[VIDEO] “On Sight”-Tiffany Evans (@Mstiffevans) ft. Fetty Wap (@fettywap)

It has been awhile since we heard some new music from singer, Tiffany Evans. Nevertheless, as we say here at HeyMikeyATL, “it’s never too late to come up for a comeback!” Surely, someone as talented as Tiffany can make her way back to the top, especially when her new single features one of the hottest rappers in the game, Fetty Wap!

Tiffany’s new single, On Sight, is being met with rave reviews and we can definitely see why! Check out the video below!


All we can say is wow! Tiffany is all grown up and very sexy! Her dance moves and the cute special effects in the video are very cool. Fetty Wap NEVER  fails to deliver, and we know with his shine added to this video, Tiffany will have huge hit on her hands. Hopefully, this single is leading way for a new album from Ms. Evans as well.


R&B and hip-hop are a match made in music heaven so we definitely hope this gets the radio play it deserves! What do you guys thinks? It’s “Opinion Hour;” is Tiffany Evans’ new single hot or not? Sound off below in the comments section below! In the meanwhile, we will be jamming “On Sight!”

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