12/4/2014- “Foul on the Foreplay!”


Hey Mikey!

My new boyfriend and I are ready to begin having sex. We have not gone all the way yet, but I definitely want to. The other night we at least got to third base–but that’s also when I realized he might not know how to get me to homerun and out of the ball park. Simply put his tongue skills are lacking. When I told him about it, he says it’s because he does not like doing that, but he expects me to go down on him. Are you catching my issue? I am really big on foreplay. How do I get him on my team? Sex is not the most important thing in a relationship but it is an important part of a relationship. I would love your input.

-So Worth It

***So Worth It, I feel your dilemma and reciprocation is a must! I think you should emphasize just how important foreplay is to you. Let him know that just as much as he wants you to get him off; you in turn need him to get you on. Sex, my dear, like anything can become better with a few directions as well. Just point him the right direction. I know from experiece, a little direction makes a world of difference ;-). By the way I love the sports references!

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10/21/2014- “Escorted Into Love”

Kyle Lucas - Frank Rubio - 02

Hey Mikey,

I find myself in a really awkward position. Last year I find myself extremely broken and brokenhearted after a series of failed attempts at dating and relationships. I went on Adam4Adam and hired an escort. We’ll call him “Dre.” After our first encounter he had me hooked! He did things to and explored my body like no other guy ever has. I started paying to see him every week and we’ve gradually become friends. Now I’m beginning to feel like he’s The One even though he says we just have a friendship and working relationship. I feel it’s more. He admitted to doing things with me in and out of bed he doesn’t do with his other clients. Am I wrong in thinking he’s just not giving this a chance?

-Feeling Hopeful

***Feeling Hopeful, unfortunately you are hopelessly pursuing something with someone that most likely is not meant to be. What Dre is doing for you is a service. You are the client and he is the distributor. As a sex worker his whole scheme is to make you feel like you’re  the apple of his eye so you will keep hiring him. Which means he will fix his mouth to say and do what’s necessary. He is doing you a favor by telling you that you are just his client. Keep it at that– if you must. If  love and a relationship are what you crave, then you can never just settle for this. As hard as it is to do you, have to get back out there and try your hand at  love again. FYI, true love has no monetary value, it is indeed priceless…NEVER equate or mistake physical pleasure for love!

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10/11/2014- “Her Baby & His Porn Star Dreams”



Mikey I need some advice and quick. I think my son is about to do something  that will ruin his life forever. Last year, he came out and told me he was bisexual and I accept him wholly. Since then, I have seen him date a number of men and women so I assumed his love life was as normal as it could be. Now here’s  where everything gets spooky for me. He’s been unemployed and out of school for six months now. I have no idea how he’s getting money. Whenever I, or another family member, asks him what he plans to do with his life he just tells us he has “trap boy dreams.” I assumed he was joking until his sister accidentally picked up his cell phone thinking it was hers, and found out he has been talking with some guy about possibly doing a sex video. Needless to say I am devastated. My daughter and I want to confront him about  it, but are not sure how to go about doing it. I dont mind having a gay son, but a porn star I just want have!


***Anonymous, this is a lot to figure out –and honestly I have never had such an inquiry! First off, text conversations are open to interpretation. They lack the amenities of language; i.e. facial expressions, tone, innuendo, etc. To avoid the aforementioned misinterpretation, the path you must take is clear as day–use the straightforward approach. As a mother with an adult son, sit down and RESPECTFULLY  discuss the issue with him; and explain how you came across the information. Be prepared to accept whatever answer he gives you; and equally prepared to standby your decision of not supporting such work if he decides  to pursue  it. Remember there’s nothing wrong with disapproving, but keep your vocalizations to this conversation and move forward thereafter.  Being a strong mother is more than approving or disapproving of your child’s actions.   It means you have to be strong and wise enough to love them through any situation.

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9/2/2014- “The Raw Dog Rebel”


Hey Mikey,

My current boyfriend and I have been together for a year now. I’m generally happy with him and I feel like I’m falling for him more and more everyday. So…my problem is in our sex life. He wants to start having raw sex and I definitely don’t. I’m negative and he is too but still I think it’s gross. He says if I love him and want to be a good partner I’ll at least try it, but I’m just not with it. Is there something I can do to get him to realize all that is rather dirty. I’ve seen videos and I’m not with the clean up. Tell me something good Mikey I’m counting on you!

-Gay Boy Issues

***Gay Boy Issues, this is rather intense!  I mistake, this is not something you can compromise on. Either you are going to do it, or not. I think you two should have a serious conversation and you should express your discomfort with the action. I would rather this not be a deal breaker in your relationship,  but the moment you start bringing ultimatums into the bedroom things are definitely going downhill. Never let anyone push you into doing something you are comfortable with.  Remember what one guy won’t do for you, another one will!

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Hit The Floor- “Game Changer”

The Devil Girls
The Devil Girls

“Hit The Floor” returned with a steamy scene! Derek and Ahsha make love before their respective practices. At the main court, Jelena drills the girls (as usual), but rehearsal is interrupted by Sloane. She and Sloane get off on bad footing with the former reminding the latter who’s in charge. She gives the girl and open invitation to speak to her at any time. Jelena admonishes her for her “inspiring” speech. Elsewhere, Oscar and Pete discuss the building of the new stadium. They are interrupted by new player, Zero, brought into the Devils team by hotshot agent, Jude. Terence and Derek are not thrilled. In the locker room Kyle fills the girls in on her deadbeat husband. She tries to talk to Ahsha about her relationship with Derek, but the latter does not want to reveal their romance. Jelena rudely reminds Ahasha the All-Stars are over and although she beat her she did not truly win. Back in his office, Pete and Raquel have sex. Oscar thanks Jude for bringing in Zero. It is revealed Oscar is Jude’s father. In Sloane’s office she calls Ahsha in and tries to reconnect with her. The latter tells her mother, Jelena is not her problem– she is! Jelena goes to Oscar about Sloane. She tries to use her sway to get Sloane fired. Oscar vetoes her decision and warns her not to make him regret giving her ten percent of the team. She warns him he will regret hiring Sloane.

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5/23/2014- “Am I Dating Down?”



I’m a self-professed gym rat. I definitely believe in maintaining my body and I like having a really tones and muscular physique. I normally date guys who look like me. Currently though I’m dating a guy with an average to thick build, at least that’s what Grindr and Jackd would describe him as, LOL. Seriously though he really holds me down. He cooks, takes me out, really cares about me, and the sex is good too. Didn’t think I could feel all that about a big boy. In Atlanta our pairing ain’t exactly the norm. My friends and family say I’m dating down…do you think it sounds like I am?


***Delroy, honestly what I, or anyone else thinks, doesn’t really matter. As long as you have found someone you like and are compatible with then you’re golden. Remember, compatibility, chemistry, and love is so much deeper than anything physical. So no, you’re not dating downward. You are simply following your heart, and not your eyes. Lastly–“The norm?” Really? With as much prejudice as gay men face  I’d think your preferences would be more inclusive. Release whatever insecurities you feel about him or your relationship. After all, you can’t live your life based on the thoughts and opinions of others. Especially when those thoughts are dead ass wrong!

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4/23/2014- “Ms. Marvel in Her Bedroom”


Hey Mikey,

I’m looking to spice up my sex life a little with my fiancé!  He really likes superheroes; and since I hear you’re the man when it comes to superhero trivia I’d like to get your advice on who I should dress up as. I don’t wanna do Wonder Woman or Catwoman, I feel they’re overdone. I await your response!

-Turning Him On

***Turning Him On, I must admit your offer to turn him on with a superhero costume also peaks my interest! Naturally, I was going to suggest Wonder Woman or Catwoman, due to their fame and sex appeal. So, let’s get you ahead of the curve with Ms. Marvel! For fanboys and girls, she is a well-known superhero in the Marvel Comics universe, but relatively unknown to the population at large. There’s no doubt she will be featured in a future Avengers movie. Check out the picture I have pasted with this post. As you can see both outfits will accentuate your curves and show off your thighs. It’s like a healthy cross between Catwoman and Wonder Woman costumes– covered up just enough to still be sexy and mysterious, but revealing enough to get his blood flowing! Also, lets not forget masks are hot! Honestly, I would say try to get both costumes and stretch that special night to a week of fun!

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