[VIDEO] Life In Three Chapters! Check Out “If Loving You Is Wrong’s” Trevante Rhodes (@_Trevante_) in “Moonlight!” (@moonlightmov)

Just when you thought you had seen the best 2016 had to offer in movies you come across a trailer that leaves you spellbound! That is what we thought when we saw the trailer for the upcoming film, Moonlight. The film is a coming of age story of told in a three part narrative from the perspective of “Chiron” portrayed by If Loving You Is Wrong’s Trevante Rhodes. Chiron, also known as “Black,” must deal with the drug infested streets of inner city Miami, his burgeoning sexuality, and personal changes within himself.

The film marks Trevante’s first movie and lead role. It is a far cry from his character of “Ramsey Walters” on If Loving You Is Wrong. We love how this film will show his growth from childhood to adolescence, and finally adulthood. The trailer looks amazing and really makes you want to see what this film is about. We do not know much about its background, but we can tell you it is based off a play written by Barry Jenkins and Tarell McCraney (play). Barry also directed it. Check out the trailer below.

We feel this film will really strike a cord with people, especially LGBT people. If you have ever been bullied for your sexuality or been forced to keep it to yourself for your own survival then you will truly identify with Chiron. You can catch Moonlight in a theater near you on Friday, October 21st.

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