Hookup App, Grindr (@Grindr), Enters The Fashion World w/ a Clothing Line!

Now this is interesting! The gay dating app Grindr is usually used for hook-ups and meeting other guys but now they’re adding a new feature to the mix. This is quite different for any dating app and Grindr is the first to ever stumble upon this move. They are now selling clothes through the partnership of Print All Over Me, a printing company that pays artists to place their work on shirts and pants. Did anyone see this coming because we certainly did not! The unexpecting see of this fashion move has shocked the users of Grindr and also the men’s fashion world. This is one of those “WHO KNEW?” moments. It’s quite exciting when you think about. Almost revolutionary to a certain extent! Whoever thought that Grindr could be capable of making fashion!



The clothing that Grindr will be selling is of the athletic sartorial with bright colors and intriguing patterns. The pieces in the collection consist of the windbreakers, shorts, t-shirts, mesh tank tops and vivid swimming trunks. Now peep this! Proceeds from members and non-members of Grindr that purchase the clothes will go to Athlete Ally, an organization dedicated to ending homophobia and transphobia in sports. The cause of the organization is noble in the homosexual community. The full circle of this product is amazing. The clothes are awesome, they’re helping to destroy hatred and you can still get your swerve on if you want to. Grindr seems to be winning doesn’t matter what angle you look at it from.


We’re sure there is more to come since Grindr has been working with PR, Consulting who have Versace on their client roster, and designers Jonathan Simkhai, George Esquivel, and Juan Carlos Obando. Check out more about Grindr and their new clothing line at GQ.com! As always, stay dapper gentlemen!




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