“Transformers: Age of Extinction” Reigns Supreme!

Your favorite alien robots are back in “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” and in for the fight of their lives! Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and a motley crew of Autobots face off against “Decepticons” in human form. Yep, a few misguided black ops soldiers are looking to avenge the the thousands who perished in the “Battle of Chicago” from the previous film. All remaining Transformers on Earth, Autobot and Decepticon, are hunted down for the metal they are composed to learn the secret of their ability to transform. Optimus manages to escape, but unwittingly becomes involved with a human family, headed by novice inventor, Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg). Now human and Autobot alike must once again align themselves against threats to humanity both Earth born and extraterrestrial!

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Nick Cannon’s “School Dance” Movie Education for “Generation Ratchet!”

Nick Cannon is flexing his director and producer muscles in a new film venture. This time Mariah’s hubby is beyond funny, beyond hilarious, and downright ratchet! “School Dance” is coming to a theater near you and it is HILARIOUS! The film is a comedic coming of age story about Jason (Bobb’e J. Thompson) a lame high schooler desperate to join his cousin, Day-Day’s (Dashawn Blanks) rap/dance group known as “The Rangers.” There’s just one problem–to do so he has to get the panties of his dream girl, Anastacia. Nonstop hijinks and shenanigans lead him on a journey to fulfill all his high school dreams of popularity and love at the school’s lock-in/dance.
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The Haves & The Have Nots- “The Vulnerable”

Shock and awe are the weapons of choice in the latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The Have Nots!” David, like the gentleman he is, escorts a drunken Maggie to her room. She becomes emotional and tries to seduce him more. He tries his best to resist her by bringing up Veronica. She comments on how he always changes to make his wife happy and how exhausting that can be. He finds her some truth to her commentary on his marriage and finally manages to deliver her to her room for the night. David finds hotel life lonely and calls his wife while she is bed. He tells her he wants to come, but needs to know where the Sedan is first. She refuses and wishes him a goodnight before hanging up. He finds the entrance to Maggie’s room all the more tempting. Amanda is pleased with the meal Quincy prepared for dinner and tells him Candice may not come back that night. She compliments Candice on her demeanor and tells him how she is helping her sue her parents. She even tells him how much her inheritance is. She finds herself becoming tipsy, a side effect of mixing her meds with alcohol. He checks her out and tells her she has a “nice ass.” She thanks him, telling him it comes from years of dancing. The two exchange barrages of truth. He confesses he was in prison for three years for murder and she tells him she wants to kill her parents and Wyatt. She shows him her gun and tells him why she wants to kill them. He offers to show her how to use it properly. He intimately shows her and kisses her neck. She tells him to stop or she will shoot him. He dares her to, but agrees to leave and tells her to contact him when Candice returns.

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6/24/2014- “The Eighteen Year Itch!”

Hey Mikey,

I been with the same girl for 18 years now. I met her in middle school and she’s been my one and only since then. Now we are both about to turn thirty and I’m beginning to feel like I’ve missed out on some other experiences.  She’s the only person I’ve ever been with romantically and sexually, and although I do think I want to be with her for the rest of my life, I also want to be appease my curiosity about being with other women. Honestly, I do wanna take a break to explore that but I don’t wanna lose her forever in the process. What should I do? How can I make both us happy?

-Curious Landon


***Curious Landon, to put it simply you cannot have your cake and eat it too.  There’s nothing wrong with being curious, but is it really worth risking your relationship over? Being apart of someone’s life for eighteen years is no easy feat. In fact, very few marriages last that long nowadays. However, if you must explore other options then yes you two do need to take a break. Nevertheless, I forewarn you that this decision may have consequences you do not foresee. She could move on, you could fall for someone else, or the very nature of your relationship could change forever. There’s honestly no real way to make both of you happy when in a situation like this. Be prepared for someone to get hurt. 

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Hit The Floor- “Shattered Glass”

Even angels have a devilish streak in “Hit The Floor!” Sloane falls from grace and finds herself in a tight spot when Raquel catches her breaking into Oscar’s office. She tries to throw her off to no avail. Sloane begs for her trust and reveals her investigation of Oscar. She asks her for help and silence if she can give it. Raquel tells her not to go back to Oscar’s office until they have talked again. The next morning, Ahsha is awakened by kisses on her back from Derek. He reminds her of his club opening, “Rome.” He gives her bags of clothing from sponsors who want her to wear their clothing at the opening. Elsewhere, Zero tries to make Jelena happy. He devilishly offers to take her to Rome’s opening to still thunder from Ahsha and Derek. She surprisingly declines, disappointing him. Back at the arena, German finds Kyle enjoying the dozens of flowers someone sent to her. She also receives a diamond necklace and makes him help her put it on. She inquires about his well being after finding out about Ahsha  and Derek, and advises him to have sex with someone new to get over her. Elsewhere, Jelena delivers Olivia’s share to her mother, Vanessa. She immediately offers to buy it from her, but Vanessa is alarmed by her abrasiveness. She tries to reconnect with her daughter, but she is too guarded to let her know anything personal. She becomes visibly bothered when her father calls her mother and abruptly leaves. Raquel and Sloane meet clandestinely. She agrees to trust her and help her get the files she needs. Sloane reluctantly agrees. Back at Derek’s home Jude intrudes on Derek and Ahsha as they fool around. He notices a Red Letter in Derek’s fireplace and realizes he too is somehow involved in Olivia’s death.

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True Blood- “Jesus Gonna Be Here”

Rest In Peace "Tara"

True Blood is back for its seventh and final season! The show began with a bang as the citizens of Bon Temps were attacked by a horde of Hep-V infected vampires! The townspeople barely survive the onslaught. Many are killed–including Tara, and Holly and Arlene are kidnapped. Jason calls Andy for reinforcements. He allows Jessica to look after Adelyn. Back at Merlot’s Sookie is overwhelmed by everyone’s thoughts. Many of them blame her for the attack. She overhears Alcide also mentally blaming her and leaves. Sam’s rival saw him transform from a dog back into his human form and confronts him. They agree to keep his Shifter identity a secret for the sake of the wounded people around them. Andy and Jason go after those kidnapped by the Hep V vampires. Alcide tries to call Sookie but she ignores his calland stumbles across a dead body.

Elsewhere, Pam plays Russian Roulette in a club with an arrogant Muslim stranger. He brags he has survived twenty-seven times. She insults his faith and God. He assures her he will survive and pulls the trigger. He is killed. Another onlooker gives her directions to Eric’s location. Back at the Bellefleur’s Adelyn tries to comfort Jessica. She confesses she has nightmares about the night the latter murdered her sisters. She questions Jessica about her attraction to the fairy blood in her veins. She reveals she does not hate Jessica and then begins to have “girl talk” with her. Their fun is interrupted by a stranger in  the distance asking her what Adelyn is. Back at Sookie’s home, she and Alcide argue about his thoughts towards her. She breaks down finally, thinking about Tara’s death and asks to be left alone. Jason and Violet reflect over their losses. They arrive at the location of the Hep V vampire’s nest. There, they find some of the townsfolk ready to take matters in their own hand and kill the vampires. Violet scares them away with violent threats.

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Love, Sex, & Skin! Get “Addicted” On Zane’s Newest Movie!

If you think this movies this summer are hot, wait ’til Fall! Zane makes it way to the Big Screen in a new erotic movie and thriller entitled, “Addicted!” As we all know when you combine the words “erotic” and any form of “addict,” things do not just get sexual they get dangerous! That’s just what stars Boris Kodjoe and Sharon Leal are delivering in this latest film. Sharon is “Zoe Reynard,” a woman who has it all–a doting husband, beautiful children, a successful career. Still, like so many housewives she feels as if there has to be more to life–and there is–temptation! Zoe’s cravings for more lead her down a perilous road that will place her and all she holds dear in danger!

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