Hilarious! BET (@BET) Shades Bow Wow (@smoss) After Claiming He’s Mixed & Won’t Be Voting!

There have to be some millennials running BET’s network because the shade and pettiness this past year has been very modern and young! We have to admit we have been laughing right along with them. Firs the network shaded Stacey Dash for her comments about the country no longer needing Black awards shows, organizations, or BET. They in turn posted every  Black movie and television show she had ever been in and asked for their checks back on Twitter. Then after Madonna’s “tribute” to Prince they tweeted a commercial, dissing the performance. You can check that out by clicking here.


Well now it is Shad Moss, aka “Bow Wow’s” turn. A few days ago the rapper/actor tweeted:

“Man i only believe what the eyes see. Im mixed. I dont know what my ancestors was doing. I only know what i see!”

All this was a response to him stating he does not relate to Civil Rights matters or plan to vote due to his biracial heritage. BET quickly posted this to their Instagram with the hashtag with, #WeLostMoss!

#PressPlay: Why #BET playing with #Bowwow like that 😩😩😩😩 #WeLostMoss #TBT #PettyWap

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We were all in tears after this! BET was definitely petty once again for this one, but they were dead on with doing this. We guess he is Black enough to have been the host of “106th & Park” for years! Bow Wow is definitely delusional in believing he is not African-American. We kind of one to post this meme below to a t-shirt and stand in front of his Atlanta home!

Wayment 😩 Who did this?! 😂 #Petty

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What do you guys think? Is Bow Wow cooning or not? Comment below!

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