Marlon Wayans’ “A Haunted House 2″is Hilarious!

“Haunted House 2” is another guaranteed hit for comedian and producer, Marlon Wayans!  This delightful comedy will have you laughing from the opening credits to the closing scene. Everyone reprises their roles from the original film including Essence Atkins as “Kesha.” Once again there are spoofs for every horror movie that has been released in the last two years so keep your eyes peeled for a little horror movie trivia!


In the sequel, Wayans somehow managed to survive Kesha’s final attack from the last film offscreen.  He has moved on and now has a new White girlfriend who just so happens to have two children–both who set the bar for wierd stepchildren.  Their daughter is cryptic and Gothic and their son has some crazy imaginary friend and the hardest “blackcent” when his mother is not around. Wayans has to not only fend off new spirits in his new house; there’s also a stalker and possessed doll, a mysterious box, and a demon hell bent on wiping his family out. Can Wayans and his motley crew of thugs, gangster preachers, and his new Caucasian love make it through latest bout with the supernatural?  You’ll just have to catch the movie in a theater near you!



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