4/21/2014-“His New Wife”


Hey Mikey,

I’m feeling pretty conflicted this morning.  Recently my uncle by marriage got remarried. It’s been really difficult for me to accept being that his first and deceased wife, my biological aunt, and I were very close. I guess all of my conflict come from the fact that I really like his new wife and she seems good with my little cousins. I guess deep down inside I feel like I’m betraying my aunt because of this. How do I rectify this feeling? Your advice would be greatly appreciated!


***Anonymous, it sounds like you’ve been reading a page from my book.  Indeed, my aunt and I were very close. In fact, she always told me I was more like her little brother than her nephew. When my uncle, by marriage, remarried I initially found it very difficult to accept. However, his new wife showed me nothing but love and acceptance, something I wasn’t too familiar with from my own immediate family. My advice to you is to give her a chance, try and build a relationship with her. You owe it to her, and yourself to give her a fair chance. Besides, your aunt passed, and unfortunately life moves on, and so must your uncle. Be as good to the family she left behind as she was to you. After all, remnants of her still live on in you!

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