Demetria McKinney’s (@demimckinney) 1st Annual Mother’s Day Brunch!

Actress and singer Demetria McKinney, known for her role as “Janine Payne” in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, hosted her first Single Mother’s Day Brunch called “Because Of You” May 1st at Suite Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia.

This day of pampering featured mingling, and relaxation. The brunch was dedicated to 25 single mothers selected by event partners Black Celebrity Giving and PYNK Magazine.

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Attendees tasted a delicious brunch by Suite Lounge’s Chef Virgil Harper and then received makeovers, financial advice with other well deserved pampering treatments.

Along with the luxurious food and pampering, guest enjoyed the company of celebrities such as Kelly Price, Jasmine Guy, Egypt Sherrod, and Sarah Lowe.

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Empire- “More Than Kin”

Empire begins with Lucious having lunch with Harper. They flirt and discuss his new music video. Cookie, however, interrupts their lunch, emphasizing that they remain professional. She tells him that they will need to win over The Board, before they elect and outsider as the new CEO of Empire. Elsewhere, at a club Hakeem turns up with his entourage, dancing and performing with strippers, and getting drunk off of champagne.  Laura tries to reach him, but he ignores her. The next morning, she tracks him down to the club and demands to know what is going on with him. She tells him she does not care he is no longer the CEO of Empire. He tells her that he got Anika pregnant before they met. She slaps him and leaves! Later that morning, Andre tells her that The Board indeed does plan to hire an outsider. She feels if the Board sees the Lyons united behind Lucious they will accept him back as CEO. She enlists Andre’s aide with helping. He agrees to help her on the condition that they form a charity for mental illness and he comes out as someone who deals with it. Cookie feels it is an excellent idea.

andre lyon empire hey mikey atl

Andre meets with his brothers and tries to talk them into helping Lucious regain his role. Hakeem laments over the current state of his life and having a child on the way. He soon realizes he has hurt Andre. The latter admonishes him for his selfishness and thoughtlessness. He tells him to step up and take control of his life. He encourages Jamal to stand up to Lucious and reminds him of how he treated him when he was younger. Hakeem baby proofs his apartment and then invites Anika over to show her that he is committed to their son. She dismisses his claims and then tells him about Lucious threatening her life after she gives birth. Hakeem confronts Lucious in front of his mother and tells them if anything happens to Anika or his baby that he too will disappear. Cookie reminds Lucious they need the entire family on board to get Empire back. She goes to talk to Anika to smooth things out and finds the paramedics are there wheeling her out. She demands to ride in the ambulance and there gets Anika to calm down when she begins to have a panic attack.

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Damage Control: How Cleaning My Closet Cleared My Mind

“Of course you can borrow an outfit for tonight! But, uhh…please excuse my closet, it’s a little messy.” -Me

My closet was a storage room of updated, and outdated clothes. I was the definition of “so many clothes, but nothing to wear.” The closet was no longer my treasure chest of fashion desires. It became a symbol of unhappiness.


Financially, a shopping spree was not practical. I am a recent graduate from college and my budget was dedicated to paying off my debts… and food.

But, with the help of a few friends and a change of mindset. I was finally on my road to redemption.

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#CelebrityCrush- Serayah (@SerayahLove)


Empire is a show made of some pretty tough “Cookies.” Each of the characters of the show are dynamic and crafty in their own right, but few can compare to the talent and beauty of Serayah. Known to most of us as “Tiana” the singer, dancer, and original love interest of Hakeem Lyon. What most people do not know is that singing, dancing, and acting are like breathing for Serayah. Her skill truly shows, as she won us over the first time she appeared on Empire in those skimpy shorts singing “Adios.”


Still what truly draws us to this talented beauty is the girl next door charm she has. Serayah just seems like a girl you can chill with, kiss on, take out, and have a good time doing anything with. That is a truly rare quality nowadays. Personally, we enjoy that amazing body and crazy hair she tantalizes the masses with in the world of Empire.

Serayah’s character and Hakeem may be on the outs, but she definitely is hot to trot in our hearts. You just be sure to catch her tonight at 9 PM EST on Empire. Once Laura finds out Hakeem has knocked up Anika, we get the feeling he will be warming back up to Tiana–we mean Serayah–again!


Photo Credits: Prince Chenoa & Jacob Dekat, Galore Magazine (@galore)

Coke & Weed! Columbus Short (@ColumbusShort1) Fails Drug Test While on Probation!

When did the name Columbus Short become synonymous with cheater, domestic violence, and now substance abuse? The mighty have truly fallen when it comes to this once respected and talented actor.  Nowadays, Columbus seems to be doing nothing but bad and his latest failed drug test just might land him a lengthy prison sentence! Earlier today, Short tested positive for marijuana and cocaine while on probation.

via Love B. Scott & Page Six:

columbus short hey mikey atl

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Leslie E. Brown received details about the failed drug tests Thursday and ordered the actor to appear at a hearing May 9 to address them. Court officials were unable to provide a copy of Short’s probation report on Tuesday.

Short pleaded no contest to felony assault in September and was sentenced to three years of supervised probation, two months of community labor and anger management counseling. He was charged after he delivered a running punch during a fight at a family gathering in March 2014. The blow knocked a man unconscious, gave him a concussion and fractured his eye socket.

The actor has completed anger management counseling, but has not yet completed the community labor terms of his sentence.

Short’s attorney Ludlow B. Creary II said the actor has previously publicly addressed his drug use and no further comment on it was necessary. Short told Access Hollywood in 2014 thathis cocaine use and drinking had caused many of the problems that led to his departure from “Scandal.”

Creary said he hopes Short will “complete his probation, and get on with [his] career.” He added that he believed Short’s legal problems are overblown.

“It’s our belief that Mr. Short is going to continue to make progress,” Creary said.

Get it together Columbus, you’re ruining not only your career, but your life. Let’s keep him in our prayers everyone!

If Loving You Is Wrong- “Brown Paper Bag”

Edward (l), Julius (r)

If Loving You Is Wrong begins with Joey and Faun making out on the sofa in his mother’s apartment. Their romance is cut short when Lushion comes there looking for the brown paper bag containing the disk of Eddie shooting Ben. Faun hides in the kids’ room while Lushion frantically searches for it in the bread box. He calls Natalie to question her about it, but she believed it to be in the bread box as well. Lushion makes Joey help him look for it. At the hospital, Eddie leaves Ben to try and figure out a way to off Pete and runs into Julius. The latter goads him about being in the drive by. Eddie in turn tells him he is powerless and that it is his father who is the real gangster. Julius goes to visit his father and finds his lawyer there. The man tells him that his father is leaving everything to Tilda, his older sister, and Julius’s mother. Tilda arrives and demands he be watched, certain he will do something to his father if given the chance.

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#FRAUD! The Real Mrs. Lyfe Jennings (@lyfeonline419) Spills The Tea on #LHHATL’s Karlie Redd’s (@karlieredd) Storyline!

We all know (or should know) reality television is not truly real. Most shows take months worth of footage and edit it down to thirteen 45 minute long episodes. All we truly get to see are the highlights of the season seamlessly connected through drama, strife, and shenanigans. Apparently, one of the biggest shenanigans on the latest season of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta involves Karlie Redd’s engagement to R&B singer, Lyfe Jennings.


Well social media has tipped us off to the falseness of this story line. Not only are Karlie and Lyfe not engaged, but he is married to another woman as of last year! Her name is Gwendolyn, and she is stunning! Lyfe is getting a check to keep everything on the hush, but his his true bride has been very open with their relationship, posting a number of pictures on her instagram of them together and having the account name of @officialmrsjennings.

Being that the season has already been filmed maybe this fraud behavior or “mix up” will be addressed on the reunion special or next season. Who knows? All we know is it’s another season and Karlie Redd is caught up in another messy relationship! We’ll keep you posted as this story unfolds! Just remember you heard it here first!