[PHOTOS] Scandalous Vacationing! Nude Pix of Orlando Bloom Attempt to Break The Internet!

Being a celebrity must be a lot of fun; and at times not quite so fun, especially when the paparazzi are after you! Summer 2016 has definitely brought us some photos of the most beautiful celebrity vacations, swimsuits, summer bodies, and now Orlando Bloom–tanned, nude, and full frontal! Yep, Orlando Bloom is the latest celebrity with his nude pictures and eggplant trying to pull a Kim Kardashian and “Break The Internet!”


Earlier today censored photos of the celebrity nude vacationing with his girlfriend and singer, Katy Perry were circulating around the web. Now thanks yet again to Love B. Scott  we have the uncensored, uncut, and all the way hot photos of Mr. Bloom in all his glory!


We have to admit, Orlando does have one nice body and all of us are wondering what his regimen is? Needless, to say Katy is one VERY lucky girl. Not only is she on a hot vacation in Italy, but she gets to cuddle up with a super hottie tonight. We are not sure how long the web will allow us to keep these pictures up so get into them on the next page. We have to warn you, however, they are graphic so push the kiddies and underage teens out of the room!

Photos on following page!

So what do you guys think of Orlando’s vacation pictures? Are you enjoying the scenery or his “Leaning Tower of Pisa!” Comment below!

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