna warns him about getting involved with Candice’s situation and tells him Katheryn is coming by. He assures her she will not.

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Nicki Minaj Opens Up w/ Angie Martinez


Written by: K. Nikki

While on her publicity tour for “The Pink Print”, her latest contribution to the hip hop world, Nicki Minaj stopped by the Angie Martinez show for a very heart felt and intimate interview about her professional and personal life. Though she remains silent on many matters, especially those dealing with the heart, Nicki felt because she was so open with this album, she might as well be straight up about the current situations she’s dealing with: her recent introduction to the single life. Topics such as how it was working with Queen B, to the latest rumors about her and Meek Mill, this interview was very in depth and enjoyable to watch. Check it out:


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12/8/2014- “Bye Felipe”


Hey Mikey,

This on again and off again status relationship between me and my boyfriend, Frank, is really pissing me off! For the last two months he has broken up and gotten back together with me at least every other week. He has broken up with me for picking him up five minutes late, baking chicken instead of frying it, and once for not having an ugly sweater for some “Ugly Christmas Sweater” themed party. I CAN’T! I feel like I have to be doing something for him to nitpick every single thing I do. Help me out here Mikey. Am I the crazy one or is he?

-Desperately Disheveled

***Desperately Disheveled YOU ARE BOTH CRAZY! Obviously you never heard Taylor Swift when she sang, “…we are never ever, EVER getting back together!” Either he is very petty or very controlling, neither are a good look. This needs to be done once and for all. Have a candid conversation and tell him you are going to be together and committed or you will not be anything. No sane woman will be with a man who checks her about not having an ugly sweater for some equally ugly party! Girl, it is hard to be a healthy individual when you are surrounded by bullshit. Move on! There are plenty of men with better fashion sense, cooler parties to attend, and won’t give you the drama Frank, I mean “Felipe” is causing. So “Bye Felipe!”


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12/4/2014- “Foul on the Foreplay!”


Hey Mikey!

My new boyfriend and I are ready to begin having sex. We have not gone all the way yet, but I definitely want to. The other night we at least got to third base–but that’s also when I realized he might not know how to get me to homerun and out of the ball park. Simply put his tongue skills are lacking. When I told him about it, he says it’s because he does not like doing that, but he expects me to go down on him. Are you catching my issue? I am really big on foreplay. How do I get him on my team? Sex is not the most important thing in a relationship but it is an important part of a relationship. I would love your input.

-So Worth It

***So Worth It, I feel your dilemma and reciprocation is a must! I think you should emphasize just how important foreplay is to you. Let him know that just as much as he wants you to get him off; you in turn need him to get you on. Sex, my dear, like anything can become better with a few directions as well. Just point him the right direction. I know from experiece, a little direction makes a world of difference ;-). By the way I love the sports references!

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11/24/2014- “Don’t Be An ‘Askhole!'”


Hey Mikey,

My friend is not talking to me right now. Apparently, because I don’t follow her advice, she feels I’m a lost cause. I don’t have the best luck with guys (everybody says I attract bad guys), so I admit to making her into my confidante. Still, I don’t always tell her about them for her to advise me. Sometimes I just want to tell her what is going on with me without judgement. Her recent break from my life means she has been judging me all along. I miss her though. Any advice Mikey?

-Angel Baby 5

***Angel Baby 5, honestly I’m hesitant to offer you any advice. There’s no guarantee you will follow it.  You are what we call an “Askhole!”An Askhole is a person who constantly acts for advice and then does the exact opposite every time. You need to stop! Your friend is not judging you, she is simply fed up with you dumping your issues on her. As a friend she is trying to help you find a solution to your man problems so both of you can have piece of mind. You need to apologize wholeheartedly and change your interaction with her. No more dumping your relationship drama on her and get some real help. Remember you attract what you put out; work on yourself and a good man will come along at the right time.

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