Clap Back! Producers of the Wendy Williams Show Blast Former Interns Who Are Suing Them

Tick, tick, tick – BOOM! The producers of the Wendy Williams Show play no games when it comes to being sued.

Earlier this year, Anthony Taft, a former intern of the Wendy Williams Show filed a class action lawsuit against the show alleging that he and the other interns were entitled to wages for the work they did on the talk show. According to court docs, Tart stated that The Wendy Williams Show violated New York labor laws by not paying them wages for the hours they worked. He reportedly explained his duties on the show included washing dishes, picking up coffee and other supplies and taking out the trash. The complaint says that the work the show required them to do did not fit the standards for an unpaid internship, which stated interns that weren’t compensated had to receive some sort of academic or vocational training.


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Copycats? 50 Cent (@50Cent) Upset at “Empire” Series; Says they’re Copying “Power!”

The entertainment industry is famous on putting a new spin on an old idea. Just think about how many remade movies, poorly done sequels an blatant knockout television series and movies we’ve seen over the years. You see where I’m going with this fam?

They say that ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’, however, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is not trying to hear that  – the 39 year old rapper, actor and mogul is pissed that the FOX series “Empire” is trying to knock off his Starz series “Power”.


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Listen to Nipsey Hussle’s (@NipseyHussle) “Choke!”

With Nipsey Hussle back in action and ready to drop his new project Mailbox Money tomorrow, he gets the fire started by dropping a new track called “Choke” featuring Rich Gang’s “Batman and Robin,” Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan.

Nipsey Hussle will be giving fans plenty of options on how they can obtain his new project. They can purchase it off his Proud 2 Pay program which became popular and controversial when he decide to sell his previous mixtape Crenshaw for $100. This time he will be selling Mailbox Money for $1,000. If that’s a bit out of your price range, you can buy the album on iTunes for $10 or download it off for free.

This song will not be available on Nipsey’s new album as the track list was revealed and no signs of the song title was on there, but you can stream the song here. Mailbox Money drops tomorrow 12/31.

Is Usher off The Market…AGAIN?

Sorry ladies but this story might re-open old wounds. We have received reports from Love B. Scott that Usher Raymond is engaged to long-time girlfriend/Manager Grace Miguel.

The couple were spotted in Miami a couple weeks ago after Usher wrapped up the first leg of his tour. We have obtained pictures from Love B. Scott of the couple strolling around the city and if you look effortlessly at Grace’s left hand, you can see a whole planet of love mounted on her ring finger.



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1 Garb, 3 Looks: Infinity Scarves!

Infinity Scarves are a must have accessory during the Fall and Winter.  We love them! They are simple, look perfect with any outfit, and can be arranged in many different ways on our neck! For this week’s 1 Garb, 3 Looks we are going to gain inspiration from Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato!

SelenaGomez_InfinityScard Selena is a perfect muse for us this week! In the photo above, we see Selena wearing the same colored scarf but, with three different outfits. All of these outfits are seen worn with jeans, a jacket, or a sweater. For Selena, we can definitely tell that infinity scarves are for those comfortable days.  One can wear an infinity scarf only draped around the neck like the picture to the far left or doubled up like the next two pictures to the right.

I like to wear my infinity scarf wrapped my neck and over my head for those chilly school days. See the example below for inspiration!



Stay fabulous!

Written By: Sarai Thompson



What to wear on New Year’s Eve! Check It Out Here!

Do you have your New Year’s Even outfit?! The clock is ticking! Every hour, minute, and second is bringing us closer to the New Year. We all know that with New Year’s Eve comes parties to ring in a fresh start. If you have that fantabulous outfit that is going to wow the crowd then you are awesome!

But, if you are lost in the cold world of uncertainty, have no fear; Sarai is here!

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