[VIDEO] “Vengeance Comes This Fall!” Ghost Rider Returns to Marvel (@Marvel) on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!”

Marvel is truly kicking ass in the television department first we learned Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders are coming to Netflix this year, then Daredevil has been renewed for a third season also on Netflix, and now Ghost Rider is returning to Marvel via Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Yep, the Spirit of Vengeance is back and ready to deal out his own brand of justice in the next season of the hit series. Do you think Coulson, Daisy, May, and the others are ready to deal with a supernatural threat? Well we are about to see on September 20th, and from the looks of the logo things are about to heat up!



As you recall, Ghost Rider is not new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the character was portrayed by Nicholas Cage as “Johnny Blaze” in the 2007 and 2011 films. However, this will be a different character who has held the mantle of Ghost Rider, Robby Reyes, played played by Gabriel Luna (True Detective, Matador).

Ghost Rider’s addition to the show leads you to wonder who he is seeking vengeance against. Each of the agents has a past and have their own sins to answer to. Someone had better come up with a strategy or some weapon to deal with a superhumanly strong demonic entity, with a flaming skull, and “Penance Stare” that makes you relive every pain you have ever caused anyone for eternity! Good luck agents! Check out the teaser trailer below!

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