Underground (@UndergroundWGN)- “Firefly”

Underground begins with Cato finding the overseer, Bill, in his home badly injured from being stabbed in the neck after attacking Rosalee. Cato contemplates killing him until he hears Tom approaching and then yells for help. At The Big House, Ernestine searches for Rosalee, wondering if she had abandoned her morning chores. Tom summons her to Bill’s aide and there he reveals it was Rosalee who has injured him. They search the plantation for her, learning she and Noah have ran! Tom sets his slave drivers on their trail. Noah and Rosalee make their way to an outhouse. There she discards her dress while Noah finds a new dress hanging on a clothing line for her. He tells her the song of freedom, hoping she can make sense of it. Up North, Josey, a runaway slave holds John and Elizabeth hostage. He demands to know what has happened to his wife, Tippy. John insists he does not know who she is and that he has never owned slaves. Josey’s friend tries to reason him with him, feeling John and Elizabeth know nothing about slavery.

ernestine underground hey mikey atl

Ernestine goes to see Sam and demands to know what he knows about Noah. He inadvertently admits she was not suppose to run off him with him, and admonishes his mother for leaving him to work in The Big House years ago. She tells him now is now the time for their problems and that they must help Rosalee however they can. She demands he tell her everything. Josey makes Elizabeth serve them as if they were slaves and then demands they tell him what has happened to his wife. John continues to tell him he knows nothing and was just finishing law school years ago when Tippy was taken away from him. Josey punishes him for “lying” and tells him he will show what happens to slaves that lie to their masters. His friend leaves him, telling him he wants no part of what he is doing.  Noah teaches Rosalee the song to freedom, so she can set out on her own. He tells her he is going back for the rest of The Macon 7. He recounts he first heard of free Blacks and that meeting Henry reminded him that he had to try and make it to freedom. Rosalee kisses him. The next morning, the slave catchers’ dogs pick up Noah and Rosalee’s scent. Noah tells her to run ahead of him as he deals with the dogs. She refuses, and pulls up a few plants from the ground and covers them with it just as the dogs make it to them. The flowers poison the dogs, preventing them from tracking them.

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#CelebrityCrush- Logan Browning (@LoganLaurice)

Child stars are always cute, but seldom grow into true adult and successful actors and actresses. Logan Browning is truly more than a “seldom one.” Instead she has shed her Meet The Browns’ persona of the rebellious and rambunctious,  “Brianna Ortiz,” to become a true television villain in the form of Hit The Floor’s “Jelena Howard.” Weekly, we get to see this cat eyed girl–we mean grown ass woman–steal every scene and the hearts of millions with one dastardly deed after another. We never mind though because she looks so damn good doing it!


You would never know that in real life she is quite the sweetheart; someone admired by her family, friends, and co-stars. In fact, her on-screen love interest, Rob Riley, routinely praises her performances and they have a genuine friendship; despite those rumors of true romance between the two. The only thing more amazing than Logan’s acting is her beauty! Her eyes draw you in, her lips bend you to her will, and oh those curves–make good men bow!

We are not sure who shot her character on this week’s third season finale of Hit The Floor, but they just better be sure she survives–or VH-1’s ratings won’t!


If Loving You Is Wrong- “Backfired”

Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong begins with Rusty furious with Randal’s statements about his new grandson. He demands the latter apologizes and take down his stork sign in the front yard. Randal informs him that his new grandson is his son and that he and Alex have been having sex! Rusty threatens Randal and then goes back into the house demanding to see the baby. His wife tries to calm him down, but he refuses. She confirms Randal’s allegations. Rusty believes she was raped by him, but Brad informs them that she and Randal were having an affair. Rusty blames him for everything that has happened and Brad demands they leave. Rusty refuses and Brad begins to beat him. Alex’s mother fires her gun at Brad, narrowly missing his ear! They leave the house, looking for Alex and her baby.


Esperanza returns home to find Eddie having sex with another woman. She demands he leave and admonishes him for not doing his job. When she finds Ben with him she warns him to stop working with Eddie. Joey finds Natalie’s home approval letter in the trash. He admonishes her for not giving Lushion a chance and informs her that he has not been stealing from drug dealers, unlike Eddie. Natalie tells him to stay out her business, and to feed his siblings while she steps out. Kelly arrives home and learns from Ramsey a gun was fired at Alex’s home. The two of them go to investigate and learn from Brad what has happened. He asks them to alert him if they find Alex. Randal goes to have a counseling session with Julius. There, he recounts a disturbing past where he mutilated animals, raped girls, and cut himself, only to reveal he was lying! He then shows Randal his penis and butt and asks him was he turned on. Julius ends their session and tells him to tell his father he is sane.

edwina findley dickerson hey mikey atl

Kelly and Ramsey flirt in her house, with the former stating she is reluctant to get close to him since he is leaving. When he begins to cut her backyard they find Alex and the baby. He carries Alex inside just as Brad arrives to see if they have heard from Alex. Alex begs Kelly to cover for her, fearing he will deliver her to her parents. Kelly complies, but Brad hears the baby crying. Ramsey manages to immobilize him when he tries to force his way inside the house. Brad tearfully apologizes to Alex for what he has done and what her father did to her. He tells her he is leaving their home. At the precinct, Claudia tries to comfort Lushion and talks with him about Pete. She offers her phone number in case he ever needs to talk. Just as he is about to get her number Natalie arrives.

Tatyana M. Ali (@TatyanaAli) Engaged & Pregnant!

Congratulations are in order for our girl TV’s Ashley Banks, from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Tatyana Ali who is not only engaged but also expecting!

Tatyana revealed to ET that she is slated to marry her fiancee Dr. Vaughn Rasberry sometime this Summer.

via Entertainment Tonight:

Tatyana ali hey mikey atl pregnant

“Vaughn and I met on eHarmony!” Tatyana said. “It was my first time dating online. We wrote letters for months before we decided to Skype. And then, of course, met.” Tatyana also revealed how the good doctor proposed to her.

“He took me on a 45-minute hike in the Redwoods [in Yosemite, California], which he knows I absolutely love,” she said. “And proposed in the most picturesque clearing. Just the two of us. It was so thoughtful and perfect. We’re best friends.”

“Planning our wedding has been so exciting, but when we found out we were expecting, our perspective shifted completely,” Tatyana added. “We want our ceremony to really celebrate our newest blessing!”

Dr. Vaughn Rasberry is an assistant professor at Stanford University as well as an author. Vaughn Rasberry studies African American literature, global Cold War culture, post-colonial theory, and philosophical theories of modernity.

We love Tatyana Ali because she is one of the few child stars who have flown seemingly under the radar when it comes to their personal life. We wish the best of luck to the expecting couple!

Written By: Monique C. Tillman


The Drama Begins! “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” Season 5 Super Trailer!

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta is back kiddies! Yep, the Love & Hip-Hop franchise’s most popular series is back–and with a dramatic vengeance it seems. Cat fights, drama, backstabbing, gossip, and the return of K. Michelle! VH-1 has released the new super trailer for the fifth season premiere and it is a LOT. Thankfully, Love B. Scott  has broken the shenanigans down into a nifty list:

love and hip-hop atlanta hey mikey atl

        1. K. Michelle is back with a vengeance
        2. Yung Joc and Lil Scrappy got themselves a bachelor pad
        3. Karlie Redd is still gossiping all over the place
        4. Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. are still going through it — and they might not be married after all
        5. Joseline and Mimi are now friends
        6. Stevie J has a two-year-old daughter no one knew about
        7. Tammy Rivera is back and throwing hands…again.
        8. New cast member D. Smith reveals she’s been transitioning from male to female for about a year
        9. Karlie Redd and Lyfe Jennings are taking their relationship to the next level
        10. It’s all a hot ghetto mess — but we don’t know why we can’t stop watching

Pretty accurate right? Just be sure you tune in for the new season on Monday,  April 4, 2016! Will you be watching?

Hit The Floor- “Possession”

Hit The Floor begins with Oscar deciding to keep Jude on for three more months, warning him he has to prove himself. He kisses Lionel on the cheek before leaving. Lionel laments to Jude how Oscar is holding her hostage in their marriage and is forcing her to have sex with him. Elsewhere, at Derrick’s home, Ahsha laments to him about how she has lost German and Raquel. She feels things cannot get any worst until a woman named Mandy calls Derrick. He brushes her off, saying she works at clothing store. Ahsha thinks she may be a side chick or groupie, but Kyle tells her she is overreacting and to trust him. She receives a phone call from a mysterious man, telling her Raquel left her something in his will. Jelena reveals to Terrence that she cannot have children, but he feels she is lying. Jelena is hurt he does not believe her and leaves angrily.

zero hit the floor adam senn hey mikey atl

The PI finds Zero’s sister, revealing she is a senior in college in Massachusetts and is doing well. He decides he will call her after the game. Jelena brings Terrence lab paperwork, proving she is infertile. He apologizes for not believing her, but she can tell he still does not trust her. Just before the game, Ahsha confronts Derrick about Mandy. He promises to talk with her later. The Devil Girls perform, and then seat Ahsha as Derrick comes to propose to her! She accepts! Kyle meets with the mystery man who turns out to be Raquel’s lawyer. He gives her a flash drive. That night, she and Derrick celebrate with her parents, but Kyle interrupts them with news. On television, a video of Raquel has gone viral that clears German of Olivia’s murder. Raquel corroborates his story! Kyle tells them it is up to the judge to decide what happens to German now. After the game, Jelena has a drink at the Playground, talking out her problems to Raquel and then saying aloud how much she misses her.

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#CelebrityCrush: Laith Ashley (@laith_ashley)

Sexy isn’t always a physical attribute… Sometimes it’s described as a belief, a mindset and a certain type of drive and today, our Monday #CelebrityCrush has all of that and the sex appeal to boot.

Laith Ashley first gained Internet stardom as a model who didn’t shy away from posting their sultry and somewhat risque snapshots online. Laith Ashley has also opened up about his Trans journey in a video titled, “This Is Me”. While discussing his story in 2015, Ashley revealed, “I’m 26 years old. My birthday is July 6. I started testosterone for my medical transition on Jan. 22. 2014. Today is Oct. 21, 2015, so that will make me a year and nine months on testosterone. I had top surgery with Dr. Daniel Medlie in Cleveland, Ohio on Sept. 18, 2015, so that would make me a year and month post-op.”

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