9/30/2014- “The Size of His Hound Dog”

Hey Mikey,

I was listening to The Rickey Smiley Morning Show this morning and someone brought up a statement about pets that I found intriguing. Apparently women are suspicious of a guy who has a toy breed dog. When I say toy breed I mean miniatures like Shiatsus and Chihuahuas, the breeds you could definitely tote in a bag. I myself have a papillon.  I am just wondering if this is why I cannot get a date. I work out, i don’t cheat, I am told I am very handsome, and I work in IT, but whenever I invite a woman over she does not seem to “bite” the way I want her to. They will play with my dog and then make some excuse to call it a night. Maybe they think I am gay because I have a small dog, but I have had small dogs since I was an infant. In fact my mother was a breeder. How do I get around this dating barrier and get this women to be into me?

-Love My Papillon

***Love My Papillon, your devotion to your trinket puppy is sweet and admirable. No one has the right to judge your pet decisions. If a woman prioritizes the type of dog you have over whether you’re a great guy who is also monogamous, attractive, and employed then she has the problem–NOT you! Continue to date and be yourself. The right woman is out there. Trust me; she will love you dog and all, without you ever having to justify your love for your precious pooch.

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Gotham- “Selina Kyle”

Young Selina Kyle

Gotham began on a troubling note as young Bruce Wayne continues to deal with the stress of his parents’ deaths. He holds his hand over a candle, testing his endurance to the flame and heat, but only succeeds in burning the palm of his hand. Alfred catches him and scolds him for harming himself, but embraces him realizing his self-inflicted pain is only masking his trauma. Elsewhere in Gotham, Selina Kyle, better known as “Cat” hangs with fellow street orphans in an alley. A mysterious truck pulls up with a man and woman claiming to be there to help the homeless children. They give them sandwiches, but Cat refuses to take the food. She soon realizes the man and woman are anything but charitable when they begin to stick the children with pins, containing a powerful sedative. A homeless veteran tries to stop them from harming the children, but is gunned down in cold blood. As they fall out one by one Cat escapes while another orphan is chased down by the mysterious man trying to harm them. He inadvertently slams the boy through the window of a fancy restaurant and leaves him there. Oswald hitchhikes just outside of Gotham, but then kills one of his hosts when they tell him he looks like a penguin. He takes the other hostage and purchases a trailer where he keeps the man prisoner.


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9/29/2015- “Betrayal By Association”

Hey Mikey,

I’m a little pissed with a girl I know by association. My ex and I broke up six months ago. He’s verbally abusive and over aggressive and I have had enough! Besides that he did not seem to be the type that  would ever settle down. Recently, I found out he is now engaged to the girl I mentioned earlier that I know through my close friend. The girl and I were never friends but I still feel like all this is grimy, especially since she knows he’s  my ex. Our mutual friend is getting married this weekend, and I know I will have to see the two of them at the wedding. I don’t want to make a scene at my friend’s wedding, but I also don’t want to associate with them. What should I do if, or when, either of them speak to me?

-Girl from White Sands

***Girl from White Sands, your problem really should not be a problem at all. It is nonsense to be angry with a man you decided to end things with; especially when you claim that man verbally abused you. You’re feelings  are only brusied because he moved on– and quickly– to a girl you happen to know. Since you and his fiancée were never friends she does not owe you an explanation. Your friend’s  wedding is not the place to express your distaste with the situation. If either of them speak to you, be the bigger person and speak back. Be polite, the day is not about you; it is about your friend! Put your big girl panties on and act like a lady you want to be. Besides, she will soon find out exactly why you two didn’t work out. People don’t change overnight.

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Gay, Black, & Conflicted! Director Patrik-Ian Polk is back with a new film; “Blackbird!”

Patrik-Ian Polk has done it again. By again, I mean released another movie accurately portraying the black and gay experience. Following in the footsteps of his previous films and series; “Punks,” “Noah’s ARC,” and “The Skinny;” “Blackbird” is a coming of age story with a religious twist. Julian Walker is “Randy Rousseau,” a young singer in a Southern Baptist town struggling with his sexuality. His little sister’s disappearance and his parents’ separation serve as a backdrop to his already complicated life. Blackbird truly shows the awkwardness and pain that can come from growing up Christian, Southern, Black, and gay in a small Mississippi town.


Julian Walker as “Randy Rousseau”

From the looks of the film the cast is stellar! His parents are played by Academy Award-winner Mo’Nique and Isaiah Washington. This marks Mo’Nique’s first major role since 2009’s “Precious.” She and Isaiah are also producers of the show. Their appearance may yet give this film some mainstream appeal. With them involved we at least know it will be well acted, marinating well with Patrik’s film style. This marks Julian Walker’s cinematic debut. Based on reviews from critics, the boy has real acting chops and a bright future ahead of him. Terrell Tilford is Randy’s pastor determined to cure him of his homosexuality, and comes off as the “mean-to-do-well villain of the film.” The film is said to be tamer than its predecessors in sexuality, but nevertheless delivers a powerful story.Blackbird was released in various independent film festivals last years and will be making its Southeastern debut Thursday, October 2nd at Landmark Midtown Art Cinema Theater. If you have ever been young, awkward, or different Blackbird will resonate with you. Find yourself in the mix and check out this awesome film, I know I will!


“Blackbird” Feature Film Trailer from KB on Vimeo.

Be Brave, Speak Out–See “PRIDE!”

History is the documentation of the enduring human story at large. For purposes of organization and to grasp the mind boggling hundreds of thousands of years we have been on this planet it is broken down into parts. Some of these parts are racial, cultural, or religious; but each are important in their own right. “PRIDE” entails one such momentous event in Gay and English history. In the mid-eighties the United Kingdom’s coal miners went on a year long strike for better wages, treatment, and benefits. During the process they were brutalized by the police and became the nation’s focus of anger. Even then prime minister Margaret Thatcher publicly denounced them. Interestingly,  while the miners were persecuted more, the Gay and Lesbian community found a reprieve. Realizing this a group of gay activists, dubbing their support group, “Gays & Lesbians Support The Miners” (GLSM) formed to provide financial assistance for the National Union of Mine Workers. Armed with determination, and buckets to carry their donations, the group soon became the saviors of a small southern Welsh town.


The group was initially met with resistance from the very people they were trying to help. Thankfully, the citizens of the town were able to rally together and allow the GLSM to help them. The members of the group taught them tolerance and acceptance, while they provided them with a getaway from the oppression. The film is beautifully written and wonderfully filmed. Besides the history lesson you learn you also see a coming of age story, a coming out story, tales of forgiveness, life altering decisions, and the stigma of HIV/AIDS. In short the film says it perfectly, “…There’s no greater feeling than learning you have an unknown and unexpected friend in the midst of a battle…” Indeed, the miners and gays did find friends in one another. The year following the miners’ return to work, thousands of them came to march and support the LGBT community during London’s Gay Pride in 1985. Later, the the miners’ union drafted gay rights into the charter.  You can catch PRIDE anywhere in the United Kingdom and  in limited release in select American theaters!


Welcome To Negril Village Atlanta! Your Hot Spot for Cosmopolitan Caribbean Cuisine!

Atlanta is already the Queen of The South, it has been for decades now. However, the city at large is making some serious moves. For its denizens the grind is hard, but worthwhile to make the A-Town as bustling a metropolis as Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City. One family is doing just that by infusing a little Caribbean swag into the mix of the city’s restaurant and night life. Tonight, on behalf of Kontrol Magazine I visited one of Downtown Atlanta’s jewels in restaurant form–Negril Village! This amazing restaurant is located off of North Avenue, next door to North Avenue MARTA Train Station and across from The Bank of America skyscraper. Here, it serves as a nexus for true Atlanta city life. I laughed, I mingled, but most of all dined–FINE!

NV-Upstairs Interior   NG-Upstair Interior 2

Many Southern city boys are find themselves comfortable and somewhat complacent with the restaurants they frequent. Fast food is convenient and familiar, and the only real foreign food you eat comes from a food court, Taco Bell, or China Cafeteria. Sad right? Well there’s an answer to this and all you have to do is turn your senses–all five of them to the islands–and try Caribbean food. Sure, when you think of the few Caribbean restaurants in Atlanta they all appear to be holes in the wall. I assure you Negril Village is anything but that. The restaurant is beautiful inside and out, decorated with art from the West Indies, has a professional and attentive staff, and has two floors. Downstairs is primarily the dining area with a motif of fancy castle meets the islands; meanwhile the upstairs is great for mingling and hosting events. In fact just a few weeks ago ABC hosted an advanced screening party for its new comedy “black-ish.” The mood is set with adjustable lighting and popular music with reggae remixes. Eclectic and inviting, the restaurant even serves brunch in addition to lunch and dinner.

NV-Downstairs Interior

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If Loving You Is Wrong- “The Colombian”

Aiden Turner as "Brad" (l), Eltony Williams as "Randal" (r)

Randal stares at Brad’s house waiting for him to leave so he can see Alex. When Brad does appear he make small talk and then goes to their backyard to see Alex. She is busy cleaning the yard up and questions why he is there. He tells her she and her husband have both been ignoring him for the last four days since she learned about his vasectomy. She tells him nothing has changed, and that neither she or Brad has brought it up and continues to ignore her. She admonishes him for lurking around and demands he leaves, he kisses her but she snatches away. Randal is hurt by her rejection and departs sadly. At Natalie’s home, Joey’s parole officer, Hardy, comes to evaluate her living situation. He questions if she is sure she wants to help her son. She reluctantly tells him she does, he offers his support if her son ever gets out of hand. He also introduces himself  and tells he he grew up in the neighborhood, and tells her it is not too late for her son to make a fresh start. He flirts with Natalie, telling her she looks too young to be his mother. She feels, however, he thinks she is just another stereotype. He assures her he is thinking the opposite.

Matt Cook as "Joey"

Matt Cook as “Joey”

Randal arrives at Brad’s job to see him. He tries to see if he and Brad are still cool, the latter assures him they are fine and he has been busy with work. Randal pushes him further, compelling him to tell the truth. He confesses everything about his doctor, the vasectomy, and how foolish he feels for questioning his wife’s fidelity. He feels he has a lot to make up to Alex and asks Randal what he should do. Naturally, Randal tells him he should do nothing. Brad questions if Marcie will be okay with knowing about Alex’s pregnancy. Randal assures him she will be fine.

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