#ThrowbackThursday- Martin Lawrence (@realmartymar) Making A Return To Stand-Up With First Comedy Special In 14 Years!

Martin Lawrence made a name for himself back in the 90s with his self-titled comedy sitcom, “Martin”.  Lawrence went on to appear in box office hits such as “Blue Streak”, “Big Momma’s House”, and “Bad Boys”.  Since then it appears that Martin Lawrence has taken a sort of hiatus from the limelight. Now after taking some time off, it seems as though Martin is ready to make a comeback. Recently, it was announced that Martin will be hosting a stand-up comedy special. This will be the first stand-up comedy special that Martin has done in the last 14 years. Martin’s last stand-up comedy special was “Runteldat” back in 2002.


Martin’s new special will be called “Martin Lawrence Doin’ Time: Uncut”. The special will be filmed live in Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theatre and it will air on Showtime. The Showtime special will be directed by David Raynr and executive produced by Lawrence himself. Martin’s stand-up routine during the special will focus on his impressions and insights. Apparently, nothing will be off limits during the show and topics will include sex, relationships, Bill Cosby, President Obama, and Hollywood.


According to Martin,

“I look forward to having my third concert film premiere on Showtime. Fourteen years is a long time between concert specials and I am excited to know that my audience will be able to enjoy this show as if they came to see me live.”

I think Martin’s fans will definitely enjoy this upcoming special. Martin’s last special “Runteldat” brought in a profit of $20 million dollars, and this current special is expected to exceed those numbers. This Showtime special won’t be the only thing Martin fans will have to look forward to from the comedian. Martin is also working on the third installment of the Bad Boys franchise. The third movie is slated to be called, “Bad Boys For Life” and is set to hit theaters in January of 2018.  


“Martin Lawrence Doin’ Time: Uncut” is set to air September 9th on Showtime at 9pm EST/PST. So, what are your thoughts? Will you be watching Martin’s Showtime special? Let me know in the comments.

By Ronda Brooks

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