A Must See! “San Andreas” is A Force of Nature!

San Andreas takes you on a nail-biting adventure through the aftermath of an enormous natural disaster in California. The movie starts out with, Ray, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, saving a young girl pushed to the edge of a cliff from an earthquake. What the people of California thought was merely the usual ground shaking experience that they’re used to, turned out to only be the beginning. A humongous series of groundbreaking quakes quickly followed, literally tearing California apart from the US along the fault-line. Throughout the movie, you will witness interesting various ways in which the people of California attempt to stay alive. Watching the movie in “Real 3-D” will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time, making you feel as though you are experiencing the catastrophe with the characters. Although special effects played a big part in making the film a success, selecting the right cast was also vital.


 The protagonist, Ray, performed true to character at all times, showing a vast series of emotions. You will witness Ray do whatever it takes to save his estranged daughter Blake, played by Alexandra Daddario. Carla Gugino, who plays Ray’s wife, is not new to the action-movie scene. Gugino is most known for her role as the mother on the Spy Kids trilogy but has also starred in Watchman, Sin City and Night at the Museum. Hugo Johnstone-Burt plays the character Ben. Burt brings a slight contrast to the main cast with this European accent, blonde hair and green eyes; Burt will definitely have the eyes of all the young ladies glued to the screen.

Written By: Jayden Hollywood


Sweet Memory Lane! Five Animated Movies EVERY Child Must See!

Childhood is the sweetest and shortest time of your life. What you learn and remember from these tender and formative years stays with you for a lifetime. We like to think that our parents and families are only influences, but we would think wrong! Daily, children are bombarded by millions of subliminal messages from the media that in their own way influence how they view themselves and the world. Movies are just some of these media images. For this reason we have compiled a list of animated films every child should see to make those younger years extra nice!

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5/29/2015- “Tinder Terror”

Hey Mikey,

Last year I got on Tinder and met a guy named “Larry” and now I completely regret it! He seemed so cool and sweet online then when we met he tried to force himself on me. Yes! Like trying make me kiss him and wrestling me down to the floor. He even slapped me! I was too embarrassed to call the police and I did not want people finding out I am bisexual. Now suddenly I see him all the time at grocery stores, malls, restaurants, and even at bars. He always tries to whisper something to me or get loud with me. I’m not sure what to do, especially since I just found he has applied at my part time job. I need options that won’t out me. Please help!

-The Worried One

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***The Worried One, you should be worried! This sounds more like stalking than a series of coincidences. Whoever this guy is just won’t take no for an answer. I advise you to wisely say “yes.” Say yes to restraining orders, police reports, and good ol’ fashion tasers and pepper spray. Value your safety and peace of mind more than the repercussions of coming out. Not taking this seriously could have you more than worried–you could be DEAD!

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Rehab FINALLY! Checking In –Rob Kardashian (@robkardashian)!

It is no secret that Robert “Rob” Kardashian, Jr. is probably the most troubled member of the Kardashian-Jenner Clan. In recent years we have watched him go from a lighthearted bachelor to someone who is wrought with self-loathing, low self-esteem, and an intense dislike for his older sister, Kim Kardashian. The family has tried numerous times to get help for the sole male Kardashian, but he has resisted all the way–until now. According to Lovebscott.com and Gossip Extra, Rob “quietly” checked into rehab this weekend.

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Toenails on Fleek? Dwyane Wade (@DwyaneWade) Catches Heat from IG Followers over Toenail Polish!

Dwyane Wade is easily one of the greatest basketball players in the NBA. The man makes the game look like ballet the way he moves. Then he also has a pretty gorgeous wife, Gabrielle Union, that only makes him shine a little more. Still, we find that not even someone as admired as this celebrity athlete is beyond reproach or judgment from his so-called fans. Especially when it comes to something as simple and seemingly uninteresting as black toenail polish….right? Wrong! The bees are stinging, and this time it is not for Beyonce!

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A Kontrol Girl Magazine (@kontrolgirl) Must Read! OMG (@TheRealOMGGirlz): Past, Present, & Future!

From OMG Girlz to OMG time has passed and our favorite girl group is all grown up! Sometimes growing up also means going your separate ways so that you can grow together. This seems to be the case with OMG as now the hit girl group has decided to go its separate ways. Miss Star, Miss Beauty, and Miss Babydoll are no more, but Zonnique, Bahja, and Breaunna live on! Now at the cusp of adulthood this amazing trio of young women is ready to set the world afire with their own projects, styles, and ventures. Kontrol Girl Magazine has an exclusive interview with the girls in their upcoming Fashion Reset issue.

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Young Thug (@youngthug) Dropping The “Carter V” Soon?

Young Thug is not backing off of his “idol’s” coat-tail just yet. Looks like we may have two Carter V projects this year as Young Thug has recently announced that that is the title of his upcoming mixtape.


Young Thug did a recent interview with NDO Radio to clear up the rumors about his label and management situation. And in the interview, he also announced he will be dropping another mixtape before the August release of his debut album “Hy!£UN35” hits the shelves (For those that don’t know, Barter 6 was considered a mixtape, not an album). The name of the mixtape, you ask? Young Thug will call it, you guessed it, “Carter V”. The mixtape has no release date just yet, but Thugga figured since the actual Carter V is taking so long, he will go ahead and take care of that for Lil’ Wayne as well.

We aren’t sure if Young Thug is actually paying homage to his idol or if he is just trying to kick him while he’s down. As we all know, Wayne and Birdman are still not on the same page as they are still going through a legal battle. Thugga was going to call his latest mixtape “Barter 6”, “Carter 6” until Weezy threaten to sue him. We wonder how the Young Money’s head guy will react to this news.

Written By: Brandon Jordan