Breaking News! VH-1 (@VH1) to Cancel “Hit The Floor” After Summer Movie Finale!

hit the floor cast

VH-1 has had some pretty big hits in the last few years with its reality franchises and original series. However, whereas the network continues to nurture and create more reality series, its original series have been getting the boot! As you recall, Single Ladies was abruptly cancelled on VH-1 despite some amazing ratings during it third season. Fan outrage prompted Centric to pick it up for an additional season; but with all the cast changes and character deaths it was better off left cancelled. Now it looks like VH-1 has done the same thing to Hit The Floor, a wildly popular series centering around a fictional basketball team and its dancers, The Devils and Devil Girls, in Los Angeles.

hit the floor cast hey mikey atl

Yep Hit The Floor is going the way of Keisha, April, and Raquel--into cancellation–after its summer “made for television” movie finale debuting this month! A source close to the show states:

They [the execs at VH-1] are just some assholes! They made a mistake letting it be gone too long between the second and third season trying to decide if they were gonna bring it back or not. The actors are moving on to other projects, I know Logan [Browning] has already signed a contract for another show…”


There is no word from Logan or any of the other cast members confirming or denying the show’s end, but we definitely need to put a hit out on VH-1 for this one! The movie is suppose to wrap up the show, namely showing Derek and Ahsha’s wedding and  who shot Jelena in the third season finale. The same source who informed us of the show’s demise tells us the shooter is (SPOILER ALERT) Jude Kincaide. Apparently, the junior Kincaide is pissed with Jelena for transferring his boyfriend, Zero, to another team, disrupting their plans of moving in together and starting their “Happily Ever After!”

We definitely need a petition on this! If this crazy network has enough room for another addition to the Love & Hip-Hop franchise (Miami is the next location), then surely a quality show like Hit The Floor should have a solid spot in its line up. Shame on you VH-1, shame!

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  1. This is some bull shit!!!!!!! I love HIT THE FLOOR. DAMN im so salty at VH1 for cancelling one of my favorite shows. All VH1 care about is fuckin reality TV. There’s nothing wrong with NonReality TV sshows. Danm this news just pissed me off.

  2. They need to cancel basketball wives and love andhip hop. ….both so fake and rachet., soooo many watched this show and single ladies but i guess when its not all black and they being rachet its getting canceled…. Shame on you vh1

  3. Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME!!! Really VH-1 you cancel Hit The Floor!! A lot of the shows I like come on VH-1 and I will no longer watch them. I will be calling my satellite company and cancelling this station…. SMDH!!!! But you keep all that other CRAP on season after season🤔

  4. What is wrong with VH1? Why do they keep taking off great shows like that? I looked at the rating both single ladies and hit the floor had great ratings so what was the problem bring the show back bring both of the shows back

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