Star-Crossed- “What Storm Is This That Blows So”

Teri breaks onto the Atrian ship and uses leaves to make the guards forget she was ever there. Meanwhile, Roman and Drake discuss the outing of his relationship with Emery. The former feels he has lost the support and respect of their people. Drake assures him his friends will be there for him. Roman is not so sure when it comes to Teri. He finds her plotting with a few other Atrians and warns her to stay away from Emery. Later, Emery and Roman met clandestinely in the janitor’s closet and discuss Castor’s recent betrayal. He assures her their relationship is in tact and can survive whatever his uncle has planned. Their conversation is interrupted when Julia reveals their relationship is now public knowledge to everyone in town due to a guard leaking Castor’s message. Taylor surprisingly defends their love when faced by a few hecklers. Grayson confronts Drake about his involvement in Zoe’s death. He blackmails him by threatening Roman and demands information on The Trags. Emery tries to find a “silver lining” to their outing, but they are still the subject of gossip and speculation.  Teri spikes Roman’s juice with an unknown substance. Julia is blackmailed again by Ms. Benton about the cyper in her bloodstream. The substance Teri spiked Roman’s drink with begins to affect his mood causing him to lash out at others. Suddenly, Marshall High is placed on lockdown when a hurricane approaches.

Ms. Benton allows Mr. Burkhardt to test Julia’s blood in the school lab while she wrangles the students to the cafeteria. Roman and Drake discuss Grayson, and wonder what Teri is up to. Grayson tries to warn Emery that Roman is dangerous, the latter attacks him when he thinks Grayson is assaulting her by touching her arm. Taylor tells Drake she wants to go public with their relationship. Grayson overhears them and secretly makes a plan. Drake confronts Teri about drugging Roman, realizing the symptoms in his temper. She vehemently denies it, and refuses to admit she is jealous of Emery and Roman’s relationship. Mr. Burkhardt learns Atrian glucocytes are the secret catalyst to activating cyper’s healing powers. He tells the chemistry teacher he would need to drain the blood of an entire Atrian to prove it. She tells him to pick one of the Atrian 7.

The hurricane rages on outside and so does the lockdown. Grayson once again confronts Drake about The Trags and demands their names or he will go to Taylor and the police about Zoe. Roman’s temper and paranoia continue to skyrocket. Emery tries to calm him down to no avail. Eric asks Emery to check on Julia, when she finds her she is crying and troubled about Ms. Benton’s threats. She confesses everything to Emery who promises to help her fix it. Taylor brainstorms ways for she and Drake to come out as a couple. Instead he breaks up with her to protect her from Grayson and threats. He lies and says they are not worth fighting for. Lukas and Sophia learn the hurricane began above the Atrian ship. Sophia explains how the gravity generators could cause a hurricane. It is revealed Teri caused it so the Trags could infiltrate the school. Elsewhere, Roman frantically searches for Teri. Emery tries to enlist his help but he lashes out and blames her for all his recent problems. Emery leaves him, hurt and angry. Teri looks on smiling slyly and victoriously.

Julia and Emery try to figure out how to contaminate Julia’s blood sample. Roman continues to become even more hysterical. Teri comes onto him, in his dementia he believes she is Emery. He manages to break free of her control just as Emery walks in on them. Roman breaks Teri’s heart by pushing her away and choosing Emery. He runs into Drake while trying to find Emery who explains what has happened to him. In the lab, Emery and Julia sneak in and locate the blood sample. They hide when they hear someone coming and are surprised to learn it is Teri. She begins to steal chemicals from the lab, but is ambushed by Burke who begins to drain her blood. Eric confronts Grayson about his involvement with the new Redhawks and tries to convince him to stop, to no avail. Julia and Emery attempt to rescue to Teri, but are caught by Mr. Burke.

Emery manages to distract Mr. Burke by breaking a window. They manage to leave the lab but are stopped by him, he begins to choke Emery until Roman comes to her rescue. He brutally pummels Mr. Burke much to Emery and Julia’s horror. Emery manages to calm him down but not before his knuckles are bloodied. Lukas prepares to reveal what he knows about the hurricane, but is stopped by Sophia. She fears it will end the integration program. Elsewhere, Ms. Benton threatens Julia not knowing Gloria has been informed. She places her and Mr. Burk under arrest for multiple crimes. The students are relieved when the lockdown is lifted. Teri tries to thank Roman for saving her, but he admonishes her for drugging him, and feels they are no longer friends. Grayson demands a name from Drake. The latter promises to give him what he wants if he will allow him more time.

The hurricane dissipates, but Lukas is not relieved realizing one of The Atrian 7 is a terrorist. Sophia notices Taylor is sad and tries to comfort her. Taylor asks her is she the kind of girl people fight for, Sophia responds she is the kind of girl people go to war for. Taylor kisses her as Drake looks on. Eric chases after Julia and apologizes for insulting Roman and Emery. He also apologizes for his prejudice. They share their first kiss. Roman tells Emery about how he was drugged by Teri, Emery tries to forgive him but realizes the herb reveals his real feelings. She refuses to be his “weakness” and thinks they should not be together.  She sticks to her guns and kisses him once more before walking away. Back at the sector, Sophia tells Roman what she knows about the ship and hurricane correlation. He wonders why they would do it. Elsewhere, Grayson gathers the New Redhawks and declares war on The Trags. Drake and Roman learn the hurricane was a cover for The Trags to be able to smuggle equipment into the sector to create Soriya’s device that will be used as a first strike against the humans.

Catch “Star-Crossed,” only on The CW, Monday nights at 8:00 PM EST.


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