#Heartwarming–Lil Durk (@lildurk) Speaks on Relationship with Dej Loaf (@DejLoaf)!

Every other month, we are fed rumors of a possible celebrity couple. Usually, the rumored couple will deny, or they’ll just give the typical “We’re just friends.”

There are also occasions when celebs can admit that they’re together, but it’s usually when the two involved are attempting to garner some attention to fuel their careers. And maybe that’s the case with rappers Dej Loaf and Lil Dirk.

The Detroit and Chicago rapper further fueled dating rumors late 2015 when they kissed on stage during a 106 & Party taping in December, and again when Durk released “My Beyonce” featuring Dej Loaf.


Since then, the Chicago drill rapper has posted Ms. Loaf  as his Valentine via his Instagram say, “My Beyonce better then yours.”


*Then Monday, while promoting his sophomore album 2X, Dirk revealed to Power 105’s The Breakfast Club that he and Dej Loaf are abstaining from sex. This comes after the rapper appeared on Angel Yee’s podcast Lip Service and disclosed that he plans on staying faithful to Dej Loaf, while also saying they “We never f**ked.” Well that was a mouthful.

What’s interesting is that the “Try Me” rapper captioned on Instagram in April “#AllJokesAside I’m Single and Being a Boss is My Favorite Position.” Maybe the two weren’t together at the time, and recently rekindled the romance?

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.34.23 PM copy

Nonetheless, it is refreshing to see the next generation of hip-hop indulging in the game of love and abstaining from sex. Let’s just hope it’s true, and the two are not pandering us for publicity.

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