Greenleaf (@GreenleafOWN)- “The Whole Book”

Greenleaf  begins with Kerissa enlisting Zora and Sophia’s help with folding origami swan invitations for Noah and Isabel’s wedding.  She questions Zora about where she is in The Bible. Zora reveals to Sophia she has to read the entire Bible in a year and is only at Judges at the moment. She then tells her the story of a man who used his concubine to pay his debt and how she was tortured by his assailants and chopped into pieces. Before bed that night Sophia asks her mother why such a story would ever be in the Bible. Grace tells her she does not know why, but thinks it is because the Bible wants people to know that it actually happened. Meanwhile, Mae makes Jacob some bread pudding and talks to him about trying to get James on television. He stumped trying to figure out why he is so against it. Mae tells him he would have done better coming to her to sway him rather than Mac. However, she assures him his father will never do television despite the good it could do in revenue for the church. Jacob remains determined to be reinstated and prove himself to his father.


Later that night Mae tells James of Jacob’s pain over him refusing television and not reinstating him. James hand begins to shake and Mae asks him to let her tell their children about what is going on with him. He refuses. The next day Grace goes to visit Jessica and finds her home alone. She asks her to speak with her again, telling her they have to stop her uncle from hurting anyone else. Jessica tells her how Mac bought her family’s silence by making her a recipient of one of Mae’s grants. She also revealed Mac assaulted her multiple times, resulting in her becoming pregnant. She then subsequently was forced to have an abortion. She fears she will go to Hell. Grace comforts her and assures she won’t.


Grace meets with Noah and tells him what has transpired. They both think Mac may have been using grant money to silence his victims by making them recipients. That way it does not bring scandal to the church and everyone is none the wiser. They look over the list of recipients over the last few years and realizes the daughter of one of the church’s secretaries’, Darlene, was a recipient. The next morning she asks Darlene to come in and work, and then confronts her about the grant money. Darlene reveals her daughter was one of Mac’s victims, using the money to go to beauty school. She tells Grace she stayed at the church because the Bible teaches them to always moved forward.

Merle Dandridge as "Grace Greenleaf"

Merle Dandridge as “Grace Greenleaf”

That night Isabel goes to visit her parents and becomes more and more excited about her wedding. Grace comes by later to tell Noah what she has learned and they end up talking about their past relationship. Old feelings take flight and they begin to kiss and ultimately have sex. Grace wakes up early the next morning and returns home. There, she runs into her mother who knows she has been with Noah all night. Mae admonishes her for her behavior and tells her since she has returned her brother has been in bad shape. Grace tells her that preaching is a calling, not a family business, and that Jacob dreamed of being a minor league player. Mae tells her how he has stepped up in her absence and that she cannot truly be mad with Grace when she has so much sympathy for her. The next morning at church Noah and Grace spot each other. Just as she prepares to enter the church the cop she helped earlier comes to greet her. As they begin to talk a man walks up to him and shoots him for shooting his brother! Noah takes him down and disarms him while Grace screams for help!

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