“Super Girl Power! Three Amazing Celebrities Turned Super Heroines coming to a theater near you!

Marvel Studios has announced plans for superhero films all the way through 2028! This means many of your favorite superheroes are jumping off the pages of your favorite comics and onto the Big Screen; many with budgets bigger than the treasury of most companies! In this melee of movies we definitely have some major male superheroes at the forefront; Thor, Iron Man, Batman, Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Hulk to name a few. With these powerhouses at play it is easy to forget their female compatriots and teammates. Many of these “super women” are as powerful, dangerous, powerful, or intelligent as any male hero–sometimes more so. Luckily, we have managed to put together a list of three super heroines coming to a theater near you this summer and next!


Gal Gadot & Wonder Woman

The most popular female superhero is finally making her cinematic debut–albeit temporarily under the shadow of Batman and Superman. Yep, Wonder Woman has been confirmed to appear in next year’s “Batman vs. Superman,” film and will be portrayed by Gal Gadot. Gal is famous for her role as “Gisele Harabo” in the “Fast & The Furious” film series. She physically places a more “realistic” look to Wonder Woman’s character, causing an uproar amongst fans of the heroine. Needless to say Gal has a lot to live up to while wearing The Amazon Princess’s red and white boots.


Elizabeth Olsen & The Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch is well known to fanboys everywhere. She is the daughter of the mutant terrorist, Magneto, turned good guy when extended an offer to make amends for her wrongs by Captain America himself. She will appear finally on the Big Screen in 2015 in the “Avengers” movie sequel, “The Age of Ultron.” Arguably the most powerful Avenger (this includes Thor), she will be portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen. She is the younger sister of famous twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and has proved her acting chops in the film, “Martha Marcy May Marlene.” In the film, she plays a disturbed woman suffering from paranoia and multiple personality disorder. Being The Scarlet Witch definitely will not be too farfetched from that role.


Zoe Saldana & Gamora

Gamora is a relatively obscure character in the Marvel Universe. She is the sole female member of the “Guardians of The Galaxy,” as well as its most dangerous. Never one to back down to a fight, she could go toe to toe with Wolverine and not bat an eye. Phenomenal actress and action star Zoe Saldana will be portraying her in the upcoming “Guardians of The Galaxy” film. It is needless to say she will be awesome. After all Zoe gives it all in her roles, did you see “Columbiana?”

To some this may be a “Man’s World,” but the world of superheroes definitely begs to differ. Sometimes it is the right woman for the job when it comes to those little things like saving Earth or avoiding some universal cataclysm. Either way these eyes are dying to Wonder Woman, The Scarlet Witch, and at long last Gamora on the Big Screen! Super girls rock!

5/29/2014- “Dry Snitching & Finger Martinis”


Hey Mikey,

I work at a popular Atlanta bar. I really like my job as a waitress it pays really well and I get to meet some really cool people. However I’m not really feeling some of my coworkers, especially when it comes to how they treat customers. Last week, this guy  didn’t give this girl who works with me the tip she felt she deserved. To get even, she went in the back and put her finger in his drink and then had a bunch of other girls do the same thing before she served it to him. Honestly, I was really appalled and upset. I want to say something to the manager, but he’s really cool with the one of the girls who did it. I think she might even be his cousin. I need this job, besides liking it, and I don’t want a bunch of girls ganging up on me for dry snitching. What should I do? Do I remain silent, and keep letting customers be mistreated? Or do I try to tell the manager and hope he puts his job before his personal feelings? I know this is a lot, but I really do want to do the right thing.

-Whistleblower Z

***Whistleblower Z, I’ve managed a number of restaurants and I must tell you this is more than appalling–it’s illegal! You must tell someone immediately. Even if the manager, and one of the girls who did that are cool, you must to go over his head. Remember, everyone has a boss. Even a CEO answers to a board. Lastly, I had to google “Dry snitching,” and you used it inappropriately. Dry snitching is snitching in a more passive-aggressive, indirect way. You need to straighten image! As in be direct! Oh, favor? Please email me the name of the bar so I know to never go there. Thanks in advance!

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5/29/2014- “She REALLY, REALLY Hates Me!”



Help!!! This psycho ex-bitch I once called my wife is ruining my fucking life! I know we are going through a divorce, but she never acted like this when we were married. Most of the time she seemed really quiet in Temple, now she’s doing everything she can to make my life a living hell. She is trying to take both of my classic cars that I personally restored, is coming for the inheritance my great grandfather left for me, refuses to let me see our son, and even told my mother about how I got molested as a child before I could reveal it to her. Like she really,  really hates me. My homeboys think this is all an act to get me to stay with her. Do you think so? I definitely wouldn’t have married a woman like this. This just can’t be the real D—–!

-Currently On Guard

***Currently On Guard,  this is a highly appropriate pen name. However, I have to ask are you surprised? Divorce brings out the ugliness in many people. That to me, shot I want me you think you married is possibly now scorned and ready to make you feel exactly the way she feels. Stop taking advice from what your home boys think, and get yourself an attorney specializing in family law. That’s what this has now come to! Your material possessions are a little concern to me, however, your son’s well-being should not be caught in the crossfire of his parents’ shenanigans. Man up, and stop underestimating her! You said it yourself, she really, really hates you.

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5/28/2014- “Cosmic Poison”

Hey Mikey,

I’m going through my first heart break. This girl I really like, damn near love, is in love with my best friend. He likes her too and now they are dating. It is gut wrenching to see them together. I keep wishing it was me. When I approached her she said she didn’t want to date, a boyfriend, or a relationship. They meet and its like instant wedding bells. It’s not his fault though, he didn’t even know I approached her. People, including, my family keep discounting how I feel saying I’ll get over this, that I’m sixteen and it’s not the end of the world, etc. But I feel this changing me. I’m starting to hate my friend and actively avoid him. I want them to break up and for it to hurt. Never felt this way before–don’t wanna feel this way. He asks if he did something wrong, but I just keep brushing it off. Should I tell him? And what do I do about these feelings? What really happens when you are brokenhearted this long?


***Rotting, you sound more jealous than brokenhearted. Beware, jealousy is “cosmic poison” and what you feel changing is your emotional and mental state. All negative side affects of this toxic emotion. I can see why this is hard for you to deal with. Sometimes rejection can cut deeper than any knife. However, she has the right to choose to be with whomever she wants, that person just so happened to not be you. I advise you to put some distance between you and your friend until you are able to talk about what you’re feeling. Reading your letter makes me wish I could write a letter to a sixteen year old me and let him know no matter what happens, or how long it takes his heart will heal and that rejection is not an eternal experience. I’m going to give you that same information. Give your heart a break–time is your sole ally here. Find something productive to focus on and then master it. Love, and the pursuit thereof, is an arduous yet rewarding experience–ALWAYS be open to it!

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Lupita Nyong’o, The X-Men’s New “Storm?”

The latest X-Men thriller, “Days of Future Past,” was nothing short of amazing. However (spoiler alert), if you are a hardcore Storm fan do not waste your time. Your favorite Weather Witch had a screen time of less than fifteen minutes the entire film! Now that it has been announced there will be more films in the X-Men series fans have formed a petition demanding a major change to the cast–Halle out–Lupita in! With a major rise in superhero films and the realism incorporated into them this does not come as a surprise. Storm is African,  dark skinned, and once again sports her classic white mohawk–a look more suited to Lupita than Halle.


This actually is not the first time controversy has swirled around Ms. Berry’s casting of arguably the most famous Black superhero on the planet. When the X-Men films began most fans felt she was a “whitewashed” Storm, fairer skinned and less aggressive. Some suggested veteran actress Angela Bassett would have been better suited. Fanboys and girls know Storm to be a force of nature literally and figuratively. She demands and commands as much respect as Wolverine or Cyclops and for quite awhile was their leader. Recently, fans flocked to Change.org  submitting this letter:

Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Entertainment, LLC
Marvel Entertainment, we want a new Storm for the next X-Men film starring Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o.20TH CENTURY FOX THEATRICALS
P.O. BOX 900
BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90213-0900
Marvel Entertainment, LLC: 212-576-4000

[Your name]

The petition has already received well over a thousand signs and is taking momentum online. No word yet from Marvel Studios or Fox on whether they will consider replacing Halle at all. Still, Lupita definitely has a strong chance of becoming the new Storm. With her Oscar winning performance and being named the most beautiful woman in the world by People Magazine she has all the gusto she needs. It is time for Storm to stop being a background character and step to the forefront of all the action. After all the the X-Men are a team, Wolverine can’t save mankind and mutantkind on his own! Do you want to see Lupita in the next X-Men film then sign the petition here: http://www.change.org/petitions/lupita-nyong-o-as-storm-lupitaforxmen-image-by-daniel-thompson

Poet and Civil Rights Activist, Maya Angelou has passed…

All too often as the media we find ourselves celebrating the drama and inhumanity rife in the world. Seldom, do we pause to celebrate the life and work of genuinely miraculous and good people. Maya Angelou is one of them. It is unfortunate that I must announce the famous poet and Civil Rights activist has passed at the age of 86. Ms. Angelou had been battling an illness for an unspecified amount of time. She was found in her home early Wednesday morning.

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The Haves & The Have Nots- “You’ll Be Sorry”

Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The Have Nots” returns on a  tense note as Kathryn questions Hanna about her involvement in Wyatt’s arrest. She confesses she turned him in to the police, not willing to sacrifice Benny for Wyatt. Hanna is released thanks to Katherine’s connections. The two mothers find themselves at odds over their sons’ well being. They tearfully disagree as Hanna refuses to lie for Wyatt. She confronts Katherine about her guilt concerning Wyatt and her constantly covering up for him. Kathryn reveals Benny is at Mercy Hospital, but refuses to admit Wyatt’s involvement in the double hit and runs. Their talk is interrupted when Jim angrily confronts Kathryn. He threatens her, promising to make her “see” what really happens. Neither refuse to back down in defense of their sons. Hanna thanks Kathryn for help and leaves to see Benny. Jim questions Kathryn about her involvement with Benny’s survival. He admonishes her for putting them all at risk. Kathryn admits she cannot blame Hanna for turning Wyatt in since he actually did hit Benny and the little girl. She begins to suggest they should let Wyatt pay for his crimes. Jim, however, will not hear of it.

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