It’s Summer Blockbuster Season! Check out The Rock in the “San Andreas” Movie Trailer!

It is that time of year again! You know what I mean. May is here and that means the biggest budget, most action packed, most highly anticipated films of the year are rolling out in theaters! Although Avengers: Age of Ultron  is leading the pack, one film seems to be determined to leave its mark via a ferocious (and pending) natural disaster in San Andreas! San Andreas  is centers on California, particularly, the city of San Andreas, as they face “The Big One”–a term often used to describe the gigantic earthquake that will will eventually dump much of the state into the Pacific Ocean.


The San Andreas fault triggers a magnitude nine earthquake. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his estranged wife must make their way from Los Angeles to San Andreas to save their only daughter! The movie looks riveting, and is somewhat reminiscent of an earthquake-based The Day After Tomorrow. You just know this film is going to be great just because of the scenes. The ground literally falling from underneath their feet and the scenes are thrilling. Besides, The Rock is in it! Can it really be that bad?

You can catch San Andreas in theaters nationwide May 29th!

New DC Comics Movie in the works!? “Batman & The Outsiders!”

Superhero films reign supreme in the box office! Between franchises headed by Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, and The X-Men alone we have seen billions of dollars spawned from these films. The hype over this genre just will not quit, and there are a slew of them coming to the Big Screen all the way through 2022. Marvel Studios has been more successful than DC Entertainment in its various cinematic ventures with the Avengers’sequel Age of Ultron debuting in theaters nationwide tomorrow. That does not mean DC is going down without a fight! Both Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad hit theaters next year. Rumor has it that DC has one more super team coming soon to movies–The Outsiders!


The Outsiders are a team of DC Comics’ superheroes fed up with the political correctness of The Justice League and determined to proactively dish out their own brand of justice! Led by Batman, their more aggressive approach to crimefighting has earned them the ire of world governments as well as fellow superheroes, like Superman. The line up of the team usually consists of Black Lightning, Katana, and Metamorpho; but in recent years Nightwing, The Martian Manhunter, Catwoman, and even a good version of Owlman have been members of the team. There has been no news of how this film will fit into the DC Cinematic Universe, but we know anything with Batman in it is bad ass! We will keep you posted!


Single Ladies- “Consequences”

The season finale of Single Ladies begins with Felicia giving Omar a tongue lashing! She admonishes him for seemingly taking credit for Triple Threat on Sharon’s show. He reminds her that he has bent over backwards working for with no thanks and that he does not appreciate her attitude. She reminds him that he is well paid and works for her and then dismisses him. Elsewhere, Austin returns to The Oak much to Terrance’s chagrin. She tells him about a deal she has made and he reminds her he is dissolving their partnership. Ro meets her former fling and makes amends with him. He offers to take her on a real date and she reluctantly agrees.


Felicia learns she is receiving a prestigious award for her foundation and its contributions to the community. She has Omar arrange Triple Threat to be present the award to her an d to come up with something nice to say. Omar pulls Bree to the side and warns her if she ever comes to rehearsal high again he will cut her from the group. She calls him “Felicia Jr.” and then plots to branch out her own with money from Frank. Ro and her new friend grow closer and spend the night together again, have breakfast, and play basketball. Meanwhile, Terrance learns Raquel was set up by Artie.

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Detroit Police Department Auctions Of Seized Sneaks

Nothing says “useful gifts” more than police-seized shoes going up for sale in an auction.

Detroit natives and visitors, if you’re in Detroit tomorrow (April 28) and shoe fanatic then you may be in luck according to

While auctions are a productive outlet to obtain property and repossessed vehicles, you can add shoes to that list.

Flint, Mich., will have an auction for all you sneakerheads. Shoes you can cop will include Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 High, Supreme x Nike Air Foamposite One, and Jordan XI -Concord.

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NBA Stylist Defends James Harden’s (@JHarden13) Floral T-Shirt Fashion

That playoff fashion game tho?


via @HoustonRockets/Twitter

James Harden made a bit of a bold statement when he showed up to Game 4 of the Houston Rockets versus Dallas Mavericks this past Sunday (April 26).

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New Couple Alert? Amber Rose (@DaRealAmberRose) & Machine Gun Kelly (@machinegunkelly) Spotted Holding Hands

Looks like there could be a new couple alert and it’s not with ex-hubby Wiz Khalifa!

Muva Rose was spotted yesterday with rapper, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), holding hands and getting real close.

image image

According to TMZ, Amber picked up MGK at the airport where they met at baggage claim and loved all over Amber’s booty (disembarking passengers say the same thing)!


The two were even spotted holding hands…go head Muva!

I don’t know about you all but this has thrown me for a MAJOR loop! Just a few weeks ago Amber was making her love for Wiz extremely known as she took to Instagram for #MCM to share how much she loves and misses him and wants him to come back home and reports were even circling that the two were trying to work things out to rebuild their family, but apparently not.

I do love Amber and Wiz together and you can tell that she’s very much in love with him but hey, you can only profess your love for so long until you have to move on to someone new.

Amber and MGK make for a cute couple and their personalities seem to match! What do you think?

Photo Cred: TMZ

Written By: Samantha Denae


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V. Stiviano (@VStiviano) Pens Open Letter to Donald Sterling After Being Ordered to Pay $2.5 million to His Wife

Looks like that $2.5 million check Donald Sterling’s former mistress has to cut is causing her to get ALL into her feelings!

image image

V. Stiviano was recently ordered to pay out $2.5 million to Donald Sterling’s wife, Shelly, after a judge decided that the money and gifts she received during her and Donald’s relationship was rightfully deserving to his wife (they had a joint property from which Donald was spending money on V). This included a Ferrari, two Bentleys, a Range Rover, a $1.8 million duplex, trinkets, and a $4,570 Louis Vuitton suitcase.

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