[VIDEO]: “Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood’s” Miles Brock (@SiirBrock) Talks Break Up w/ Milan (@MilanChristopherGordy) & Relationship w/ Sundy Carter (@SUNDYCARTER)!

Miles Brock from last season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood sat down with Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored and spoke on his break up with ex-boyfriend and former cast mate Milan Christopher, along with his new alleged relationship with former Basketball Wives cast member Sundy Carter.

Miles spoke on how messy ex-boyfriend Milan has been ever since their split. He first addressed rumors that him and his ex girlfriend Amber (also on the show) were cousins. Brock denies the rumor and says it was started by Milan in efforts to try and discredit him and Amber’s story line on Love and Hip Hop.


He was also asked about his experience on The Breakfast Club, and say it went really well… until Milan decided to call in to the show multiple times while he was on.

“Milan called in and called in until he finally got through, and he got on there and just did a whole 30 minute segment about me,” Miles says, “He just dogged me the whole time.”

Miles then speaks on his arrest that was also because of Miles. Milan says Miles showed up at a party he was hosting and waited for him outside with police claiming Miles assaulted him the day prior. The claim was false, and charges were let go.

Finally, Miles speaks on Sundy Carter from Basketball Wives, since the two have been seen cozying up together as of late.


Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored’s Jason Lee cuts straight to the point and asks Miles if the two are sexually active.

“I mean, you know, we kick it,” Miles responds, “I don’t kiss and tell.” I guess we will leave that one up to our imagination.

Watch the full interview below!

Written By: Daniela Posso

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