#CelebrityCrush-Frank Ocean

Happy Monday Folks!

There’s an age old saying that patience is a virtue and there is no one that understands time and patience better than our #CelebrityCrush for today. This handsome gent has kept us all waiting for almost a year for a brand new album of his and we just recently got that and a whole lot more. Prolifically, he’s probably the Beyonce of our generation in the respect that only he can make us wait this long and then still deliver more than we had expected. Born Christopher Francis Ocean, we all simply know him as musical genius, Frank Ocean.


Born in Long Beach, California, at the age of five, Frank Ocean and his family moved to New Orleans where he stayed until 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit Ocean’s hometown of New Orleans and his recording facility was destroyed by floodwater and looting. In order to continue recording music, he moved to Los Angeles and had planned to stay for just six weeks but wound up staying longer and developing his music career after establishing contacts with people in the music industry. He recorded some demos at a friend’s studio and shopped them around the L.A. area. After inking a songwriting deal, he started working with other record producers and wrote songs for artists such as Justin Bieber, John Legend, Brandy and Beyonce.


In 2012, Frank Ocean’s debut album “Channel Orange” was released to universal acclaim from critics, who later named it the best album of the year in the HMV’s Poll of Polls. It also earned Ocean six Grammy Award nominations and was credited by some writers for moving the R&B genre in a different, more challenging direction.

Frank Ocean

In July 2016, he hinted at a possible second album with an image on his website pointing to a July release date. The image shows a library card labeled “Boys Don’t Crys” with numerous stamps, implying various due dates. The dates begin with July 2, 2015 and conclude with July 2016. Frank’s brother, Ryan Breaux, further suggested this release with an Instagram caption of the same library card photo reading BOYS DON’T CRY #JULY2016.


On August 18 and 19, 2016, the live stream was accompanied with music and at midnight an Apple Music link was directed to a project called “Endless”. At midnight Pacific time on August 20, a music video for a song titled “Nikes” was uploaded to Ocean’s Connect page on Apple Music and later to his own website.

On August 20, Ocean announced pop-up shops in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and London for his magazine, Boys Don’t Cry and released his second studio album, and third album overall, “Blonde”.

Frank Ocean is nothing short of this generation’s Prince. He has an unmatched talent and strength!

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