[PHOTOS] Not To Be Outdone, Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) Shows up Nude w/ Model, Sahara Ray (@Sahara_Ray_), Days After Orlando Bloom (@orlandobloom) “Break The Internet!”

We are beginning to think Justin Bieber may very well be a nudist. The number of nude (mostly butt pictures) he has posted in the last couple off years continue to climb. Maybe he likes instant gratification posting thirst traps can bring, maybe he is comfortable with his body and wants the world to see his tatted temple, or maybe still he is just upstaging Orlando Bloom! We definitely do not think it is the latter. Truthfully, there is no comparison Orlando has been hot since hot was hot, and Biebs is just growing into his “little” manhood.

Still, Justin’s fans will be happy to see strolling the Hawaiian beaches, albeit with a model, Sahara Ray, in all his glory. Unlike Bloom’s pictures while vacationing with Katy Perry in Italy, these pictures are not uncensored (which you can see by clicking here). We are not sure if any will emerge, but there is a god chance some will. Nowadays people post eggplant pictures like they are taking selfies! Not that we are complaining though, celebrity eggplant is now to topless female celebrity pictures like orange is the to the new black! (lol).

Check out Justin’s pictures below and tell us what you think. Can he “Break The Internet” too or is just an attempt to repay Orlando Bloom for punching him in the face back in 2014? Comment below, and happy viewing!

Photo Credits: New York Daily News

For the uncensored picture of Justin Bieber see the next page. WARNING GRAPHIC!


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