[VIDEO] New Music Alert! JoJo Returns w/ New Single Featuring Wiz Khalifa (@wizkhalifa)!

JoJo is back with a new single and let’s just say it’s everything!!! JoJo let’s the world know “I Aint Sorry” in her Beyoncé voice about her hiatus from the music game but fans will forgive her anyhow once they hear her new music!
Her new single “Fuck Apologies,” is all about the Get Out singer letting go of all her guilt and shame.


“I’m not perfect, I got pride / That’s not what it is this time / So fuck apologies, I’d say sorry if I really meant it,” she sings.

She’s collab with Bake Sale rapper, Wiz Khalifa, who spits a quick 16 to the breakup song.


Take a listen to her new single here!

Oh but the music doesn’t stop there! JoJo also confirmed the title of her upcoming album in a Facebook Live Q&A: “It’s called Mad Love.”

It’ll be her first new studio album in 10 years — and according to the teasers she’s posted, it looks like it’s coming out October 14. This take on new music comes after battles with her old label and the tragic death of her father, Joel Levesque, who died in his sleep last November at age 60 from years of drug abuse. After all she’s been through in the last few years, JoJo’s comeback to the music industry will be epic.

Who’s ready for 2016 JoJo?! Check out the teaser video below.

Written By: Kyree Shockley

kyree shockley hey mikey atl

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