Single Ladies- “Cat and Mouse”

"Felicia Price," portrayed by Letoya Luckett

Raquel’s return is the name of the game as the latest episode of “Single Ladies” began. Malcolm and Terrence work together to find Raquel’s whereabouts. Keisha is skeptical of them especially when they discuss enlisting Naomi’s help. April and David agree to go on their first outing after having sex again to view a promising artist, Mateo. Back at Malcolm and Keisha’s home, The Franks interrogate and negotiate Naomi about Deacon’s whereabouts hoping to find Raquel. She agrees to help when Keisha demands Malcolm give her ten percent of their company to help. She in turn demands to get their agreement in writing, via an e-mail to Sean. At Indulgence, Nate and Omar argue over their varying tastes. Deacon grills Raquel on she and Terrance’s “relationship.” She assures him they are just friends. Deacon reveals just how shady he is when he refuses to let her leave and tells her of he and The Franks shared past. He reveals to Raquel she is the perfect “bargaining chip.”

Deacon reveals his dirty business dealings with Malcolm. Naomi attempts to locate Deacon by offering him fake proof of her marriage to the Franks’ Brothers’ father. He instructs her to meet him behind the place where they had their first drop off. Deacon leaves Raquel informing her he will be back to talk to her about getting a cut of “Cut.” David introduces April to his brother, Keith, and sister-in-law, Ellie, and J.D., one of his close friends. They make fun of him for how good he and April look together. Nate and Omar continue to argue his job and priorities, with the latter having  a meltdown over the wrong dress size being sent to Felicia. Elsewhere, Terrence reveals he truly cares for Raquel to Malcolm. They take into consideration what could happen if they fail. They race off into the woods after being alerted by Naomi.

April and David enjoy Mateo’s performance of “How Good Is Your Love” and each other’s company sans any of their usual rivalry. Sean arrives at Keisha’s door hemmed up by bodyguards. He again expresses his concern for her, she thanks him but refuses to inform him of what’s going on. She informs him Naomi and Malcolm were once together. He professes to always care for her no matter what. She coldly resists his attempts to bond with her. Back at the club, April and David continue to enjoy their night with the latter showing his growing soft spot for her. Nate reaches his limit with Omar’s job  and fashion, erupting into an argument. They realize they are too different, with Omar admitting he does not feel for him the way he should. They hug, leaving on good terms. He calls Raquel to tell her, but she unsurprisingly cannot answer since Deacon has taken her phone.

Naomi distracts Deacon while The Franks move in. He reveals he knows she is sleeping with Sean. Malcolm confronts one of the guards while Terrance knocks him out with a stick. They break into the warehouse and Terrance goes searching for Raquel, they agree to rendezvous back at the car. Naomi tries to buy more time with Deacon to no avail. Terrance takes out another guard and rescues Raquel. They race through the woods with Deacon’s men in tow. Needless to say their boss is furious. Back at the club, Keith inquires about David and April’s relationship. He laments about married life with kids, warning David he is better off. In the restroom, April finds out J.D. and Ellie are sleeping together. The latter is greatly embarassed and ask April not to say anything. She agrees but advises her to get a marriage counselor. At Raquel’s apartment, Terrance reassures Raquel he is still on the straight and narrow path. He agrees to stay with her.

Malcolm and Keisha face off when he return home. He tries to make amends but she forces him to sleep on the sofa. April and David part ways for the night, with the latter admiring her lovingly. Terrance reveals his true feelings for Raquel and they finally share a mutual kiss. She tells him to stay with her and they make love on a patio chair on her balcony.

Catch “Single Ladies,” on VH-1, Mondays at 9:00 PM EST.



  1. Kinda sad to know they cancelled this show, but it was sort of going down hill this season, especially April who has gotten more annoying as the season went on. Still I really liked the first couple of seasons and am sad to see it go out like this. Best part of this episode was the whole part with Raquel being held hostage by Deacon. I also like that they used The Weeknd’s “Belong to the World” in the scene where April and the others are at the club hanging out.

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