Lebron James’ (@KingJames) New Series ‘Cleveland Hustles’ Premieres Tonight!

NBA Star Lebron James has ventured into the production world! The Cleveland Cavalier has teamed up with his manager and business partner, Maverick Carter, to create a new reality television series on CNBC, ‘Cleveland Hustles.’

It’s no secret that Lebron loves his hometown. He may have returned to Cleveland to get them that championship they had been waiting for, but he is doing much more than just that for his city.

Detroit Pistons v Cleveland Cavaliers

In Cleveland Hustles, Lebron aims to revitalize his hometown. He recruits four local investors who will put their money into four new businesses in a neighborhood that’s ‘on the rebound’ in Cleveland. In addition to picking investors, James and Carter ‘hand-picked’ Bonin Bough, Chief Media Officer, to host the show.


The neighborhood chosen in the show is ‘Gordon Square’, which appears to be a pretty run-down area with many available store fronts.

“If we can help rebuild one quarter of a city, we can create jobs and growth,” says James.

Twenty different entrepreneurs are invited to pitch their ideas to the four chosen investors. Of the twenty, each investor will chose their two favorite businesses and put them through a series of challenges that will determine which one they choose to invest in. Each episode of Cleveland Hustles will focus on one investor at a time as they make their decision out of two small businesses.


“I wanted to invest my time and influence to create a movement that can maybe strengthen our community and transform neighborhoods,” says Lebron.

Kontrol had the pleasure of screening the very first episode, and we liked what we saw! Cleveland Hustles has a very innovative concept, and is a breath of fresh air in today’s realm of reality TV. During the first episode, you will get to see the first investor, Cleveland- native Alan Glazen, who has a tough time choosing between two qualified business which consist of a bagel company and a hair salon.


It is nothing less than inspirational to watch these entrepreneurs work non-stop for their businesses, and to watch them have a major opportunity to have their own store front with help from an investor. On top of that, it is amazing to know that the whole thing is in efforts to revitalize an area and help provide more jobs and opportunities.

Make sure you tune in to the premiere of Cleveland Hustles tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CNBC!

Written By: Daniela Posso

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