The Hundreds’ (@thehundreds) 2016 Fall Collection!

What’s up guys got some dope news in street wear fashion. Los Angeles-based street wear brand The Hundreds for their 13-year-old brand’s next presents its 2016 fall collection. Accompanied by a look book shot in the streets of Manila, Philippines, the spread dramatically conveys the ideas of form and function through reliable clothing essentials. The collection channels a California work wear inspiration, check it out for yourself, the models evoke a type of laidback street style vibe.

According to the brand, the designs are made from quality contemporary fabrics like corduroy, cotton moleskin and melton wool. Other techniques such as embossing, pigment dyeing and jacquard weaving are utilized to highlight the pieces’ precise construction and applications. For its more atheleisure lineup, the use of nano coating technologies is teamed with taped seams and 3m reflective to help solidify the capsule’s technical designs and performance.

Additionally, the graphic tees, which the brand is renowned for, will feature designs inspired by urban LA, the Beastie Boys, comic books, motorcycle culture, and one of Bobby Hundreds’ favorite bands, The Cramps, this season as well. This collection will soon be available at all Hundreds retailers and the brand’s online shop.

the-hundreds-2016-fall-collection-2 the-hundreds-2016-fall-collection-3 the-hundreds-2016-fall-collection-4 the-hundreds-2016-fall-collection-5 the-hundreds-2016-fall-collection-6 the-hundreds-2016-fall-collection-7 the-hundreds-2016-fall-collection-8 the-hundreds-2016-fall-collection-9 the-hundreds-2016-fall-collection-10 the-hundreds-2016-fall-collection-11 the-hundreds-2016-fall-collection-12 the-hundreds-2016-fall-collection-13

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Written By: Mark Pollard

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