Coming of Age & Coming of Power! D.M. Shields’ (@D_M_Shields) “Throw Me To The Wolves” is Empowering!

It seems like nowadays everyone feels it is necessary to write their autobiography or memoir. Every singer, director, actor, superstar–even low level reality stars–feel their stories should be told. Truthfully, many of these “stories about self,” as I like to call them are just that, selfish inflections of people told too many times their stories were worth telling when they absolutely weren’t. This is how I felt about most autobiographies until I met a fellow author and rising singer, D.M. Shields. He was cool, confident, collected, talented, and personable. We instantly made a connection and became good friends. When he told me had written a book, his own autobiography, Throw Me To The Wolves, I was skeptical. Was his story really worth reading and being told?

As a friend I wanted to support him in any way I could, so I took a copy of his book and began reading it on a plane ride to Atlanta from Chicago. As I read the first page of the first chapter I was instantly shocked and captivated:

D.M. Shields, Author of “Thrown To The Wolves”

Yeah, it happened to me too. I’ll give it to you straight, no chaser! This experience is what no one knows. I am 32-year-old man who trusted people, places, and things to handle me properly that didn’t. Who on the contrary, mishandled me all together! Here I am with an entire life ahead of me, and I have come to the realization that ALL of the traumatic, damning, hurtful, painful, embarrassing and dysfunctional experiences that I have gone through are a direct result of this mishandling. Even though these experiences have hurt my emotions, body, and mind. They did not kill the purpose for my life…

D.M. Shields hey mikey atl

As I read on I soon learned more about D.M. in those sixty-four pages than I have of most people I consider myself to be very close to. Here was the true story of a man, my friend, who had survived the unmentionable, unthinkable, and impossible to still be a truly great and powerful person. What some would see as a true survivor or coming of age story, I instead saw it as a “coming of power” one; as he emerged a far stronger and more influential person despite his ordeal.

The African-American community and Black Church often have a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” or “What happens in this house, stays in this house mentality” when it comes to so many sexual issues or wrongdoings. We cannot continue to sweep this under the rug. D.M. has the courage to step forward and speak his truth so eloquently and to call out the wrongness in his life, own his pain, and use it to help others. He wants everyone to know; ” You are more than your thoughts, your body or your emotions. You are a winding vortex of limitless potential with intelligence. You are filled with a lifetime of power that will manifest something new, that the universe has never seen…”

I’m going to urge you all to purchase your own copy of the book by clicking here. Besides it being blunt, powerful, and very well written–it is life changing! Trust me you’ll finish reading feeling like you can conquer any and all of your inner demons and overcome whatever life will throw at you. Thanks D.M., kudos.


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