[VIDEO] “Power” Move? 50 Cent’s (@50Cent) “Magic Stick” Makes It Television Debut Tonight on The Starz Series!

All hail the “Power of The P!” This week celebrity penises/”eggplants” have taken over the internet. First, Orlando Bloom was vacationing nude in Italy with his girlfriend, Katy Perry; then Justin Bieber was caught nude strolling a Hawaiian beach with model, Sahara Ray. Both now have been added to the growing list of male celebrities who penises we can now google. Well, just when we thought we had seen our last famous penis for awhile rapper 50 Cent’s package is set to make a “guest appearance”during a sex scene on tonight’s latest episode ofΒ Power!

The news broke yesterday when 50, who is also the executive producer of the show, posted the following on his Instagram going off on the creator of the series, Courtney Kemp Agboh:


Courtney, however was not having it and posted a response of her own:

Kudos to Courtney for calling him out on a lie! Still, we totally believe this is nothing more than a publicity stunt to get everyone to tune into tonight’s episode. It is not like we weren’t however,Β Power is an amazing show even without the eggplants or Omari Hardwrick’s hard butt taking up the television screen!

You can catch a clear clip of tonight’s sex scene below in the tweet below (just click the link) with 50 where his penis will make its acting debut, or you can watch the less clear bootleg below. Tell us what you think below and who you think the next celebrity will be to reveal his eggplant!

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