The Brain of The Braxtons! Towanda Braxton (@towandabraxton) Dishes on Sisterhood, New Businesses, & Family Drama

Reality television shows come a dime a dozen nowadays. It seems like any and every one can get one for anything. For years, originality in the genre seemed to have gone out the door, reaching an all-time low with Lifetime’s Born In The Wild! Still there are exceptions to every trend, and some shows actually make reality television worth watching. No, we are not talking about any of the “sistahs” from Real Housewives of Atlanta, but we are talking about a few other actual sisters—five of them to be exact—The Braxtons! You know these five amazing women, Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina, and Tamar, as members of a musical family; each gifted with an angelic voice and the ability to raise a grand scale of Hell!

Like any group of sisters, each of them has their own personality and way of living life. However, it is Towanda Braxton that serves as the anchor of the group. Usually she keeps its simple by being the peacemaker, keeping her younger sisters in line, and balancing a healthy lifestyle with her family and career in tow! All of The Braxtons are naturally talented and pretty, but only one comes, as aptly described, “The freakin’ Rock of Gibraltar!” “It’s hard being the strong one, but someone has to be it in any situation…Most times it just happens to be me…”

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Dying For The Art! Kanye West (@KanyeWest) Announces Bid for 2020 Presidency during VMAs Video Vanguard Award Acceptance Speech! Calls Out MTV, The Music Industry, and Award Shows!

2015’s Video Music Awards (VMAs) were probably the best and most controversial yet! Besides Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus’s beef boiling over, Rebel Wilson’s “Fuck The Stripper Police” shirt, and Justin Bieber’s emotional breakdown on stage; our boy Kanye West stole the show! No he did not interrupt anyone’s acceptance speech or storm the stage, he instead announced his bid for the 2020 Presidency of the United States!

kanye west taylor swift video music awards hey mikey atl

After receiving the Video Vanguard Award, graciously presented by Taylor Swift, he went on a thirteen minute long rant entailing his issues with MTV, the music industry, people’s perception of him, his love for his daughter, his expectations for our generation, Award shows in general, and even Justin Timberlake’s tears over losing Album of the year at The Grammy’s.

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Celebrity Beef EXPLODES! Nicki Minaj (@NickiMinaj) Calls Out Miley Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) LIVE at VMAs!

Celebrity beefs are hot enough, but when you add two hot headed women like Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus to the mix, things are bound to boil over! Millions got a peek at the animosity between the two women live at the Video Music Awards (VMAs) tonight. After accepting her award for Best Music Video for a Female Artist for her sexy video, Anaconda! After giving her acceptance speech where she thanked her fans and pastor, she abruptly turned her attention to Miley at an adjacent stage, daring her to back up her words from earlier this week in an interview with New York Magazine. “Back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press; Miley, what’s good?”  (Read about it here where she accused the rap star of causing a “Pop Star War” over VMA nominations.

miley cyrus hey mikey atl                                       nicki minaj hey mikey atl vmas

Unsurprisingly Miley, the host of this year’s VMAs, was not about that life and quickly played off Nicki’s challenge. “Hey, we’re all in this industry, we all do interviews and we all know how they manipulate shit. Nicki, congratulations.” The show moved along, but this definitely was a moment to go down in VMA history! Unlike her performance with Taylor Swift, it looks like these two ladies won’t be burying their bad blood anytime soon!



Director Guillermo Del Toro (@GuiDelToroOffi) Wants Godzilla in Pacific Rim 3!

More monsters, more giant mecha suits (jaegers), and now The King of Monsters too! If director, Guillermo Del Toro has his way Godzilla will making an appearance in Pacific Rim 3! As you recall, Pacific Rim centers around Earth’s military trying to defend the planet from an otherworldly invasion of monsters from a portal in the Pacific Rim. The film was widely popular and successful, garnering a sequel that will be stomping its way into theaters in 2017. Guillermo feels adding Godzilla to the mix will make for an awesome film. Honestly, we have to agree. Can these mere humans in jaegers really be a match for a giant, invulnerable reptile who feeds on radiation and spits atomic energy? We think not!

godzilla vs jaeger hey  mikey atl

The sequel to Pacific Rim, Pacific Rim: Maelstrom would be the prequel to the aforementioned third film. One has to wonder what in the second film would lead to an appearance for Godzilla in the third one Del Toro states, “So far with the sequel, what we’re writing, what we’re creating, is very different, so there are no plans. Hypothetically, I would love the fuck out of it. I would love to see a jaeger and Godzilla duke it out. That would be too much for the human brain.” We would love to see the “Man vs. Monster” action too, but honestly we are rooting for Godzilla. Then again, these humans in this film are pretty technologically savvy. Maybe they will be the ones to bring MechaGodzilla to life!?

Michael B. Jordan (@michaelb4jordan) to Star in New MGM’s (@MGM_Studios) New Superhero Movie, “Blood Brothers!”

Fantastic Four was a mess! We get it, let’s deal with it and move on just like Michael B. Jordan is–to a new superhero film. Whereas most actors would have steered away from any further superhero roles Jordan is already in talks to be Tree, from Dark Horse Comics’ Blood Brothers. As Tree he will be half of a duo of vampires, the other blood sucker being Nick. The duo are best friends with a bond that has spanned a thousand years. Tree and Nick have done everything together from smoking opium with Gengis Khan to heading a rock metal band. Naturally, with any relationship a rift forms just as a villain rises to jump start the Apocalypse. It’s up to them to pull together and save the world!

Tree & Nick (left and right)

Tree & Nick (left and right)

Thankfully, the only similarities between Blood Brothers and Fantastic Four is that they originate from the pages of a comic book. The former is far more humorous than Marvel’s First Family and deals with unwitting battles with the supernatural instead of traditional comic book villains. Most of Michael’s movies have been critically acclaimed hits. The disastrous nature of Fantastic Four has everything to do with the studio and script and nothing to do with the actors. Will you be going to see MGM’s Blood Brothers? Comment below!

#BOOTED! Tila Tequila (@TheRealTila) Loses her “Shot” on Celebrity Big Brother (@bbuk) Over Her Hitler Sympathies!

In the latest news on celebrity antics, former reality television star, Tila Tequila just lost her “shot” at remaining relevant over a past rant about Adolf Hitler. Apparently, back in 2013 Tila sympathized with the Nazi leader and posted a picture of herself on Facebook holding a gun and wearing a swastika armband! (Side note: She also claimed Paul Walker was murdered.) The producers of Celebrity Big Brother got wind of the picture and her feelings about The Furor and promptly removed her from the house after only a day of filming. A spokesman for Channel 5 told The Independent“When [it was] brought to our attention, she was called to the Diary Room for a discussion with producers and was subsequently removed from the house…” 

tila tequila nazi hey mikey atl

Naturally, Tila had a response for her early termination, and it is not the apology any of us were expecting. “I never said I hated anyone, but just because I feel sympathy, compassion, and forgiveness for others such as Hitler means I am now a monster?…All for trying to open your eyes to the truth that Hitler was NOT as bad as he was painted out to be?”  Ms. Tequila’s lack of remorse is chilling and her sentiments towards one of the most evil men in history is just as appalling. Doesn’t she realize this madman dreamed of a world dominated by a master race of blond and blue eyed Caucasians. The last time we checked she does not fall into the category. Educate yourself Tila had the Axis forces won World War II you certainly never would have been born as your grandparents would have also found themselves in concentration camps, crematoriums, or gas chambers! Have a seat Tila Tequila and take a “shot” at common sense!

Congrats Lucy Liu (@LucyLiu)! Star Welcomes Newborn son via Surrogate!

Look who has joined the motherhood club! Yep one of Hollywood’s biggest stars is now a proud mommy to a wonderful baby boy. She is Lucy Liu, and he is Rockwell Lloyd Liu, one of the luckiest kids on the planet. On Thursday, Rockwell was welcomed to the world via surrogacy. It is reported that both mom and baby are healthy and bonding. Lucy is so happy she took to Instagram to post black and white pictures of she and Rockwell. These have to be some of the most beautiful pictures ever on the web.
lucy liu hey mikey atl rockwell lloyd liu

Lucy’s decision to use a surrogate is not so far-fetched. A number of celebrities, Camille Grammar, Nicole Kidman, Perez Hilton, Bill & Giuliana Rancic, and Elton John have all use this method to have their own biological children. For awhile even Beyonce was suspected of having a surrogate. Either way for women it is an amazing way to have children without the malice of stretch marks, labor pains, and nine months of being a living incubator (sorry).There is no news on who the sperm donor is, or if she even knows the child’s paternity. That may be a story for another day! Congratulations Lucy we are sure you will be an awesome mother. Just remember your rich and nannies and night nurses go a LONG way!

lucy liu rockwell lloyd liu hey mikey atl