Tyler Perry (@tylerperry) Speaks Out on Social Media Backlash for Mostly White-Casted Show, “Too Close To Home!”

Tyler Perry really is trying to take over television! His series are running, or in syndication, across multiple networks and seem to be going stronger than ever! We definitely love The Haves & The Have Nots and If Loving You Is Wrongand his fans definitely seem to love them as well when you look at how OWN dominates cable television’s ratings during that time slot. However, those same fans may very well be the cause of the backlash Tyler is currently facing for his new series, Too Close To Home.

A number of Tyler’s fans are calling him a sell out for the new series, and first scripted series for TLC. Many feel he has lost sight of his original goals for transitioning to television like bringing his work to a wider audience and creating more opportunities for actors and actresses of color. Too Close To Home only has a Black actress as apart of the series and no, she is not the star. Check out the trailer for the series below.

We watched the series premiere on Monday and think it is pretty good. Honestly only the casting is what sets it apart from many of his other shows. TLC just might have a hit on its hands if the series sticks to its own path and does not try to become a Scandal clone!

Tyler definitely believes in his work and said this to TMZ:

We are totally on board with Tyler for sticking to his guns! Racism, even reversed, is intolerable. This man has a history of casting people of color that spans decades. Then you have to think of TLC’s primary audience, they wisely should not deviate from that. What do you guys think of Too Close To Home and Tyler’s decision to cast a mostly White cast? Sound off below!

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