Marvel Comics (@Marvel) Controversy! Captain America is a HYDRA Agent AND Gay?

There is no end to the number of stories, or what can happen in the world of comic books. Heroes, villains, cosmic entities–you name it–are all pawns in the grand scheme of our entertainment. However, there are times when some stories can be deemed too controversial, especially when it comes to some of the more popular characters adored by the world at large. Captain America is definitely a heavy hitter in the world of comics and a premiere hero as the traditional leader of Marvel Comics’ Avengers. However, two new twists to the First Avenger have fanboys and the general public up in arms!

First, just in time for Cap’s 75th Anniversary, comic readers learn he has been a double agent his entire career for the fictional terrorist organization, HYDRA! Apparently, he was recruited as a kid in the 1920s. Fans have been in a uproar over the revelation, feeling it sullies the character and does not make since he would be apart of an organization he has been fighting for nearly a century. Naturally the memes came flying, check them out below:

Surprisingly, Cap’s creator, Stan Lee is on board with it:


It’s a hell of a clever idea; I don’t know that I would ever have thought of it for him to be a double agent, but it’s going to make you curious, it’s going to make you want to read the books, they’ll probably do a movie based on it, so I can’t fault it; it’s a good idea. I think it’s crazy, but it’s a good idea.

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5/31/2016- “It Can’t Be About Him”

Hey Mikey,

I really enjoy your site and the advice you give. You  recently helped a friend of mine get through something, and I hope you can do the same for me. There’s this guy I have liked since I was fourteen years old around the same time I figured out I was gay. I know he is too after we messed around when I was 17. Since then we are pretty cool and hang out from time to time, but nothing has flourished beyond us kissing and grinding on that amazing night.

Over the last year I’ve heard him repeatedly say he likes guys with muscles, money, and who are good in bed. Since then I’ve definitely been working out and it shows; and I’m getting a really good job making some major money. The sex part is hard. He’s the only guy I’ve ever been been semi-sexual with–and the only one I want to be. Needless to say I’m a virgin to the whole gay sex thing and I want to get it right with him. He’s the one, I know it. What do you think? Am I doing too much? I don’t wanna wait forever for him to come around…



***CJ, honestly, you are. Believe me when I tell you it can’t be about him. Who you are and how you are is perfectly okay. If he does not like you in that way,or  as you are, then it is his loss. I imagine your first sexual experience with another guy is something you want to look back on without regret or shame. NEVER change yourself for a guy. Change is something you do to better yourself. Besides money, muscles, and sex are fleeting and don’t guarantee you comfort late at night or in the long run. Reassess what you want out of a mate, date other guys, and ask yourself can he bring to the table what he’s demanding? Good luck!

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[VIDEO] Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg) Calls for a Boycott of History Channel’s (@HISTORY) “Roots” Remake (@RootsSeries)!

The story of Roots and its broadcasting has always been controversial. When the first series debuted in the seventies, it was hailed as a masterpiece by most, but many people found it to be infuriating, insulting, and demeaning. Well, the remake of one of the greatest stories ever brought to television is debuting tonight and is being met with a little adversity from a surprising source–OG rapper, Snoop Dogg!

Snoop took to Instagram posting a video that called for a boycott of Roots, stating the following:

via Love B. Scott

“12 Years a Slave, Roots, Underground… I can’t watch none of that shit,” he says. “They’re going to just keep beating that shit in our heads how they did us, huh? I don’t understand America. They just want to keep showing the abuse we took hundreds and hundreds of years ago. But guess what? We’re taking the same abuse. Think about that part.”

We can understand where Snoop is coming from, but this is the story that begin the legacy for so many black actors and actresses. It is important we move forward to the future, but we cannot forget our past. Slavery and the struggle are as much apart of the African-American experience as any of our accomplishments. We respect Snoop, but this remake deserves a chance. After all, no one complains when they remake a Ben Hur, Spider-Man, or Batman movie! #CutItOut Be sure you catch Roots 9 PM EST only on History Channel.

In Fashion News: Pharrell (@Pharrell) To Partner With Chanel (@CHANEL)?

Cool and exciting news guys, guess which major celeb is supposedly working on a collaborative collection with one of the most legendary fashion houses known to fashion period? Well it’s been a lot of talk and press foreshadowing a possible collab with music producer and fashion icon himself Pharrell Williams and the iconic fashion house of Chanel. Pharrell is definitely not a stranger to collaborations with global branchanel_glamour_24nov14_KL_b_720x1080ds, but his latest partnership could take things to another level. Chanel has teamed up with the visionary for its most recent Métiers d’art 2015/2016 collection. While the French fashion house has yet to reveal further details, Pharrell’s recent day-trip to Paris suggests that we can expect a line of creative and luxurious threads to enhance your summer style. Chanel unveiled a cryptic video of Pharrell giving a tour of the design process behind the collection last March, and teased some forthcoming pieces that the star apparently had a hand in creating. This partnership should not come as a surprise as Pharrell and Chanel have had a close relationship for years. He’s a close friend with their creative director Karl Lagerfeld, and he’s appeared in films and campaigns for the brand, and more. So definitely stay on the look out you guys because if this is true this collection will definitely be HOT! Don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest in men’s fashion and trends, and also Happy Memorial Day. Got to blast you guys! – EffYeahMark

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Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) & Rob Kardashian’s (@robkardashian) Baby Already Bringing in 7 Figures!

rob kardashian and blac chyna

Apparently the world wants to see Rob Kardashian and his fiancé Blac Chyna’s bundle of joy so bad, that the couple will reportedly receive a very large amount of money for the first photo of their baby.

By ‘very large’, I mean seven figures. TMZ reports that photo agencies that market celeb baby pictures say the first photo of BlacRob’s baby will bring in around 1 million dollars. Rob and Blac Chyna will also have to be in the photo shoot – good thing they’re not camera shy!

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See It Here! Disney Releases Teaser Trailer for Live Action “Beauty and The Beast” (@BeOurGuest) Movie!

Disney has truly been on a roll with these live action remakes of their animated films! Maleficent, Cinderella, and The Jungle Book are all hits; and we are waiting on Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. We can now ease our “live action Disney addiction” a little knowing that Beauty and The Beast is on the way. Disney has FINALLY  released a teaser for the film and it looks amazing! Check it out below!

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Lira Galore’s Twitter Hacked – DM’s Exposed from Several Celebs!

There is absolutely no such thing as privacy in the time of social media.

Rick Ross’ ex-girlfriend Lira Galore is the latest socialite who’s been hacked. Some unknown hackers found their way into Lira’s Twitter and decided to expose several direct messages from several known celebrities such as Michael Blackson, Yo Gotti, Mike Epps and more. While Lira did not indulge to any of the celebrity DM’s, all of the men who sent her messages are all in relationships– with the exception of Yo Gotti. Check out the DM’s below and sound off!

Lira Galore and Rick Ross

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